Sunday, 30 April 2017

Brie Larson King Kong Slime Island

Brie Larson King Kong Slime Island

Brie Larson was awarded with the role in King Kong: Skull Island not so much for her acting ability as for her distinctive chest. It really was the breakout star of the film. Her breasts should have each received a pay cheque for the role that they played in the film. They were one of the most dazzling and captivating parts of the film beyond any shadow of a doubt. The majority of the second half of the film saw Brie wearing a white tank top. She did not have a bra on underneath it. 

She looked so good that they decided to add in some extra bonus scenes at the end of the shooting. There were a series of scenes in the film where Brie and her co-stars were hiking through jungle conditions. In these scenes, she got dirtier as they wore on. This was a part of the film anyway. First, she had to wade through a river. This soaked her clothing, up to her shoulder blades. Her tank top became soaked and appeared all but see through. Her nipples were fully visible through the soaked material of the tank top. Next, she had to crawl through mud and dirt. It splattered all over her as she crawled through the jungle and had to hide from monsters on the muddy ground. Soon she was covered in a combination of sweat, mud and dirt all over her body. She looked filthy now. Her hair was dirty as well. 

Now it was time for some extra scenes that would not make it into the movie. The next scene, she was seen looking in one direction and then quickly turning in the other. She wasn’t looking where she was going and, a s a result, fell over and into a gigantic pile of what appeared to be manure. It was thick and gloppy, when she fell into it, her entire body submerged in it, making a shape of her body in the muck. She was completely covered. She ended up face down in the manure. Her entire body was flat in it, laid on her stomach. The mound was enormous. It was about four feet tall. It was meant to look like giant monster manure. The others with her struggled not to laugh, but her male lead co-star, helped her to her feet. They then headed forward.

Next they head through a bit of the forest that was home lots of slimy creatures. The leaves on the trees dripped with a sticky, sloppy viscous green substance. Everyone tiptoed through as not to awaken any slimy monsters. Brie’s character, unfortunately, slipped on some slimy leaves and slid down a small incline. She slid on her behind down a small hill and into a puddle of slimy green mess. She landed with a splash. It was not very deep, but it was slimy enough. She ended up sat up to her waist in thick slimy gunge like liquid. Her hair was soaked in it. She was told that she had better get up as they did not want to disturb whatever creature made this substance. She was covered in it. Her khaki trousers and tank top were completely soaked in the slimy substance. 

In the next scene, she was seen after getting cleaned up slightly, but she was dirty and dishevelled. They now walked into an empty clearing. All was quiet at first, but all of a sudden there were sounds from up above. They started in faint and distant, but began to get closer and louder. Something was approaching from the air. They all tried to run to get somewhere where they were not out in the open. As whatever was approaching got closer, the noises increased. They were unable to get themselves clear. A massive flying creature then flew directly above them at some speed. As it flew by them, another noise was heard from above. As Brie’s character looked up, a large amount of sloppy white mess plopped down directly over her head. The intimation being that she was doused in giant bird mess. She closed her eyes and sighed. She was covered in sloppy white mess. She tried not to scream. 

By this point she was covered completely in various messes from the jungle. The next scene was a night scene. In it, she stripped off and bathed herself with her hands in a warm waterfall. She sensually scrubbed the dirt and mess from her sexy body and washed her hair. All the time, her male counterpart stood by in the distant and watched as the sexy woman scrubbed her sexy bare legs and huge breasts in the warm natural waterfall. It looked natural and right. 

As it turned out for Brie, the entire sequence had been a prank and none of it made the final cut of the film. She did not know whether to be relieved or annoyed. After all, she had gone through all of that for the film and it ended up on the cutting room floor.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

TNA Allie fake

This is a fake of TNA's Allie. She is really cute and sexy for sure.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Helen Glover gets it

Helen Glover gets it

Helen Glover had managed to not be included when many of the team GB women were subject to an epic messing. They all believed that this was totally unfair and thought that she should get it herself. She was engaged to a television nature host called Stave Backshall. He was among those who was most disappointed that she had avoided the mess. She really deserved it. He wanted to see her get embarrassed as much as anyone else. He got together with some of the women from team GB and decided to set up a humiliating messing for his future wife. She was very sexy and had an incredibly athletic body. They set the whole thing up to surprise her. Because it would be just her on the receiving end, it would be much messier for her. She was going to be stripped as well as a part of it. It would be total humiliation for her. 

