Friday, 24 April 2015

Emma Thomas Celtic Dragons

Emma Thomas of Celtic Dragons

Celtic Dragons had picked up their first victory of the Netball Superleague season with a last minute win against Loughborough Lightning. It was a bit of an upset and the game came down to a last second shot. Loughborough were embarrassed and annoyed at the result. They wanted to get revenge when the two teams played in a rematch. No one was more effected by the loss than Emma Massey, one of the defenders for Lightning. When they lost the match, the devastation on her face was clear. 

Emma wanted to get back at Dragons when they played again. She felt that the win had been a fluke and that there was no way that they would lose the rematch, particularly with the added motivation after suffering such a humiliating and heart breaking defeat. She decided to challenge one of Dragons players to a bet on the next match between the two. The challenge was taken up by Emma Thomas, who played goal attack for Celtic. The two were in competition quite a bit when the teams played. It could get quite competitive between the two. Emma Thomas accepted the bet. She figured that her team had won the earlier meeting and had won a game or two following that, so had some good momentum behind them going into the match.

It was a straight up bet on the match. The loser was going to have to take the hot seat at mid court after the match, in front of a packed stadium and both teams and get covered in mess by the winner. It was Emma Massey vs. Emma Thomas straight up. It was going to be very interesting. It was going to be complete and utter humiliation for the loser. Each player also got the honour of bringing whatever she wanted to use on their opponent if they lost.

Both players were extremely nervous before the game. They really did not want to be the loser. Humiliating their opponent was what motivated them to go through with the bet. There was also a lot of pressure from teammates as well. The outcome was not really in their hands either. It was going to be down to a team effort. The two teams were neck in neck in the Superleague standings as well. It was a really even matchup. In first match, Lightning were the favourite going in. This time Celtic were going to be a slight favourite because they had been in better form as of late, but there was not much between the two. It shaped up to be a really close match again.  The tension was going to be off the charts, considering the consequences for the loser.

The game was a really close one, once again. After the first half, Dragons led by two points. After three quarters they led by one. Emma Thomas began to feel a bit comfortable at this point. With two minutes left in the game, Lightning tied the game. Things really began to intensify now. The teams traded goals back and forth. Dragons had the ball with 45 seconds left on the clock. They pushed the ball in and Emma Thomas scored herself to tie the game up. This would seemingly send the game to overtime. Unfortunately, they left twenty five seconds left on the clock. Lightning passed the ball in and connected. The seconds ticked away. With five seconds left, Lightning put up a shot and it fell as the final seconds ticked off, giving them the lead and not giving Dragons the opportunity to get the ball back for a chance to tie. 

The arena erupted. Lightning had avenged their loss. The Lightning players went crazy. Dragons hung their heads in disappointment and embarrassment. The camera zoomed in on Emma Thomas. She looked shell shocked at the events that had just gone down. She also knew what this meant for her personally. Her teammates rallied around her. Although part of them was secretly looking forward to seeing this happen to their teammate. Emma Massey pumped her fist and pointed at Emma Thomas. “Time for you to get Maasssssy,” she said in a funny voice. Emma Thomas looked mortified.

Emma Thomas was a painfully shy young woman. She never had a boyfriend and was very self-conscious. She got embarrassed very easily. She was a bit of a nerd. She thought of herself as quite unattractive. At this moment she was mortified with embarrassment to say the least. She was about to get humiliated by someone she was in close physical competition with and had lost to. This was going to happen in front of both of their teammates, a packed arena full of fans and in front of the television audience watching at home. On top of that, all of the other players from teams around the league were sure to be watching this as well. They would have made a special point of tuning in to see one of their competitors get messed. She was blushing bright red at this moment and doing her best to try to blend in. If no one saw her, maybe they would forget.

The television announce team did not forget, however, they got on the loud speaker and began to talk. “Emma, Emma Thomas, you can not hide. We see you. There is no escape now. Your team lost and you have to pay the consequences.” Emma Massey walked over to her and motioned with her finger, as if to say, you are coming with me. Emma gave an embarrassed laugh and blustered her lips as she rolled her eyes. Emma Massey took her by the hand and led her to the centre of the court. A chair had been placed at centre court. Emma Massey patted the seat and said to her,” Have a seat, make yourself comfortable.” Emma Thomas rolled her eyes but lowered her backside onto the seats. Her skirt rode up as she sat, revealing even more of her sexy bare legs. She crossed her arms and gave a very worried look. She gritted her teeth as she looked up at the arena packed with fans, all cheering for this to happen as well as all of the players from both teams. They all looked on eagerly to see what was about to happen.

The look of embarrassment that flashed on her face was undeniable. She was blushing and sweating with embarrassment at this point. Emma Massey looked down at her opponent and said, “Sorry, but it is time for the mess.” Emma Thomas looked up at her and begged. “Please, no, don’t do this,” she pleaded. Emma Massey ignored her pleas. “Ok, everybody,” the announcer said,” Celtic lost and a bet is a bet, so now Emma Thomas is going to have to suffer the consequences. Time for the mess.” The crowd thundered with applause and the other players cheered and clapped.

