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Demi Moore because she wants to

Demi Moore because she wants to

Demi Moore is a very private person, but she is also someone who is very open sexually. Over the years she has explored all kinds of sexual fantasies. She was willing to try just about anything at least once. She is also someone who knows her mind very well. She is someone who is not afraid to take control and to ask for what she wanted. She could be forceful in quite a number of situations. As a result, she sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. A lot of people saw her as difficult. She was notorious in some Hollywood circles for being extremely temperamental and difficult to work with. She was not a mean person or someone that did not care about the feelings of others, but had strong opinions and was not afraid to express them. A lot of people did not like this quality from a female, but she did not care.

At some stage, Demi saw something on television that sparked her imagination. She saw someone being gunged on television. Her reaction to what she was seeing really surprised her. Although she did not want to admit it at first, she was really turned on by what she saw. She wondered what it would feel like if something like that happened to her. The idea of getting messy substances all over her body seemed incredibly sexy to her. She thought about it in her private thoughts for quite a long time. She finally decided that she had to try it. She had to feel what it was like. She was someone who never shied away from her fantasies.

At the same time, some of her Hollywood colleagues were plotting against her. They also wanted to see her get messy, but for a very different reason. They wanted to get their own back on her and to embarrass her. They began to plan a messing for her. Little did they know that not only would Demi not mind getting messy, she would actually quite enjoy it. They planned a this is your life type setup for Demi. It was to happen on the final day of shooting her latest film. They invited a few surprise guests along to get involved as well. Demi was not aware that both of her famous ex husbands would be there for this and would get a chance to let her have it as they had never done before. They were going to get to be the ones to administer the mess to Demi.

The day of the show finally arrived. Demi tried to mute her enthusiasm, but she was really looking forward to this. As embarrassing as that was, it was true. At this time Demi had her hair short and all done up as she had in the early 90’s. She wore a tight fitting black dress. She was welcomed onto the show. Demi did not lack confidence. She was not in the least bit nervous. She did not care who was watching or what anyone else thought. She walked out wearing a little black dress. She entered the studio. She engaged in inane smalltalk for a bit. The host then said to her that they had a surprise for her that she had no idea about before the show. “A surprise, and what might that be?,” she said coyly, almost sarcastically. “Well, the idea of this show is that we surprise people with special guests from their past and then the special guests get to mess that person.” He expected Demi to either be embarrassed or angry. Her reaction was a shock though. “Yeah, ok, sounds good to me,” Demi said calmly. “Bring it on. I am up for it.” In a way, people were a little disappointed by Demi’s reaction. They were hoping for an over the top outburst, but this was ok as well. They now had a willing participant.

“Ok, then, our first guest tonight is, your ex husband, Bruce Willis,” he said. The crowd cheered as the very famous ex husband of Demi entered. He carried with him a bucket. He smiled and waived. Demi stood up and shook his hand. Said, bending her shoulders, in an exaggerated voice. “Hi, Demi,” he said. “So, Bruce, we all know now why we are here today,” the host said. “Yea, I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I have always wanted to do this, that is for sure,” he replied. “Thanks a lot , Bruce,” Demi said with a giggle. “I think most people that know me have wanted to pour mess over my head at one time or another,” Demi said. “You know what though, I really don’t care. Let me have it,” she said.

“Ok, Demi, can you please stand up for us,” the host said. Demi did as she asked. “Oh wait,” she said,”I wouldn’t want to get anything on the dress. May I remove it,” she asked. The host’s jaw dropped. “Yeah, sure do whatever you want,” he said. Demi pushed her dress down her body. She sexily shook her hips as she lowered her dress down her legs and ankles. What was revealed was Demi’s steaming hot sensual body. It looked virtually unchanged since she was at the height of her fame. Her washboard stomach and muscular legs rippled. She wore a black bra and thong, reminiscent of what she wore in movies such as Striptease and Charlie’s Angels. She turned around, the world viewing her underwear clad body. Although she was muscular, her body was still feminine and voluptuous. She was actually proud of what she had. If anything, she was getting turned on by what was happening to her. She turned around, allowing everyone to see her shapely backside against her thong underwear. She gave a coy smile.