It happened on a sports network show. The couple was on it talking about sports and their careers. She was very surprised when the subject of the messing of the other women arose. She told everyone that it was hilarious. She loved seeing it and was very glad that she had avoided it. She said that the only thing that would have made it better would have been if she got to do the honours herself. She had made fun of the others quite a bit. She laughed about their embarrassment many times. Most of the other major team GB female stars had gotten a naked messing together. 

“Actually,” her partner chimed in,” me and some of the girls had been talking and well, you missed out on the messiness last time and you seemed to enjoy what happened to them so much, that we thought that you should get your turn, but all by yourself.” She looked at him in shock, incredulous to what he had just said. “Oh no, you can’t mean,” she stuttered. “Oh yes,” the presenter said,” We have all your friends from team GB here as well. All of the girls you were so happy to see humiliated. They are all hear to treat you to experience the very same that they went through.” The other women then all emerged on stage. They smiled and waved at Helen. Helen had a big frown on her face. She was not very happy to see them. That was for sure. 

Helen’s fiancée took her by the arm and stood her up. Helen was in shock. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders. She raised her arms and he lowered her dress to her ankles. She gave a look like someone had just poured cold water down her back as the dress fell to the floor. He then began to unhook her bra from behind. She laughed as he callously unhooked his future wife’s bra and pulled her arms out of it. Her team GB friends were hooting and whistling at her. She tried to cover her breasts in her hands, but he yanked her knickers down at this moment. She reached down to cover her luscious shaved vagina. Helen’s athletic, tanned body was now on show. She bare naked. She was blushing and trying to cover her modesty with her hands. She only had two hands though, so the camera behind got a full on view of her bare behind. She was blushing and sweating. Her teammates pointed and laughed at her.

She was then walked over to another part of the stage. “I think she may try to run away so let’s strap her in to prevent that,” the presenter said. Her future husband took each wrist and ankle and cuffed them into place. Helen was left stood spread eagle, totally naked with her arms and legs stretched and spread apart. She was completely exposed. Her teammates were now going to get to dump mess onto her sexy naked body. It was payback time. 

The other women all started with creamy pies. Each one took a pie in each of their hands. They lined up opposite her and took aim. She shook her head, but they all just laughed at her and told her that she deserved this. They were all in position now. They began to take aim. The presenter then gave them the signal that they could fire at will. Helen closed her eyes as they began to toss pie after pie at her body as hard as they possibly could. One after another, sweet, sloppy cream pies collided with her sexy nude body. She held her breath as she was pelted with pie after pie. She was hit with a barrage of sloppy pies. Everyone laughed as pie after pie exploded against her sexy body. Soon, she was covered from head to toe in creamy pie. Pie splattered all over from all directions. Creamy pie rolled up and down her body. Her face was covered completely in creamy pie. 

The women all then took bottles of various sweet substances and approached Helen. These included honey, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup and squirty cream. They smiled evilly as they approached Helen. She shook her head and begged them off, but they were undeterred. They pounced on her. They began to squeeze and pour the sweet sexy messes all over her body. It all oozed and slid all the way down her sexy, muscular body. It plopped down her breasts, stomach, legs and behind. She was soon, decorated in sloppy topping. They even dumped a full container of sprinkles over her. 

What was to come next would be even more sloppy and unpleasant for Helen. The women then all grabbed containers of much thicker and more disgusting messes. These include rice pudding, custard, tomato sauce and nacho cheese. All together they ran at her and dumped all of this over her in a matter of split seconds. She closed her eyes and grimaced as this thick slop rolled its way down her tanned, toned body. She could feel it everywhere, all over her body. The other women high fived and celebrated what they had just done.

