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Hollyoaks, Maddie, Ruby and Sinead payback time

This story is based on a real episode of Hollyoaks. It is how I would like to have seen it happen rather than how it really did. In the episode the clothes were stolen, but the girls had to wear clothes from the charity bin. This didn’t seem like a good punishment because Esther was seen in her underwear. They at least could have had to come out in their towels or underwear. Wearing old unfashionable clothes is not really that embarrassing at all I wouldn’t have thought.

Hollyoaks, Maddie, Ruby and Sinead payback time

Maddie, Sinead and Ruby were feeling pretty happy with themselves after humiliating Esther the way that they had in front of the entire school. They laughed and joked about what they had done after their aerobics class. When the class was over they all popped into their own separate shower stalls in the school shower room. The congratulated themselves as they showered, making joked about the fact that everyone had seen Esther in her underwear. Little did these bullies know that they were about to get a taste of their own medicine, and they were not going to like it one bit.

Because of their arrogance and cruelty, they were too busy enjoying the humiliation of poor Esther to realize that someone was sneaking into the room and one by one taking their towels. Also the noise of their showers and the steam from them covered any noise and visual clues that they would have had. They were so self involved that they were almost oblivious to what was going on around them anyway. The ladies were having a right old laugh, never knowing that someone was in the room removing their towels as they showered.

Finally they were done cleaning themselves. Sinead reached for her towel only to find that there was nothing there. She then moved her hands around the top of the shower, desperately groping, trying to grab her towel, but finding nothing was there. She began to get nervous. She bent over looking to see if her towel had fallen on the floor. She now began to panic. In the meantime Ruby reached for her towel, only to find thin air. “Where the hell is my towel?,” Sinead shouted. “Mine’s gone too!,” Ruby screamed. Their eyes widened. Maddie was now finding that her towel was gone too. “What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of joke,” she shouted. “What the hell are we going to do now?,” Sinead said. They looked at each other from their stalls. They all realized at the same moment that they were only going to have one option. They would have to cover up and make their way to the changing room the way that they were. There was no other choice. They just had to pray that their clothes had not suffered the same fait as their towels or they would be in serious trouble.

They each leaned over and tried their best to cover their modesty with their hands. They slowly creeped from the showers and tiptoed their way to the dressing room. This wasn’t that embarrassing because the girls always got changed in there and there was a fair bit of nudity. Still, they did not want anyone to be there at this time to see them. Maddie quietly slid the door open and poked her head around it to see if there was anyone else around. To their relief, the room was empty. “It’s ok,” she whispered. “No one’s there.” She opened the door and tiptoed through, the two other ladies followed behind. They then quickly walked over to the place where they had left their clothes.

Maddie, Ruby and Sinead ran over to see if their clothes were where they had left them. When they got there, much to their obvious chagrin, they found that their clothes were no longer there where they had left them. “Our clothes, they are not here,” Maddie shouted. “What he hell are we going to do?,” Sinead shouted. “Is there anything around we can wear,” Ruby asked. They looked around but could see nothing. There was nothing to even cover up with. Even the charity clothes were gone. Now they knew that they were in deep trouble. They could not stay in there forever. Eventually, they would have to leave the room. “Who the hell did this,” Maddie shouted. “What are we going to do?” Ruby panicked. “We can’t go out like this. Where are our clothes?,” Sinead said. “I bet that little witch stole them. Trying to get revenge. That cow. She will pay for this,” Maddie shouted. “Nevermind her for now, we have more pressing issues to worry about, don’t you think,” Sinead said.

The girls knew that there could only be one outcome. They had no choice but to leave the changing room as they were and pray that there wasn’t anyone around to see. It was broad daylight though. They would be careful, but they had no choice. They slowly peeped their heads around the corner. Maddie slowly plucked up her courage and pushed the door open. “We can’t do this. They will see me arse,” Sinead said. “I don’t like it either,” said Maddie,” But what other choice do we have?” They all reluctantly agreed. There was no other way out of this. Maddie peeped her head around the corner. The coast appeared to be clear. She motioned to the others and they began their walk of shame.

They crept out the door, Maddie first, followed by Ruby and then Sinead. They did their best to keep their knees together. They held their hands across their breasts and across their vaginas. Their asses were left uncovered, although they tried to keep close together to cover these. Sinead bringing up the rear. They kept as silent as they could as they made their way outside into the bright mid afternoon sunshine. They desperately clutched their naughty bits as they penguin walked across the open area. There were no cars or trees or anything to hide behind in this area. All they could do was walk as quickly but as quietly as they possibly could. They had been fortunate so far, no one was around in this area to see their shame. However, they would have to turn the corner in a minute. They did not bother to take it slow this time, they just wanted to get where they were going to get something to cover themselves up with.

