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Michelle Keegan 2 hen party

Michelle Keegan 2 hen party

Michelle Keegan was now engaged. Much to the chagrin of many men in the country and around the world as she literally was one of the most attractive females on the planet. Her friends planned a very special hen party for her. They rented a villa in Spain for the weekend and were going to have an amazing time. They were really going to let their hair down, with very few consequences. The main ladies that attended were her former Coronation Street co-stars. This included, Brooke Vincent, Sasha Parkinson, Kym Marsh, Georgia Maye Foote and Amy Kelly. Little did Michelle know that they had one or two surprises in store for her that she would have never dreamed of. Of course, no one would let her in on any of the secrets that they had planned for her over the weekend, no matter how many persuasive tactics she attempted to use to get them to spill the beans. Everyone was keeping mum about what was planned, which was some feet because a few of these young ladies had very big mouths and could talk for England.

It was very hot in Spain and the women spent most of their time wearing very little. They spent all day in their bikinis and the night in very skimpy clubbing dresses and skirts. They were doing a lot of drinking as well. A large amount of alcohol was consumed. They had a good time teasing their friend and just having fun. They were getting a bit wild at times as well. On the second evening, the ladies had been out on the beach for most of the day. They returned to the villa in the early evening all dressed in their bathing suits. Michelle wore a black bikini that did not really leave much to the imagination. It showed off her scorching hot tanned skin. Her hair was back, as she normally wore it. She was looking incredibly hot. Little beads of sweat forming all over her tanned body. While the group were at the beach, the girls had arranged for a little surprise to be set up back at the villa for their friend. 

When they arrived back, Michelle noticed that there were containers and things around that were not there before. They were hard to miss, there was dozens of them around. She asked her mates what was happening, but instead of answering, they grabbed her by her arms and walked her into the house and into the main room. They all laughed. Michelle laughed as well,” Guys, wait, what are you doing?,” she asked. “Oh you will see,” Brooke replied. They moved her to the centre of the room where there was a pillar. Kym pulled Michelle’s arms behind her. “There’s no escape,” Sasha told her, as she held up a pair of handcuffs. She jingled them in front of Michelle’s face. “Oh shit, I’m done for,” she said, comically rolling her eyes. Kym was handed the cuffs and cuffed Michelle’s hands behind her back around the pillar, rendering her helpless. “Well, we have arranged a messy surprise for you Michelle. It is a sort of engagement present from all of us in your last days as a single woman,” Kym said. “We’re going get you good,” Georgia chimed in. They all laughed. Michelle grimaced. She shook her head making a comical face.

The women cackled like hyenas as they went over and began grabbing items to use on the young lady who was voted the sexiest in all of soaps year after year after year. For good reason as well, she literally was one of the most attractive women in the world. Her body was incredible. Many were jealous of her because she didn’t work out or diet ever, she ate whatever she wanted and her body always looked just the same. It was just how she naturally looked. She didn’t ever wear make-up. She didn’t ever need to dress up. She looked amazing in anything. She was totally down to earth as well. She was now about to get nailed by her best friends and colleagues. She laughed and craned her neck trying to see what they were up to. “Come on guys, don’t be silly. What are you doing?,” Michelle asked.

The other ladies came over to her with gigantic smiles on their faces. Michelle noticed that the ladies carried items in their hands. “This is all for you, Michelle,” they said. They pulled out what they had in their hands. They each carried one item. These included, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ketchup and mustard. They laughed as they lunged at her. “Guys, no, don’t do this, please,” Michelle pleaded, laughing as well as she begged them off. All at once they began to spray the gorgeous tanned actress’ sexy body with the various substances. Michelle squealed and laughed as the women sprayed their mate all over with the various messes. She was cuffed and helpless to defend herself in any way. The various mess descended all over her. They applied the mess in a frenzy of activity. Mess soon covered Michelle’s amazing body. Slowly dripping down her stomach and legs. She felt the mess all over her near perfect body. Michelle could do nothing but laugh. The mess felt quite arousing on her bikini clad body. Her friends continued pouring and laughing. In the frenzy, someone unclasped her bikini top and pulled her bottoms down, leaving her fully naked, cuffed to the pillar. She was unable to make an attempt to cover her modesty. Only being able to lift her knee a bit to one side. The mess dripped down her scorching hot tanned flesh. Ketchup smeared across her face. It looked almost as though she had a red moustache as a result.