To top things off her, soon to be husband was given a shepherd’s pie that he was allowed to push into her face and dump over her head. He then took handfuls of the sloppy dish and rubbed it all around all over his fiancée’s nude body. His hands squeezed the meaty mess all over her beasts, behind and between her legs. The naked athlete was left there as everyone else laughed and celebrated her humiliation.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Arielle Free pie in the face

This is a short screengrab from Arielle Free getting a pie in the face on Scrambled. She posted it on her Instagram and said it was a life goal.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Alicia Vikander this is what the Oscars need

Alicia Vikander this is what the Oscars need

Alicia Vikander was slowly becoming more well known in Hollywood. She had already won an Academy Award and had dazzled at the Oscar ceremony. She was a very attractive woman. She was quite funny and down to earth in her own way as well. She had a really sexy voice and smile as well. This year, she was presenting an Academy Award. She looked even more attractive than she did the previous year in a very sexy, low cut black dress. She announced the award in a sexy voice that sounded a lot like Pixie Lott. She was pretty adorable all things considered. She sounded really, really sexy when presenting this award. She was very happy to be there and for the success that she was experiencing. She always seemed as though she was holding back laughter every time she spoke. Unfortunately for her, the end of the night was going to turn into the Kid’s Choice Awards for her. At the end of the night, presenters from Nickelodeon were on hand to interview some of the nominees and presenters. 

The presenters asked to speak with Alicia especially. She agreed to speak with them. She was always someone who had a good sense of humour about themselves and their work. The presenter asked the normal questions that were usually asked about how it felt to be nominated, win and present. Alicia ended up responding that she would have preferred to have won a Kid’s Choice Award in some ways. She was joking, of course. She was then asked how the two awards shows differed and what was better and worse. She replied,” Well the thing that is so much better about your show is all of the slime. The Oscars would be better with a lot more slime. Slime all the losers I say. I have always wanted to be slimed. Slime me,” she joked. “Well,” the male presenter said,” It just so happens that we have the means to do that.” Alicia looked shocked but then began to laugh. “You know what? Ok. Why not?,” she said. She was taken by the arm and led out of the banqueting hall to a gunge tank that lay outdoors. She giggled as she ran to the tank. 

The door was shut behind her. It was the sort of tank where the person inside of it had to stand up while they received their slime. Alicia made a funny look as she was shut in. “I’m going to get a slime shower, I take it,” she quipped. She placed her hands on her waist initially. “Go on then, slime me,” she said, gesturing with one of her hands. She rolled her eyes back and made a funny face. She stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth. A signal was given and then the slime began to pour down over her head. She was like a bronze goddess but now getting splattered with green slime. The slime poured down the top of her head and straight down the front of her face. It then began to pour onto her shoulders at the same time her face was getting covered in slime. Her bare shoulders were soon covered in slimy mess. 

As the slime fell over her, something unexpected happened. Her dress had almost no shoulders. There was very little holding this expensive dress up and Alicia also had very little on underneath it as well. When the slime fell onto her, the combination of the force and the weight of the slime caused the dress push downwards. In an instant, it fell straight to the ground. Alicia reacted and tried to grab it, but was a split second too late and the dress fell to the ground. She quickly covered her bare chest, as she had no bra and only a very skimpy thong on underneath the dress. She looked shocked as she struggled at first to pull her dress up, quickly realising that there was no use in trying. The slime poured all over her sleek, perfectly tanned body. There were no tan lines on her anywhere. She laughed and rolled her eyes. Slime covered her face and rolled down her legs. 

She folded her lips over and made faces. Slime covered her tanned body. She shook her head. “See this is what the Oscars needs. If I get nominated next year, you can slime me again. I promise.” Slime ran all over her body. She was dripping in it from head to toe. “You know what? It feels good. I think I will stay like this for the rest of the evening.” She pulled up her dress, walked back to her table and sat down, still covered in slime. She then took a drink of champagne. “This is what the Oscars need,” she said, jokingly.