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Christy Turlington: Rainbow Collection

Christy Turlington: Rainbow Collection

Christy Turlington is one of the most well known models in the world. She had worked for years for Calvin Klein. She had stared in numerous underwear commercials for the company over the years. She was used to showing some skin. She had done all sorts of fashion shoots. She was up for most things when it came to modelling. Most of the world had already seen her next to naked many times. She was a pro and would take most situations in stride. Christy was hired to do another Calvin Klein ad. She did not think anything of it. It was for a new line of underwear that they were coming out with called the rainbow collection. It was a design of underwear that appeared to have splodges of paint or messy colour on them. They were brilliant looking underwear. Christy did not really bother asking what the ad would entail. Modelling was nothing to complicated. It was mainly posing.

She arrived at the modelling studio in Manhattan. She was given a bra and a pair of panties to wear. She was a little surprised because they were nothing at all like what she had been told she was going to be advertising. They were plain black. They were tight fitting with no waist bands at all. She got undressed and put the underwear on, wearing nothing else except a pair of high heels. She went out onto the sound stage. It was then explained to her what the concept of the commercial was going to be. Basically, she was going to wear the black underwear and say some lines, then buckets of brightly coloured gunge would be thrown at her. It was sort of meant to apply that this is how the underwear ended up with all of these colours. It was a pretty avant-garde concept and a top photographer was take the pictures. It seemed quite cutting edge. She did not really have any problem with this.

All the cameras were in place. The footage would be used for tv commercials and for print ads. She took direction and did as she was asked. She walked into the all black and white set. She wore only her underwear. The underwear did not leave much to the imagination. Every curve and muscle in Christy’s body could be seen. The shadows projected by the lighting emphasized every bit of her body. She started to read her lines. “Do you ever get sick of plain underwear. I do. Sometimes I get so bored with it, that I feel like throwing it away,” Christy said,” Well Calvin Klein is changing all that,” she said in a sensual voice, staring lustily into the camera. She posed as she walked along. The camera followed the movements of her sexy, scantily clad body as she moved. “The rainbow collection,” she enthused.

With that, a bucket of light pink gunge was hurled through the air. The gunge plopped onto Christy’s underwear clad body and all over the set. The side of her long, flat, tanned stomach was swathed in gunge. Part of her breasts and half of her underwear and her upper thigh were covered in gunge splotched. Some splattered upward, splattering her face. She did not allow it to effect her. She barely budged from the spot. Before she could even react a second bucket, this time containing dark purple gunge was thrown her way. The gunge flew through the air and splattered all over her bare legs. Her thighs and knees were drenching in gunge. The gunge poured down her calves. Her panties were also splattered in the gunge.

Christy turned her head to the camera and raised her eyebrow. She placed her hands upon her hips. That is when a wave of orange gunge flew through the air, finding it destination on Christy’s shoulders, over her breasts, on her neck and right across her face. She still refused to break character. She kept the serious, sexy expression on her face, covered in orange gunge though it may have been. She only raised her eyes slightly.

She then got into position for another shot. This time she was stood with her back to the camera. She placed her hand on her shoulder and turned her head slightly so her face was visible to the camera. “The Rainbow Collection by Calvin Klein,” she said seductively. A huge bit of dark blue gunge then flew through the air. It landed on Christy’s back. It splattered all over her back and against her backside. The back over her underwear were soaked in gunge. The gunge trickled down her back and then down the backs of her legs. Her bra strap was also covered in gunge. She could feel the gunge dripping over every crevice and muscle in her body. She arched her back and sighed.

Next a huge amount of white gunge was flung through the air, the majority of it hit Christy right on her backside and the backs of her legs. She bent her knees slightly as the gunge hut her. Gunge poured down the backs of her thighs and down her calves. She wiggled her legs about slightly, flexing the muscles in her body. The gunge dripped down her body. At this point her body was covered in a rainbow of multicoloured gunge. The set was splashed with gunge in all directions.

Next she was moved into position, laying on her side. She had one knee bent and her arm was draped over her leg. She then read out another line. “Put some colour in your life with the new rainbow collection by Calvin Klein,” she said suggestively. She fluttered her eyelashes and looked up. When she looked up a tidal wave of light blue gunge poured down from the ceiling onto her sexy, underwear clad stretched out body. The gunge fell from the sky like a waterfall. It splashed and poured down on her. The camera recording until it came to a stop. Christy was now splattered in a rainbow of gunge. She showed no sort of expression other than her steely cool sexiness.

Next Christy sat with her legs wrapped together, in a sort of squatting position. “Black and white are so boring. Ever dream of splashing out in vivid colour?,” she asked. She put her first to her chin and stared into the camera. At that point a huge blast of green gunge came pouring down on her from above. It totally engulfed her, splashing in all directions. The torrent of gunge hit her perfectly head on, pouring straight down on her from above. It looked as though she had been on You Can’t do that on television, but in her underwear. Her thin, smooth, muscular body dripping with cold, wet, lumpy gunge.