Unfortunately, when they rounded the corner, they discovered half of their classmates gathered in a round semi circle blocking their path. Instantly they were at the centre. Everyone cheered. The ladies tried as they could to cover themselves. Their mouths fell open. A wave of shock and embarrassment fell over them. Where they had been walking at a good pace and stopped suddenly, they fell into one another, they’re hands falling from their positions. They nearly fell over. The three naked women tried their very best to cover themselves. The girls looked at one another angrily. “What’s the matter guys. It’s only a joke. No one will remember in a few days,” Pheobe said, mocking Maddie especially. “You bitch,” Maddie shouted. “Youtube, here you come,” Esther said. “I think I have a new screensaver,” someone said. “You can all go to hell,” Maddie screamed,” This isn’t funny. Everyone had cameras as they had done earlier for Esther’s embarrassment. “Nice ass,” someone shouted. “Shut up,” Maddie screamed. Sinead and Ruby were getting pretty annoyed with Maddie by this point. She was the ringleader. All of this was her idea. They just went along with things and now they were all paying a heavy price for their actions.

“You deserve this,” Pheobe said,” This is payback for everything that you have done. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. This is what we think of bullies.” Maddie shook her head in anger. She was fuming. The others were just blushing bright red with embarrassment. “I suppose you guys want something to cover up with huh?,” Pheobe said. “Yes, that would be nice,” Maddie said angrily. “Should we let them have it, guys?,” Pehobe asked. “Yes let us have it,” Maddie said. “What was that, I didn’t quite hear that. You will have to speak up,” Pheobe teased. “I said let us have it,” Maddie shouted. “Ok then, whatever you say,” Pheobe said.

At Pheobe’s command, all of the students pulled their hands forward revealing rotten fruit and vegetables. In an instant they all began to fire away at the three naked ladies in the centre of them. The rotten produce flew from the air at all angles in the direction of the naked women. Most of it hit its mark, bouncing off the girl’s bodies. The three screamed and shrieked. When the produce hit them it caused them to raise their hand, revealing all. They used their hands to cover their faces, thus leaving their private parts totally exposed for viewing. They covered their faced and cowered as they were bombarded with rotten fruit and vegetables. They fell all over each other as they were peppered with the produce. In an instant they were covered with an array of pulp, seeds, leaves and crushed fleshy veg. Ruby’s frizzy hair was matted with the stuff. They tried to wipe some of the stuff off themselves, but by that time Pheobe and Esther were already armed with buckets.

The two swung the buckets in the direction of the three bullies. The buckets were filled with bright blue and red gunge. They swung the buckets at the ladies, sending the gunge flying through the air and splashing all over the three in every direction. They screamed as the three of them were instantly dripping in red and blue gunge. The cuddled together and fell over one another as the gunge splashed all over them. The gunge dripped down their naked bodies. Their mouths wide open in shock and anger. All of their classmates laughed and applauded. Everyone was happy to see the three bitches getting what was coming to them. Everyone felt that they deserved this. Some of the guys wolf whistled at them. “Looking good, Maddie,” someone screamed. Ruby and Sinead whimpered like puppy dogs. They wiggled their hands and looked at each other in utter disbelief at what was occurring.

Finally, Pheobe and Esther grabbed two last buckets. These were filled with food waste from the school canteen. The buckets were larger than the last two were. They were filled with plate scrapings from the school lunch over the past couple of days. “Bon appetite,” Pheobe said mockingly. They walked over to the ladies and slowly tipped the buckets over all three of them in unison. The girls seemed to be frozen to the spot in shock. Esther and Pheobe slowly poured the revolting contents of the buckets over the girls as everyone laughed uproariously. The leftover food poured down on them. The leftovers looked like slop. It had bits of every type of food mixed together in one disgusting conglomeration. It was now all over the heads of Maddie, Ruby and Sinead. Sweet corn, tuna fish, macaroni, sauce, cauliflower, cheese, mash and beans were just some of the many disgusting delights that fell onto the three pompous young women.

Suddenly something awoken in Maddie. She grabbed the others by the arms and pulled them with her and she stomped off. “Out of the way,” she screamed. She pushed her way forward and the crowd parted letting them through. They heard everyone clapping and cheering as they marched away in disgust.

