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Mischa B. gets revenge of Tulisa

Mischa B. gets revenge of Tulisa

Mischa B was very annoyed when X Factor judge Tulisa brought up the fact that she had been bullying some of the other contestants backstage. Tulisa mentioned it on the air, during judge’s comments. Mischa was very angry about this, but she could not really say so publicly because of politics around the program. There is no doubt though that Tulisa’s comments hurt Mischa’s reputation quite a bit. From that point forward in the competition, Mischa struggled for votes, despite being one of the better singers in the competition. Weather the comments by Tulisa were the reason for this could be debated. In Mischa’s eyes, however, there was no debate. She blamed Tulisa for costing her a place in the finals of the show. The truth was, Mischa was a bully and Tulisa pointing this out definitely hurt her popularity. Mischa was incensed. There was no way she was going to let Tulisa get away with what she had done to her. No one crossed Mischa B and got away with it. Tulisa was about to discover this fact the hard way. Mischa B was going to make sure that Tulisa was going to wish that she never opened her mouth. Mischa was going to have Tulisa begging for mercy when she was done with her. Mischa was going to show Tulisa who was the boss.

It happened on the night when Mischa was finally eliminated from the competition. Mischa was able to nick the keys to Tulisa’s dressing room. She waited until Tulisa was in the shower. She unlocked Tulisa’s door and slowly brought in what she needed. She tried to keep quiet, but Tulisa could not have heard her over the shower anyway. She then locked the door behind her. She also found Tulisa’s key which was laying on the dressing table and took that as well. There could be no escape for Tulisa. She then went to the bathroom and took Tulisa’s clothes and towel. She quickly ran back to her dressing room and hid Tulisa’s clothes. Again, Tulisa could hear nothing over the running water of the shower. She then sat in Tulisa’s chair and smiled. She waited for the water to stop and for Tulisa to realize what had happened. She laughed to herself. She was about to have a lot of fun.

Tulisa was unaware that anyone was there. As far as she knew, no one else had a key, so no one should have been able to enter. Finally Mischa heard the water stop. A second later, she heard the shower door open. Mischa laughed to herself because she knew that at that very second, Tulisa would be looking for her towel or her clothes and finding that they were gone. As Tulisa exited the shower, she did just that. “What the fuck,” Tulisa said as looked for her towel and was unable to find it. She thought to herself that she must have just forgotten to get one out. She then looked for her clothes. When she discovered that they were missing a tinge of panic swept through her mind and body. “Where the fuck are my clothes?,” Tulisa thought to herself. She was starting to sweat. She had no idea what could have happened. She decided that she would have to go out into her dressing room. She walked out quickly. When she emerged, what she saw was Mischa B sitting in her chair smiling. Tulisa jumped she was so shocked to see her there. She quickly took her hands and tried to cover her private parts as best she could. “What the hell are you doing here,” she screamed. “Nice tats,” Mischa joked, mocking the tattoos that covered various areas of Tulisa’s body.

“I am here to teach you a lesson Tulisa. I am going to put you in your place. You are going to pay the price for what you have done to me. No one does what you have done to Mischa B and gets away with it. You are nothing but a filthy, disgusting, chav. You are a filthy slag and you know it. You drip with muck, you should be embarrassed. I am going to show you what you really are. You can’t escape, the door is locked, I have the keys and you are naked. Don’t you look cute.” Mischa then stood up and pushed Tulisa over into the chair. She quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs that she had been hiding behind her back. She quickly shackled Tulisa to the chair. Tulisa tried to scream. “Scream again and I will put a gag in your mouth. Now shut up.” Tulisa tried to struggle her way out but could not make any head way. “What are you going to do to me,” Tulisa wailed. “Oh you will see. You are going to get a night that you will never ever forget,” Mischa promised,” Don’t mess with me. You are going to pay dearly for what you have done.” Tulisa glared at her. Tulisa tried desperately to keep her legs closed as tightly as she possibly could. There was little use though, Mischa could see everything anyway. Tulisa was someone who really valued her street cred. She really enjoyed pretending to be tough, which she was not in reality at all. She was always very afraid that people would discover that she was not really like that. Now she could not help but blush at the humiliation that was being heaped upon her by the much younger and much more street wise contestant. She was now feeling very vulnerable. She knew that Mischa was in complete control over her no, a feeling that she absolutely loathed.