Bruce now got the pleasure of pouring what he had all over his ex. She did look absolutely amazing. What she had done was very subtle, but in away, even though she was half naked and about to get covered from head to toe in disgusting mess, she was still completely in control of the situation. It was happening because she wanted it to happen. Bruce carried his bucket over to her. It was filled with thick delicious custard. It was still warm. He stood behind her. Demi closed her eyes out of anticipation. The crowd cheered as he raised the bucket and then slowly began to pour the thick yellow mess over Demi’s head. The custard slowly poured over the top of Demi’s head. It soon totally covered her short black hair. She let out a satisfied sigh as she felt the custard pouring down over her head. It soon completely covered her face. She closed her eyes as the torrent of custard. Soon her whole head was covered in thick custard. It then poured down her shoulders and her back. It poured over her breasts and all over her black wonder bra. More poured straight down her muscular stomach. It rippled down over her sexy body. It then poured down over her bottom and then down her legs. She wiggled her knees and let the custard pour down over her body. The feeling was incredible. It was just as good as she had imagined it would be. When the bucket was finally empty, Demi looked up. She shook her head. She smiled. She ran her hands all over her sexy body. She rubbed her hands around on her legs and stomach, massaging the custard all over herself. She blew a kiss. She felt sexier than she had ever felt before.

Bruce bowed and walked off. It was then announced that Ashton Kutcher would be the next on stage. He walked in carrying a bucket as well. He gave a silly grin and waived. He pointed at Demi and laughed. “Here it comes,” he shouted in a funny voice. Demi smiled and laughed. She folded her arms and shook her head. She motioned to him with her hand for him to go ahead and let her have it. In his bucket was disgusting bow tie pasta in spicy tomato sauce. Demi crossed her arms. The pasta was thick and uneven. Ashton tipped the bucket over Demi. The pasta plopped its way through the air down onto Demi Moore. It was off-colour and smelled terrible. There were audible gasps from the crowd when they sauce how disgusting the bowtie pasta actually was. It was multicoloured pasta. Some of it was green and orange. Ashton laughed evilly as she generously spread the pasta over his now ex. It poured down on top of Demi’s head. It made a huge piled on top of her head. It then fell apart, falling down over her face and then all over her sexy body. Demi wiggled her finger tips and her mouth. She felt the pasta pouring down her shoulders, over her chest, onto her stomach and all over her ass and legs. The site of the lumpy uneven pasta all over Demi’s smooth, soft sexy body made it look even better. She turned around and wiggled her bottom. She covered her hands in pasta and rubbed them all over her backside and down the backs of her legs. Demi smiled and moaned.

Demi wondered what would be next. She did not want this to end just yet. She was enjoying this a great deal. She turned her head and saw that Bruce and Ashton were now stood together next to a lever. As she turned, she saw that the lever was attached to a gunge dunk tank. It was situated over a gigantic pool of gunge. Demi did not even need to be asked. She walked confidently over to the tank and climbed aboard the seat, suspended over the gunge pool. She made herself comfortable and looked down. She crossed her arms. She could see that the pool was very deep and very messy.

Ashton and Bruce waived to Demi. She waived back. The whole audience then counted down in unison, “3.…2...1” The two men then yanked the lever down together with all of their might. A loud buzzer sounded and some lights flashed. Demi looked around. She closed her eyes. Then her seat gave way. She fell through the air and landed face first down into the enormous pool of gunge. Gunge splashed in all directions. Demi disappeared completely below the top of the multicoloured gunge. She was completely submerged. She seemed to stay beneath the surface for ages. Eventually her head popped out from the gunge. She was still up to her neck in it. More gunge then rained down onto her from the ceiling. The gunge pool was so deep and wide that she was actually able to swim in it, if she had been inclined to do so. She laughed as she wiped her nose. She could feel the gunge totally covering her entire body, only hr tight underwear concealing anything. She bent her knees.

Her body could be seen through a viewing window on the side of the tank. Her languid body swum through the gunge. Eventually got to her feet. The gunge still almost reached her breasts. Ashton and Bruce clapped and laughed. They were a little disappointed that Demi was not more angry. Instead she seemed to be taking pleasure in swimming in the gunge. Her hands all over her sloppy body. She stuck her tongue out.

The host came over, “Thank you for being a good sport, Demi,” he said. “It was my pleasure,” Demi replied in a sexy voice. She shook his hand and then splashed around in the gunge. She leaned back and enjoyed the feeling.

Demi had enjoyed the experience a lot, and she had gotten the last laugh on everyone in the process. It was a good day on all accounts.

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Kesha backstage and shameless

****Warning**** This story contains nudity and some sexual situations. If you are underage or are easily offended , please do not read this story.

Kesha backstage and shameless

Kesha was known for her filthy dirty image. It wasn’t just an act. It was as authentic as could be. She was a filthy person in her real life. She lived out allsorts of x rated kinky fantasies behind closed doors. She really had no shame about it at all. She made no secret about it at all. She loved getting dirty and she didn’t mind who knew about it. She had a ravenous sexual appetite and a love for all things kinky. She was someone who genuinely did not care what anyone thought of her. It would surprise no one to find out that she was secretly into WAM. It was something that really took her fancy. She loved the idea of having disgusting substances on her body. It turned her on to an extreme extent.

