Sunday, 31 July 2016

Good Morning Britain battle of the sexes

Good Morning Britain battle of the sexes

The Good Morning Britain team were selected to appear on a special episode of a messy gameshow. The show pitted the male presenters against the female presenters. The winning team would get to mess the losing team. It was a veritable battle of the sexes. Representing the females were Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins, Kate Garraway and Laura Tobin and Ranvir Singh. Representing the men were Ben Shepherd, Sam Fletcher and Piers Morgan. The actual competition was three on three, but all five women would receive the messing should there team lose. 

The teams were welcomed on the show by the host, in this case it was Dale Winton. He introduced them and explained that today on the show was a battle of the sexes involving the presenters from Good Morning Britain. A good gunging was at stake for the losing team. Both teams looked excited and nervous. Neither team wanted to end up messy. They wanted to avoid it as much as possible. It was not just for the reason of not wanting to get messed, but they did not want to receive this sort of humiliation at the hands of the other team. The losers would never hear the end of it. The women especially were already attempting to tease and goad the men. They would be insufferable of they were to win. They were already spewing epitaphs about girl power and the superiority of women etc. The men, on the other hand, were also motivated by the incentive of seeing five very attractive women that they worked with covered in mess and being the ones to get to do it. 

The game was split into three rounds. Each of the men would represent their team in each of the round. The women would decide amongst themselves who they wanted to compete in each round. The games were random, but were chosen by the producers in order to give each team a fair chance. Round one pitted Sam against Ranvir in a football goal kicking competition. As a special treat, former England goalkeeper David Seaman was in goal trying to stop them. They each had three shots on goal. They alternated shots. Both missed their first two shots, leaving it down to the last shot for each. Ranvir kicked the ball as hard as she could on her shot. It went pretty fast, but it missed the goal. It was then Sam’s turn. He took a deep breath as he lined up to kick. He had noticed that Seaman had chosen to dive in the same direction each time. Sam decided to act like he was kicking that way, but to kick the opposite way. Seaman dove the way he had previously and the ball flew into the opposite corner. Sam celebrated. His goal meant he had won round one for the men. They were now up one to nothing. 

Round two pitted Susanna against Piers in a quiz. Everyone thought that Piers would be the favourite to win this round, but the questions were quite varied and some of them were topics that Susanna knew quite a lot about. She had picked up quite a lot of useless information being a television presenter on a show little Good Morning Britain for so many years. Piers was very embarrassed, but in the end, Susanna won the round five to three. It was a shocking result as Piers was quite a stuck up person who felt that he was an expert on everything. He was a real know it all, and a bit of a chauvinist, truth be told, but he was humbled in this round. This tied the scores at one a piece. The whole game rested on the final round. 

This round would pit Charlotte against Ben. The game was a drinking contest. Lined up in front of them were three oversized beer mugs filled with a green liquid. It was non-alcoholic, but it was a lot for anyone to drink. It would come down to this though, whoever could finish all of theirs first would win the whole show for their team. The whistle blew and they both started off on their first glass. For a while, it was neck and neck. They each finished their first glass at the same time. It was during the second glass that Charlotte began to struggle. She had to keep stopping and taking breaths. Ben pulled ahead. In the end, he finished his last glass while Charlotte was just starting her last one. Ben’s teammates cheered him on as did Charlotte’s. But it was the men standing tall, celebrating their victory.

Dale came over to the contestants. “I’m so sorry, Charlotte, that was a great try. You did so well, but you just fell a little bit short. You were pipped to the post. In the end the men have won it.” The ladies were all lead over to a device that dispensed gunged from above. It was designed to evenly disperse gunge onto whoever stood beneath it. For this, the ladies would have to stand side by side beneath it. They were asked to stand about a foot apart. The device looked like a big trough above them, but it was designed to ensure the gunge would pour on them both individually and collectively. They walked over and got into position, standing in their places. They all wore simple one colour dresses. They all had individual colours. These were dark blue, purple, red, black and green. They were simple, but they all looked very good. They each looked very nervous, looking up as they took their positions. They men were brought over to the cord that was used to release the gunge.

