Monday, 31 August 2015

Paula Lane, Kyley is filthy

Paula Lane, Kyley is filthy

Kyley was the live in girlfriend of Gail’s son, David. Kyley  had not always been the easiest person to live with. She could be annoying for many reasons. She did things that really annoyed Gail. Gail was stuck with her and there was not a lot she could do. Gail got so annoyed with Kyley that she wrote into a Let Her Have It with her plight. She explained all of the things that Kyley did. The show responded saying that they would like to have the two appear so that Gail may get revenge on Kyley for everything. Gail was going to get to humiliate and expose Kyley in front of the whole world. It was going to be amazing for her.

Kyley had no clue it was going to happen. She thought that she was going to be on a gameshow where she would be seen in front of the whole country and might win prizes. She was incredibly excited about being on television. She told everyone that she knew or came in contact with to be sure to watch it. She thought that she was going to be a star. She dressed up for the show as best she could as well. She was a total chav, so dressed accordingly. Gail found all of this hilarious, because Kyley was setting herself up for more embarrassment then she could have ever imagined. She was, unknowingly making it worse for herself.

Kyley and Gail began the show sat in the audience. On Let Her Have It, celebrities were always the ones who ended up getting messy so Kyley did not think that she had anything to worry about. She thought if mess was involved it would probably be administered on a celebrity and not herself. No civilian had ever really gotten messy on the show before. Mr. G. began to speak,” For the next part of the show, we have some special guests in our audience. Can we please have Kyley and Gail from Weatherfield.” Kyley and Gail stood up and walked down the stairs onto the stage. They shook Mr. G.’s hand. “Gail can you introduce yourselves to everyone please?,” Mr. G. asked. “ Hello, I am Gail Platt, I am from Coronation Street in Weatherfield and this is Kyley, my son’s girlfriend.” 

“We hear that you two live together. How is that?” “It’s great,” Kyley said. “Well, Kyley, we have a confession to make, actually, as you know, Gail contacted the show, what you don’t know is why she contacted the show.” The crowd knowingly oohed and awed. Kyley looked a little concerned. She looked up at Gail. “What do you mean?” “Well, Kyley, Gail called us because she has one or two issues. I think we should let her explain.” 

“Well, basically, Kyley is dirty little bitch. She is absolutely filthy. I have to clean up after her all of the time. She leaves dirty dishes everywhere. She leaves her dirty clothes everywhere. She makes a complete mess of the bathroom all of the time. Her personal hygiene is lacking. She has BO and she is constantly letting rip all of the time. She leaves stains in the toilet constantly. I have to wash her clothes all of the time, because she is too lazy to do any of it herself. As a result I have to clean her underwear. The stains on them, they just won’t come out. I spend hours scrubbing the filthy cow’s knickers. She is filthy chav. She just stinks. She is a total skank as well. She can’t seem to keep her legs closed. She also spends ages in the toilet doing God knows what.”

Kyley was blushing. This was so embarrassing, especially because it was all true and she knew it. “Gosh Kyley, what do you have to say to that?,” Mr. G. asked. “It’s not true. She is just trying to embarrass me.” “Oh yeah,” Gail said. She then whipped a pair of Kyley’s panties from her pocket. She turned them inside out displaying them for the world. The stains inside fully visible to the world. Kyley was stunned. The level of embarrassment was through the roof. She could hear everyone in the audience judging her, commenting on what a skank she was, how gross she was. She crossed her arms and shook her head.

“We understand that you have brought a few more items of Kyley’s today Gail,” Mr. G. said. A duffel bag was brought out and given to Gail. Gail fluttered her eyes. Kyley could do nothing but look on helplessly. Gail then began to pull out some of the items from the bag. “Does this look familiar Kyley?,” she asked. She pulled out a large purple vibrator. “Oh dear Kyley. You know this has seen a lot of action,” Gail said. Kyley could not believe that this was happening. “I can’t fucking believe this,” she muttered to herself. “Oh come on Kyley, this thing is very loud. They can hear it down the street when you are using it and it is all the time.” Gail switched it on, because it was a cheap one it vibrated incredibly loud. Kyley blushed. “Oh God,” she muttered. Gail then pulled out other embarrassing personal items that belonged to Kyley including handcuffs, lube, a vibrating ring and a whip. “I spoke with my so. He has never seen any of this stuff before,” Gail said. “That stuff could be anybody’s,” Kyley stuttered, but from the look on her face, it was obvious that the stuff all belonged to her.

