Thursday, 31 October 2013

Katy Perry I am going to go with the mess

Katy Perry I am going to go with the mess

Katy Perry appeared on a fundraiser on a children’s television network. She was always known for being up for a laugh. As part of the show, she was chosen to take part in a game. The game was shooting basketballs into a hoop. The prospects did not seem very positive for her, as she was in a dress and was not athletic at all. She had to get five baskets in one minute. She tried very hard and much to everyone’s surprise, she actually managed to sink the fifth basket at the last second. She pumped her fist and said,” Yes.” The host came up to her.

“Katy Perry, you did so good. You won. Congratulations.” “Thank you,” she replied.” “Now, you have a decision to make. You can take home a lovely prize or if you want we can mess you. What do you think?” Katy put her finger to her chin and acted as though she was considering it. “Well, I gotta tell ya, I think I am going to go with the mess,” she said. “The mess, seriously?” “Yeah I love it,” she laughed, “Bring it on. Let’s get messy,” she said. “Are you being serious?,” they asked her. “Yeah of course. Let me have it. I am so up for it.””Ok then, as you wish,” the host said. The host was a little surprised by her enthusiasm.

Katy was lead over to a special chair. It looked a little like the pie pod. Katy climbed in and took her seat. She smiled and waived as everyone cheered. She got herself ready. Excited to see what was going to happen to her. Everyone began to chant. It was Katy leading the chant. “Slime me. Slime me,” she chanted. She moved her hands around mimicking raising the roof and pumping her fist. She was treating this like it was a party and loving it. She smiled and looked forward. The host gave a signal. “Here we go,” they said.

With a boing noise, a pie flew through the air and smashed into Katy’s face. Then in rampant succession three more pies flew at her, smashing on each side and the front of her face. She laughed loudly as the pies smashed into her. Three more then smashed into her body. Her breasts taking the lion’s share of the impact. She was soon covered in creamy pie from almost head to toe.

Then from all directions, what appeared to be silly string type material began to be sprayed all over Katy. She moved her hands as it squirted all over her, spraying her from head to toe in blue and pink mushy string. Then a trough of pink gunge fell over from above her, dumping its contents all over Katy’s head. It poured down over the front of her body.

They a wind seemed to blow and a blast of messy foam blew into Katy from her front, blasting her in the face. It was as if a fire extinguisher had been let off in her face. Next eggs flew at her. What seemed like three dozen eggs flew through the air in quick succession hitting Katy with some force and exploding on impact all over her.

Next jets of green gunge emerged and began firing at Katy from her waste up, squirting in her face and all over the front of her body. She was laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath. Then rainbow gunge fell from above. It was all the colours of the rainbow. Katy laughed and splashed and frolicked as she felt the cold messy gunge pour all over her body.

Katy could not deny, at this point, that the whole thing was getting her massively turned on. She was getting an irresistible urge to put her hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet at this point. She was dying to play with herself. She was getting incredibly turned on. She loved the way that the mess felt on her clothes and body. She began to rub the mess on her body and do mock model poses.

Next some heavy cream cakes came her. They were pushed into her face and body. One went straight into her crotch. She took the opportunity to push the cake against herself, opening her legs slightly. She danced and shook her backside as she massaged the thick cream cake in between her legs. Luckily because of everything that was happening, it was not obvious what she was doing.

Next manure fell down all over Katy. She laughed and looked up. She opened her mouth and allowed the manure to pour down over her face. It was thick brown mess. It stuck to the mess that was already all over Katy. When it stopped , she looked forward. Her entire face was covered in manure. She rubbed her face with her hands. Manure fell from her mouth. She held her arms up in the air.

Next pig slop was flung at her from buckets from all directions. It hit her and flew in all directions, splattering everything in its path. It was thick yellow slop. Katy laughed and squirmed as it came her way. Finally, feathers and glitter fell down on her as a finishing touch. She opened her arms and embraced it as it fell all over her, sticking all over her body as it fell along. When it was all over danced and posed in the mess. She rubbed her hands all over her body sensually. She made faces and blew kisses. She laughed and cheered. She was having the time of her life.