Next the girls all picked up various pies and cakes. These included a black forest gateau ,a  strawberry boston cream cake, a peanut butter pie and a chocolate silk pie.  They all laughed as they approached her. All at once, they thrust their pies and cakes straight into Michelle’s face and body. They collided with her body all at once. “Oh my God,” Michelle screamed. All of the pies and cakes landed onto her body with thuds. Michelle shrieked as she felt them against her body. Blobs of gooey and creamy mess covered her body and face. Michelle stuck her tongue out and then made a funny grimacing face. “I can’t bloody believe this,” she said, making a funny face with her tongue and shaking her head.

“Hey Michelle, remember this,” Georgia said. The ladies produced a bucket that contained jellied eels. Georgia was referencing the time when Michelle had jellied eels dumped over her on Celebrity Juice. They pulled some jellied eels out and waived them in front of her face, taunting her with them. “Ha, ha, ha very funny guys. Jellied eels, I get it,” she replied. “Don’t be shy. We know how much you love them,” Georgia replied. The ladies then walked over with some of them in hand. “This should make you feel right at home.” They began to drape the longer ones over her. They placed some over her shoulders and chest. They then pushed some into her crotch and up onto her ass as well. Michelle never imagined that she would be getting this intimate with jellied eels. They draped more over her head and placed some on her face. They put one under her nose. They took smaller ones and placed them strategically on her. They put some onto her nostrils and her mouth. She gagged at the hideous taste. They then dumped the remaining jellied eels and the atrocious substance that they were covered in over Michelle’s head. The eels dumping down her face and all over her body. “ It is minging. I absolutely sinks,” she said in her sexy accent.

Next they got a massive silver, plastic serving tray that was covered in tuna salad and lifted it in the air. Amy and Brooke did this together. They came towards Michelle with massive smiles on their faces carrying the tray. They came to her and pushed it forward into her face. They pressed it into her face. The tray bent nearly in half around her face, covering her face in a mask of disgusting brownish grey tuna salad. Her entire head was nearly covered. They comically pushed it around. When they were done they pulled it up to the top of her head and left it there on top of Michelle’s head for a moment. Michelle’s mouth was wide open. Tuna covered her and rolled downwards. The tray eventually shifted and tumbled onto the floor. The entire room at this point had a decidedly fishy odour to it. Michelle could not believe the level of humiliation that her mates were heaping upon her.

Next to come was a disgusting bucket that was filled with a mixture of spaghetti hoops, baked beans as well as small hot dogs that were mixed in for good measure. It made an absolutely revolting mess as one. The container was double the size of a usual messy bucket at least. Sasha and Brooke grabbed this one lifted it over their friend. Michelle continued to beg them off. “Please, girls no. No more. Don’t please.” She squealed and laughed when the girls started pouring the mixture over her. It poured over her dark hair and straight down her face. There was so much of it that it just overwhelmed her. In an instant her whole head was covered and the sloppy mess was pouring down the front and back of her body. The thick conglomerated mess slowly poured down her curvy tanned body making its way over every sexy body part. The ladies laughed and congratulated themselves. The mess continued pouring over one of the most attractive women in the world. If anyone ever wanted to see what she would look like with beans, spaghetti hoops and small bits of cheap hotdogs stuck all over, they would have found out at this moment. The individual bits could be seen everywhere all over her.

They followed up with some cans that they had brought. They were the cheapest of the cheap bought from bargain generic brands at the supermarket. They included alphabet spaghetti, mushy peas, canned macaroni and cheese and creamed corn, cream spinach and spam. The girls again all ran at her at the same time with cans in both of their hands. They began to dump their cans all over their friend in unison. Michelle shrieked and screamed as cans full of the cheapest, lousiest foods on the market were dumped over her head and body. The women laughed and squealed as they took pleasure in dumping their own messes onto Michelle Keegan. In no time, her entire body was laced with individual blobs of mess everywhere. She had a blob of macaroni and cheese stuck to one side of the top of her head. Alphabet spaghetti stuck all over her face. Mushy peas and spinach stuck to her thighs. Michelle gasped for breath. She then just looked at her mates and rolled her eyes. She stuck her tongue to the corner of her mouth and shook her head, giving a look that she was famous for when she was annoyed. It looked incredibly sexy. It looked even sexier as a letter B from the alphabet spaghetti tumbled from the tip of her nose.