For the final shot, the camera started off from her messy bare toes. It panned up her body slowly, up her feet and ankles and then up her calves and thighs. It paused for a second when it reached her panties. The camera then moved up her long languid stomach and up her to her bra. The details of the brightly coloured gunge on her skin and dark underwear was emphasized. The camera then panned up her neck and then to her head. Her whole face filled the screen. Her face dripping in gunge of every colour. She turned to the camera again. “Calvin Klein or nothing at all,” she said in a velvety soft sexy voice. She licked her lips and provocatively raised an eyebrow to the camera. The Calvin Klein logo appearing now under her.

The ads went out within a few weeks. They were slightly controversial and quite popular during their run. Christy’s face and body were shown in ads all over the world covered in brightly coloured sloppy gunge. She appeared on dozens of television chat shows talking about the ads. Over and over again, she stated that they were no big deal and just another’s day work. Although, she did not exactly mind being in the ads. She told everyone that she found it to be quite an enjoyable experience and had no regrets regarding the shoot. After all, she had appeared naked in photographs in the past, and had never had any issues with that. Overall, it would have to be said that the campaign was a complete success. The amount of underwear shifted was quite substantial. Everyone involved was very pleased by the results.

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Dirty Money episodes 9, 10 and 11

Stwnsh Lois and Elen Roberts

Yesterday on Stwnsh Sadwrn, Elen Roberts and Lois got the mess. I have posted the stills on Tellygunge already. Below you will find the link and some previews. they could not seem to hold onto the sheets of paper this week.

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Some very nice pies

Eastenders vs. Emmerdale

Eastenders vs. Emmerdale

Let Her Have It had done a special episode that featured a team from Hollyoaks up against a team from Coronation Street. The episode had been so popular with the viewers that the show was inundated with a rash of requests that a second show be done, this time pitting Eastenders against Emmerdale. It was a long time coming, but eventually it happened. The format was the same as it had been for the earlier special. There would be individual votes pitting actresses from each side up against each other and the public would decide which one would get the mess. Once again there were eight match ups. The teams were made up of both current and former actresses representing each show. One thing was for sure, eight of the ladies would end up getting messy, but which eight and which show would get to take home the bragging rights. Everyone knew that the entire soap community would be watching, so no one wanted to be the ones to lose.

When the show started a special video montage was shown regarding both teams. At the end of it, both soap’s logos were shown on the screen behind the stage. “Yes,” Mr. G. said,” Due to popular request, today we have a special Eastenders vs. Emmerdale show. All week, you the great public have been voting in eight votes, each pitting Emmerdale against Eastenders. Today, we will see the results and we will see some gunge. This is going to be a fun night. Please welcome our teams from Emmerdale and from Eastenders,” Mr. G. said. The audience applauded as the teams entered from opposite sides of the stage and took their pre-arranged places on either side of Mr. G.. The Eastenders team wore white t-shirts with an Eastenders logos on them. The Emmerdale team wore similar blue t-shirts emblazoned with the Emmerdale logo. They all gave nervous smiles and waves as the entered and took their places. No one wanted to lose and to look foolish in front of their colleagues and the whole world. They knew that they would never hear the end of it if they lost. They were also representing their show in this forum. Eight buckets of gunge were lined up on a table at the front of the stage and a brown easy chair, recliner was set up in the middle of the stage. It was going to be the hot seat for the evening. Everyone knew ahead of time who they were paired against on the other side. Some were happy about their opponent some were not. It might prove to be an important factor in the voting on this evening.

“So, we all know how it work,” Mr. G. said,” I guess there is no point in wasting time, we might as well get the show on the road. I hope everyone is ready for some mess. I guess, if it is any consolation, at least the losers will not be alone in their misery, as we are having multiple gungings this afternoon,” he said. “Everyone is stood in their correct positions, so I think that we are all ready to go.” The lights dropped and the studio went silent,” Can we have our first team representatives please?,” he asked. The first two women stepped sideways, stood either side of Mr. G.

“Ok, our first match up pits Lucy Speed, representing Eastenders against Verity Rushworth for Emmerdale.” The ladies came forward. Lucy was blushing and biting her lip already, miming as if she was going to try to run away. Verity caught her breath and rolled her eyes, looking up at the ceiling. “Can we have a friendly handshake?,” Mr. G. asked. The ladies politely shook each other’s hands. Both could not hide the fact that they were hoping that the other person would be the one getting gunged. They were both visibly nervous. “So, how are you two feeling about this?,” Mr.G. asked. “Well,” Lucy said, I don’t mind saying that I am hoping that it is not me getting gunged. I have never met Verity. I am sure she is a very lovely girl, but still, I would really prefer it if she were the one getting the gunge and not myself. Sorry dear,” she said,” Plus she is much younger than me so I think she is the better candidate, to be honest.” “And Verity, what say you?,” Mr. G. asked. “ Well, I am hoping that because I am not that famous, that it will work in my favour. I do not want to be the one sitting in that easy chair either, believe you me,” she said and laughed.