She quickly went backstage afterwards. She did not clean herself off straight away. Instead, she peeled her dress off and grabbed her rampant rabbit. She spent ages playing with herself. She got the vibrator messy and sucked it clean as well, pretending she was sucking on a messy penis. She built herself to an incredible orgasm like she had never experienced before. Katy was a very kinky person. She decided that she was going to have to get messy more often.

Fearne Cotton fire extinguisher Celebrity Juice

Fearne Cotton got blasted with a fire extinguisher on Celebrity Juice. The results were good, but I don't get why they just didn't pour gunge or food over her.Oh well.I especially like the look that she gives and the motion she does with her tongue.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dutch woman gunged

This is a clip from a Dutch tv show. This lady gets covered in beans. Her reaction is excellent for sure.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

october 2013 Lois and teacher Stwnsh

Lois got gunged this time, finally and it was good. Although there was no real after shot. She seemed to take it quite well and it looked good. There are a few shots of the female teacher getting it as well. I haven't loaded many pics from the last few weeks because the messings were either not the best or had bad angles or no after shots, so there was not much to capture.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sue Spark Waterloo Road

Sue Spark Waterloo Road

Sue Spark began teaching at Waterloo Road. She was newly qualified and was not very well respected by the students. She was very nervous and shaky. When she saw Nikki Boston get trashed in front of the entire school, she was very thankful that it was not her. Much to her chagrin, the messing was so popular that the school decided to do it again. She knew she was not very popular and was hoping that she would not be the unlucky one this time. Seeing Miss Boston get covered in mess by the students did not make her want to experience the same herself. Getting humiliated in front of the entire school, definitely was not something that she would want to experience. She was hoping that it would be one of the male teachers getting it this time. She had to admit, she was very nervous this time. With Nikki out of the running, she could be next. She wore a blue dress.

The assembly opened as usual. The whole school was abuzz over who it would be. There were pictures of what happened to Miss Boston everywhere. The teachers were all nervous. They knew that the vote would be very close and someone would be getting it. No one could really focus on the rest of the assembly because of anticipation. Finally it came to time to announce who the unlucky teacher would be. The head teacher began to speak. “Now it is time for the moment we have all been waiting for. Let’s see what teacher is going to end up facing the gunge this time,” they said. Everyone cheered and clapped. “One teacher will be facing the ultimate humiliation in front of the whole school, but who will it be. They all look nervous,” the head teacher said. “Shall we put them out of their misery?,” they asked. The students cheered. Sue closed her eyes and looked down, burying her face in her hands. “Ok, then here we go.  The teacher receiving the most votes and who will be getting the mess today is going to be..,” they paused. “Sorry, it is going to be Sue Spark.” Everyone cheered. Sue’s face was a picture. Her mouth fell wide open and her eyes widened. She looked totally shocked and overwhelmed.

Before she could react, she was taken by the arm and lead over to the giant ice cream cone shaped stocks. She looked as though she was about to tear up. She slowly bent over, arching her back. Her large backside was thrust into the air. She reluctantly stuck her head through the hole, looking out on the students, pointing and laughing at her. The mocked her as she was put into place. Students began to queue up for the opportunity to fling gunge at Miss Spark. She bit her lip as she tried to ready herself for this. The cut out was not really made for someone of her shape. Her big sexy body was slightly too big for it. From behind, people got a great view of her ass and legs. Meanwhile, the first plate of red gunge was loaded onto the catapult by the first student.  She shook her head. “Um, please, no. Don’t do this. You can’t. Don’t do this to me,” she frantically begged. The first student shrugged their shoulders and sarcastically said,” Sorry Miss.” Every muscle in her body tensed up. She clenched her butt cheeks as she awaited the mess that was about to hit her.