“Well Kyley, I think Gail’s case is pretty convincing. Who thinks that Kyley deserves to be punished? Who thinks that Gail should get revenge upon her?,” he asked. The crowd cheered their approval. “Well, since a lot of the issues stem around the bathroom, we thought that the world famous giant flush would be very appropriate. This young lady that makes such a mess in toilet should have to get a taste of her own medicine, taking a seat on our toilet and experiencing a great deal of mess herself. Let’s get Kyley on the throne.” Before she could react, she was lead over to the small toilet of the giant flush. “Sit your ass down on the throne, Kyley,” Gail told her. Kyley could only do as she was instructed. This was about as embarrassing as thing could get.

Gail then took her place at the flusher. She was grinning from ear to ear. “Ok,” Mr. G. said,”  I think everyone can agree that Kyley really deserves this. Gail is going to get to flush the toilet on her son’s girlfriend. Kyley always leaves a mess in the toilet so now she is about to get a taste of her own medicine. Gail is going to get revenge. I bet Gail has wanted to do something like this for a long time. On the count of three, Gail is going to flush that toilet all over Kyley.” Everyone then counted down. “Three……..two…….…one.”

Kyley closed her eyes, She wrapped her arms around herself. Gail laughed as she pulled down on the flusher. The noises of someone going to the toilet began to fill the air, followed by the sounds of a toilet flushing. This lasted for a period of time. Finally, thick brown gunge began to pour down from the larger toilet bowl that lay above Kyley and the smaller toilet. The first bit came in a big brown lump. It fell from above and landed on top of Kyley’s head. It rolled down her face and down her chest, before landing on her lap. Everyone roared in laughter as they watched Kyley getting it. The thick brown gunge then began to pour onto her. It poured down on top of her head, all over her face and down onto her shoulders. She made a frowny face with her lips as the gunge began to cover the top half of her face. She comically struggled as the mess continued pouring all over her. She squirmed on her seat as the mess poured over her front, covering her tank top and her skirt. Soon Kyley was about three quarters covered in thick brown mess. Brown was definitely the colour that suited her the best. “Kyley feels right at home on the John,” someone said. The brown mess continued slopping her face. Her clothes were covered. It was all over her body. The sound effects continued the whole time. Gail playfully kept jamming her hand down on the flusher as if to make it pour more on Kyley. “Go on Gail, flush that toilet on her,” Mr. G. said. Gail giggled and laughed, pointing at Kyley. When the mess stopped, Kyley was left to air herself out, rubbing her arms. A face a brown mess. “You really are a dirty bitch, Kyley,” Gail teased. Kyley tried to dust herself off as best she could, but she was covered in mess all over.

“Gail, usually that would be it, but I think that you have suffered so long with Kyley that you deserve a bit more revenge. What does everyone think?,” Mr G. asked. The audience roared its approval. “We know that Gail tidies up after Kyley and that she can make quite a mess, so we thought that we would teach Kyley a little lesson.” With that, several garbage bags were brought out. “These garbage bags are filled with the real trash from your house. This is the actual waste that Kyley has produced. Now she is going to be taught a little lesson, as she will have to be given it all back.” “Oh come on, this isn’t fair,” Kyley protested, knowingly deep down that she really did deserve this. “Oh by the way, Kyley, will there be anyone watching at home?” Her eyes widened. “Oh shit,” she said,” I told everyone about the show and told them to watch.” ”Well wave into the camera, the world will be watching.” The whole world saw the lump in Kyley’s throat.

Gail was handed the rubbish sacks. “I can honestly say that I am going to enjoy trashing this filthy little chav,” Gail said. She ripped open the first bag all over Kyley. The trash inside was real. It was, genuinely Kyley’s own garbage from the house. The garbage fell from the bag all over her. It was greasy and slimy, filled with garbage water. It stunk as well. Much of the garbage was food waste from Kyley’s leftovers. All sorts of discarded food waste fell onto Kyley. It was clear from what covered her what she had had for dinner for the previous few weeks. There were bits of all sorts of food products, but baked beans in particular seemed to permeate everything. The filthy trash stuck all over the brown gunge that was already covering Kyley from head to toe.

Gail then proceeded to rip open the other two bags, pouring the trash down over her future daughter in law. The third one, she pushed into her face. The bags themselves were torn to shreds and left to lay all over Kyley, joining the piles of mess that covered her. Bits of discarded rubbish covered Kyley from head to toe. It smelled atrocious. The bags had been left outside in hot weather for a few days. They were very disgusting by this point. Kyley gagged. She looked totally grossed out.

“So, Kyley,” Mr. G. teased,” Did you learn your lesson?,” Kyley rolled her eyes. She just looked up at him, not saying anything. “Well there you have,” Mr. G. said,” Gail, how was that for you?” “It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The whole world now knows what a filthy pig Kyley really is. She deserves to be covered in her own filth. She made it and she deserves to wallow in it. No one will be cleaning up her mess today, that is for sure. And a big hello to everyone watching on Coronation Street. I hoped you enjoyed that.”