“Well, I think it is time for our result, what do you say?,” Mr. G. asked. The other members of each team held hands and hoped together that their side would not lose. A hush fell over the arena. “Ok, here we go. We are at the point of no return. Who will be our first to fall? Emmerdale or Eastenders? Our audience has been voting all week. I can now reveal our first result,” Mr. G. reading with the obligatory pauses in order to build the suspense and tension. Verity for one was already wiggling her fingers and toes in anticipation. She closed her eyes. Lucy crossed her fingers. “Ok, everyone, this was a relatively close vote, but I can now reveal our winner. With 57 percent of the votes. Our closest margin of victory. Our winner… our first to take the hot seat and the gunge…is..Verity Rushworth,” Everyone in the building, even Verity’s teammates cheered. Her eyes widened, She sighed. She then gave a worried pouty face. “Noooooo!,” she blurted out. Lucy let out a sigh of relief. She brushed her hand across her forehead as if she was wiping sweat from her brow. She looked quite relieved. “Verity Rushworth, ladies and gentlemen. Come on, time for the walk of shame.” Mr. G. lead Verity over to the easy chair. He motioned with his hand, welcoming her, as if he was welcoming a queen. She reluctantly sat herself down in the easy chair. She crossed her arms. She was already beet red with embarrassment. Mr. G. motioned for Lucy to come and join him. “Lucy, you have managed to win. Not only do you get to stay clean and win one point for team Eastenders, you also get the honour of choosing a bucket of gunge and letting Verity here have it. How do you feel about that?,” he asked. “Oh, such a shame,” she said sarcastically. “So what colour will it be, Lucy?,” he asked. He bent over looking at the gunge buckets, carefully picking one. In the meantime, Verity begged. “Oh no please. You don’t have to. You know Lucy, you could always decide to give it a miss. Gunge is so overrated,” Verity said. Lucy looked at her,” Nah, I don’t think that is going to happen love,” she said. Everyone laughed. “I think that I will go for the brown,” Lucy said. She lifted the bucket and walked over to the back of the easy chair with it. Standing behind Verity. Everyone craned their neck to get a glimpse of what was about to happen.

“Ok Lucy, when you are ready, show everyone what Eastenders girls are made of,” Mr. G. said. Verity cowered in the chair, her arms tucked up over her chest, not knowing what to expect. “Ok, let’s count down,” Mr. G. said. “3.…2...1.” “This one’s for Eastenders,” Lucy shouted. She raised the bucket carefully aimed the gunge down over her much younger rival. She tipped the sloppy brown gunge down over Verity’s face. It rolled over the top of the easy chair and down onto the top of Verity’s head and down her face. The gunge was very thick and extremely lumpy. Verity frowned and pouted as the brown sludge was dumped down over her. Her body jumped with a start when she first felt the slimy coldness of the gunge against her body. Everyone pointed and snickered at her. “How embarrassing,” someone was heard to say. Lucy diligently dumped the sloppy mess down onto Verity. Her long cheeks and nose were covered in lumpy brown gunge. It fell down onto her top, coating her breasts. More trickled down her body. Some of the gunge falling into her lap and down her legs. She wiggled her arms about in the gungey mess. When the bucket was finally empty, Lucy looked down with a smug grin. Verity shook her head. Her facial features covered in brown mess. She bit her lip with an annoyed look on her face. Lucy bowed to the applause of the crowd. “That was delightful,” she said in a posh accent. Mr. G. approached Verity. “So Verity, how was that for you?,” he asked. “Oh my god,” she said. She wanted to crawl into a hole. What made things worse was that she was going to have to join the end of the line and stand like this until the end of the show. She stood up trudged over to the end of the line, leaving a trail of brown muck as she went. As she walked back, everyone could see that her backside was completely covered in brown gunge as well. Lucy triumphantly made her way back and took her place at the end of the line.

“Wasn’t that fun?,” Mr. G. asked,” And what is better, that is only the beginning. We have seven more to go. Who will it be though? Can we have our next two contestants please?,” he asked. The next two women came forward. “For round two we have Hannah Waterman from Eastenders taking on Claire King from Emmerdale.” Hannah Waterman looked scared to be there. She looked very mousy and extremely nervous. Claire King, looked elegant and sexy. She thought of herself as incredibly classy. It would be very undignified to be covered in gunge. “So Hannah,” Mr. G. asked,” You look a bit nervous.” “You can say that again,” she said, almost shaking,” I am terrified. “Well don’t be worried, it’s not really that bad,” Mr. G. said. “And Claire, are you nervous after what you just saw happen to Verity,” he asked. “ Nah,” she said,” I am as cool as a cucumber,” she said. She rolled her eyes and raised her eyebrow. She was actually sweating this one out. She just did not want to let it show too much. These were to of the older women on the show, so it would be even more embarrassing for them to get gunged. “Ok then, now we come to the moment of truth,” Mr. G. said. “Let’s have those results.” The studio went quiet again. Hannah had her fingers crossed and her eyes closed. She was literally saying, ”Please, please, please” audibly. Claire’s body tensed up. She gave a bit of a nervous smiled and looked down at her feet. “Our winner, again with 57 percent of the votes. Is…” Hannah was nearly wetting herself by now with the tension that had built up. “Claire King.” Hannah gave the largest sigh of relief. She almost had tears of joy in her eyes. She had always seen herself as bit of a loser, but she had won this time. Claire on the other hand licked her lips. She starting to sweat, her fake tan covered skin began to turn red. She made a funny face, biting her lip. Laughter filled the studio. This was going to be fun, seeing the posh looking, heavily manicured Claire get gunge poured all over her. A lot of Claire’s friends and family were going to enjoy this very much.