He slammed his hand down on the catapult and with a boing the gunge plate flew through the air and landed straight in Sue’s face. Everyone roared their approval. Her face instantly was covered in thick red gunge. The gunge splattered across her face and hair. She felt instant humiliation. She was blushing. Everyone laughed as they watched the gunge roll down her face. She blinked her eyes as the red mess dripped down her face. “It matches your hair. Red is your colour. It really suits you,” the student said mockingly.  Before she knew it, another gunge plate was loaded in place. This one was filled with yellow gunge.

Another student came forward. It was their turn to let Sue have it. Sue took another breath as they pushed down and the gunge was sent flying into her face. The cheers were deafening as the plate smashed into Sue Spark’s face. The yellow mess dripped down her face, mixing with the red making a sort of orange colour all over Sue’s face. It matched her ginger hair quite well. She knew everyone would be taking pictures of this. She could not believe how much everyone was enjoying her humiliation. There was nothing she could do.

Another gunge plate was loaded by another student. The student pushed it down, but this time the plate did not hit Sue fully in her face. It drifted to the left. It fell to the floor. The student then picked it up and pushed it into their teacher’s face. They rubbed it around, twisting it in her face. She could only close her eyes and take it. “This is so embarrassing,” she thought to herself. The student took great pleasure in heaping the humiliation onto her. They finally let the plate drop, revealing the mess smushed all over her face. She gasped for breath and twisted her neck, gunge plopped down her face.

Another yellow plate was now loaded into place for her. She bent her hand around and tried to clear some of the gunge from her fringe. This one flung high in the air and landed awkwardly on the top of her head. It looked like some kind of strange hat. It stuck in place and allowed the yellow gunge to pour from it all over her hair, fringe and down the back of her neck. The other teachers clapped and laughed. They thought that this was hilarious. Her lip quivered and she pouted a bit.

Just as she did this another plate of gunge flew into her face with a pow. She could now feel gunge oozing down her neck and body as well. She squirmed and pouted in the gunge. There was no need to announce what was going to happen next. Everyone knew from what had happened to Miss Boston previously. A massive garbage can filled with the leftovers from the week’s school lunches was brought in by some of the students. “Time for some lunch,” the head teacher said. Sue knew what was coming. She was about to get covered with an avalanche of foul smelling leftovers. She clenched her butt cheeks. Every muscle in her body tensed up.

The trash can was lifted and the students began to pour.  Parts of the food appeared partially rotted and congealed.  Other parts were identifiable. There were crusts of sandwiches, bits of lunch meat, beef, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, beans, gravy, pasta, tuna fish, vegetables and more all mixed together in one disgusting conglomerated mess. Initially, it landed on her back. The mess rolled down her body. They aimed more at her backside and her legs. She could feel the food all over her behind and inside of her dress. More rolled down the backs of her legs. She wiggled her legs back and forth. She could now smell the mess that was being dumped on her. It was nauseating. Sue gagged. They now began pouring more onto her head. Everyone laughed at her as they watched the leftovers pour over her face and hair. Bits of macaroni, vegetables and other assorted foods stuck to her face. Strands of spaghetti dangled from her nose and chin. She could feel the weight of the mess weighing down her dress. She was getting no support from her colleagues either. They seemed to feel that the whole thing was hilarious.

When the garbage can was empty, she was allowed to stand up out of the stocks. She was covered irregularly from head to toe in mess. She had to hold her dress up, as it was coming down at the back from the weight of the mess that covered it. “Well, what a good sport. Let’s give her a round of applause,” the head teacher said. Sue saw no humour in what had happened. Her students teased her anyway. This was going to make things even worse. She stomped off stage and went to the teacher’s lounge and sulked. Photos of the day would appear alongside ones of Nikki Boston for months to come. The only thing that she could take solace in was the fact that her dress didn’t fall off. She was very close to being on stage in only her underwear and that would not have been good for her teaching future.

There was no way that she would ever live that day down.  Mind you, she had much worse things to deal with in her time than this, but it was a day that no one would soon forget.