The footage and pictures were spread quickly all over the school and all over the internet just as the ones of Esther were. Maddie was very angry with Pheobe and Esther. Sinead and Ruby were also angry with Maddie. She was the ringleader and the reason that they had been put in the position that they were. They blamed her for what had happened. It did make them think more about their actions and the consequences of what they had done. They learned to consider the feelings of others and were more reluctant to go along with the crowd now.

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Recent Stwnsh before and after

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 15

This week's Stwnsh ar y ffordd ended up being a really good one I thought. The reactions were really good. The game was very close. It all came down to the wire. Once the teacher was in the icecream she looked much better than she did earlier in the show, at least I thought so. Seeing her get it in front of everyone was quite good, I thought anyway.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Jennifer Capriati goes Italian

****Warning, this story contains sexually explicit content*****

Jennifer Capriati goes Italian

Jennifer Capriati was a very good tennis player who also had her issues off the court. In her private life, she could be very wild. In the bedroom she could be downright kinky. She could be very naught indeed.

The below story is fiction. It is just a fantasy. It has never happened, but it is something that could happen, in theory.

Jen and I were not so much a couple as two people who were obsessed with each other sexually. We would see each other and rip one another’s clothes off and then enjoy each other’s bodies for hours and hours on end. She had few inhibitions in the bedroom. She always was up for the kinkiest of fantasies in between the sheets. Both being of Italian American decent, Italian food was always around. One day we were having dinner when our imaginations got the better of us.

We were eating dinner and flirting. Jen then took her hand and placed it in her spaghetti. She then stood up and draped it across her thigh. She motioned to me with her finger to come forward. I walked over and dropped to my knees. I ran my tongue up her knee and then up her thigh, licking the spaghetti up from her leg. Eating off of her leg. She leaned back and closed her eyes. She then took two more handfuls of spaghetti and rubbed them all over her breasts. I took my hands and helped her massage the spaghetti into her breasts. We then, together lowered her dress to the ground. She had nothing on underneath. We then took the plate of spaghetti and held it over her body. The spaghetti slithered out onto her stomach and crotch. It oozed down her body. She took her messy hand and grabbed more spaghetti. She shoved her hand between her legs and rubbed her vagina up and down. She inserted two fingers, fingering her pussy in the spaghetti. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She moaned. I took both of my hands and picked up my spaghetti. I plopped it down onto Jen’s thighs and calves, drenching her legs in the spaghetti. She wiggled her legs and began thrusting her hips.

I lifted her up onto the table. She sat her butt on the table. She opened her legs wide, her hand firmly between her legs. She stuck her tongue in my ear and kissed me. Her vagina was already dripping wet. It was leaving a patch on the white lacy table cloth already. I leaned over her and grabbed to bowl of salad. I took my fingers and slowly sprinkled it over Jen’s already messy naked body. The salad fell onto her body and stuck where it had landed in place. I took both my hands and massaged it everywhere, all over her sexy body. She lay backwards on her back on the table. Her legs spread. Her knees were bent.

I then grabbed the bowl that was filled with fettuccini alfredo. I reached over and picked the bowl up. I then tipped it over Jennifer’s head. The white sauce and thick spaghetti fell down over her hair and face. She smiled and rubbed herself. It hung from her hair and face. I wrapped my arms around her and we fell over on the table, making out. Food fell over everywhere, mainly onto Jennifer. She gripped the table cloth. I ran my fingers over her sexy body. She was an athlete, but her body was sensual and sexual more than hard and muscular. Her nipples were already hard and her pussy was already soaking wet. Her already dirty body rolled in the food. The table cloth coming up, wrapping around us.

I then grabbed some baked ziti. It was filled with cheese and sauce. I motioned for Jen. She bent over and got down on all fours. I took the dish of baked ziti and poured it down over Jennifer’s back and down her ass. The cheese, sauce and pasts tubes looked interesting falling all over Jen’s naked backside. They ran down her ass, over her crack and down the backs of her thighs. She leaned back forward displaying her rear end even more. The gloppy feeling of the baked ziti all over her nether regions was one that Jennifer would never forget. She was already moaning and screeching in ecstasy. She already looked like a human Pizza Hut buffet. “This is so fucking hot,” she said, biting her lip in pleasure. “Fuck yeah,” she said.