The ladies then got ready with the final mess of the evening for Michelle. This time they all carried huge dishes with various dishes contained in them. Among them were lasagne, chicken korma, beef hot pot and coleslaw. The women each chose which one they wanted to use on their friend. They were originally planning to each take a turn, but no one wanted to wait so they all rushed forward at the same time once again. All at once the pushed their baking dishes at the cuffed actress. She closed her eyes as the masses of sloppy food made contact with her. Chicken korma in a thick, yellow sauce poured down her head. Hot pot rolled over her breasts and down her abs in its thick brown gravy. Lasagne was all over her private parts and backside as well as strewn everywhere else. Creamy coleslaw cover her face, neck and back. She was soon a mountain of sloppy mess from head to toe. The ladies all danced around and laughed, pointing at her.

They all took selfies and the words, instgram, twitter and facebook were mentioned. Michelle was helpless to do anything to defend herself. “ Happy engagement,” the ladies said, laughing and smiling. “Thanks guys, really, you shouldn’t have,” Michelle said sarcastically. She shook her head and laughed. She knew that they did the whole thing out of good fun, but she still wanted to get her own back someday. Eventually, they uncuffed her and set her free. The first thing she did was run after the others, trying to wipe and fling muck at them. She managed to grab Georgia, wrapping her arms around her, wiping some of the mess onto her. The two laughed and tumbled to the ground. Michelle then stood up and laughed. She pointed at them all. “Right, wait until you lot get married. I am going to get my own back. Payback will be sweet,” she said. She wiped away some of the mess from her hair and face. She then went and had a shower with the hose out back, cleaning the sloppy mess from her dirty body with the cool water in the war Spanish sunshine. She scrubbed her naked body from top to bottom. She still could not believe what they had done to her.

When she was finished, she went to the door and tried to get back in. The door would not open. She panicked. She pulled at it struggling. She realized she was outdoors wearing nothing. Thoughts flashed in her head of what she would do if she could not get back in. Luckily at that moment, Kym came to the door. She smiled as dangled the key on one finger. She made Michelle squirm a bit, but finally opened the door for her allowing her back inside.

Natalya gets pumpkin pie and whipped cream

Natalya from WWE recently got covered in pumpkin pie and whipped cream. It may not be the best scene in the world, but overall I think it is pretty good. It really suits her as well somehow. The full gallery is at:

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Revenge for Raign Rabin

Revenge for Raign Rabin

Raign Rabin hated Cheryl with a passion. She knew that the X Factor judge hated her and did not want her on the show. She blamed Cheryl for getting her booted from the show. Raign was furious with Cheryl and wanted revenge. She felt like Cheryl had been very unfair and had basically ruined her life. After she was eliminated, she waited for Cheryl to be alone to exact her revenge. She would not stop until she got her revenge and humiliated Cheryl as she had been.

Raign hid backstage and stocked the place until the perfect moment arrived. She waited until Cheryl went to the toilet. She waited until Cheryl had closed the stall door and had sat on the toilet. She wanted to catch her with her pants down, literally. There were no bodyguards or anything around. Raign waited and listened. She heard Cheryl pull her dress down, sit on the toilet and begin to relieve herself. This is when she made her move. She ran into the bathroom, slid under the stall door and grabbed her nemesis by the arms. “Raign, what the fuck are you doing here? I am trying to take a shit here,” Cheryl exclaimed. “Yeah, well I can certainly smell, that, but you are coming with me.  I am going to have my revenge you filthy bitch,” she shouted. She pushed the stall door open and pushed Cheryl out. “Where are you taking me, my dress,” she exclaimed. Her dress was left behind on the floor. She had not been wearing any underwear underneath. “I am going to expose you for what you really are. Changing your last name every time you fuck a new guy, you really are a slut. Plus what you just did in that toilet in there, well, you really are a dirty slag. You stink. You can’t sing either.” She marched a naked Cheryl out of the door and towards the stage. “No, Raign, please you can’t do this everyone will see,” Cheryl asked, but Raign pushed her through the curtains out onto the stage. Cheryl tried to cover modesty, but it was very difficult.