Mischa then pulled out a number of buckets and containers. When Tulisa saw what she had, her jaw dropped. “Oh no, you can’t do this, please, you have made your point. I am sorry.” “Too little too late,” Mischa said,” I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am going to enjoy this more than you will ever know. You deserve this,” Mischa said, without a single ounce of sympathy. “This is going to be so sweet,” she hissed. “Trash time,” she said.

Mischa then walked over to and carefully chose the first container that she was going to use on the X Factor judge. Tulisa shook her head and tried wiggling her body around to try to shake herself lose in some sort of way, to no avail. “Hey, Tulisa,” Mischa snickered,” I am sure you have heard this before, I am like marmite, people either rlove me or hate me. Well, I hate you and you are going to get this big container of marmite. This is what chavs like you eat anyway isn’t it, marmite? It is pretty sticky and disgusting. Just like you, come to think of it,” Mischa said in a suddenly chirpy tone of voice. Tulisa glared at her. She tried to protest as Mischa approached with the marmite. Misha grabbed Tulisa by the face, “Hopefully, you will learn you lesson,” she said in an angry tone. She took the container and pushed it into Tulisa’s face. Tulisa’s scream was muffled as the marmite was pushed into her face. Mischa pushed the sticky, smelly marmite into Tulisa’s face. As she removed the container, it revealed Tulisa’s face covered in the sticky paste. The container was still half filled with marmite. Mischa took her hands and grabbed what was left. She pulled the marmite out and pushed it into Tulisa’s chest. She then rubbed her hands down the front of Tulisa’s body, smearing the marmite down Tulisa’s body as she went along. What was left, Mischa poured over Tulisa’s lap. “You filthy chav, you loved that didn’t you? You dirty little slag,” Mischa slapped Tulisa on her backside.

Mischa sauntered off and grabbed the next container that was lying in wait. This container was filled with baked beans for Tulisa. Tulisa continued to urge her to stop. “ Your body is covered in tattoos, fake tan, make up and god only knows what else. What difference is a few baked beans going to make?,” Mischa taunted. Of course it made a huge difference to Tulisa. This was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her. Mischa was loving every minute of this and she was really taking her time too. Mischa walked up beside Tulisa. She held the container out in front of Tulisa, so she could see what she was about to get, before she actually received it. Tulisa wildly shook her head in protest. Mischa raised the container and began to pour the disgusting baked beans down onto the front of Tulisa’s face. The beans were incredibly thick. In a moment Tulisa’s face was covered in baked beans running down the front of her face. They fell over her nose, mouth and chin. “Yuck,” she said, muffled with beans. Her facial features now faced a torrent of the baked beans. Mischa then moved the contained slightly so the beans poured down over the whole of Tulisa’s head. Orange and red baked bean slop plopped down onto Tulisa’s face. Her facial features being the main target of the bean onslaught thus far. Soon her entire head was covered. The flow of the beans, however, continued to pour from her head down onto her body. Huge globs of baked beans made their way down Tulisa’s shoulder blades and down onto her chest. Mischa now changed the target of the beans, directing them directly between Tulisa’s breasts. Tulisa shivered and stammered as she felt the baked beans all over her breasts and down her stomach. Lots of the collected beans were now being pulled by gravity into their final resting place. The way that Tulisa was sat meant that a good deal of the beans fell down her body and collected between her legs. A large pile of beans was now forming in Tulisa’s crotch. She could feel the beans between her legs. She felt their slimy slipperiness against her private parts. Meanwhile, Mischa was pouring more beans down onto Tulisa’s sexy legs. Tulisa tried to hold her knees as closely together as she could as the beans fell onto her legs. Beans washed down on her thighs and kneecaps, trickling down her calves to her ankles and finally all over her toes. Tulisa could feel individual baked beans squelching between her toes. She wiggled her toes in the collected beans. Mischa then decided to pour even more baked beans down over Tulisa’s arched back. Tulisa arched her back forward a bit as beans washed down her back and then down to her backside. She shook and shivered as she felt the beans down the back of her spine. Her back was covered already in some large tattoos. Mischa found it very intriguing to see what the tattoos would look like covered in a layer of baked beans. When Mischa was finished, Tulisa was covered from head to toe in the baked beans. Some had fallen away onto the dressing room floor, but more stuck in place all over Tulisa’s now trembling, sticky body.