One night Kesha had performed her concert. She got off stage dripping with sweat. She was scantily clad and walked to her private dressing room. The fact that hundreds of people were watching her on stage turned her on a great deal. She enjoyed the notion that many of them were having dirty thoughts about her. It was not unknown for Kesha to pick out members of the audience and select them to come back to her dressing room for some after the show fun. Now that Kesha was famous, it afforded her the opportunity to live out all sorts of perverse fantasies that most people could only imagine. On this occasion, she did not require anyone else. She returned to her dressing room to find what she had set up earlier. The room was filled with buckets of food and garbage as well as various sex toys. She had been thinking about this the whole time she was on stage. She had been looking forward to this.

She entered her dressing room and placed a do not disturb sign on her door. Not that she cared if anyone entered. She really did not care who saw her. As soon as she got in the door, she instantly peeled her skimpy black top off and threw it across the room. She then quickly unzipped her skirt down its side. She dropped it to the floor. She bent down , grabbed it and threw it across the room. Her hands were already caressing her filthy body. She ran her hands down her legs and pushed her palm against her pussy. She wiggled her hips around. She then reached back and unhooked her bra. She took the bra and twirled it around before tossing it aside. She then took both hands and fondled her won breasts. She squeezed them playfully before tweaking her already hardening nipples. She then placed her hands on her hips. She wiggled her hips as she took her hands and slowly began to lower her black panties down her thin, tanned legs to her ankles. She still wore a pair of sexy black boots. She lifted her leg and pulled off her already moist panties. She twisted them around her index finger before twirling them around and throwing them aside. She was already incredibly turned on. She could not resist shoving two of her fingers deep in her pussy. She was already in a frenzy of passion as she wildly rubbed her pussy lips. Her body was already covered with various things such as tattoos, glitter etc. She was even vajazzled. Her moans and squeals of pleasure echoed through the room. “Ummm, fuck yeah,” she uttered to herself, biting her lip. “Time to get sloppy,” she said to herself.

She headed over to the far end of the room. She had set the whole thing up for herself. She wanted to be as filthy as she possibly could be. She had asked for the most disgusting things that could be found. She grabbed a bottle of mustard first. She grabbed it with both hands and aimed it at herself. She squeezed it. It was spicy honey Dijon mustard. It was a deep yellow brown mustard colour. Kesha squeezed the bottle and started pouring it onto herself. It came out slowly at first, but she squeezed harder. It rolled out in twisted lines down her breasts and tummy and then onto her thighs and crotch. The idea that she was decorating her pussy with spicy mustard really took her fancy. The brown mustard wiggled out over Kesha’s pussy as she archer her back, sat on her knees. She pressed the lip of the bottle against her pussy as she squeezed. Her pussy slowly being layered in brown mustard like a human turkey sandwich. The feeling of the brown mustard on her skin was something that she was loving as well. She decided to send a tweet. “I just poured brown mustard on my pussy”.

Kesha then grabbed a bottle of ranch salad dressing. She took the bottle and flipped the lid up. She started pouring the white dressing up her calves and then across her thighs. She smirked as she watched the dressing pour onto her smouldering hot legs. She then got onto all fours and aimed the salad dressing down her ass. She let it fall right down her butt crack and all over her ass. She shivered, because of how cold it was. It slowly poured down her backside. Kesha wiggled her backside around. She then walked over and turned on her own music. She put on some of her sexier songs in a loop. She then rubbed the salad dressing around on her bottom with her hands.

Kesha then grabbed a huge bowl of disgusting coleslaw. The smell of it was atrocious. She looked at it and thought to herself about how much she wanted it all over her body. She rolled her eyes and licked her lips. She plunged both hands into the enormous bowl of coleslaw. She raised her slop covered hands in the air, over her head and then turned them over, allowing the coleslaw to fall all over her. It fell down her hair and face and then down the front of her body. She then took two more handfuls and smushed them across her breasts and vagina. She rubbed her hands back and forth over her body massaging the slimy mess all over herself as she did. She rubbed the sloppy mess all over her dripping wet pussy with the palm of her hand. She relentlessly rubbed her hand all over her coleslaw encrusted pussy while she fondled one of her breasts with the other. She then took what was left in the bowl and emptied it all over the front of her body, letting it fall everywhere.