Dale then started in,” Well, today the Good Morning Britain men were victorious. Commiserations ladies, but it is time for the men to dispense with the gunge upon you. Men when you are ready, pull that cord and watch what happens.” The three men smiled as they pulled the cord as hard as they possibly could. The women looked upwards. The whole trough seemed to tip over, dumping purple gunge down on top of them from above. There also seemed to be individual mechanisms directly gunge straight down over each one of their heads as well from above. The women laughed as the purple mess poured over them from above. Gunge coated their heads, shoulders and dresses. Gunge dripped down their bodies. They looked at one another and laughed. It was a little like the gunging on Loose Women, but it actually worked how it was meant to work. 

The guys pointed and laughed at the women. The girls blushed. Seeing their female co-workers covered in gunge was a very nice prize for the men. The gunge really suited the five of them as well. In the end, they just shrugged their shoulders and smiled politely. Dale then spoke again,” Well there you have it, the entire female presenting team from Good Morning Britain have just been gunged for the whole world to see. Well done to them and congratulations to the men on your victory.”

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fearne Cotton finally nude

Fearne Cotton finally nude

Fearne Cotton was best friends and colleagues with Holly Willoughby. They had known and worked with each other for over a decade. Both had been in a variety of messy situations on television. Holly, especially. Holly seemed to usually get it worse than Fearne, generally speaking. Fearne had been a part of setting Holly up along with Michelle Keegan not so long ago. At that time, Holly ended up naked and covered in mess on television. Although Holly was not overly angry about this, she still had to get revenge on Fearne for it. She decided that she would get her own back on an episode of Celebrity Juice. Fearne suspected that this might happen one day. She did not know when though. Holly waited a little while so that Fearne would let her guard down a little bit. She set it up so that it would happen randomly right in the middle of one of the shows. 

The show didn’t have the strongest links in the world. One day, the time had finally come for revenge. Holly just began to speak,” Today, we have a special surprise planned for Miss Cotton. If everyone remembers, some weeks ago, I ended up in situation where I was naked and covered in messiness in front of the whole world.” “Remember? How could we ever forget that?,” Keith said enthusiastically. “ Well, it’s time for me to get revenge Miss Cotton. It is your turn tonight.” The screen filled with Fearne’s best shocked, annoyed and worried face. She reluctantly stood up and made her way to the front of the desk where Keith Lemon sat. Holly was grinning from ear to ear. Fearne was wearing a long black dress. She looked quite unsettled and uncomfortable. “Now, now, turnabout is fair play. You had a great time doing it to me. Now it is your turn. You should have thought about this when you decided to do that to me on national television. Everyone saw my fanny. Everyone saw me get covered in muck as well. It’s time that I get my revenge,” Holly said. Although Fearne knew that this would happen one day, she still looked very annoyed. 

She rolled her eyes as Holly unceremoniously pulled her dress down. She dropped it down her body, leaving it at her ankles. She had tight black underwear underneath. Holly then went behind her. She unhooked her bra and then lowered her knickers down her legs. Fearne was visibly uncomfortable. She fidgeted as she attempted to use her hands to cover her breasts and vagina. She did her best to keep her knees together. She took a deep breath of embarrassment and resignation, blowing her fringe backwards. 

Holly then pushed her friend backwards slightly so she was sat on Keith’s desk. Then from different angles, Holly applied pink satin straps around Fearne’s ankles and wrists. Fearne’s legs were spread apart revealing her vagina to the world. Although small and tight, it had its share of interesting folds and a little birthmark. Her slit was exposed to the world. Her arms were then stretched apart and forward. Her behind stretched into the area where Keith would have been sitting had he not moved. She was stretched across the desk slightly. She gave a slightly pained look to the camera. Little beads of sweat formed on her long thin naked body. Her back arched. Her muscles stretched. 