The next container that Mischa had for Tulisa was filled with tuna and sweet corn. Mischa knew that Tulisa liked this as a sandwich filler. The moment that Mischa popped open the container, the smell of the, possibly rotten tuna fish filled the room. It was a disgusting foul smell. “Been saving this just for you,” Mischa teased. The tuna was mixed with mayonnaise and sweet corn. No one in their right mind would touch this stuff, but it was about to be put all over Tulisa. Mischa promptly took the tuns fish and plopped the majority of it straight down onto Tulisa’s head. The greyish brown muck was gloppy and thick. Little yellow bits of sweet corn could be seen throughout it. Mischa pushed it down onto the top of Tulisa’s head. It stuck down in place. It was so thick that very little of it dripped away at call. In a minute, three quarters of Tulisa’s face was covered in the tuna. The front of her head down to her eyebrows was now just one large mass of tuna and sweet corn. The right side of her face was covered in it as well. A gigantic glob hung from the larger mass. It looked liked a tuna icicle hanging from her brow. Her nose also had a large glob of tuna fish over it. It looked as if a tuna fish stalactite was hanging from her nose. Sweet corn stuck to her face. Mischa then took a second, large ball of the tuna mixture in her hand. She stood about three yards from Tulisa. She then took aim and softly threw the ball at Tulisa’s body. It flung through the air irregularly and finally hit Tulisa’s body on her chest. When the ball hit her it exploded and splattered all over her body. The main bit stuck to her stomach, where it had originally landed, but bits of the tuna and sweet corn were also splattered all over her breasts and her legs. Tulisa squinted and opened open eye. It was slightly difficult to see with tuna partially covering parts of her face.

Next, Mischa pulled out a large container of cole slaw. She laughed loudly and wickedly. “Hopefully, you are having a lovely lunch fitting of a disgusting chav like yourself,” she venomously said. Like the tuna fish, the cole slaw stunk, even worse than cole slaw usually smells. Mischa thought to herself about how enjoyable pouring this disgusting slop over Tulisa was going to be. It was going to be a very satisfying experience for her. Mischa now stood behind the X Factor judge and took aim at her with the cole slaw. She placed her palm at the bottom of the container to better guide it along. She then slowly tipped the container over the helpless Tulisa. Tulisa wanted to hold her nose, but all she could do at the moment was shut her eyes tightly and try to keep her nose and mouth shut. Mischa tipped the cole slaw down onto Tulisa. The mounds of tuna were soon joined by a mountain of rancid cole slaw. The sloppy white, slimy slop poured from the container and landed on Tulisa’s awaiting head. It poured down over her forehead and down the sides of her face. Her face soon disappeared under a mountain of disgusting cole slaw. It was filled with runny white bits as well as some small orange shredded carrots. The smell was overpowering. Tulisa openly gagged as if she was about to wretch. Mischa then generously dumped more of the foul smelling mess down onto Tulisa’s body. She cringed at the slimy feel and texture of the creamy salad against her skin. Tulisa wiggled. She had an itch on her body that was trying to scratch. More than anything, she wanted to use her hands to clear some of the cole slaw from her eyes and face, but she could not. All she could do was wiggle her mouth and lips in an effort to dislodge as much of the mess as she could. This did cause some of the cole slaw to fall from her chin. Her teeth and her eyes were about all that was left visible from beneath the mountain of disgusting mess that covered her head.

Mischa then walked to the other side of the room. “What the hell, is she doing now?,” Tulisa thought. Mischa soon returned with a small trolley from catering. In it was all of the uneaten food from the lunch that had been provided earlier. On the cart was piles of various sandwiches of all descriptions along with some different salads, some sausage rolls and other cold foods. “Eat up you slut,” Mischa shouted. She pushed the cart towards Tulisa. When it was a few inches away, Mischa tipped the cart over with some force straight at Tulisa, causing it to tip all of the food down over onto Tulisa. Tulisa screamed as a collection of lettuce, tomato, lunch meat, bread, sandwich fillers and finger foods poured onto her. She looked like a human buffet. Mischa pushed the cart away, revealing Tulisa sat on the chair covered in the sandwiches and the other food. Bits of ham, chicken salad, egg salad and bologna were piled all over Tulisa. The food stuck all over her body. Tulisa shook her head in frustrated embarrassment. Mischa crossed her arms and admired her work. She smiled. “Never looked better,” she chirped.