Kesha then turned her attention to a bucket that was filled with tuna fish. It looked brown and spoiled. The smell coming from the bucket was strong and distinctive. It would make the average person gag. It did not bother Kesha in anyway whatsoever. She took the bucket with both of her hands. She then thrust her head downwards and the bucket upwards. She smushed her face straight down in the tuna fish. She held her face down in the tuna. She moved it side to side a bit. She then raided her head up. 90 percent of the tuna came with her face. It stuck to her head and hair. It formed a mask of sorts on her face. She smiled and took a photo of herself on her cell phone. She thought that this was absolutely hilarious. Tuna fell from her face. She stuck her tongue out.

Kesha then took the next bucket. She lay down on her back facing the ceiling. She spread her legs and bent her knees. The bucket was filled with manure and earth worms. She was unsure where the bucket had come from, but she really did not care. She closed her eyes as she tipped the bucket of disgustingness down onto herself. The manure fell from the bucket and landed on her body with a plop. She threw the bucket aside and smushed her hands down, rubbing the manure all over her body. She then reached out and grabbed her vibrator. This was something that had gotten a lot of action over the years. She spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers and dipped the sex toy inside. She let out an almighty squeal as she pushed it inside of herself. She massage manure all over her body with her free hand as she masturbated with the vibrator with her other hand. She thrust her waist back and forth. She wiggled her hips as she simulated sex with the sex toy.

Finally, Kesha stood up and pulled over and oversized trash can full of leftovers from the catering department. It was full with uneaten food from the tour. It was all going to go to waste anyway, so this was a good way to make use of it. It would all have gone in the bin anyway. Kesha felt like this would be an excellent use of the stuff. It was truly nauseating as well. The trash can was nearly as tall as she was. It was wide as well. It was filled to the brim with decaying food. There was bits of fruit and vegetables, mashed potato, French fries, baked beans, pasta, cheese, meat, sauce, bread and every other imaginable sort of food mixed together in a conglomeration of disgustingness.

Kesha stood up. She was about to dump the mess over herself, when she got another idea. She noticed how large the trash can actually was. She decided to climb into it instead. She held it steady as she lifted her leg and submerged it deep in the mess. She then raised her other leg and pushed it in. She was up to her breasts in leftover food. She pushed her hands deep inside of the trash can. She pulled her hands out and pulled some of the food out of it. She dumped it over her head. She covered her hair in food. She squatted down even further, feeling the food all over her ass and private parts. She then stepped out of it. She lifted the trash can and then poured the contents out all over the floor in a huge patch. She then laid down into the patch of food. She moved her arms and legs around, as if she was making a snow angel. She then rolled around back and forth in the disgusting food.

She grabbed the sex toy and dipped it in the leftovers, covering it in more mess. She then pushed it into her mouth, licking the rim of it. She simulated oral sex on the vibrator. She closed her eyes and enjoyed what she was doing. She then squatted and inserted the dildo into her filthy vagina. The notion that she was covered in manure and leftover food turned Kesha on to no end. She built herself to climax as she rolled around in a pile of leftover food. It was not long before she was exploding in ecstasy all over herself. She lost herself in a world of messiness and sexual gratification. She built to herself to the point of orgasm. Her sexy body exploded in pleasure. She closed her eyes as her body gave way to absolute pleasure. Her body exploded in involuntary pulsation. Every muscle in her body shook and wiggled. Her screams of pleasure rang out. Warm white cum exploded from her vagina.

She lay in pile of food, manure, sweat and cum. She gave a satisfied smile as she sat up. This would not be the last time that she would do something like this.

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8 Simple Rules of mess

This story contains nudity and sexual situations, please do not read if you are underage or easily offended. Also, the people in the story are all of legal age. Although they play teenagers on the show, they are wellover 18.

8 Simple Rules of mess

Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson played sisters on 8 Simple Rules for quite a few years. They had become like sisters themselves. They hung out together outside of work all the time. They seemed to be joined at the hip, at times. The used to go out clubbing all the time. One night they were out at a club together. They had been drinking way to much and were totally off their heads. It was clear to everyone that they were drunk. It was then that the manager of the club noticed them and noticed who they were. An evil idea came into his head. He also noticed several guys eying the ladies up.

He first approached the guys and told them what the plans for the evening would be. They were all to happy to take part. That was the easy part, the hard part would be getting the ladies to agree, but they were quite drunk, so that might make things a bit easier. He approached them cautiously. “Hi,” he said. “Hi,” they said giggling. “Sorry to bother you, but we are having a bit of a game later in the evening and thought you two might want to take part.” “Ok, what kind of game?,” Kaley asked. “Well, it we be against those two guys over there. To be honest it is an adult game and it would have some consequences for the losers,” he explained. Kaley looked at the two guys. “Oh I see,” she said,” Well, you know what I would love to beat those guys and get them naked and pay the consequences. You’re on.” Amy was not so confident. The manager told them that the game would start in ten minutes. “Thanks a lot Kaley. What if we lose. We will have to get naked at least,” Amy said nervously. “Don’t sweat it. We’ve got this,” Kaley said, in a slightly drunken voice. Amy prayed that Kaley had not gotten them into a lot of trouble.

