Sunday, 27 July 2014

Marta Porta

I found this clip recently. It may have been posted somewhere before, I am not sure, but I never saw it before. It is pretty good. Plus she has a pretty nice rear end, if I may say so.

Big Brother endurance

Here are some pics from a gunge endurance task on Big Brother. It is a shame that most of the females are already gone. Really only Ashleigh and Zoe ended up messy, but it was relativly good, if not spectacular. The full gallery is at:

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dianna Agron an unwelcome return

Dianna Agron an unwelcome return

Dianna Agron was extremely unpopular with her former Glee cast mates. In fact, most of them hated her. When they heard that she was coming back to appear on a special episode of the show, they were not happy. When she had left, they had all been very happy about it. They were not happy that she would be back. They wanted to do something to ensure that she would never, ever want to appear back on the show again. They concocted the perfect plan to ensure that she would never come back again. She had no idea how much they really did dislike her.

Dianna was getting ready in her dressing room. Her former colleagues were able to get an extra key from her locker room from one of the janitors in the building. They made their way to her dressing room and let themselves inside. They creeped in when she was in the bathroom and locked the door behind them so she would not be able to escape. When she was finished in the bathroom, she was startled to see her former cast mates in her dressing room waiting for her. “Oh, hi, what are you guys doing here?,” she said, still not really realizing what was going on. “Well, miss movie star,” Lea Michele said,” We are here to send a message to you. We do not like you and we do not want you here. So, get lost and never come back again.” “Well, I was asked to be on the show. It’s not really any of your business,” Dianna replied. “We thought you might feel that way, so we came prepared. Let’s get her guys.”

The boys grabbed Dianna by her arms. “Hey, wait, what is this? What are you doing?,” she said, struggling.  In the meantime, the girls who played her cheerleader friends began to rip her cheerleading outfit off. They forced her skirt down, then pulled her top off. “That’s right, strip the bitch,” Lea ordered. The girls then pulled down her pure white panties and yanked off her matching white bra. This left the thin, tanned actress wriggling and struggling in only her shoes and socks.  Leah clapped and laughed, pointing at her cleanly shaved vagina. “Looking good, you raunchy little bitch,” Leah exclaimed. Dianna’s hot naked body wriggled and squirmed. “It’s time for you to get messy, you sloppy little whore,” Leah taunted.

Leah grabbed two containers of whipped cream. She shook them up and flipped the caps away. She then aimed the nozzles at Dianna’s chest. She began spraying whipped cream all over Dianna’s sweaty, tanned body. The whipped cream, instantly began to melt and lose shape because of Dianna’s body heat. She moved the bottles downwards. Spraying Dianna down her chest, over her legs and all over her vagina. She then took both containers and aimed them at the top of Dianna’s head. She squeezed the release valves, spraying whipped cream all over the top of her former colleague’s head.  It covered the top of her head, her blonde hair and then her face. Whipped cream dripped from her breasts, knees, chin and crotch.

Leah next grabbed a large tray of specially made desert from catering. It was made with cream cheese, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. It all combined together in a cooking tray and chilled, making it ice cold now. Leah picked it up, stepped forward and thrust the entire tray into Diana’s face and body. The entire tray was pushed into Dianna. The whole thing splattered all over her face and down the front of her sexy body. Dianna gasped and she felt the cool desert land on her naked flesh. When the tray fell down, the mess remained all over her body. It was caked in everywhere. A mixture of brown and white mess covered her sweaty body. Her knees buckled as she felt it all over her body, particularly, slopping between her legs. It dripped down her face. Her hair was plastered in the creamy mess. 

Things then took a much more unpleasant turn for Miss Agron. Instead of what were delicious deserts, she was now faced with a pot full of baked beans. She was about to be beaned. Leah looked her straight in the eye She gave her a look of utter distain and then tipped the baked beans over onto Diana’s head. Diana closed her eyes as the baked beans poured down over her face and then down her body. She could feel them oozing down her breasts as well as her back. She could feel the unpleasant touch of beans against her bare skin. They flowed down her back and over her behind. She could feel baked beans on her cheeks and over her crack and then down the backs of her legs. Beans dripped from her breasts, down her legs and off of her pussy lips. Her legs were open and beans dripped directly from between her legs. The actors and actresses were relishing the embarrassment that they were heaping upon the girl that they all hated with a passion. None of them had even an inkling of any sympathy for her whatsoever. Everyone laughed at seeing the naked actress dripping in baked beans. She had never felt this humiliated before. They were taking things to a whole other level.

Next, they grabbed a catering tray of pasta in carbanara sauce. It contained thick white spaghetti noodles as well as ham in a thick, creamy white sauce. Leah took the tray and thrust it into Dianna’s face and body. Dianna gasped and let out an audible gulp as it landed on her. The noodles stuck to her head and dangled from her face and body. He shoulders and breasts were covered in the sloppy white sauce. She knew that she must look absolutely ridiculous at this point. Thick spaghetti dripped and fell from her body, the sauce dripped down her as well. 