Mischa then went over and grabbed something else. It was a bit of poster board with some words written on it in marker. Mischa walked over to Tulisa and placed the poster board on her lap. It was a sign. The sign had written on it, “Don’t mess with Mischa B.” “Time for a little ride,” Mischa then said. “A ride, oh no. Where are you taking me? Please don’t do this,” Tulisa begged. A rush of panic ran through Tulisa. What was happening? Someone might see her like this. Her eyes widened. Mischa just ignored what Tulisa was saying. Mischa took the key and unlocked the door. She threw the door open. Tulisa continued to beg her to stop. “Time for a little trip,” she said. Mischa put her hands on the back of the chair and started to push it out the door. Mischa smiled and laughed as she wheeled the helpless judge out of the room. Tulisa’s eyes were wide. She could not believe that this was really happening to her. Mischa playfully whistled as she pushed the chair through the hallways, backstage at the studio. She then wheeled her up to the side stage entrance. Tulisa knew what Mischa was going to do now. There was an audience full of people out there as well as some of the contestants and the other judges. “Time for the unveiling,” Mischa said,” And don’t you look cute.” Tulisa screamed as Mischa pushed the chair onto the stage with all of her might. The chair slid and rolled across the stage to the centre. It came to a stop at the centre of the stage. Everyone looked up at that moment. A torrent of laughter filled the entire arena. The Xtra Factor was being filmed as well. The image was going out live to all of the UK. It was after the watershed as well, so they chose not to cut away. Everyone’s camera phones were brought out at that moment. Kelly Rowland was loving what she was seeing as well. “Don’t mess with Mischa B.,” Kelly said in a funny voice. Her and the other judges pointed and laughed. Tulisa could do nothing but look down at her feet and hope that her shame would be over soon. The other contestants were very happy as well with what they saw. Tulisa would never be able to live this down. She lost all of the street cred that she may have had. The producers of X Factor also gave serious thought to not renewing Tulisa’s contract after this.

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Molly and Clare pied


Just posting a youtube video where two young women get pies in the face. It is quite a good video.

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Happy Holidays and Thank you

Hi Everyone,

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas from me, JRG. I also will take this chance to thank everyone who reads my stories and views my posts. I hope that they bring some small measure of enjoyment into people's lives. I enjoy doing them and love the fact that there are people out there enjoying them. Thanks to everyone.

All the best-----JRG

Rihanna Christmas

Rihanna tells the world what she would like at Christmas. As referenced in my Rihanna story. I think I would agree with her.

Sarah Dunn: We met at a club

This story does conatin some nudity and adult content that some may find offensive.

Sarah Dunn: We met at a club

Sarah Dunn has been on Hollyoaks on and off for years now. She tends to leave the show and then come back again. Among the plethora of incredibly attractive actresses who she ahs appeared with on the show, and there have been many, she is arguably the most attractive. Her beauty is world class. She has the perfect body and an amazing face. There are not too many women in the world who could match her looks. Somehow this goes unnoticed. She should be a much bigger star than she is. She can rival any Hollywood actress in the looks department and is, arguably a better actress than a lot of Hollywood actresses. Her whole body and being oozes with sex appeal. Her beautiful blonde hair and tanned toned sexy body are second to none. She is equal to any model in appearance.

It all happened during a period when Sarah was not working on Hollyoaks or on any other major projects. I happened to be out one night in the area where Hollyoaks is filmed. I was at a nightclub. I did not expect to see anyone famous there or anything like that. You can imagine my surprise and delight when, out of nowhere Sarah Dunn appeared at the other side of the bar. Not everyone there really realized who she was. I suppose that she sort of liked it that way. But, as I am a fan of Hollyoaks and have watched it for years, I recognised her instantly. I had always been a huge admirer of hers from the moment I saw her. She was radiant. She looked even better in person than she did on television. Even from across the room, I could almost smell the sexiness emanating from her gorgeous person. She wore a black dress. It was simple yet classy, just like she always was on Hollyoaks. She looked incredibly classy.