“So Claire, this is a bit awkward,” Mr. G. said. “Yeah, I’m facing the gunge now aren’t I?,” she said. “Umm, you sure are,” Mr. G. said, “Shit, you want me to sit over there, don’t you,” she said. “Could you?,” he said in a funny voice. Claire sighed. She walked sexily over to the chair, in her high heels. She lowered her bottom into the seat and crossed her sexy legs. She placed her hands behind her back, joking that she was relaxing. “This is going to be embarrassing, I won’t lie,” Mr. G. said. “Yeah, I gathered,” Claire responded. Mr. G. then helped Hannah over. “So Hannah, well done. How are you feeling?,” he asked. “I feel amazing,” she said. “Well then, picked your gunge,” he said. The timid Hannah looked at the buckets and chose the one with the red gunge in it for Claire. She slid her way over to the back of the easy chair and took her spot with the bucket. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to see Claire King get slopped. Hannah, fire when ready,” Mr. G. said. Claire held her head tight to her neck, her chin crinkling up as she sat and awaited her fait. Hannah’s hands were not that steady at first. When she lifted the bucket, it slipped slightly, sending a stream of gunge down onto Claire’s tanned legs. Claire screamed. Hannah quickly moved the bucket backwards. A stream of red mess streaked up Claire’s body. Hannah quickly aimed the gunge at Claire’s face. The slimy, cold, wet gunge showered Claire’s face and body. Claire closed her eyes as gung poured straight over her face. Her hair was now soaked in gunge. The whole audience filled with uproarious laughter and even some whistling. The gunge seemed to have no end. The seemingly bottomless supply of red gunge poured and splashed all over Claire’s body. She could feel it all over her smooth, tanned skin. She wiggled her feet. It was all over her. When the bucket was finally empty, Hannah carefully discarded it and returned to her place in line next to a clean Lucy Speed. Claire was left wallowing in red gunge. She used her hands to wipes some of the gunge from her eyes, mouth and hair. She could not help but laugh. She felt like she had just been in a cold gunge shower.

Mr. G. approached her,” So Claire, how was that?,” he asked. She looked up at him through the corner of her eye. “How embarrassing,” she said, “I just hope that not too many people I know see this. My reputation will be in tatters. I will be a laughing stock.” She was then asked to return to her place in line. She stood up, avoiding slipping on the gunge that was now on the floor. She carefully walked over to the line, joining Verity. They stood side by side, dripping in gunge. “So that is two for Eastenders and zero for Emmerdale. That is a good start but everything could change. There is loads more still to come,” Mr. G. said.

“Ok, time for round three,” Mr. G. said. The next two contestants made their way forward. “In round three we have Patsy Palmer representing Eastenders taking on Amy Nutall from Emmerdale.” Patsy pumped her fist and whooped it up. Amy looked at Patsy in disgust. She gave her a dirty look, as if to indicate that she was so much better. “So“, Mr. G. said,” Let’s get some comments from the ladies. Amy what do you have to say. “Well, I am going to gunge that chav and have a great time doing it.” She flung her hair back, giving some attitude. Patsy looked at her in disgust. “Oh whatever,” Patsy said,” I am very confident that I am going to be the one doing all the giving and that little cow is going to be the one receiving. She has just made the whole thing even more satisfying with that comment,” Pasty rebutted. “Wow, strong words, but the truth is, one of the two is going to get gunged, but who will it be? Time to find out,” he said. Again the lights dropped in the studio. Amy flung her hair again. Patsy crossed her fingers. “Ok, Amy Nutall vs. Patsy Palmer. So much is at stake here. Who will it be? The votes have been counted and I can now confirm who has gotten the most votes. Our winner with 66 percent of the votes is….,” he paused and drew things out again. “Amy Nutall!” Patsy jumped up and down and swung her fist in excitement. “Yes, yes, yes! In your face,” she said, pointing at Amy. “I am going to love every minute of this. Prepare to get slimed,” she said. Amy was silent. She frowned and looked at her feet, trying to show no emotion. She didn’t want to give Patsy the satisfaction. That being said Patsy was about to really make Amy squirm and enjoy doing it. Mr. G. attempted to speak to Amy. “So Amy, you did not win. Anything to say for yourself?” “No comment,” she said,” Let’s just get this over with,” she said, giving a condescending look. She crossed her arms and marched over to the easy chair, nose and butt high in the air as she walked. She took her seat, but squealed when she felt the gunge that had been left by Verity and Claire.