Holly looked at her friend and gloated,” You thought it was so funny when it happened to me. I’ve had to look at pictures of my fanny on social media for weeks now. You know you deserve this.” Holly ran her hands over Fearne’s back and down her backside. Fearne did not bother to protest. Holly smiled as she took a bucket filled with thick red gunge, the sort that was used on Stwnsh ar y ffordd, and tipped it over the back if Fearne’s head. It poured onto her platinum blonde hair and down her back. It oozed down her demure chest and down the sides of her face. It splattered irregularly upon her. She pretended to try and blow some of it off of her. 

Holly then began to pour light yellow gunge all over her friend. It was a creamy almost beige kind of colour. Fearne gritted her teeth as it was dumped across her face and over her long thin legs. She, like Holly, had been messy before, but never in the nude. She had never felt the feeling of sloppy gunge against her bare skin. She could feel it right up against her naked flesh. The feeling of it on her bare behind and right between her legs on her pussy lips was something that she was unprepared for. The sensation was not unlike the touch of a lover right against her most intimate body parts. Right on her cracks and crevices. The feeling of her best friend applying gunge to her exposed naked body was undeniably sensual.

When Holly dumped bright orange gunge straight between her legs and then over her chest, the feeling of arousal heightened to an even higher level. Fearne would never admit it, but her nipples were very hard and her vagina was soaking with her juices. She feared that those close enough would be able to smell the distinctive musky aroma of dripping vagina that lay beneath the gunge between her legs. This feeling only grew when Holly placed her hands onto her friend’s chest from behind and began to rub the gunge all over her breasts and stomach. She then reached around and gently palmed her soaking wet vagina from behind. 

Holly then placed a sign around her neck that read, “Holly rules Fearne” She then gave her friend a brisk swat on the backside. She then took a plastic dish filled with more gloppy red gunge and pushed it up into Fearne’s face. She then pushed it upwards and placed it on top of Fearne’s head. She pointed and laughed, trying to embarrass her friend as much as she possibly could.

She then took what appeared to be a massive rubber dildo. She gently slapped it against Fearne’s face and pushed it into her mouth, making it appear that she was sucking on it. She then stood back and pointed the head of the device at Fearne. She then began to squeeze it. The pressure from her squeeze cause thick, viscous, white to clear liquid to squirt from the top of the head. The gunge inside of it was made to look and feel almost like cum. Holly squeezed it, aiming at Fearne’s face as if she was firing a water gun. In reality the substance was really more like coconut milk than anything else. It squirted into her face. Fearne closed her eyes as the sloppy mess rolled down her face. It oozed down her cheeks and chin. It dripped from her nose and mouth. She licked her lips. Holly then placed it between her friend’s breasts and squeezed, shooting more over her chest and face. She left Fearne slathered in it. It stuck to her fringe and dripped down her breasts. Holly then sprayed other areas of her body with it until the supply ran dry. She then put her hand onto her friend’s head and rubbed it around. 

When the rubber phallus was empty Fearne looked up and gave an exasperated look. She rolled her eyes. All the while the sloppy mess rolled down her face. She was bathed in the stuff. “Ok, it looks like jizz,” she joked,” I never thought you would jizz on me,” she joked. Keith and the other celebrities pointed and laughed at the messy, dishevelled team captain.

Holly freed Fearne, but to add insult to injury, she was forced to complete the rest of the show in the state that she was dripping in mess and in the buff. It was a big distraction for her the rest of the show. 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Rita Hayworth put the mess on Rita

Rita Hayworth put the mess on Rita

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Rita Hayworth was one of the biggest film stars in the world. She was, certainly considered one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and probably the world. She was one of the major pinups during World War II. She was one of the biggest sex symbols and most iconic faces in the history of Hollywood, at least up to that point.