We then walked to the bathroom. Jennifer climbed into the bathtub. She laid down, opening her legs slightly. I went to the kitchen and returned with some large trays of lasagne. I brought them into the bathroom. I was about to make a human lasagne. The main ingredient being Jennifer’s naked body. I brought the first tray of lasagne over to the bathtub. I lifted the tray and then dumped the entire lasagne down into the tub, over, under and all around Jennifer. She let out a whoop as the lasagne plopped onto her. I then took the next tray and dumped it farther up in the tub onto her. Mountains of pasta sheets, cheese, mince and sauce began to pile up in the tub all over Jennifer. She fondled her legs, breasts and vagina with her messy fingers. I brought in two more trays of lasagne now. I dumped them both in one quick scoop straight down onto Jennifer. I continued to fill the tub with the lasagne. Jennifer was now almost up to her neck in the mess. I then took a plastic container of riccotta cheese and emptied it onto Jennifer’s stomach and breasts. Jennifer wiggled her legs in the tub, letting the lasagne get everywhere. It was all over her backside and beneath her legs. Sauce was everywhere. The whole bathroom stunk of the lasagne.

I then also grabbed some eggplant parmesan. It was filled with disgusting black eggplant as well as spinach. I dumped the rancid looking dish down over Jennifer’s face and down her neck. Huge pieces of sloppy eggplant fell down her face and all over body. There was also loads of spinach in the dish. The sloppy mess was purple, black and green. It was disgusting, but was perfect for Jennifer. I used my hand and rubbed eggplant in hr face and on her hair. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I then stood and looked back at the human lasagne I had just created. Jennifer took her hands and scooped some of the Italian mess out and onto her body. She let it drop over her face and breasts. Her whole body was covered in the food. She then leaned back and reclined with her arms behind her head. She pretended that she was having a relaxing bath. She slimed and laughed. I leaned over and we kissed passionately.

She then grabbed my trousers by the waist and pulled me over. She undid my zipper and pulled open the front of my boxer shorts. She pulled out my penis. It was already hard and pulsating. The feel of the messy touch of her hands stimulated it even more. I then grabbed a can of spaghetti hoops. Jen gripped and stroked my penis with her hand and then pushed my head into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my penis. As she did this I began to pour the spaghetti hoops down onto her face and all over my penis. My penis soon dripped in spaghetti hoops. She gave a devilish grin and then pushed my elongated penis into her mouth. She tasted a combination of penis and spaghetti hoops. She expertly teased my penis. She ran her tongue up and down and then began to suck the spaghetti hoops from my throbbing member. She hungrily gobbled on my penis. She sucked spaghetti hoops off of it. She could hardly get enough of the taste. The way she handled it showed that she was an expert at this. She moved her mouth back and forth, my penis deep in her mouth. She licked and sucked as it grew harder and harder. Soon it was ready to explode. She pulled it out slightly as it was about to orgasm. Suddenly it exploded onto her messy face. Thick white cum spewed forth over her lips and below her nose. Her chin and cheeks dripped in it. Cum stuck to her tongue and teeth.

She then moved her hands back downwards between her legs until she too exploded with orgasm. I then climbed in the tub with her and the real fun began. This would not be the last time that something like this would happen. The word lasagne took on a new meaning between the two of us. It was a perfect mix of two of our favourite things, Italian food and hot sex. It was a perfect combination.

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Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 14

This week's stwnsh ar y ffordd was a really good one. The attractive female teacher's team lost. They lost badly. They did not score any points. then she got nailed in front of everyone. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. She was a very attractive women. See Tellygunge for the full gallery.

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Madison Rayne former partner

Madison Rayne former partner

Madison Rayne was considered to be on the annoying side by the people that she worked with. On an annoying scale of one to ten, she was off the charts. She was vein and conceded. There was also her high pitched screechy scream that she liked to let off. She would always argue with the refs and the other wrestlers. She really knew how to get on people’s nerves. That was part of why she was so good at being a heel. It’s also why her colleagues pushed for a storyline where she would end up getting messy. After asking the creative department about it for months, it was finally going to happen.

It was a pretty standard wrestling storyline. Madison was in a match against her opponent. Her supposed best friend forever, Gail Kim was going to finally turn on her. She was going to interfere in the match and tie Madison up in the ropes. She was then going to get to mess her up and teach her a lesson. Madison was wearing one of her typical outfits. She wore dark blue/black hot pants and tank top with pink trim. Her outfit showed off her small but shapely body. She came out with Gail, smiling and waiving as she entered. The two had been undermining each other for weeks and the jealousy and anger was growing. This would be the big payoff.