Patsy needed no encouragement or direction. She went over the gunge buckets herself and grabbed a bucket of pink gunge. She licked her lips. Amy sat in the chair with her arms folded, scowl across her face. Amy tried to keep some dignity, but Patsy was really going to enjoy herself now. Amy was beginning to wish that she had kept her mouth shut earlier. She was now going to pay the price for her earlier comments. Patsy was now behind her with the enormous bucket filled with pink gunge. Patsy pumped up the crowd. She spurred them to chant, “Gunge, gunge, gunge” “Oh sorry, honey,” Patsy said,” We will see who the chav is now.” Amy waived her hands, begging Patsy off. It did no good because in the next instant the pink gunge was already pouring down Amy’s face. She quickly shut her eyes tightly. The whole front of her face was instantly covered in thick pink gunge. Patsy made it so that the gunge poured out as slowly as possible. She then took the bucket and moved it down Amy’s body, making sure to get pink gunge everywhere that she possibly could get it. Amy wrapped her arms around herself, but Patsy continued to pour masses of pink mess down on top of her face. She took both hands and placed them on her face. She ran her hands over her face and back through her hair, taking a mound of gunge with her through her dark red hair. Her face was still covered in pink. As the bucket was emptied, Patsy took her hand placed it on top of Amy’s hand. She rubbed her hand around, shaking Amy’s head in the gunge. She then placed the bucket over Amy’s head, in order to further humiliate her. Patsy jumped up and down and celebrated. She walked back to her place in line. She gave hi fives to each of her teammates, all of which whom remained clean. Amy stood up, with the bucket still on her head. She walked back on to the line, still with it over her head. She did not remove it until later on. It was a way to hide her embarrassment.

“So after three round, our score is Eastenders three and Emmerdale zero. We have quite a healthy lead now for Emmerdale, can Eastenders make a comeback? There is still plenty of time, but they will need to really get their act together soon, if they hope to make a comeback. Let’s see who we have playing in the next round. From Eastenders we have Michelle Ryan and from Emmerdale it is Sally Oliver. Someone will be getting it.” Michelle and Sally made their way to the front. Sally looked very serious, all three of her teammates had lost. She was worried that she would be next. Michelle had her hair in a ponytail. She did not look like she was too bothered about what the outcome would be. “So Michelle, you must feel pretty confident. It has been a clean sweep so far,” Mr. G. said. “Yeah, I just hope I can keep it going.” “And Sally, well it doesn’t look good so far does it?” “Yeah they are kicking our butts. I hope that I can turn the tide. I have my fingers crossed.” “Well, without further adieu, let’s get right to those all important results,” Mr. G. said. Michelle began feeling nervous now. Her eyes bulged from her head. Sally crossed her arms and looked down with her eyes shut. “I can tell you this one was a real blow out. 90 percent of the people voted for this person. I can reveal that the next person getting the gunge is….Michelle Ryan.” Michelle’s eyes widened with shock. Her mouth fell wide open. She started to blush. She mouthed the words,” I can’t believe it.” The whole Emmerdale team jumped up and down and celebrated in excitement. They had finally won one. Sally, of course, was the most relieved of anyone. Michelle was really in for it now. She was going to have to take one for the whole team now. “This is so embarrassing,” Michelle Ryan said.

Michelle caught her breath and reluctantly made the long walk over to the already dishevelled easy chair. She sat her shapely bottom into the seat. “Ick,” she said, feeling the cold slime that had run off the previous gungees. She gritted her teeth as she had no other choice but to sit full on in the gunge covered smushy seat. In the meantime, Sally had made her way over to the gunge buckets and had selected the light purple gunge for Michelle. She trudged with the bucket over to her spot. She was careful not to slip on the sloppy floor. The ladies from Emmerdale were getting very excited. Michelle was, possibly the most well known of anyone on the show, so they were all very happy that she was about to get nailed. Michelle looked up in the air, straight into the sky. She tried to get an idea of where Sally was with the bucket. Unfortunately, this backfired on Michelle. As Michelle was looked upwards, Sally decided to tip the bucket. As she was looking up the gunge poured straight down onto her face. She decided to keep looking up. The light purple gunge splashed down onto her face and down her neck. The whole front of Michelle’s face was a mound of gunge. She then moved her head forward. The gunge continued to pour over her, down the top of her head and all over her bangs. She raised her shoulders but the gunge did not stop pouring. It poured and poured for what seemed like ages down over Michelle’s face. Her face, with her brown hair in a ponytail made an excellent target for the gunge. All she could do was stick her neck out and close her eyes. She felt the oceans of purple gunge wash over her face. When the gunge finally came to a stop, Michelle took both hands and pressed them to her face. When she removed them, they were covered in gunge. She held her hands before her, opened her mouth wide and screamed. Sally pointed and chuckled at her, before returning to her place in line. Michelle stood up, her face totally covered in gunge. She started to walk back to the line, her head held low, her face to the ground, wiping gunge from her face.

