Wednesday, 27 February 2013

KPIC reporters pie gallery

Hi Everyone,

I have posted photos of the KPIC reporters getting pied on Tellygunge. In case anyone wanted stills. I know the clip has been seen already by most everyone. The link is below.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Anne Hathaway a special award

Anne Hathaway a special award

I had decided to do a comedic version of awards for the cinema, in the spirit of awards season. I decide that I would give the award for best actress to Anne Hathaway’s ass in the Dark Knight Rises. It really just was for fun. Just on a whim, I decided that I would contact Anne Hathaway’s agents and tell them. I did not expect a response back, at least not a positive one. Much to my absolute shock, I got a response saying that Miss Hathaway would like to accept the award in person, on behalf of her ass. I could not believe that this was happening. I did not even have an award. I would have to go out and get one. I thought that they were just having me on, for the longest time. I never really expected the famous actress to arrive. I was very shocked when she did just that.

She walked out of her car and walked towards me. She was in catwoman mode now rather than her normal self. She began talking in the voice that she had used in the Dark Knight Rises. “I am amazed that you are here. This is amazing,” I said. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she said in her Catwoman voice, “ I heard an award was involved. I love getting awards,” she said in her sexy voice. “Ok, then let’s do the presentation then,” I said. “Let’s,” she said, semi sarcastically and very provocatively.

We put on some cameras and started taping it. I had made a mock up of a podium, as if it were a real award show. “Ok, I would like to present the award for best actress. The award goes to, Anne Hathaway’s ass in the Dark Knight Rises.” Anne gave a smile and walked forward. She took the award into her hand and gave me a hug. “Now, I’m afraid that my ass is very shy and doesn’t like to speak very much, so I am will accept the award on its behalf. My ass is very honoured to receive a prestigious award like this one. It has worked long and hard to improve its craft. I believe that it has really developed and blossomed over the years. My ass had to really work hard to find this character. My ass has quite a lot people to thank. Mainly we have to thank the writers, directors and producers for choosing to feature my ass so heavily in the film. It was given so much screen time and was give the chance to really steal the show. My ass was given such a pivotal role in the film. It really was one of the keys to making the film such a success. This was the role that my ass was born to play. But none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for the producers and directors giving my ass the opportunity to be viewed by so many audiences around the world. To think that people all across the world are watching my ass and getting enjoyment from its performance is truly a gift. My ass would want to thank the wardrobe department as well as makeup for spending hours upon hours doing their best to make my ass look good. Most people do not know this , but my ass has its own stylist. The camera man also played a vital role, getting the perfect shots and angles to off my ass at its absolute best. Of course I would like to thank the fans. I thank everyone who has supported my ass and who has been positive about my ass over the years. My ass really appreciates it. My ass also asked me to thank the academy. My ass appreciates this award. It is happy that it has been recognised. It thanks you.”

I smiled as she gave her speech. She bowed and then walked up to me. “You know, I just indulged your little fantasy and me and my ass are truly honoured for the award, but do you think that you could indulge a little fantasy of mine,” she asked in her sexiest voice. “Sure, of course,” I replied. “Here get the bags from the backseat of the car,” she said, handing me the car keys. I went out and opened the car, lifting the shopping bags. I noticed that in them were a lot of food items. I locked the car and returned to Anne, wondering what she might have in mind. “Good, it’s all there. I have a confession to make, but you have to promise you will tell no one.” “Of course, it’ll be our secret,” I replied. “Well, I like to get messy. I do it on my own usually, not even my partner knows about it. No one knows. I would like to keep it that way, but I wanted to try it with someone doing it with me.” “That sounds lovely, I would enjoy that as well.” “Good, we have a deal then. Get the whipped cream,” she demanded.

She grabbed the aerosol bottle of squirty cream from me. She lifted her leg up, putting her stiletto heeled boot up on my knee. She then sensually aimed the whipped cream nozzle at the bottom of her boot. She pressed the button and began spraying the cream onto her boot and leg. She twirled it slowly around her leg as she made her way up her calf. She sprayed her leg up and down in whipped cream, spiralling it around her leg as she went up it. She took it nice and slow, both of us admiring her form as she went along. When that boot was covered, she then switched legs, putting the other up on my knee. She then took the can and aimed it at her ankle, just as she had done with her other leg. The soppy, soft cream barely stuck to her leg as it began to melt, losing form and running down her leg and heel, some of it down onto my trousers from her foot and heel. When the can was empty, she flung it over her shoulder across the room.