The time came and both teams were introduced. They told everyone that they were Kaley and Amy and that they were actresses. Some of the people in the crowd recognised then from 8 Simple Rules. Some did not. Unfortunately for the girls, the game was a physical one involving large basketballs. The guys were quite tall, so it was much easier for them. The girls comically fell all over themselves attempting to make baskets. They had one minute. The guys got 9 baskets , the girls barely managed 1. Everyone cheered. Amy looked exasperated. The girls new that they had just gotten their asses kicked and were about to be punished.

The teams were gathered at the centre of the stage. “Ok ladies, ya lost,” the manager said. “Yeah we did,” Amy said sarcastically. “So, the girls lost and now have to pay the price. Shall we see what we have in store for them everyone?,” the crowd cheered. The curtain was then pulled back. The girls’ jaws dropped to the floor when they saw what was revealed. At the front of the stage were two sets of ankle cuffs and suspended from the ceiling, two sets of velvet ropes with cuffs on the end. It was clear what these were for. Behind them were two tables with assorted sloppy buckets on them. It did not take too much imagination to figure out what they would be used for. Everyone, including the guys cheered. Amy and Kaley looked at one another in shock. “Oh my fucking God,” Amy said. Kaley bit her lip.

“So, the first thing that is going to happen is that the two losers will be taking their clothes off and we are going to see some skin.” The girls looked at each other dumbfounded. They tried to protest, but before they knew it they were standing at the centre of the stage and removing their tops. They were very reluctant, but had no choice now. Amy then was made to unzip her jeans. She pulled them down, revealing her pale but sexy legs. Kaley dropped her skirt to her ankles. The two actresses now stood in their underwear on stage. The chants of “Take it off, take it off” echoed. The ladies reluctantly reached around their backs and unhooked their bras. They each slid their arms across their chests to cover their breasts as much as they possibly could. They dropped their bras into their respective piles of clothing. They both kept their eyes on the ground. They slowly began to lower their panties, still trying their best to cover their modesty with their arms. Everyone cheered as they watched Amy and Kaley’s underwear slowly descend down their legs to their knees and then down to their ankles. They lifted their legs and pushed their panties into the piles of clothes with their feet. They immediately placed their hands over their vaginas to try and cover up. They kept their knees locked together. Everyone cheering and laughing at their humiliation. Kaley pouted and whimpered. Amy was bright red and looked angry.

“Ok, girls time to make that walk over to our little set up over here, come on guys you will need to strap them in,” the manager said. Kaley and Amy sheepishly followed the manager over to the restraints. There would be no concealing of anything now for the girls. Everything would be revealed in the most embarrassing fashion. The manager showed the girls where to stand. They sheepishly complied, standing where he asked them to. He showed the guys what to do. They each picked the girl that they liked the most. The guys first secured one the girls feet in the ankle restraints. The girls were then asked to move their other foot so it was in line with the other. They immediately realized that the gap was relatively large, so it would require them to open their legs quite wide. They did as they were asked. The guys bent down and strapped the girls legs in. They got a very nice view of their naked bottoms in the process. The ladies were still trying to cover themselves using their hands at this point. Their legs stretching apart. It was now time for their arms. The guys pulled down the velvet ropes. They gently cuffed one of the girls wrists onto it. They pulled it up, stretching the girls’ arms above their heads. They then pulled the ropes up tightening them, pulling them to their other wrists. This stretched the girls slightly. They then pulled them around and cuffed the girls wrists in place. The results were breathtaking. Kaley and Amy were now stark naked, side by side cuffed into place. They were spread eagle. Their arms stretched over their heads, their legs spread wide. They dangled from the ceiling. Now everything was on show. Their breasts dangling. Their legs spread wide. Their legs and arms stretched. Naked in an X position. The first thing everyone noticed was Amy’s untamed, fiery mound of pubic hair. It was completely unshaven in any way and stood out against her pale skin. She was thin and short, but still very sexy. The fact that all these people were seeing her naked mortified her. In contrast, Kaley’s body shapely, tanned well toned and sexy. Her pussy was waxed totally bald. Her breasts and backside looking amazing. Kaley let out a moan. Loads of photos were taken. The two actresses who had played sisters were now side by side spread eagle in their birthday suits.