“So,” Mr. G. said,” We are halfway through our show. The score is Eastenders three, Emmerdale one. It is a bit closer but Eastenders still have a convincing lead. Can Emmerdale catch up? We will see shortly. There are four more matchups. Emmerdale needs to win three out of four. For our next match up we have Emer Kelly from Eastenders against Roxanne Pallett from Emerdale,” he said,” I believe Emer is our youngest contestant today.” Emer and Roxanne stepped forward nervously to their positions either side of Mr. G.. Roxanne was looking very nervous. Her eyes were already wide. She pretended to bite her nails out of fear. Emer twisted her blue and black hair in her fingers. Her hair was in pigtails. She was playing up her naughty side. She twisted her hair round and round on her finger. She gave a naughty smile. “So Emer, what are your thoughts?” Mr. G. asked. “Well, bring on the gunge,” she said,” I have never been afraid to get a little dirty, I don’t know about Roxie over here though.” “Roxanne, what are your thoughts about that?,” Mr. G. asked. “Oh I agree wholeheartedly, let her get the gunge please. Be my guest,” she laughed and joked. “Well, the thing is, that is not how the show works. It is the voters who decide who gets the gunge, not you two, and unfortunately for you, they have decided that it will be you this time Roxanne,” Mr. G. said. Roxanne looked stunned. “Ah, what was that she said,” in shock and disbelief. “Well, you lost the vote,” he said,” Away you come.” he took her by the hand and lead her straight over to the easy chair. She was in bit of a daze, she didn’t really even fully realize what was happening.

Emer shrugged her shoulders and gave an “Oh well,” type look. She sauntered over to the gunge buckets and grabbed a bucket of dark blue gunge. She wiggled her bottom as she tip toed sensually across the stage over to the back of the easy chair. She placed the bucket at the top of the top cushion of the chair. In the meantime, Roxanne looked like a deer in headlights. Her eyes were like saucers. Emer motioned with her hands and gave the same, “Oh well” look. She sexually lifted the bucket over Roxanne and sensually aimed the gunge at the bottom of Roxanne’s legs. She slowly poured the dark blue mess straight up Roxanne’s sexy legs and then all over her crotch and up her body. She took her time, sensually applying the gunge up and down the silent Roxanne. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. Emer then poured more gunge over Roxanne’s face and down over the top of her head. She then took her hands and sensually rubbed the gunge in all over Roxanne’s chest. She squeezed and massaged her gungey breasts. She then rubbed the last of the sloppy gunge all over Roxanne’s legs. Roxanne let out a moan at the sensual touch of the sexy, slightly younger female. When Emer was finished, she looked into the camera and put her index finger to her mouth. She made doe eyes at the camera as if to say,” Did I do that?” “I’ve been naughty,” she said. She gave a wink to the camera. She wiggled her way back to her spot in the line. Roxanne laid back for a second with her eyes closed. She then got to her feet and made her way to the end of her line in silence.

“Ok, that was…interesting,” Mr. G. said,” That is five rounds played. Eastenders now leads four to one. Emmerdale will lose it all if they lose one more. They have to win all three in order to make the comeback. Our next round pits Brooke Kinsella against Nicola Wheeler. This is sure to be an interesting one,” Mr. G. said. Brooke and Nicola came forward. Nicola looked very uncomfortable. She did not want to end up like her fellow Emmerdale actresses. She looked as though she had caught a whiff of a bad odour. Brooke looked quite calm. “So Nicola, how are we feeling right now?,” Mr. G. asked. “Let’s just say that I have everything crossed right now. I do not want to be covered in gunge, at all, not one bit,” she said. “ And, Miss Kinsella,” he asked. “Well, I think I would really enjoy pouring gunge over Nicola here,” she responded. “But that might not happen. It might be you getting it,” he said. “Um, no,” she said, jokingly. She laughed loudly. She pointed at Nicola and mouthed the word “her”. “These two are going to have to sweat it out. I think we should get to the results though, don’t you?,” he asked. The crowd cheered in approval. Nicola closed her eyes and screwed her face up. She was sweating bullets. Brooke held her teammate’s hand as they awaited the results. “Ok then,” Mr. G. said,” Our winner…the person who will be facing the gunge is….the one and only…..Brooke Kinsella.” Nicola breathed a huge sigh of relief. Brooke just looked on in shock. Her hands covered her face.