I thought that I might approach her, but how was I going to manage that. I mean look at her, she is like some kind of sculpted statue come to life. Her skin was as smooth as porcelain. She had scarcely a blemish on her anywhere. I am an average looking guy at best. I was going to need a lot of courage to approach a woman like that. I had to do it though really, chances like this do not come along very often. It took me a long time to build up the courage to go over to her. Luckily, I had an angle, so I did not need any cheesy pickup lines. Finally, after looking in her direction for what seemed like an eternity, I finally bit the bullet and walked over to her. I said hello and introduced myself to her. “I am sorry to bother you like this, I know what it must be like,” I said. “Oh, don’t be silly,” she smiled,” Men never come to try and talk to me.” “Are you serious,” I said,” You are easily the most attractive woman that I have ever seen in real life before, I would have thought men would be all over you.” “Well, sometimes men think that they have no chance, or are too intimidated to approach attractive women. It is not uncommon. You would be surprised. That is why celebrities always end up dating people in the business, because no one else will approach them. They think that we are just someone on the television. I mean look, I noticed you staring at me for ages before you plucked up the courage to actually come over here. I was thinking, why doesn’t he just come over here, I am getting bored.” “How embarrassing,” I said. “Oh don’t worry, like I said, I understand.” “Well, come on, look at me and look at you. I never thought that you would bother even speaking to someone like me.” “Don’t be stupid. What do you think I was some model who can’t string two words together or some actor who is totally up himself. No thanks not for me. I actually like someone with substance. I actually hate the industry. It is all fake. It is just a bunch of superficial people who think that the whole world revolves around them.” “Wow, I like you even more now,” I said.

After the initial conversation, we talked a bit more and danced. When the evening came to a close, much to my surprise and delight, Sarah asked if I would go back to her place with her. As you can imagine, I could not believe my luck. I jumped at the chance. On the way home, she explained that she had not been with anyone in ages. She said that she had some very unusual habits in the bedroom, that she was usually very cautious about presenting to partners. She said that she knew that I was not judgemental and she somehow felt at ease enough to tell me about it. She said that there had been something that she had been doing to herself for a little while now, that drove her wild, but she had never told a man about before, in fears that they would be repelled by her fantasies. I told her that she could certainly trust me and as long as it didn’t involve children or animals, I may very well be up for what she might suggest. “Well….it’s gunge, gunge and food,” she said. I tried not to show the enormous smile that was coming to my face. I don’t think that I did a very good job concealing it though. “I love to have it poured all over my body. It feels so good all over me. It makes me wet just thinking about it.” I smiled and nearly laughed with happiness. “What is that smile about?,” she asked,” You’re going to laugh at me aren’t you?” she said. “Actually Sarah, I am a big fan of WAM as well,” I said. The look of relief and happiness that came over her face when she heard that acronym was a sight to behold. She knew instantly, in that moment that I enjoyed the same things she did. “Well, then, we are going to have some fun tonight aren’t we?,” she laughed. I put my arm around her and we almost ran back to her place. We could not get there fast enough. Her excitement was obvious. At this point, we could barely keep our hands off of each other already. “I can’t wait to get in that door and to get this dress off,” she said. We held hands and half sprinted back to her flat.

She was so excited that she fumbled with the keys, trying to get the door open. As soon as she did, she threw down the keys and slammed the door. We began kissing passionately. In an instant, she removed her high heeled stilettos and threw them aside. Then, together, in one movement, we pulled her dress off. It came off right down her body. She was left in only a pair of black panties and a matching black bra. She told me,” Grab the stuff from the fridge, I’ll go in the bedroom and get some other stuff ready,” she said. I went to the fridge. When I opened it, I saw a number of bowls and containers, being chilled. She must have planned to use them on herself. I grabbed what I could and headed to the bedroom. When I entered, I saw the sexiest woman I have ever seen, up on the bed. She had a few pairs of handcuffs in her hands. She jingled them around. “I have wanted this for a long time,” she said,” I have never done anything like this with a partner before. I have fantasised about it for ages,” she said. “My thoughts exactly. I have always fantasised about it as well.” “Did you ever have fantasies about me?,” she asked. “Of course,” I said. “Good,” she said,” It turns me on to think of people thinking dirty thoughts about me.” She placed her hand between her legs and wiggled her hips. She then reached around her back and undid the claps on her bra. She then pulled it off and threw it at me. She then lay on the bed, lifted her legs in the air, bent her knees and clasped her waist. She then slowly pulled of her panties, down her stretched legs and bent knees. It dangled from her foot. She wiggled her toe and rotated the underwear around in the air. She then kicked them aside. “ Ok,” she said,” Cuff me to the bed and then the real fun can begin.” She laid herself down spread eagle on her elegant silk sheets. She lay flat on her back. Her incredible bare naked body lay before me on the bed. I could see every inch of her body. Her golden tan skin glistened in the soft candle light of the room. Her body was absolutely prefect. Small drops of perspiration glistened against her taut muscular flesh. She was everything I could have imagined and more. Now I was about to handcuff her to the bed. Everything looked so good, I did not know where to begin. Her ass, legs, breasts and totally waxed pussy were all there to be had.