As this was happening no one was looking at the stage initially. Someone caught a glimpse from the corner of their eye and said,” Oh my god, its Cheryl and she’s naked.” When this was said, everyone in the arena turned and looked. What followed was deafening echoes of laughter and cheering. The tv cameras and everyone’s camera phones seem to turn their attention to her simultaneously. Cheryl could not believe the wave of humiliation that washed over her entire being at this precise moment in time. Cheryl tried to struggle but she was a very small woman and Raign overpowered her. Most of the other girl acts for Cheryl’s category were sat on stage in their seats. Raign motioned to them. One brought over her seat. Cheryl was pushed down into the seat. Another took her sweater and tied Cheryl’s arms to the back of the chair so she could not break free. Cheryl tried to struggle and to cover her modesty at the same tied but she was unsuccessful on both accounts. It was doubly embarrassing because she had been right in the middle of using the toilet when she had been grabbed, so had not really finished doing her business. She tried to scream and beg. “Raign, what in the fuck is this shit?,” she shouted. Raign beamed an evil grin from ear to ear. “You are nothing but a no talent, dirty bitch. I am going to show everyone what you really are. You deserve this.” Cheryl looked to her fellow judges and the contestants for some form of help, but no one wanted to help her. Everyone was enjoying her embarrassment. She realised that everyone had now seen every inch of her nude body. Her fully waxed private parts were on full display for the world to view. Cheryl glared in anger. “What the fuck,” she shouted. She had been humiliated before but never anything like this. Raign leaned back and took a selfie.

Raign smiled and said,” Let’s get this bitch dirty.” Everyone in the arena cheered. Cheryl couldn’t believe that no one was doing anything in her defence. Raign motioned for some of the stagehands to come over. They had with them containers of food and mess that they Raign had managed to gather from catering. Everyone continued to cheer. They really wanted to see this happen in the worst way. Raign looked at Cheryl and laughed wickedly. “You think that you are so much better than me and everyone else, well, it is time to show the world what you really are, Frenandez- Versini or whatever the hell your last name is these days.” “Raign, you really don’t want to do this,” Cheryl warned. “Oh, I think that you will find that I really, really do.” She looked at the catering containers and decided the place where she wanted to begin on the famous singer.

Unfortunately for Cheryl, the starting point was some leftover sloppy joes that were left by an American performer who had been visiting the studio. Cheryl never really knew what these were until today. They were similar to chilli but not as spicy and without beans inside. It was usually made into sandwiches. It was ground meat, green peppers and onions in a chilli sort of sauce. It was thick and chunky. As it had been sitting around all day, uncovered, it had started to go slightly off. “Time to get sloppy, Cheryl,” Raign said smugly. She went around behind the helpless judge and began to pour the now cold meaty substance down onto her. Cheryl squealed as she felt the sloppy mess pouring down onto her. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as a blanket of sloppy joes poured down over her head and covered her entire face almost instantly. A load went into her mouth. She gagged. It now tasted and smelt pretty revolting. She tried to close her nose and mouth as much as possible. Her face was soon a mask of sauce and meat. Everyone laughed as the meaty mess ascended down her face and all over her naked body. It poured down her front, all over her breasts and onto her legs. She could feel the slimy mess all over her naked flesh. She cringed. It made her skin crawl. It felt disgusting on her nude body.

Next Raign produced a party tray of chips with various dips. It was filled with nacho cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream in various separate compartments. It was huge and round. Raign could barely care the thing on her own. She walked up to her nemesis and pushed the tray over onto her. The orange, red, green and white messes tipped all over the naked singer at various angles and on various body parts. Some chips that were in the tray fell on her as well and shattered everywhere in pieces, breaking upon impact. They stuck all over her. She was left with blobs of the various dips all over her body.