Within a moment, Brooke was already making the long walk to the easy chair of doom. Nicola smiled. She could finally relax. Brooke took her seat in the easy chair. Nicola was allowed to walk over and choose her bucket. She chose a bucket of soft yellow gunge for Brooke. Brooke looked up, making a disgusted look. She ran her hand across her forehead. Brooke closed her eyes as Nicola carried the gunge bucket over. She was about to receive the loveliest yellow gunge imaginable. “Ok, Nicola, you have really earned this. When you are ready, let her have it,” Mr. G. said. Brooke bit the top of her lip. She held her hands underneath her chin. Nicola turned to her friends from Emmerdale and flashed a smile. She waived and then tipped the bucket. Brooke closed her eyes as the thick, smooth, soft yellow gunge cascaded from the bucket down onto her blonde hair and then all over her face. Her forehead and bangs were instantly covered in mounds of bright yellow gunge. She kicked her legs and let out a high pitched shriek as the gunge slowly poured down on her from above. Yellow gunge matted to her hair and stuck to her nose. Her cheeks were covered in the gunge. Nicola laughed with a high pitched cackle as she poured the gunge all over Brooke Kinsella. She had managed to escape the gunge and she was now going to take full advantage of it. The yellow gunge piled on her head, almost forming a point for a second. Brooke was totally slathered in the nasty gunge. Strands of the gunge hung from her fringe. At that moment in time, Brooke’s entire world was wallowing in gunge. She rubbed her hands over her mucky arms and across her legs. In a matter of seconds, she looked very different than she did before. She was left on her seat, laughing and wallowing in a mountain of gunge. She tried to flick some at Nicola as she walked away, but to no avail. The camera pulled in and got a close up of her covered in the gunge. She stood up, pushed away some gunge and returned to the line.

“Ok then, that is four to two in favour of Eastenders after six rounds. Only two more left, Emmerdale can not afford another slip up now,” Mr. G. said,” Let’s get right on to round seven. This round pits Zoe Lucker against Charley Webb.” Charley stared straight ahead with eyes like saucers. Zoe squirmed back and forth. She looked like she had ants in her pants, she could not stand still. She was very nervous. If she ended up covered in gunge it would be absolutely humiliating for her. Charley’s eyes looked vacant. She tried to focus on anything but the gunge. She was hoping that her older opponent would be the one getting messy, but she knew that it could just as easily be her on the receiving end. “So Charley,” Mr. G. asked,” How are you feeling right now?,” he asked. “Well I would love the chance to gunge Zoe there. She always wears those white skirt suits. It would be a lot of fun to get her dirty. I am very nervous that it will be me getting the mess though.” “And Zoe?,” he asked. “I think that it is definitely going to be me getting it. There are a lot of people out there who would love to see me get covered in gunge. It is not going to be fun. I am certain that it is going to be me,” she said. “Well there is only one way to find out,” Mr. G. said,” It is time for our results.” The lights were lowered once again. “I can now reveal that our winner and the person who has earned the gunge for this round is,” Zoe closed her eyes. Her body shook and fidgeted. She was heavily sweating. Charley stared blankly ahead, expressionless. “Charley Webb, believe it or not,” he said. Zoe reacted with an explosion of emotion. She jumped up and screamed “Yes!” Charley just looked down at the ground and walked over to the easy chair, hanging her head. She kept her head down. Zoe was allowed to go over and choose a bucket of gunge. She chose the green one. Charley crossed her legs and flung her hair back.

Zoe walked over to her. She grinned from ear to ear. She was probably more relived to not be the one in the chair than anything else. She held the bucket and smiled widely. She bowed and then turned the bucket over onto Charley Webb. She decided that she was going to do something different this time. She picked up the bucket and, rather than slowly pouring it, she pushed it down onto Charley’s head, very quickly. Charley’s legs flew up in the air as the bucket of green gunge was thrust down over her head. She screamed. Her thin legs and arms flailed in the air. Everyone was hysterically laughing at Charley’s misfortune. Zoe quickly ran back to her spot. Charley nearly fell off her chair and onto her behind. Her legs spread apart wide. She lifted the bucket from her head and tossed it on the floor. Her long flowing hair was matted in green gunge. Her face was covered in mounds of gunge. When she pulled the bucket off, mounds of gunge fell down in clumps down her body and onto the floor. She used her hands and pushed some of the globs away. She did not look too amused. She scowled as she returned to her line.