The show came to a close as Kyley wallowed in the mess that covered her.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fiona Wade a short story

Fiona Wade a short story

Fiona Wade was one of the sexier actresses on Emmerdale. She was slim and olive skinned. She was sexy to the core. Her body was like a work of art in its sexy perfection. She was a prime candidate when ITV2 created a new adult themed celebrity show for Saturday nights. It was similar to Celebrity Juice in many ways. She agreed to appear on the show. She was actually a bit surprised she was chosen, as she was only a minor star.

Fiona wore one of her sexiest tightest dresses on the show, emphasizing her amazing legs and breasts as much as she possibly could. She just oozed sexuality. The show consisted of many segments, most comedic. Many were low brow, sexual or bathroom humour.  There were a few off colour references made to Fiona’s sexuality during the show. There were silly segments where she was enticed to possibly snog one of the other female celebrities. She just laughed it off, although, others would probably have been pretty offended.

Finally, towards the end of the show, the part of the show arrived that was going to lead to mess for someone. Fiona was set up in a gunge tank alongside one of the male celebrities in an adjacent tank. The two were asked questions about Indian culture. In the gunge tanks was piles of chicken tikka masala. Not the very good deep red kind either, the cheap, store bought orange kind. Someone was going to get curried. Fiona did not want it to be her. She looked very embarrassed.

Unfortunately for her, She knew next to nothing about Indian culture and did not manage to get any questions correct. In fact it became hilarious how rubbish she was. As the quiz went on, it became more and more funny. Her answers got more ridiculously wrong as she went. At one point she just said,” You might as well just get it over with and dump that crap on me now.” She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. It was clear that she was going to be the one who would be ending up covered in creamy curry.

When the game was over the host joked with her. “Well,, Fiona, this may shock you, but you lost.” “No, really, I had no idea,” she joked. She laughed, knowing what was coming to her. She took a deep breath. She looked down as she awaited the curry to fall.

“Here we go,” the host said,” Fiona Wade, time to get curried.” He pulled the release cord and released the curry down onto her. A loud, collective audible gasp filled the air as the chicken tikka masala fell from above and landed on the sexy soap actress’ head. She cringed as globs of the sloppy mess slowly plopped onto her head and face. At first, it was slow moving large blobs, before descending into a wave of orange mess. All she could do was shake her head and laugh. She stroked her knees as the mess descended from above. It poured down over her face and then down her shoulders. It soon covered the top of her head and poured down her hair. It was greasy and sloppy at the same time. The audience and other celebrities roared in laughter at what they were witnessing. 

She made a funny face and flicked some of the mess away as the curry continued dumping all over her. The thick orange mess fell all over her. Some landing on her lap and on her breasts. It slathered her hair and face. The male celebrity who was sitting opposite her was loving every second of this, especially.  She wiggled her fingers around. She looked up at him, pointed and told him to shut up. She was really taking this with good humour.

Tikka masala rolled down her face. The meaty bits fell into her lap and between her breasts. The sauce stuck everywhere. She rubbed her arms and laughed. “Well this is embarrassing,” she quipped. She waved and licked her teeth. Sauce slathered her face and hair. She stood up and let the meat fall from her body onto the floor of the tank. She was allowed out of the tank.

The messing was shown in slow motion replay a few times. Fiona was left to get on with the remainder of the show in the state that she was in. She was given only a towel to clean herself up slightly. She acted as though nothing was amiss.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pixie Lott a happy return

Pixie Lott a happy return

Pixie Lott had been on Let Her Have It before. She was one of the more popular guests. Also, she had volunteered to go on the show. She wanted to be on it quite badly. She had wanted to get messy and actually requested to go to the giant flush. She loved the experience. To her, it was one of the hottest moments of her life. She had enjoyed it so much that she contacted the show again, expressing her desire to get messed again. It took a while because the show had many other celebrities to mess as well, but eventually, she got the call that she was waiting for and she was told that she may appear again. She and the show would have to think of an idea to up the ante this time, however. Pixie was up for anything, the messier, the more embarrassing the better. 

Pixie wore a short dress that was red and white. She looked slightly different than she did the last time that she was on the show. She now had short blonde hair opposed to long blonde hair. She looked slightly slimmer and a bit more mature. Which look was sexier was a matter of opinion, because she looked amazing both ways.  It had been awhile since her previous appearance on the show and she had been imagining going back for a very long time. The time had finally arrived.

Mr. G. began the show with a special introduction for her. “Today we welcome back one of our all-time favourite guests her on Let Her Have it. She is the first guest we have ever have to return back to the show. No one has ever appeared on the show twice, so this is a very special occasion. Please give a warm round of applause for the one and only Miss Pixie Lott.” Pixie walked in with a coy, slightly shy, slightly embarrassed smile. She waived as she entered. She walked to Mr. G. and shook his hand. She then gave him a warm hug. He then invited her to join him on the couches. 