I took the handcuffs, at her request and gently put them onto one of her wrists. I then raised her arm and placed the cuff around the bedpost. I gently pushed it closed. I then took another pair of handcuffs and did the same to her other wrist. I secured this wrist to the opposite bedpost. “Now my legs,” she said. She had prepared two long pieces of silky fabric for this task. I wrapped one length around her ankle and pulled her leg down. I wrapped the fabric around one of the bedposts and tied a knot. It was tight enough to hold, but Sarah could have broken out of it had she wanted to. It did not hurt her at all. I then took the second piece of fabric and tied her other ankle to the other post. I then stood and looked back, admiring what lay before me. Sarah Dunn lay before me completely naked, her almost perfect body spread eagle and now totally helpless tied into place. She lay prostrate before me. One of the most attractive women in the entire world, was naked and totally at my disposal. I took a second to just look at her. That ass, those legs, those breasts, that vagina, all on display all glistening in golden tan. Tiny beads of perspiration began to form on Sarah’s smooth, toned skin.

I could not resist the pull of her allure. I could smell the scent of her sexiness oozing from her lovely body. The scent of her fragrant skin seemed to fill the room and pull me closed. My mouth watered at the sight that lay before me. I decided that I would grab an ice cube first. I teased Sarah that her body needed a good cleaning first, so I would use the ice and my tongue to give her body a special cleaning. My tongue on every single naked body part. I took the ice cube and placed it, with my fingers on one of Sarah’s calves. I slowly moved the ice cube up Sarah’s shapely calf. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and moaned at the coldness. It slowly melted as it moved along due to her body heat. I then placed my tongue on her leg and slowly licked her calf. I ran my tongue up and down the side of her calf, tasting her leg. The taste of Sarah’s slightly sweaty body was delectable. I then moved the ice cube up to the back of Sarah’s knee, moving it back and forth across it. I then licked that portion of Sarah’s leg. I then moved the ice up her thigh as she moaned in a mixture of coldness and pleasure. Sarah bent her knee slightly to allow me access. I then did the same to her other leg. Licking her legs totally clean. I then took another ice cube and placed it on one of her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard, pointing upward. I ran the ice cube around the outside of each her rock hard nipples as she moaned and jiggled her hips. I then placed my mouth over each of her breasts in turn and began to suck on her breasts. I then ran my tongue around the edge of her nipples. She moaned and squealed, closing her eyes and tightly gripping the bedposts. Her vagina, by this time was beginning to drip with her wetness.

I now took more ice and ran it straight down Sarah’s stomach. Her perfect abs glistening in the soft light of the bedroom. I ran the ice up and down her stomach. I then tasted that as well, lapping up the melting ice water from her sexy golden skin. Sarah’s backside was going to be next. Although it was not the easiest area to access because of how she was positioned, she was able to arch her back slightly to allow me access from below. I took the ice and rubbed it around on each of Sarah’s amazing taunt butt cheeks. I then knelt down and placed my face close to her damp backside and dripping private parts. I moved my mouth closer her backside. I then began to lick her butt cheeks. My tongue ran back and forth over her smooth cheeks, before running my tongue up and down her butt crack. I ran my tongue along tasting her backside. I then moved my face forward a bit, coming face to face with her freshly waxed bikini zone. I rubbed the ice cube now on her clitoris. She moaned and screamed loudly at the feeling that it incited. I then placed my tongue on the outside of her vagina and began to lick it. She moaned even louder in pleasure. I then opened her lips with my fingers and plunged my tongue deep inside of her private parts. I tasted the whole of her. She squirmed and moaned as I sucked on her now wet pussy. I moved my tongue back and forth as her pussy juices began to come forth. Her sexy love juices oozed forth onto my chin and onto the sheets as she orgasmed. Her body jiggled and shook involuntarily in ecstasy.