She then grabbed another. She gave her famous catwoman, I don’t care look as she casually picked up another can of whipped cream. She shook it up and tossed the cap aside. She kept her leg as it was, but put her hand on the back of my neck. She leaned backwards, arching her back. She pushed her crotched forward, inches from my face. She was wearing skin tight catwoman clothing, so most of the curves of her body we very visible, right through her black clothing. She then took the whipped cream with her other hand and aimed it at her crotch. The sound of the aerosol exuding its soft, smooth white creaminess through its nozzle straight onto Anne’s loins, covered only in very tight black material was a site that I would never forget. She squeezed the nozzle and slowly released the creamy white substance upon her heaving nether regions. It exploded in a gush of sloppy cream onto her thinly covered under region. She moved the can upwards, covering her lap and releasing whipped cream up her tummy. The creamy mess starting to cover her tight black outfit. She jiggled her hips.

She then aimed the whipped cream at her tight little breasts. She used the whipped cream to make a large circle on each breast. She then made large whipped cream circles, circling her breasts. She then poured the rest of the whipped cream down her side. She then grabbed another can of whipped cream. She handed it to me. She looked at me. “Get my ass,” she demanded,” You seem to like it so much.” She turned around. She bent down, pushing her shapely rear end straight in my face. “Come on, let me have it,” she asked. I pushed the release of the whipped cream, aiming in at the top of Anne’s shapely ass. I pushed it downward, following her visible butt crack downwards. I then went up again spraying Anne’s shapely ass cheeks with whipped cream as a went. She closed her eyes and let out a satisfied moan as I slowly covered that entire backside in sloppy whipped cream. She wiggled her cheeks back and forth, her whole posterior covered in whipped cream.

She then grabbed a pie in one hand and turned around. “Pie me,” she demanded, handing me the pie. She leaned forward over me. Her face was now inches away from mine. I could almost smell her breath. “Pie me,” she repeated, this time in a whisper. I leaned back and then pushed the pie forward into Anne’s face. It landed with a splat. She quickly closed her eyes and then opened them again. Her face covered in the creamy pie. She wiggled her mouth around. She then grabbed a second pie. “The ass,” she demanded. She turned around again, thrusting her bodacious backside into my face. I took the pie and quickly smushed it into her awaiting rear end. I pushed it into her firm buttocks. I move it round and round, smearing pie all over the entirely of her shapely posterior. I pushed it down the backs of her thighs as well, leaving them creamed.

“Let’s get the custard, “ she said next. She reached over and grabbed a massive bowl that was heaping with custard. She moved back into the position that she had been in before. She then tipped the concave bowl over onto her breasts and let the thick, lumpy yellow custard dribble down onto her chest and down her stomach.. It flowed straight down her body, coating most of her skin tight black outfit in yellow glop. It was soft and cool. Some of it fell across her leg, down her knee and onto my trousers. She took her hands and squeezed her own breasts, massaging herself in the custard as she went along. She sensuously moved her hands around in the thick custard that covered her body. She rubbed her stomach and legs. She then reached back and proceeded to rub more custard around all over her sexy backside. She then lifted one of her hands from the custard that covered most of her body. She stuck out her index finger. She then sexually stuck her tongue out. She then moved her finger closer to her tongue. The two touched and she began to lick and suck the custard from her finger. She took her time and did it as slowly and sensually as possible. “Yummy,” she said.

She then got out a bottle of chocolate syrup and a bottle of caramel syrup. She took one in each of her hands. She held then in front of her. She still stood in the position with one foot perched on my knee. She reached out with the bottles and began to squeeze. Streams of sticky light brown and dark brown mess began to be criss crossed across her body. She reached out and moved her arms back and forth as she squeezed. The mess poured onto her body, but also was getting all over me in the process as well. She blindly squeezed the contents of the bottle across herself and me in the process over and over again until the bottles were empty. The browns would not have normally showed up on her all black clothing very well, but due to the whipped cream and custard, the browns were very visible. They could be seen over the top of the mounds of mess that were already all over her.

She then pushed her hands into a blob of the collected mess that was on her stomach. She collected it and then playfully pushed it into my face. “You didn’t think that you would get away totally clean did you?,” she asked. She smiled for the first time. She began to walk away. “You know there are much better asses in Hollywood. I am not worthy. Thanks for a fun time. I do appreciate it,” she said. She then walked off to the car and hopped in. She did not clean herself off or anything like that . She just drove off into the sunset.