The guys high fived. They could not believe their luck. They had these two beautiful women totally naked and at their mercy. The girls tried to keep their eyes down. They tried to ignore that there was a club full of people staring at their naked bodies. The guys walked around the losers and admired the view, teasing them. They went behind the girls now. With both hands they grabbed the girl’s naked asses. They squeezed and fondled their bare backsides. The girls winced. The guys then leaned back and spanked their respective butts. Amy screamed and gritted her teeth. Kaley let out a comical sounding oooh noise. “They have been naughty girls,” the manager said. Everyone laughed as they watched the two naked actresses get spanked. Their bodies wiggled and convulsed as the guys’ hands smacked their bare backsides. Sweat began dripping down their bodies. Their knees wiggled. There was a slight give in the ropes but not much. Kaley’s breasts wiggled about as her body moved. Every muscle in their bodies could be seen.

The guys were then given feather dusters. They brought them out and showed the girls. At first they wondered what the point was. The guys “dusted” the girls’ shoulders first. They then moved them down their breasts. The ladies began to giggle as they felt the feathers tickling their skin. They then realized how much the dusters could be used to tickle their bodies and drive them crazy. They ran the dusters down the fronts of the girls and watched them laugh and wiggle about. They ran them down their legs next. They then held the feather dusters underneath the vaginas of the girls. “Please don’t do this,” Amy begged. The guys started gently tickling the girl’s pussies with the feather dusters. They started to move them quicker and quicker against the ladies’ pussy lips. The feathers moving back and forth. The girls’ squealed as their pussies became more and more stimulated. Soon the feather dusters were damp. The guys had no mercy on them, moving the dusters around their private parts as they squealed and convulsed in ecstasy. Try as they might they could not conceal their pleasure. The tickle of the duster against their vaginas felt almost as if they were masturbating. The guys were merciless as they massaged the girls pussies and asses with the feather dusters.

It was now time to get messy. The guys started with two creamy pies. They were thick chocolate cream pies, filled with chocolate pie filling and thick whipped cream. They brought them forward so everyone could see. Everyone cheered. The boys crept forward to the backs of the girls. They then leaned back and smashed the pies squarely into the girls’ backsides. The pies landed with a thud into the naked asses of the girls. The boys rubbed the chocolaty mess round and round over Kaley and Amy’s posteriors. They then took their hands and smushed the pie crust up and down their butts and down the backs of their thighs. Their vaginas already sloppy with creamy pie. The girls could feel their hands smushing cream up and down their backsides. The brown and white mess slathered their asses and rolled down the backs of their legs.

The guys then grabbed two more pie plates. They appeared to be pies anyway. Little did the girls know that it was actually shepherd’s pie that they were going to be served next. This time the guys walked around to the front. They held the pie plates in front of the girls faces. Amy and Kelly begged them not to do this. They promised to do anything that the boys asked. It was no used though, the guys pushed the plates forward and placed them onto the girls’ head. Thick, cold sloppy shepherd’s pie fell from the inch thick pie plates down the girls’ faces and then all the way down their bodies. The feeling of the cold lamb mince and mashed potatoes falling down their naked skin was hard to describe. The mess fell down their faces and down the fronts of their bodies. The thick brown, gravy splattered mess rolled down the fronts of the girls in a long sloppy river of shepherd’s pie. Bits of mince now stuck and matted in Amy’s bushy pubic hair. Everyone hooted and hollered. Kaley’s breasts and legs dripped with shepherd’s pie.

The guys then grabbed bottles of ketchup and mustard. They stood across from the ladies. The mustard was aimed at Kaley. The ketchup was aimed at Amy. The girls closed their eyes as the guys squeezed their bottles. The ketchup and mustard flew threw the air landing all over the girls’ naked bodies. The ketchup skirted in Amy’s face and all over the front of her body. The yellow mustard slowly fell down Kaley. It covered her hips and stomach. It dripped from her crotch and legs. The girls wiggled their legs and bodies as the boys decorated them in the condiments. The ketchup flowed down Amy’s pale skin and splashed in her face. Thick mustard coated Kaley’s hair and dripped down her face and chest. The feeling of these strangers totally being in control over them was incredibly embarrassing for the ladies.

The guys then took too more pies. One took a pumpkin pie, the other a strawberry boston cream pie. The pumpkin pie was for Amy the strawberry one for Kaley. The guys came to the front of them. They slowly pushed the pies into the ladies’ face. They then removed the pie tins and took the crusts of the pies in their hands. The rubbed the pies in the girls faces. They then dropped their hands and rubbed the pies around on the girl’s breasts, fondling them as they went. The girls could feel the guys’ hands twisting in their face, all over their breasts and then down their fronts. With their bare hands, they rubbed the disintegrating pie crust all over the girls. Kaley was covered in whipped cream, vanilla pudding and strawberry puree. Amy had pumpkin pie all over her legs, face and breasts.