It was clear that Eastenders had won, but there was one more round to go. The score was not mentioned at this point. Tianna Benjamin and Emily Symons were the last two left. Tianna crossed her arms flicked her hair. She did not look very worried. Emily looked very worried though. The enormous breasted Australian had just seen all but two of her team get trashed. She did not want to join them in their misery. She knew her breasts would be a major gunge target. She gave a polite smile to hide her worry. Tianna just gave attitude. “So, Tianna, do you think that you will be getting the gunge tonight?,” Mr. G. asked. She gave an, oh please, type look and waived her hand. “I am not too worried. I have escaped the mess before and I will do it again. Just you wait and see.” “And Emily, what about you?,” he asked. She bit her lip and made a funny face. “Let’s just say I am not as confident as Tianna is,” she responded. “Ok then, last vote of the night. Here we go,” Mr. G. said,” Our last winner…the person getting the final bucket of sloppy” Tianna closed one eye, looking nonchalant. Emily on the other hand was shitting herself. Her face was scrunched up and her fingers were crossed. “And the winner is…Emily Symons,” Mr. G. said. Emily’s face was a picture. She made a funny, screwed up face, her eyes wide. Tianna shrugged her shoulders. “I knew it. What did I say? I win again,” she arrogantly proclaimed. Emily, meanwhile frowned and pouted. She was lead over to the now smathered easy chair by Mr. G. She awkwardly sat down into the muck that was already all over it. Tianna then walked over and grabbed the final gunge bucket. This one contained white gunge. Emily gripped the arms of the easy chair for dear life. She a real death grip on it, digging her nails into the padded arms of the chair. Tianna walked up in front of her. She bent over and stuck a finger into Emily’s face. She then gave an overly exaggerated laugh, mocking the Australian born Emmerdale actress. She put her fingers to her head in the shape of an L. “You are a loser,” she screamed at her. Emily put her hands in front of her, trying to shield herself from the abuse. Tianna then took her spot at the back of the chair. She was going to enjoy this. Team Eastenders had totally dominated on this evening.

“OMG, this gunge is so disgusting and so sloppy. It’s too bad it’s going all over your head, honey,” Tianna mocked. Emily gave a worried look. She did not say anything. Tianna was going to really take a great deal of pleasure in humiliating her older rival. “Joke’s on you babe,” Tianna squawked. She raised the gunge bucket and then steadied it with one hand as Emily fidgeted and screwed up her face, begging for mercy. The gunge poked its way out of the bucket and landed on the top of Emily’s golden blonde hair. Her head made a fantastic target. The gunge poured its way straight down onto her pronounced facial features. She screamed as the white mess poured down over her face. It seemed to make its way into every wrinkle and crevice on her beautiful tanned face. It looked almost like bird mess. “oooh, I hope you like this you Australian bitch,” Tianna squawked. Her face dripped in thick white gunge. Tianna then turned her attention to her next target which was, of course. Emily’s enormous pair of breasts. She aimed the gunge straight for the centre of Emily’s massive cleavage. Emily recoiled as white gunge plummeted straight down over her large breasts. The gunge covered her shirt and flowed down inside of it, between her breasts. She recoiled from the cold slimy feel of the gunge all over her breasts. Tianna had no mercy as she gunged Emily’s breasts. The feel of the gunge came as a shock to Emily. As a result, her nipples had become erect. They were rock hard beneath her top. The top had gone slightly flimsy from the wetness of the gunge. The outline of Emily’s rock hard nipples could be seen through her t shirt. Emily made no attempt to wipe any of the gunge from her face. It continued to plop down. The whole top of her head was basically a mass of white gunge. Only parts of her eyes and her mouth was visible. Tianna then went in front of Emily. She leaned over and pointed in hr face again. “I hope you enjoyed that you bitch. White is your colour. It really suits you.” Emily tried to not pay any attention to her taunts.

Mr. G. then came forward. Emily still sat in the chair. “Well, that is it everybody. I think that it is pretty obvious that Eastenders are the winners and Emmerdale are the big losers. Only two members of the Eastenders team ended up messy. Well done to them.” A shot was shown of the Eastenders team celebrating. “As our winners, they get one final prize this evening. We are going to have a group gunging. Eastenders is going to get to gunge the whole Emmerdale team.” A shot was shown of the Emmerdale team looking dejected, especially Nicola and Sally, who had managed to stay clean through the whole show. “Come on Emmerdale ladies, join me over here by this wall,” he said. The group reluctantly followed him over to the wall. They stood side by side huddled closely together on a pre arranged spot. “And can the Eastenders team please join me over here,” He said, walking out just opposite the Emmerdale team. The Eastenders team were each given an item. Two were given two pies each. Three were given buckets of gunge. The last three were given hoses. No one had to say what to do. Everyone knew instinctively what was about to happen. The Eastenders team was going to, collectively, let the whole Emmerdale team have it.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” On the count of three.” Everyone counted down “3...2...1” The hoses were turned on, blasting gungey foam all over the Ememrdale team. The Eastenders team members were able to control where the mess went, aiming it right where they wanted it to go. Straight in Nicola’s face, across Verity’s body, on Emily’s breasts for example. The Emmerdale ladies screamed and squirmed. They wiggled about and writhed. The eight of them getting messed together. The pies were hurled through the air, landing on various areas of the eight women and splattering in all directions. The three gunge buckets were then thrown at them. Pink, black and dark purple gunge flung at them, splattering their already messy bodies in even more gunge. When it was all over, the eight of them stood together in close proximity, all of them covered in mess. A sign was then brought over to them that read,” Eastenders rules, Emmerdale sucks” They were made to have their pictures taken with the sign. The Eastenders women celebrated together. Emmerdale had been beaten badly. the show went off the air with shots of the eight sloppy women stood together, looking at one another in defeat.