I thought to myself that no one was ever going to believe this. When I really thought about it, I thought about how kind and generous Miss Hathaway had actually been, giving her time and of herself the way she did. Of course she was acting in her catwoman persona, but she had been kind to humour me. I wrote her a thank you letter afterwards, because she really deserved it.

For some lovely naked pics of Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs, see the below links. Be warned she is fully naked. Some nice shots of her backside as well.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Saturdays giving till it hurts

Saturdays giving till it hurts

The Saturdays are five of the hottest women in the music industry. Una, Frankie, Vanessa, Rochelle and Molly are all incredibly sexy in their own right. They all look amazing if very different from one another. They also do tons of performances wearing skirts, short dresses or hot pants. None of them were afraid of showing a little skin from time to time. They were also quite kind and generous women as well. They did not mind donating there time for charity. They did not hesitate when asked to do things for red nose day or comic relief. They were more than happy to take part.

This year they were approached to make some at risk young people’s dream come true. It just so happened that there was a group of five teenagers whose fantasy was hitting a member of the Saturdays with a pie. The group was faced with the decision of whether or not to allow these young people to mess them up on national television. They were a bit nervous, but , at the end of the day, they did not have very much choice in the matter. How could they possibly turn down a request from these vulnerable teenagers. The whole band was going to get it this time. None of them was going to be spared. It was going to be embarrassing for sure. Some of them were more nervous than others. Some of the girls had gotten messy before but nothing like this. They knew a lot of people would enjoy this, including ex boyfriends and people from their record label.

Like almost always, the Saturdays were dressed in similar very short skirts, ready for their appearance. It seemed that every time they were in public, the short skirts followed. Everyone watching was in for a nice view of five of the sexiest pair of female legs in the world. Each one of the girls was spectacular in her own way. Everyone seemed to have their favourite. They all had different body types and ethnicities. They were about to get very messy for the cause of charity. They tried not to think too much about it, but it was going to be very embarrassing for them, there was no doubt about that.

The atmosphere in the studio was electric. Everyone had heard about what the Saturdays would be doing for Charity. The whole studio was buzzing with anticipation. The guys wanted to see them get messy for obvious reasons. The females wanted to see them get messy because of jealously over their looks and fame. The Saturdays watched on from backstage as the teenagers who would be messing them were brought out and introduced. There would be no escape for them now, this was really going to happen. They did wonder why these youngsters were so motivated to mess them up, but it was their wish so, it was going to come true, no matter what the reasons for it.

The Saturdays were then welcomed into the studio. They walked in a line into the studio. They smiled and waived, though they were feeling quite awkward about the whole situation at this point. “So, can you tell everyone why you are here tonight?,” the hostess asked the girls. “Well, we are here to make these very special young people’s dream come true.,” Frankie said with a smile. “What dream would that be?,” the hostess asked coyly, already knowing the answer. “Well, it seems that these young people have the dream to get the Saturdays very messy,” Rochelle said. “I can’t believe that you are going to let them do that to you. You lot are very brave. They are very good sports aren’t they? You are much braver than I would be.” the hostess said.

“Ok, let’s make a line then. If Una can stand first right here,” the hostess said, showing the girls where to stand. “Then, Molly, Vanessa, Rochelle and Frankie. If you stand about three feet apart facing this way please,” she said. The girls took their places and instructed. “Now, the young people are each going to choose a member of the Saturdays. I want you to choose and then walk over and stand opposite your chosen group member. You will be partners for the rest of the day.” They conferred with one another for a minute and then each walked over and took their position across from the members of the Saturdays. The Saturdays looked across at their partners for the day nervously.

“Now, why did you select who you did? Let’s go down the line,” the hostess said. She started with the girl who had chosen Una. She had black curly hair and freckles. “I picked Una because she has an Irish background and I do as well,” the girl said in an Irish accent. She then moved onto Molly. The Girl standing across from her was slightly chubby and had glasses. “I chose Molly, because she looks so perfect. She is so thin and blonde and pretty. I want to get her all messed up.” Molly laughed,” I guess if anyone is going to mess you up that is the nicest reason they could give,” she said. The girl across from Vanessa had spiky pinkish blonde hair. She looked like she may be a punk or possibly as lesbian. “I chose Vanessa, because she is the most voluptuous of the group. She is slightly chubby and I like that,” the girl explained. Next it was the girl across from Rochelle. The girl across from her was a skinny black girl with frizzy hair. “I chose Rochelle because she is with one of the members of JLS and I want to teach her a lesson.” “I think I am in trouble,” Rochelle said with a laugh. Finally, it was time for the girl across from Frankie. The girl was a pretty but scruffy looking girl. “I picked Frankie because she is the one most people find the most attractive. It will be fun to get her all dirty,” she said. “All brilliant reasons,” the hostess said,” I think you guys are in trouble,” she joked.