The guys, finally grabbed some buckets filled with melted strawberry ice cream. It was bright pink and looked delicious. It was thick and lumpy. It was cold but not freezing. The boys came up from behind the girls. They each started to pour the sloppy , cool ice cream all over the girls. Everyone watched as the girls’ bodies gyrated and shivered as the pink mess poured down over them. The guys slowly poured the ice cream straight down all over the girls’ bodies. The guys took their time as they poured masses of the pink mess over the two actresses. When they were finished, both girls were coated from head to toe in the melting mess. The guys bowed and smiled, looking at the naked messy women. They admired their work.

Amy and Kaley could only hope that no one that they knew would hear about this. They could only hope. This was about as embarrassing as things could possibly get.

Stwnsh Sadwrn Blonde

Below are some pics of the lovely blonde on Stwnsh Sadwrn getting messy. I have waited a long time to see it.She is gorgeous.I haven't put many pics up from the show lately as the clips just aren't that great lately, in my opnion anyway.
Enjoy, JRG

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Minnie Driver gets dumped again

Minnie Driver: Dumped again

Minnie Driver had been publicly humiliated before on television. There was one incident where she was dumped by her then boyfriend on national television. For some reason, Minnie was someone that this sort of thing always happened to. Maybe it was because she was a nice person in general, but she always seemed to end up in embarrassing situations. She had also been in a dunk tank on a talk show. Talk shows had become something of a danger zone for Minnie. Something strange and usually embarrassing was always bound to happen when she appeared on a talk show. Unfortunately for her, they were a regular part of her job. All actors and actresses really had no choice but to appear on talk shows to promote their films. Appearing on them was tedious as it was, without the usual perils that Minnie usually seemed to face.

Eventually, the time came around again for Minnie to do another round on the talk show circuit. She was not really looking forward to it, but it was an occupational hazard. She just hoped that nothing out of the ordinary would happen this time. She had a chequered history with talk shows to say the least. She was about halfway through the circuit this time and was in the middle of an appearance on one in a long list of talk shows when she heard a sentence that no one would ever want to hear in her position. She sat in her seat on the panel. She wore a tight fitting black skirt that rode up her sexy, freckle covered legs as she sat down and crossed her legs. It was slightly ruffled at the bottom and had a slight slit in one side. She wore a black and grey patterned buttoned shirt as well. All her clothes were tight fitting. She was not in the mould of Hollywood actress. She was not stick thin. Her body had plenty of curves. She looked amazing, but was not exactly what Hollywood wanted her to be. She answered all of their questions politely and took the opportunity to plug her new film, as was customary, of course. Finally, towards the interview, the presenter uttered some words that Minnie did not want to hear. “Minnie, we have a surprise for you.” These words filled her with dread. One thing was for certain, a surprise would never be something good. She did not like the sound of this one bit. She instantly started turning red. She could feel herself getting very hot. She did not want to let that show though. “Ok, a surprise. And what might that be?,” she said in a very calm and polite voice.

“Well, we have your current partner here to see you,” they said. “Current, partner, ok,” Minnie said, rolling her eyes. She had a partner, but it was nothing that she would consider serious. She was only dating this person. She would barely even class him as a boyfriend. She did not know him very well at all. They had only really been out a couple of times. Minnie ran her hand across her forehead and took a deep breath. She did not like the sounds of this at all. “Please welcome, Minnie’s boyfriend,” the presenter said. The audience applauded him. Minnie leaned over to see him as he entered the studio. She gave a nervous laugh, but it was clear that she was not at all amused by the situation that she was in. this was not agreed by her at all. Her partner came in smiling and waiving to the crowd. He was not an actor and was not famous. Although, he would sure have like to have been. He looked as though he was loving every minute of this. The thing that seemed the most odd though was the fact that he was carrying a rather heavy looking bucket with him as he entered the studio. That drew everyone’s attention, for sure.

He was introduced and was welcomed to the show. “So, if can tell everyone why you are doing the pleasure of visiting us here today, the presenter asked him. “Well, as you can see, I have this lovely bucket ready. I can now reveal why I have it. Basically, I am going to, quite literally, dump Minnie today,” He said. Minnie’s eyes widened. “What the fuck,” she muttered to herself. The crowd roared with applause. Minnie pointed at herself. “You’re dumping me?,” she said in anger and disbelief. “This is bullshit,” she said to herself. She began to sweat. She was turning bright red in embarrassment.

He walked up behind her carrying the bucket. She frantically looked around trying to see what he was doing behind her. She now began to wonder what the deal was with the bucket. She wondered what was actually inside it. It suddenly occurred to her that there may be something quite unpleasant in that bucket and it may be about to be poured over her head. “Wait a minute. What do you mean? Let’s talk about this,” she said frantically. Before he would even listen to her, though, he quickly tipped the bucket over onto Minnie’s head as she sat on her chair on the stage.