Finally, Leah took a large pot of leftover spaghetti, this time in normal spaghetti sauce with lumps of mince in it. She took the whole pot and turned it over on Dianna’s head. She pushed it down and allowed the spaghetti to pour down her. She then pushed the pot further down onto Diana’s head. When the pot was empty, Leah left it in place on Dianna’s head. Spaghetti dripped down her body. It smelled atrocious. Dianna continued to squirm as she felt the unwelcome touch of leftover spaghetti on her naked body parts.

The guys then pulled Dianna over and placed her into a large trash can that was located in the corner of her dressing room. They pushed her down into it so that only her head and legs and feet stuck out of it. The spaghetti pot was left on her head. She wiggled around but did not have the ability to remove herself from the trash can.  The rest of the cast looked down on her. “Fuck off and never come back again,” they said. They then marched out, leaving Diana submerged in the trash can.

It took her ages to expunge herself from the trash can, eventually, pushing it over. She was very annoyed about the whole thing. She ended up leaving and ringing her agent. She would never accept another invitation to appear on the show again. She never really told anyone why. The producers of the show never found out about what had happened. They would have been annoyed, because they wanted her to appear on the show.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fiona Phillips and Emma Crosby Good morning gunge

Fiona Phillips and Emma Crosby Good morning gunge

Emma Crosby and Fiona Phillips began presenting a new breakfast time chat show together. They were both veterans of doing breakfast show presenting and were ready for anything that came their way, or so they thought. It was the first week of the show. It was week-long celebration of the beginning of the show. There were special guests and features all week that had to do with the start of the new show. 

One of the features on the show was about some of the shows that had been on the channel in the past.  The feature talked a bit about some older children’s shows such as Get Your own back and Tiswas. Part of the feature then turned towards gunge.  The show then turned back to the studio. 

Fiona and Emma were interviewing some of the people who used to host these sort of shows. The subject of the interview turned to gunge itself. “What do you think the attraction of the whole thing is?,” Emma asked. “Well, there is lots of reasons. There is the fact that it is just fun. A lot of people find it quite funny. Other people feel that it is naughty,” the gameshow host said. “I think that what you realize, is that, although people don’t admit it and feel a bit embarrassed, everyone loves it really,” Fiona said. “Especially, seeing it happen to someone they know, for sure,” Emma said. “It is something that really has to be experienced first-hand,” the gameshow host said. “Today, we thought that we would let you to experience it first-hand yourselves,” he said. The two ladies looked at each other. They laughed nervously, looking one another. “Well what can we say? I don’t suppose that we can refuse. You were nice enough to bring some along with you,” Emma said.

They two ladies were in grey skirt suits. It was very warm outside on this particular day. Getting something cool poured on them was not the worst thing that they could imagine on a day like this. It might actually feel quite good on this occasion. The gameshow host then revealed that a classic gunge tank had been brought with him and set up at the back of the set. It was big enough for both ladies to get into together. They might just have to scrunch together a little bit. This was not a bad thing. The two ladies reluctantly made their way over to the tank. They stepped inside and sat down together side by side. They crossed their legs as they sat down. The door was closed behind them, sealing the two presenters into the tank together. They looked at each other and smiled nervously. They really were getting close to one another at this point.

The gameshow host then went over to the lever. He asked the audience for a countdown. Everyone in the studio began to count down together. “Three…two…one.” He pulled the lever. The ladies waived their hands about and then clutched each other tightly. They closed their eyes in anticipation of what was about to happen to them. They let out a high pitched scream as the gunge hit them both from above. Viscous looking pink gunge began to pour down over them both.

The audience cheered wildly as the two presenters slowly got totally covered in the sloppy gunge. The gunge poured down from above. At first it came down slowly. It hit between the women first in a single stream and then separated, pouring down on each of their faces. Gunge poured down the centres of their heads and dripped down their faces. They shrieked and attempted to lower their heads, but the pace of the gunge began to quicken. Because every inch of the tank was packed with their bodies, there was no way that they could avoid the gunge. If they tried to move to avoid gunge on one part of themselves, it would simply pour somewhere else on them. They attempted to lift their bottoms, but the gunge was still pouring everywhere.

They could feel it now down the backs of their necks and then down their backs. They could feel it getting inside of their clothes. They then cuddled even closer as the gunge poured and poured down onto them both. By now the colour of the gunge had changed to purple. It was just as thick and sloppy. It seemed to pour for ages. It covered their heads and began to get onto their faces more and more. Their expensive suits were completely splattered in sloppy gunge. The stains would probably never come out. The man pulling the lever smiled and clapped his hands as he continued to pull down as hard as he could on the lever. The two women tried to wipe some of the sloppy gunge away. They put their hands through their hair and over their faces, pushing away some of the collected gunge.
The gunge continued to fall. It had now changed to red gunge that was pouring on top of the ladies. 

They continued to try to avoid it. Their bodies were pressed closely together. They hugged and lowered their heads, but the space that they were in was so confined that the gunge still managed to cover everything within the tank. Even when it missed, it still bounced off the walls and splattered back onto the ladies in some fashion. The three colours of gunge began to mix all over the ladies bodies like some sort of tie dye experiment.