The match went a normal for the majority of the match. Finally, Madison was Irish whipped into the ropes. Gail grabbed her boot and pulled her to the ground. Gail smiled and laughed. Madison’s mouth fell open. Her opponent decided to exit and let the two have it out. Gail picked Madison up by her hair and took her to the ropes. She wrapped her arms up in the ropes, leaving her helpless. Madison screamed her trademark scream and kicked her legs. “You bitch, let me out of here,” she screeched at top volume. Gail smiled and slapped Madison across the face. Madison’s sexy legs kicked wildly in the air. Gail pointed her finger in Madison’s face. “I am the champion. I am the best wrestler here, you got that? You got that?,” she shouted again and then slapped her a second time. “Time to get messy you little whore,” she told Madison.

Gail then went outside the ring and slid a couple buckets out from underneath. “What are you doing? You’re not messing me,” she screeched. Gail pushed the buckets onto the ring apron and then slid herself back in the ring. Madison kicked her legs in the air in desperation. She did not like the look of those buckets. They looked filthy. They appeared to have flies circling them as well. She knew that she was about to get trashed. The crowd had was cheering Gail on, although, they did not really like her all that much either. She seemed to take a sadistic joy in what she was doing.

Gail brought out a mop bucket. It was the kind of bucket people used when mopping the floor. It looked disgusting. Several flies circled it. Gail smiled as she carried it over to her former BFF. “Time to get sloppy Madison,” Gail chirped. She raised the bucket in the air in Madison’s direction. She clumsily lifted it and pushed it at Madison. Dark brown sloppy gunge fell out of the bucket onto Madison. It looked like someone had pooped. It fell out on top of Madison’s face. It poured down her front, all over her abs, down her shorts and all over her legs. Madison screamed, getting a mouthful for her trouble. Her dark brown hair dripped with the gunge. It oozed down her muscular body. She struggled and kicked, wiggling around in the slop, Gunge all over her thighs. It dripped from her nose. She shook her head and screamed at the top of her lungs. Gail crossed her arms and shrugged her shoulders. “I think she did a smelly,” she teased, waiving her hand in front of her nose. Enjoying pouring the mess over Madison’s sexy body. “Don’t you look cute,” Gail said.

Gail then picked up the second bucket. It was full of pig slop. She was about to slop Madison Rayne. “Time for some slop, Madison,” Gail taunted her former friend. She took the slop bucket and began to pour the yellow, corn filled slop all over Madison’s legs. She moved it up, pouring more all over Madison’s breasts and stomach. It absolutely stunk. The rest she poured onto Madison’s head. The yellow slop dripped all over Madison’s well toned body. The slop poured down her sexy calves and all over her boots. Madison could feel cold, sloppy pig slop all over her skin. Her outfit exposed a lot of skin. Almost every inch was covered in mess already. She could feel it all over her body. She was caught and could do nothing but wiggle her sexy legs. She tried with all of her strength to free herself, but there was no use, she would have to take her slopping. This was proving a very humbling experience for Madison Rayne. Madison’s legs were spread, giving those on the other side quite a good view of her crotch.

Gail then called referee Earl Hebner over. She handed his a bucket as well. She ordered him to start pouring. Madison had once revealed that she had a crush on the elderly referee. She had kissed him. Gail was now going to make him slime Madison . The bucket was filled with pink gunge. This was going to be a very awkward moment. No one could tell whether he really wanted to do this or not, but he had no choice. Gail was forcing him to do it. Although, he may have secretly been enjoying it, as anyone would. Gail helped him. “Now don’t be shy. You know you want to do this,” she teased Earl. Together they tipped the pink gunge over the sexy Madison. She screamed,” Don’t you dare. How could you do this to me.” The gunge poured out of the bucket onto her body. It rippled over her stomach and on her breasts. They poured it over her head. The gunge covered her facial features. It coated her all over her body. A huge puddles of messiness was forming beneath her. She was totally speechless. They then put the bucket down over Madison’s head. They left it there on her head. She looked ridiculous.

Gail gave Earl a double thumbs up. She dusted her hands together and shrugged her shoulders. She bowed and then walked off. She gave a wave. Of course, Madison could not see anything, as she still had the bucket over her head. Gail then walked off backstage. Earl and some of the other refs freed Madison. She threw the bucket off and fell onto her backside into the messy puddle on the mat. She screamed. “No!!! Look at me!! I’m a mess!!” She slapped her hands on the mat and stomped her feet. She threw a temper tantrum as if she was an infant. She pretended to cry. She whined and moaned. Mess dropping from her face and hair. She was left to wallow in her own mess in the ring. The crowd took loads of pictures. Everyone laughed at her.

Madison did an incredible job of playing her role as the spoiled brat. She played her part to perfection. On this day, she was a laughing stock.