Friday, 11 October 2013

BT flatmates Anna

BT flatmates Anna

Anna had been living in the flat for a number of months with her two flatmates. Both were male. They had become good friends, although Anna still enjoyed teasing them whenever she got the chance. The two guys discovered that there was a special night planned at one of the local bars where people their age hung out. There was going to be a night of messy games. There would be challenges where people would be able to challenge one another and people would end up messy. Both of the guys decided that challenging their flat mate was good idea. They also spoke to the people running it beforehand. They arranged to know the answers before the game even started, so Anna would not be able to win. Little did Anna know that she had no chance to win. Anna really did deserve what she was going to get. She could be a moody opinionated cow when she chose to be. A lot of people quite fancied Anna as well and she had knocked quite a few guys back. There were lots of people who really would have liked to see her getting messed up.

Anna was up for a laugh, but she didn’t really realize what was being planned for her. She did not really realize that anything special was happening until she saw a poster on her way there on the outside of the pub. She still had no clue that she would be one of the main recipients. She wore her brown and beige floral print dress and black tights. She went to the pub and had a few drinks with guys. She began to show some of the signs of the alcohol and was in a jovial mood. Then the pub landlord got up and said that the messy games were about o begin. Anna and her two roommates were called up on stage. “Us?,” Anna said with surprise, but got up and walked to the centre of the pub. The two guys followed. It was explained how the game would work. “It is a simple quiz. We will ask a number of questions. When you know the answer raise your hand. If you get the question right , you get a point. If you get it wrong, your flatmate gets the point. First to three points wins. The loser will be facing the consequences and it will get messy tonight folks,” the pub owner explained. Everyone cheered and whistled. “That’s ok,” Anna said with a  dismissive look on her face,” I am ten times smarter then these two jokers. I will easily win and they will be getting messy.” In a way, it was just the reaction they were hoping for. She was not backing down or trying to get out of it.

The game began and the questions came. Anna was allowed to answer the first question. She got it correct. It was intentionally a question that she would know the answer to. This was done in order to make it so she could not accuse the contest of being rigged. Unfortunately for her, the guys answered the next two questions correctly. She was shocked that they knew the answers because the questions were quite difficult. She knew now that she had to get the rest of the answers or she was sunk. When the next question was asked Anna immediately emerged with a perplexed, wtf look on her face. She had no clue of the answer. Her mouth fell open when the boys raised their hands and answered the question correctly. She held her hands in front of her in disbelief when they answered the question correctly. The pub cheered. The boys had won the game. Anna reached over and shook their hands politely.

“Ok, so we have our winners and we have a loser,” the pub owner said. “Anna failed to win and now she has to pay the consequences.” “Consequences, I don’t remember any consequences being mentioned,” Anna joked, trying to worm her way out of it. “Now Anna, you knew this was messy night and it is about to get very messy for yourself,” he said. Anna rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

At that point, a pillory was wheeled out to the delight of the crowd in the pub. Most of them were friends and acquaintances of the flatmates, around the same age. Everyone cheered. Anna’s eyes widened. “Oh my god,” she thought,” I can’t believe this.” Before she knew it, the boys were raising the top of the pillory and she was asked to get in. She arranged her long soft brown hair and leaned over, placing her neck in place in the pillory and then placing her hands in the smaller holes on either side. She faced forward, hunching her back as the boys lowered the top of the pillory and bolted it snugly shut. Anna looked down and then looked up at the faces of everyone in the pub enjoying what they were seeing. Anna wiggled her face and exhaled, blowing some of her hair from her face. What was happening now dawned on her. She was locked in a pillory and her flatmates were about to mess her up big time in front of everyone. This had the potential to get very embarrassing for her. Now a catering table was brought out filled with containers. It was on the other side of the bar where she could not see what was there, but she knew that it would not be pleasant for her.