“Now, we have five towels here. We will lay them out right in front of the Saturdays like so,” she took each of the towels and laid each one out on the ground in front of each of the members of the group. “Now, ladies, I want you all to kneel down on the towels in front of you. You will then be more on eye level with your partners.” It would also give them easier access when pouring the mess and throwing the pies. The Saturdays looked at one another and reluctantly bent their knees and kneeled. They were now on their knees facing their partners. “Now, I want you to place your hands behind your backs and leave them there.” The young people giggled. The Saturdays looked at one another nervously, but complied to what they were asked. They were now all in a row, on their knees with their hands behind their backs.

“Now, we just happen to have five lovely creamy pies all ready to go. Now, Vanessa, do you have any idea what those pies are going to be used for?,” the hostess asked. “They are probably going to end up in our faces,” Vanessa replied. “That is absolutely correct.” The audience cheered and the young people laughed and smiled. They looked at one another and said things such as,” Yes, I can’t wait to do this.” The Saturdays laughed nervously with worried faces. “Well let’s bring them out. We have one for you and one for you and one for you,” the hostess said. She gave one pie to each of the young people stood across from the Saturdays. They looked up at the young people, laughing. They begged them not to do this. All the while the young people were smiling and relishing this moment, taunting them with the pies. The Saturdays looking up at the pies that were destined to be in their faces in only a matter of minutes. The young people held the pies inches from their awaiting faces as the moment that everyone had waited for quickly approached.

“Ok, everyone, here we go, the moment if truth,” the hostess said,” On the count of three, I want you to nail them. Let’s get them as sloppy as possible.” The girls smiled. Rochelle smiled nervously. Vanessa begged her partner not to do it. The countdown began. The audience and the young people all began to count in unison. “Three, two, one.” The Saturdays scrunched up their faces, their hands still behind their backs. When the countdown hit one, in an instant, the five young people leaned forward and as hard as they could, pushed the five pies into the faces of the members of the Saturdays. In succession there were five thuds as the sound of pies meeting faces echoed. Una, Molly, Vanessa, Rochelle and Frankie now all came face to face with pies. The young people playfully twisted the pies around in their famous counterpart’s faces. The laughter in the studio was deafening. The young people relished every minute of doing this to the celebrities in front of them. The made sure to hit the girls as hard as they could and to rub the pies around as much as they could, getting the maximum enjoyment out of every moment.

When they finally took a step backwards, they revealed the five members of the famous girl group, now covered in creamy pie. The young people took a step back and admired what they had done. They enjoyed the view of the pied celebrities. They pointed and laughed at the girls. The Saturdays looked over at each other, all five of them covered in pie. Una frowned and looked blankly ahead as pie came away from the top of her forehead. Molly sexy teeth and eyes shown through as the she smiled and laughed, the rest of her face entirely coated in thick pie. Vanessa’s chubby face and beautiful soft hair were completely covered in the sloppiness of pie. She used her hand to allow some of the blobs to fall off of her hair. Rochelle pointed and laughed at the girl who had pied her. She licked her lips and made funny faces. Her darker skin looking amazing covered in the white cream from the pie. The pie also hallowed her neck and bare shoulders. Frankie’s face and most of her short hair were covered in pie. She had her famous short haircut, but it was unrecognisable as it was covered in pie. She seemed to get the worst of it, as she had the shortest hair, her face took more of the pie. She looked up with her wide doe like eyes. Her sexy face now a mask of cream pie. The young people had certainly taken pleasure in humiliating the celebrities before them. The camera panned across and showed close ups of each of the Saturdays’ pied faces. It then showed a shot of all five of them as they were, kneeled down together.