Sarah was now ready for the bowls of muck that she had been saving in her kitchen for this very moment. The bowls were all ready. She looked up and said to me,” MMM come on do it. Nail me.” I lifted the first bowl which was filled with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry icecream. I warned her that this might be cold. I then took an icecream scoop and scooped three or four scooped of the pink, white and brown, freezing cold icecream straight onto her stomach. She fidgeted as the coldness touched her still hot sweaty flesh. I carefully pushed down on the scoops slightly so they would stick in place for the time being. The icecream instantly began to melt from her body heat, causing pink, borwn and cream coloured milky cream to flow down her body. I then took two more scoops and placed them on top of Sarah’s head. They almost look like mouse ears. They stuck to the top of her head and her golden blonde hair. Again, almost immediately, the icecream began to melt down the sides and the front of her face. I stream of bright pink cream began to run straight down her face, down her nose and then down the rest of her face.

I then grabbed a bottle of chocolate sauce. I cradled it in my hand and popped the cap off. I stood over Sarah, pointing the top of the bottle squarely down at her stomach and just above her private parts. I slowly squeezed the bottle, lightly pouring chocolate sauce up and down Sarah’s stomach and chest. I then moved it downward, leaving dark brown streaks up and down Sarah down to her vagina. I poured more down onto her thighs and down her legs, leaving thick brown trails of chocolaty mess on Sarah’s golden skin. It melted and fell down onto her as I sensually squeezed the sweet chocolate sauce onto Sarah’s sexy prone body. She looked absolutely delicious. I let some more pour on, dripping down onto her vagina and onwards down over her rear end. The smooth sweet brown chocolate sauce ran down her body in an irregular pattern down her tight tanned skin. I had the urge to lean in and lick some of it off of her amazing body. I stood back and took in the sight. The chocolate sauce dripping from her sexy naked body down onto the sheets below her.

The next bowl I grabbed contained trifle. There were two bowls of trifle. The bowl was filled with jello, sponge, fruit salad, custard and whipped cream topping. All together in one delicious dessert. Sarah looked up as I showed her the trifle. “Oh yeah, trifle me baby,” she said in her sexiest voice. I then proceeded to take the whole container and place it above Sarah’s washboard abs. I then pushed it downwards. I pressed the plastic bowl down onto her stomach. She let out a wanting sigh as she felt it on her body. I pushed down softly and then raised the edges of the bowl. I then carefully lifted the bowl and removed it. It left the whole trifle, which had taken the shape of its container sitting in place on Sarah’s sexy stomach. I then returned and pushed down on the mass of trifle lightly. This caused it to lose shape and fall apart all over Sarah’s body. In a second there was trifle all over her crotch, down to her ass, on her thighs and breasts. I took the palm of my hand and softly rubbed the spongy bits around on her stomach and chest. I then massaged more of the trifle mess onto Sarah’s sexy thighs. She closed her eyes and smiled in pleasure. Bits of sponge and jello sticking to her now moist pussy lips as it had fallen. The sounds of Sarah’s passion were now getting louder.

I grabbed the second bowl of trifle. I thought to myself for a second where I was going to place this one. I decided that it was going to go in Sarah’s face. I walked over to her. She sat up and smiled. She realized what I was going to do next. She smiled a mischievous smile and a sparkle went through her eyes. I placed the bowl inches away from her face. She readied herself. I placed my other hand on the back of the bed to steady myself. I then raised the bowl at a ninety degree angle and pushed it straight into Sarah’s beautiful face. Her moans were muffled by the trifle as I pushed it into her face. I rubbed it around a bit. She moved her head as well with the bowl, almost pushing her face further into the trifle than before. I held the bowl in place for a moment. Later Sarah would tell me that her mouth and nose seemed to be full of jello at this moment in time. This time I pushed the bowl upward, slightly smearing the mess and pushing some to the top of her head. I pushed it upwards so that now the bowl was on the top of Sarah’s head, as if it was some kind of silly hat. I left it there in place for the time being. As I backed away, jello fell from Sarah’s mouth, down her chin and onto her breasts below. Her face was covered in custard and whipped cream. Sponge and jello had fallen down and collected around her neck and shoulders and down onto her breasts. “I must look ridiculous,” she said jokingly. I told her that she looked incredibly sexy.