Raign then produced a bucket filled with baked beans. “It seems that our friend Cheryl here has had a few too many of these based on her natural aroma,” Raign mocked. “I think most of us are aware of Cheryl’s gas problem that she experiences from time to time,” Raign quipped. “ I did not fart,” Cheryl shouted,” Why does everyone always think that?,” she exclaimed. She smiled as she quickly tipped the bucket over onto Cheryl, pouring a torrent of sloppy baked beans down over her beautiful face and over her unclothed body. Cheryl shivered and quivered as she felt the sloppy touch of the baked beans all over her naked flesh. The beans slowly rolled down her face and body. Her face was already covered in mess. The outlines of the curves of her face could still just be distinguished beneath the mess. The beans poured down over them. Cheryl’s fellow judges just pointed and laughed. They were stunned but quite pleased at what they were witnessing.

Raign then grabbed a sandwich platter filled with sandwich fillers, cheese, lunch meat and condiments. There was some deli mustard and mayonnaise on the platter along with provolone, American and Swiss cheese. There was tuna fish as well as various forms of lunch meat. These included, bologna, pimento loaf as well as chicken salad.  All of this, again was in a huge round plastic tray, similar to the one that the chips and dips had been in. It was large and much heavier than the other one had been because of the weight of the cold cuts. Cheryl winced as the failed contestant approached her. She struggled to carry the tray, even with both hands. As she approached, the entire tray tipped over in one violent jolt, tipping everything all over Cheryl. She was instantly covered in a mountain of sandwich filled. Slices of cheese and cold cuts stuck all over her body. Slices of bologna stuck the world famous singer’s face, legs and ass. “I can’t believe that I have bologna all stuck to my ass,” Cheryl thought to herself. She was helpless to defend herself or to deflect any of the onslaught of messiness that was being hurled her way. It killed her that this failure of a contestant was getting one over on her like this. In her mind, she was a nobody, but it was her that was administering the humiliation to the famous pop star and tv judge. She was fully aware that everyone would get a chance to see this as well. The audience was hooting, howling and cheering. The other contestants were loving seeing someone get their own back on one of the judges. Many were enjoying the fact that it was happening to Cheryl.

Next to come was a tray of salads. It was filled with a tossed salad, coleslaw, potato salad and macaroni salad. It was even heavier than the sandwich tray had been. It was the same basic shape and size that the others had been. Raign looked down at it. She smiled as she smelled the stuff, it was evident from the aroma that it had definitely gone off. When Cheryl got a whiff she gagged. “Oh my God, that absolutely stinks. It is horrendous,” she shouted. “Not as bad as your stinky ass,” Raign fired back. She walked over and thrust the gigantic tray into Cheryl sideways. Most of it hitting her in the face. Raign pushed it in hard and then pushed the sides of it inwards, smushing ths salads into Cheryl. When she was finished, she pushed it upwards and put the tray on top of Cheryl’s head, leaving it in place there like some sort of ridiculous hat. Cheryl was powerless to remove it. She ended up with coleslaw all over her head and the other salads strewn all over her body. She winced and stuck her tongue out. She grimaced, it really did smell atrocious.

Finally, Raign grabbed the trash can from catering. It was filled with the discarded remains from everyone’s lunches. It was filled to the brim. Raign motioned over and called for a few more of the eliminated contestants to help her serve justice to Cheryl. They assisted her by lifted the garbage in the air and bringing it towards the prone judge. The raised the can in the air, to the applause of everyone in attendance. The tipped it over together and the garbage inside began to flow forth towards Cheryl. The food inside was sloppy, greasy and already rotting. There was discarded rotten vegetables and fruit inside as well. There were all manner of discarded food inside and everything was soaked in foul smelling garbage water. Cheryl screamed as the sloppy mess made its way over her face and body. She made retching noises as she disappeared under a mountain of disgusting garbage. The mess seemed to flow for ages, covering the slim judge in the mess. It stuck and piled everywhere on her body. She looked like a human trash heap. Everyone shook hands as the looked down at the trashed star.

Everyone took the opportunity to take selfies and photos at this magical moment. Social media went haywire immediately. The photos went everywhere. Cheryl would never be able to live this one down. Finally Raign was left at the point where she had to set Cheryl free. As she did though, she grabbed her and pulled her over her knee. She then administered a quick spanking to Cheryl’s naked, mess covered backside. Cheryl yelped in pain and shock as the failed contestant’s hand bounced off of her tight behind. She then slithered away and ran back to her dressing room, trying to cover herself as she did. She did not know how she would face the world after this. She was going to need some time to recover from this embarrassing episode, for sure.