In an instant a barrage of spaghetti hoops were pouring down over Minnie’s head. She squealed and pouted as the thick sauce filled with hundreds of spaghetti hoops poured down her dark hair and down her face. The audience cheered and laughed. The smile on her now former partner was ear to ear. He was loving doing this to her. The spaghetti poured down the curves in her cheeks and down her face. It was thick and messy. It instantly covered the top of her head and oozed down her dark, naturally curly hair. It poured down her neck and the sides of her shirt. It was thick and sloppy, weighing heavily on the thin fabric of her silk like shirt. She could feel it rolling down the inside of her shirt, along her shoulders and down onto her bra and breasts. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. Spaghetti hoops were now poring down her body. They plopped down onto her skirt in irregular sloppy patterns every along her skirt. The disgusting spaghetti now poured directly down Minnie’s freckle covered thighs and calves. “ugh,” she uttered as she felt the spaghetti hoops against her bare skin. She used her fingers to wipe some of the spaghetti from her eyes. Her hair was soaked in spaghetti sauce. She wiggled her head. Her now former partner then leaned over to her. “Minnie, I’m dumping you,” he said with a smile. “Yeah, I got that,” she said sarcastically, making a sarcastic face as she said it.

Minnie was so involved in wiping away the spaghetti hoops from her face, she did not notice that one of the stage hands had handed her ex another bucket. Before she knew what was happening, he had lifted up the bucket and started to dump it over her head. This time the bucket was filled with baked beans. He waited until Minnie pulled her head back. Her face, facing straight up in the air. When he dumped the beans, they fell sloppily through the air and landed squarely in Minnie’s face. The beans in their nauseating orange/ red sauce, poured down onto her face. She closed her eyes tightly. Minnie could feel the beans plopping down on her face and slowly engulfing her entire head and neck. She opened her mouth wide and then stuck her tongue out. She slowly moved her face forward, allowing the beans to fall and trickle from her face, down her body. Her breasts were covered in beans. Her shirt was now being filled with beans. She could feel the slimy beans running down her neck and filling her shirt. She could feel them against her bra and her stomach. All she could feel and smell was beans and spaghetti. She stuck her tongue out and gagged a little. Beans were then poured all over the front of her skirt. Beans made there way over her thighs and dripped down her sexy, freckles calves, all the way down to her ankles and her high heels. Beans dripped down her, forming a large filthy puddle beneath where she sat. the grey carpeting on the stage looked terribly stained from the mess that fell from Minnie’s body. She wrung her hands together.

By this time, he had grabbed, yet another bucket. This one was filled with egg salad. It smelled repugnant. The pungent smell of rotten eggs filled the studio. When Minnie got a whiff of it she gagged. It absolutely stunk to high heaven. It was all yellow and slimy. It was filled with thick blobs of egg., mayonnaise and other disgusting substances. Her now ex boyfriend smiled as he held the bucket aloft over Minnie’s head. He then quickly tipped it over, sending blobs of gross egg salad all over Minnie. Large blobs of it stuck to her head, lap and cheeks. Minnie closed her eyes as large amounts of the rotting eggy mess made its way down her face. She tried to hold her mouth and nostrils as tightly closed as she possibly could in order to avoid smelling or tasting any of the disgusting mess that was falling all over her face. She mouthed the words, “This is so gross!” She rubbed her hands across her face, trying to remove as much of the egg salad as she possibly could. Bits of the disgusting slimy egg substance, stuck all over Minnie. She pulled her shirt open a bit and fanned herself with it, airing it out a little bit.

He finally took a large dog dish that was filled with dog food and carried it over to Minnie. He had a gigantic grin on his face. He brought the dog dish over to Minnie. “You are just too much of a dog for me,” he said, “And you are terrible in bed.” Minnie just shook her head. “I can’t believe this shit,” she muttered to herself. By this time she just wanted to get this over and done with. He then thrust the dog food dish into Minnie’s face. It hit with a humph noise. He twisted the bowl of dog food in his former lover’s face. He twisted it around, giving Minnie a massive face full of dog food. He then tipped the bowl over and placed it on top of Minnie’s head. Minnie gagged and gasped for breath. A huge blob of dog food fell out of her mouth. She spit it out. It rolled down her chin.

Her ex then bowed and led the audience in chanting,” Dumped, dumped, dumped, dumped.” Minnie stood up, glared at the audience and walked off stage. “Let’s hear it for Minnie Driver,” the presenter said. “I need to fire my agent,” she said to herself.