One of her most famous roles was in the film Gilda. In it, her character was not the nicest of people. She was a bit of a witch and a manipulator of men. She used her sex appeal to wrap men around her little finger. She would use and abuse the men around her who would fall at her feet because they fancied her so much. Of course, in real life, she could not be more different from the characters that she played. She was shy and self-conscious. The characters that she played, however, really leant well to the idea that she would someday get her comeuppance. The films she was in were so popular that a one off spin off was created. In it the men that she had wronged would get their revenge upon her in a messy format. 

The same actors and characters were used from Gilda, because it was highly appropriate. Rita wore the famous dress that she wore in the scene that she first appeared in the film. It was a very famous scene where she flipped her hair over upon her first appearance. She looked incredibly sexy. She had long red hair curly at the bottom that was incredibly silky. She had long legs and a very nice figure. She had a big smile on her face, showing off her famous teeth and lips. She was more than just sexy like your usual star. She exuded something else from deep inside. It popped out of the screen. She had an amazing allure. 

In this scene, she flipped her hair up as the actor entered, just as he had in the original. This time he began to talk about all of the things that he had discovered that she had done. He talked about all the men she had used and all of the tricks that she played. The man who played her gangster husband in the film came in as well and he spoke more about how she had used people and done everyone wrong. They told her that she was a “rotten dame” and that she had a lot coming to her. They said that she really deserved to be punished for the things she had done.

“Oh really,” she said callously,” And what exactly are you two going to do about it?” They looked at one another and said, ”This.” They then both grabbed pies in their hands. They looked at one another, smiled and then decked Rita square in the face with the pies. At once, two pies smashed straight into her face. Her beautiful face was covered in creamy pie. Her mouth fell open. Her teeth were even lined with pie. Her lovely red hair was instantly streaked in creamy pie. Everyone was treated to seeing one of the most beautiful faces ever caught on camera covered in creamy pie. Some pie also landed upon her shoulders, below her neck. It looked like some sort of funny necklace. 

They then each grabbed two more pies. One thrust the pie into her chest, the other pushed his pie against her behind. They smeared the pie around all over her chest and backside. Her famous song in the film was called “Put the Blame on Mame”. She joked,” What is this, put the pies on Gilda?” She sighed and blew some of her breath in the air, causing one of her curls of hair to bounce upwards.
They then each took a large punch bowl filled with vanilla pudding and began to dump it over the actress. One poured his over her head. She looked up and rolled her eyes as pudding plopped onto her gorgeous hair and down onto her face and shoulders. The other poured his load all over her sexy long legs. Her legs had been the subject of many pinup shots. She was also a very accomplished dancer. 

These helped her greatly in that area as well. Now, the whole world would witness vanilla pudding slowly flowing down and over every curve and nuance of her long legs. Her fellow actor took the time to slowly allow the pudding to slowly and sensually make its way down her legs. Rita, for her part, stuck her leg out and allowed it to fall all over her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. The feeling of the pudding on her bare legs was definitely a sexually arousing one for both Rita and for everyone watching. Though, at the time, no one could really outwardly admit something like that. 

They then finished her off with lovely banana puree. They smiled as one poured it over the top of her head while the other began to pour it down the back and then the front of her dress. There was very little underneath the dress and it was very tight, so having a tidal wave of mess poured inside of it caused all sorts of issues for the dress itself. Rita had to hold it tightly so it would not fall down completely or split. All the while, she felt the puree sliding down her long sexy body. The puree also flowed forth from the bottom of the dress down her legs. She smiled and raised her brow.

She did not get very upset with the men. She merely said,” You two are incorrigible.” She then walked away into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. That was where the scene ended. She herself, came out and laughed. She told everyone not to worry because it felt surprisingly nice. The scene proved very popular as well. It was seen all around the world. It made her even more of a sex symbol than she had already been.