“So, Pixie, welcome back. It is so good to see you again,” he said. “Gosh, thanks, I am so happy to be here.” “You just couldn’t stay away could you?,” he joked. “Of course not,” she replied,” I enjoyed the whole experience so much the first time, I just had to come back and do it again. It was amazing. I loved it,” she said. “Can you remind us of what happened on your last visit, in case anyone missed it.” “Well,” she blushed,” I went to the giant flush. The….the big toilet and got flushed upon,” she said giggling like a school girl. “It was so much fun. I loved every minute of it honestly.” “And now you are back for more. You must be a glutton for punishment.” “I must be, but I am ready for it,” she jovially replied. 

“Ok Miss Pixie Lott, we thought, how can we possibly top last time. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you, after all. We think we have come up with something special for you. You will be getting messy, of course, but you will also be getting,” he paused for a moment,” Naked.” Pixie’s mouth fell open. She laughed and blushed. “Naked?, Take my clothes off? For you, Mr. G., anything,” she responded. She wiggled her head and stuck out her tongue. 

She then stood up and unzipped her outfit from behind. She pulled it down her body to her ankles and then lifted her legs, stepping out of it. She then tossed it to the side. It landed on the couch. She was now wearing only lacy pink underwear. She reached back and unhooked her bra She pulled her arms through and removed the bra. She flung it aside too. She then reached down and lowered her knickers. They made their way down her legs, past her knees and down to the ground. She lifted one leg and removed them. She tossed those aside too. She now stood naked on the stage. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “Ta da,” she said,” I hope you enjoy the view,” she told Mr. G.. 

And what a view it was. She was thin but tanned. She was not too toned but quite tight. Her vagina was waxed completely hairless. This enhanced the view of the protruding folds of her pussy lips. She was moist already. Her behind was tight. She had small but perky little breasts. She was gawky and a little awkward, swinging her arms. She was very playful. She displayed a mixture of embarrassment, awkwardness and pleasure. “Do you like my body?,” she teased,” Don’t I look cute?” She made an adorable look, crinkling up her nose. “Sorry Mum and Dad,” she said. She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “I am so ready for that mess now,” she said. “Ok, then, here we go,” Mr. G. said. He led her to the back of the stage where a different sort of seat sat. This seat was a massive chair, similar to the pie wash. It actually was a variation of the concept.

Mr. G. explained that it was like the pie wash, but instead of only containing pie filling, it also released custard, fruit salad, chocolate syrup, strawberry puree, toffee, chocolate mouse and applesauce onto the unlucky person who sat in its seat. It revolved and was scientifically designed to perfectly cover the victim from head to toe in the mess. As Pixie was naked, her body would be covered in the pudding directly. “I will be good enough to eat,” Pixie said, “Pun intended.”
Pixie willingly climbed into the seat. Her wrists were strapped and she was buckled in, not so she couldn’t get away, but to keep her safe. Mr. G. buckled her in. “Ok Pixie Lott, have a good trip,” he said. She waived and said,” Wish me luck. She looked genuinely excited to be there. Mr. G. then moved away and said,” Away you go.”

The chair began to spin. Pixie let out an excited giggle as she began to spin. The first wave of mess was like the pie wash, streams of creamy pie filling poured onto her, forming thick lines crossing her body as she twirled around. It really looked delicious. Fruit salad then poured down from overhead, most of it landing in her lap and on her head. Custard then began to pour out in streams, crossing her face, chest and legs. Chocolate syrup then followed. It flew out in spurts and lines. The chocolate sauce staining her blonde hair. The custard then started again. It poured down her calves and feet as the chocolate sprayed her face and neck. Strawberry puree then flew onto her breasts and across her lap. Toffee sauce then began to spray her in the face and then down her front and onto her thighs. Applesauce dumped onto her back and then the front of her legs. Chocolate mousse then poured in an irregular crossing pattern across her face. More connected with her knees and the sides of her legs. Finally the machine came to a halt and the chair stopped rotating. 

Pixie game two thumbs up and let out an excited cheer. She was covered from head to toe in delicious puddings. Even her feet were covered. Her face a puzzle of browns. Mr. G. approached her. “That was fabulous Pixie, how did you enjoy that?,” he asked. “You never let me down. That was amazing and totally delicious. You are so sweet. A girl could get used to this. I am so happy I came back. We will have to do this more often.” He shook her hands and unstrapped her. She then jumped out of the seat and into his arms. They both fell onto the floor, her messy body against his. Everyone roared with laughter.

Mr. G. then said the goodbyes from there. “Thanks to you all for watching. We will see you again soon.” Pixie then waived and spoke,” Bye guys. Thanks for watching,” she said.