The Lightning players had gathered together quite a conglomeration of disgusting mess that they brought to pour over Emma Thomas. She was about to experience the full brunt of it first-hand. Emma Massey started with egg salad. It was probably weeks old and out of date. It certainly smelled a bit off. It was encased in a small plastic container. Emma Massey took this container first. She opened the lid. She recoiled instantly at the stench of the rotten egg salad. It was a disgusting yellow colour. She held her nose. Emma Thomas closed her eyes, having little idea of what was coming her way next. Emma Massey tipped the container onto Emma Thomas’ head. The thick globs of sloppy yellow egg salad plopped onto the netball player’s head. It clumped on top of her dark hair and some rolled down her face. Everyone gasped as they watch this unfold. Some tumbled down her green netball kit and down onto her bare legs. A thousand cameras went off, capturing Emma Thomas covered in rancid egg salad. She shook her head and laughed in embarrassment. “Gross! It stinks!,” she said, flapping her hands about.

Next to come was some spam. It was encased in a spam tin. Emma Massey held this up in the air and shouted, ”Spam”. The crowd began to chant the word, spam over and over, much to Emma Thomas’ chagrin.  She cringed. She knew that the disgusting meat like substance would soon be all over her. Emma Massey gleefully lifted the spam and turned it over, aiming it squarely in Emma Thomas’ face. The entirety of the spam fell onto her head and collapsed on impact, sending spam all over her face, hair and body. The feeling of cold, disgusting meat bi-product against her flesh was nauseating. It made her skin crawl. She could feel the spam on her bare legs. Emma Massey then took a second container of spam and spooned the spam out with her hand. She then thrust it into her felled opponent’s face. Emma Thomas kicked her legs as the winner rubbed the spam in her face. She nearly fell backwards. When Emma Massey, let go, Emma Thomas was left gasping and gagging with a face full of spam. It fell down her chin from her nose and nose. She stuck her tongue out as the spam fell down her body.

Coleslaw was what awaited Emma Thomas next. Emma Massey produced a massive tub of the disgusting mess. “The loser deserves this,” Emma Massey said, before pouring thick, sloppy, white coleslaw all over Emma Thomas. She moved the container back and forth over her opponent, dumping coleslaw all over her as she went. Emma Thomas turned her nose up and stuck her tongue out. The smell of the stuff was foul, to say the least. Emma closed her eyes, but could hear the roars of laughter as everyone enjoyed seeing her getting covered in coleslaw. Emma squealed as she could feel and smell the coleslaw all over her body. She rolled her eyes. The coleslaw was now all over her body. It dribbled down her legs to her ankles. Blobs stuck all over her face.

Next for Emma Thomas was shepherd’s pie. A sloppy mix of minced lamb, gravy, peas, carrots and cheesy mashed potato. It was, again, leftover. It had been left to rot for a few days, especially for her. “Yummy,” Emma Massey said as she lifted the baking dish into the air above Emma Thomas. She then pulled it forward and pushed it into her face. Upon impact, the entire contents of the tray slid out and landed over Emma Thomas. The structure did not hold its integrity when it collided with the netball player’s body. It fell to bits, collapsing all over her, covering her from head to toe in a mixture of the entire contents of the shepherd’s pie. She was soon cover in meat, gravy and mash from head to toe. Her face was covered in mash. Mince rolled down her legs. Her closed were singed in gravy. Everything was a sloppy dark brown colour.

Emma Massey then grabbed the final item. It was a container filled with leftover soggy spaghetti. It came in a rich tomato sauce and had plenty of spaghetti cheese in it. Again, the smell was absolutely atrocious. It was spaghetti that had gone uneaten and was saved to be used on Emma Thomas. Emma Massey lifted the bucket and shouted,” Look out below.” The spaghetti fell downwards, making a disgusting plopping noise as it did. It poured down on the unfortunate netball player. She winced as it poured over her head and all over her body. It was a disgusting orange colour. The crowd roared in laughter as they witnessed the netball player dowsed in spaghetti. She looked hilarious. It was strewn all over her body. Even her own teammates could not resist laughing at her misfortune. Emma Massey used her hand to make an L shape on her forehead as Emma Thomas struggled to brush away some of the excess spaghetti that she found herself covered in.

Lightning celebrated. Emma’s Celtic teammates came over and helped her to her feet as she wiped some of the mess off. Afterwards, she was interviewed about how she was feeling. “Well, I feel a bit… messy, dirty, disgusting, sloppy,” she said with a laugh,” I am glad everyone else enjoyed it so much,” she said in a slightly sarcastic tone. The clips and pictures, much to her dismay were used in promotional material for the league. Anytime Celtic would play Lightning after that, Emma Thomas was always in for merciless teasing about the events of that day.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Swipe tv Ms Corkery gunged

This time it was Ms Corkery who was gunged. It was a really good one. She got totally messed. She was pretty attractive as well. The goggles were a real problem though. I am sure her whole school enjoyed seeing her gunged. The full gallery is at:

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Swipe TV Miss Campell

This time, Miss Campbell got gunged. The things her students said about her were quite embarrassing. Her team was losing quite badly as well at one stage, and ended up winning by the narrowest of margains. There were blobs in the gunge that stayed on her head, which was quite good. The goggles and boiler suits really need to be tweaked with, because it is really effecting the gunging, but it still was good. The full gallery is at.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Ketnet Kingsize 2- dark haired olive skinned woman

This one is good because the woman is super hot and has a really good reaction as well.