“Now, if that wasn’t enough, we are not through,” the hostess said,” You may have noticed that we also have five buckets here today as well. I bet everyone can guess what is going to happen to the contents of those buckets.” The put the microphone up to Frankie’s mouth,” I would guess that they were going to get poured over our heads,” Frankie said sarcastically. “That is absolutely correct Frankie. You are so good at this,” she teased,” Now each of our special guests will now go over and select one bucket each. Can you please come over and select one bucket. Then if you can take your bucket, and this time I would like you to stand behind you partner for the day. Saturdays, you can stay where you are.” The Saturdays looked at one another, knowing that they were all about to get even messier.

The young people walked over and looked inside the buckets. They each selected one and then returned to their position, this time stood behind their partner, as was requested. The buckets were each filled with a different colour gunge. Una’s was green, Molly’s was yellow, Vanessa’s was purple, Rochelle’s was light blue and Frankie’s was pink. “Ok ladies, when I say go, it is time to let them have it. Is everyone ready? Ok then here we go. On your marks, get set, go,” the hostess said. The young people lifted their buckets In the air. The Saturdays quivered in anticipation. They were still on their knees with their hands behind their backs. They all gave comical, pained looks as they braced themselves for the gunge that was about to fall on them. The young people all raised and tipped their buckets over the heads of the beautiful girl group that kneeled below them, aiming the gunge onto them. The ladies squealed as all five of them felt the sloppy gunge pour down over their heads.

Una closed her eyes and looked downwards as the slimy gunge coated the top of her head, covering most of her brown hair and cascaded over her face. She shook her head slightly as gunge dripped from her forehead and down her back. Her arms were covered in green mess as she tried to keep her head downward as she was covered. Molly laughed and squealed as the gunge poured down over her face. Her face teeth could be seen through the gunge. She gave a bemused expression . She laughed to herself as if to say, “ I can’t believe that this is really happening.” Vanessa bit her lip as thick, gloppy purple gunge poured onto her lovely soft, silky dark hair and all over her slightly chubby body. She stuck her tongue out as she attempted to wipe some of the mess away from her hair. The gunge was all over her cheeks and down her shoulders. Her ample breasts were completely coated in the gunge now. She was by far the shyest and least self confident of the group. She was the most embarrassed to have this happening to her. Rochelle looked up as the gunge poured over her face. She laughed and squealed. She smiled and stuck her tongue out as gunge poured over her beautiful face. The young lady above her was having no mercy upon her whatsoever. She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips. Soon her face was submerged in thick sloppy gunge. She knew her famous partner would be loving every second of seeing this happen to her. Meanwhile hundreds of male fans enjoyed seeing Frankie get the gunge poured over her head. She hunched her shoulders as the gunge was poured liberally all over her body. Her tanned skin covered in thick mess. Her short haircut now slathered in red mess. The gunge swirled around as it was poured back and forth across Frankie. Her expensive dress getting covered and ruined in the process.

The young people stood back and smiled. They celebrated together, enjoying what they had just done immensely. The Saturdays sat laughing and shaking their heads, all five of them totally covered in gunge of different colours. “So, how was that?,” the hostess asked the young people. “Incredible,” one of them said,” Best time ever!” “How was it for you girls?,” the hostess asked the Saturdays. “We are glad that they enjoyed themselves. They deserve it. We are glad that we could be of service,” Frankie said. The rest just looked up and laughed. The five of them covered in gunge. The camera panned across showing each one in close up all with embarrassed, annoying or laughing expressions on their faces.

“Well, let’s give them a hand, they were such good sports. They really took it well. I hope everyone appreciates it because they got drenched.” Everyone cheered and applauded. The girls looked up graciously. They all got to their feet and waived, wiping as much of the gunge away as they could. They shook the young people’s hands. Overall, it had not been the worst experience of their lives, although their friends, family and people in the music and entertainment business were not going to let them live it down for a long, long time to come.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cheryl pied on Family Challenge

There are stills from Family Challenge. Cheryl and her husband pied one another. The best part is that volunteers were asked for and Cheryl and her husband were anxious to get pied. As you can see she is very attractive. Her legs and ass look amazing. She got pied well as well. They asked what was the main reason they wanted to pie each other and her husband said that she talked too much.

Friday, 15 February 2013

These are stills from a Family Challenge. Two cheerleaders from Pataloma, California get pizza sauce poured on them when they lose a game of passing a pizza. Their reactions are brilliant and they are both really hot. The clip used to be on the web but seems to have disappeared at some point. Oh well, enjoy. Family Challenge was really good. It was one of my three favourite WAM shows when I was growing up along with What Would You Do and Wild Animal Games.