The guys were now having a look and choosing what to use on their flatmate first. Anna made a big gulp, all she could do now was await her fate. She began to squirm as the boys began approaching her. They smiled as she screwed up her face. She looked up helplessly, silently pleading with them not to do this. They each carried a container in one hand as they approached. They each carried what appeared to be a pie in their hands. Lucy gritted her teeth as she saw the pies come closer and closer. She pulled her face back in a pained expression. The pies were very sloppy looking. They were coloured orange and yellow. “Oh God, please guys no,” Anna pleaded. The two guys smiled and smirked as they inched closer with the pies, displaying them where she could get a good look. She moved and strained the muscles in her face making for a comical expression that was captured on camera. At the same time, both guys raised their pies, holding them vertically in front of Anna’s face. She screwed up her face as the boys pushed the pies into her face. They landed with a splat. She closed her eyes as the pies made direct contact with her face. They held the pies in place for what seemed like minutes. There was no escape for Anna. She closed her eyes and held her breath as the pies smushed against her face. They slapped hands as they withdrew the pies from their housemate’s face. Anna’s face was revealed, covered in layers of thick orange and yellow cream. Some fell away around the edges but lots of it stuck to her face and hair. Everyone gave a round of applause. There was very little Anna could do to even remove any of the pie.

The guys now went over and grabbed two more containers of mess for Anna. The smaller one garabbed a container of macaroni salad, the larger grabbed a container of tuna casserole. Each was in its own plastic container. They each walked over to Anna and stood on either side of her. They held the containers up over her and then began to dump on her. The disgusting substances rained down onto Anna. They poured initially onto her head. Bits of tuna and macaroni dangling from her hair. They then poured more onto her back and down the length of her body. The food rolled down her body in all directions leaving trails of vile mess as it went along all over her clothes. It smelled awful as well. The stink seeping into her clothing. The boys enjoying directing the mess all over their flatmate. Bits of orange and grey coloured tuna salad stuck to Anna’s face and body. She coughed and gagged from the putrid fishy smell of it.

The guys then took bottles of ketchup and mustard and began to spray Anna with them. The smaller one sprayed them into her face and over her head. The larger one sprayed them all over her body, soaking her dress with red and yellow condiments. They then emptied jars of different kinds of relish onto her. It fell from her face and the tips of her hair. Some of the relish was dumped on the top of her tights and over her backside and down the backs of her legs. The smaller one then took a strawberry cheesecake. The larger one pulled open the back of Anna’s tights as the other pushed the cheesecake down into them. Anna pushed her head out forward as she felt it inside of her tights and underwear. They then let go allowing her tights to rebound. They then pushed their hands onto her backside, massaging the cheesecake against her backside. She could feel it against her rear end and between her legs in various cracks and crevices.

The guys then  grabbed two large catering trays, one had a shepherd’s pie in it, the other was filled with lasagne. Anna was about to get served. Anna looked up as her flatmates tipped the serving trays out over her. In an instant she was covered in a mountain of gravy, meat, noodles, sauce, cheese and vegetables. Her legs quaked as she felt the weight of the food all over her body. The guys took their hands and smeared handfuls of shepherd’s pie in her face and on her backside. Her head shook as they plastered her face in mashed potato and meat. They also placed a handful of lasagne down her tights. What was still visible of Anna’s face was bent into hilarious expressions throughout the process. She looked incredibly comical to everyone who was watching.

Finally the guys took an enormous pot of cream of mushroom soup and poured it all over her. She was soon drenched in the thick white and grey creamy mess. They poured it together all over their housemate. They then took a bow as everyone applauded. Anna was soaked in the soup now. The guys helped to let her out. She took a deep breath and wiped some of the mess away. She posed for some pictures making hand gestures and funny faces. The pub owner asked if she had anything she would like to say. “Yeah,” she responded,” You guys are doing my laundry for a month to make up for this. She was a better sport than anyone thought that she would be about this. She stayed for the rest of the evening, still disheveled and half covered in mess and had a few drinks with her friends.

The whole thing was soon turned into  an advert because the whole thing was passed around through the telephone and internet and the pictures were on social media. Sending pictures of Anna getting messy was made much easier with high speed internet connection.