Eventually, the gunge slowed to a halt. Everyone gave the ladies a big round of applause. The door was opened and the women were allowed out. Fiona stepped out first. She was covered in splattered gunge. She held her hands out in front of her and let out a squeal. Emma then got out. She shook her hands and ran her fingers over the ends of her messy hair. She shook her head and gave a funny look. The two women looked at each other then at the gameshow host. “Don’t take this the wrong way. It’s nothing personal, but you are never going to be asked to be on the show again,” Fiona joked. Everyone laughed.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blue Peter ladies night

Blue Peter ladies night

Katie Thistleton and Shannon Flynn were presenters on Blue Peter. They had always, somehow, managed to escape gunge votes in the past. They were both adorable. They were very attractive young ladies. Many were dying to see them get messed. It was becoming somewhat frustrating for after a while to see them escape so many good opportunities to get messed. It was decided by the producers of the show that this could go on no longer.

It was decided that they were going to do a special show that would be a sort of all girls show. Everything on the show would be themed around females. What the girls did not know was what was planned for them at the end of the program. Unbeknownst to them, at the end of the show, the girls were going to be finally getting what they deserved in terms of mess. It was going to be a huge payoff for everyone who had been waiting patiently to see this happen.

The girls really believed that the episode was in their honour. They received pampering sessions, massages etc. Finally the end of the show arrived. The two ladies were on the set with the male presenters. One of them began to speak. “We hope all of the ladies out there enjoyed our special all girls show today. I can now reveal that we have a final surprise for Katie and Shannon to top off the day in style.” The ladies were excited. They expected another special treat for them. “Let’s bring it out for them,” the male presenter said. Stagehands then wheeled out a bath tub and moved it to the centre of the stage. “So, ladies, we are going to treat you to a relaxing bath. However, instead of using regular water and bubble bath, we will be using special sloppy gunge instead.” The ladies’ mouths dropped. They looked at one another and laughed. They should have known that things were too good to be true. “Come on ladies climb on in together. Time for a nice long bath.” The girls were beginning to realize now, just what they may be in for.

The two were wearing jean skirts and tank tops. The two looked at each other and then their co-hosts. They shook their heads. Katie then stepped into the bathtub first. She lifted her leg and climbed on in. Shannon followed her in. Katie sat down and then Shannon followed suit. She sat down, almost in Katie’s lap. The two faced the same direction. Katie’s legs and arms wrapped around Shannon’s body. The two cuddled closely. They struggled to keep their skirts down. It was very difficult to avoid revealing their knickers, especially for Shannon, considering the position that she was currently in.
The two groaned and giggled. They were in disbelief of what was occurring at this time.  The boys then brought over some large gunge buckets for use on the girls. “Time to fill the tub,” one of them said. The girls looked over at them and shook their fists at them, as if to say,” You’re going to get it for this.” They remained silent however. They knew that this was a part of what they had signed up for and that they had been very lucky up to this point to avoid getting messy at one stage or another. Their luck had just run out. 

The male presenters raised the first bucket of gunge over the girls. The ladies screamed as blue gunge fell from the bucket and landed over and between them, all over them. They grasped and clung on to one another as the gunge toppled over them, down their faces and bodies. They squealed and made funny faces as blue gunge poured onto their faces. Shannon puffed up her cheeks and Katie stuck her tongue out. The boys moved the buckets back and forth across the length of the tub, pouring gunge over the mounds of flesh of the girls as they went along. The girls laughed as the gunge poured over, on and between their bodies. Their sexy bodies pressing together.

When the bucket was empty, the next one was produced. This one contained green gunge. The guys lifted it and poured it straight between the two messy girls. It poured all over Katie’s soft blonde hair and then over the back of Shannon’s head. Shannon’s legs kicked and wiggled about a bit. The guys went to work covering the girls in layer after layer of thick green gunge. They could feel it collecting between and beneath them. The gunge was now beginning to rise from the bottom of the bathtub, mixing together beneath the girls. 

The guys were then handed a bucket of orange gunge.  They generously dumped it all over the bathtub from front to back, covering every part of the girls in gunge. Katie tried to pull Shannon close to her, in an attempt to avoid some of the gunge, but all she managed to do was get some of the gunge that was on Shannon on herself. There was no avoiding the onslaught of the gunge. The gunge level of the tub was now almost half away to the top. The girls struggled. They moved their arms around, pretending to swim. They them put their hands to their noses and pretended to do a diving sort of motion. 

When the gunge had stopped pouring, the two girls turned sideways, pressing their heads together. They smiled and gave a thumbs up together into the camera. They were then wheeled out of the building by the boys and the door was closed. The show ended with a shot of the gunged girls, standing up out of the bathtub outside of BBC studios. They looked at each other and realised that they had been locked out. The looks on their faces told the whole story,” How would they get back inside?” The show ended with a shot of the two gunge covered young women looking at one another and pouting.