The next thing that I grabbed was a bowl containing chocolate mousse. It looked absolutely delicious. It was soft, smooth and cool. The consistency was perfect. I went up to Sarah again. This time I took my index finger and dipped it into the bowl of chocolate mousse. I then pulled it out, letting the excess drip off. “Taste this,” I said. She stuck out her tongue and licked some of the mousse from my finger. She closed her eyes in pleasure. She then opened her mouth and wrapped her tongue around my finger, sucking the rest of the mousse off of it. She then closed her mouth. I ran my sticky finger over her bottom lip. I then raised the bowl. I tipped the bowl onto her breasts this time. The mousse fell slowly down onto her with a sexy thud. It totally covered her breasts and then fell down in a thick pattern down her stomach and onto her crotch. Some fell onto her sexy legs. The cool brown mousse slowly and sensually fell over onto Sarah’s body as she squirmed and moaned. She bent her knees and let the mousse flow between her legs. The feeling of the chocolate mousse on her body must have been incredible. Her bottom bounced back and forth on the bed in pleasure. Sarah was now writhing in pleasure.

Finally I picked up the last and the largest bowl from the floor for Sarah. The bowl was filled with thick pink strawberry yoghurt in a massive quantity. It was topped with strawberry puree and whipped cream. The foods that Sarah had chosen were some of the most delicious that I had ever seen or tasted before. It was all apart of making this the most sensual and pleasurable evening that either of us had ever experienced before in our lives. It was clear that Sarah had dreamed about this night happening for quite awhile as well. She was loving each and every minute of it. Her body was in absolute ecstasy. She was covered in delicious food from head to toe now. I lifted the bowl walked over to the head of the bed. This time I was going to pour the yoghurt over the top of Sarah’s head and then work my way downwards as I went. She smiled contentedly as I raised the bowl over her head. She closed her eyes as I poured the pink mess down onto her face. It poured down the top of her head and down the front of her face. It then gushed down the sides of her face, covering her hair in thick pink sludge. The sides of her face and her outermost features soon were coating in bright pink glop. Her nose was covered and dripped with the yoghurt. Sarah stuck her tongue out and licked her lips, tasting the yummy yoghurt that coated them. It tasted delicious.

I then moved the enormous bowl downward, pouring as I went along, down over her breasts and then onto her stomach. The scoops of icecream that had come first were, by now, either totally melted or submerged in a torrent of ever increasing mess. I carefully poured the yoghurt as I went, not wanting to waste one single drop of it and not wanting any of it not to contact Sarah’s sensual skin. I poured more downwards, down her crotch and then down her legs. The pink mess oozed over her luscious thighs and then down over her knees and finally all over her calves, stopping at her ankles as the last drops of yoghurt fell out from the bowl, dripping down onto Sarah’s toes. She wiggled her toes and giggled. The drips tickled her toes and the soles of her feet. The thick pink glop covered and mixed with the messy globs that already covered Sarah’s sexy body. I dropped the bowl and looked at her in all of her sexiness. She threw her neck back and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling of the collected mess all over her entire naked body. It is easy to see why this would excite anyone.

I then untied her wrists and ankles. She lay in place for a moment. I placed my hands on her hips and started to massage her in the messy glop. I rubbed my now mess covered hands all over thighs and the backs of her knees. I then messily fondled her breasts with both of my hands. I straddled her as I squeezed her sloppy breasts in all directions with my hands. I then moved my hands down her messy tummy and down to her crotch. I then massaged her sexy butt cheeks and fingered her messy vagina with my now filthy fingers. She squealed and moaned in pleasure at the combination of my hands and the sloppy mess. She allowed me to massage her all over in any way that I chose to.

Sarah, finally sat up. We leaned together and passionately kissed one another. I could taste the combination of all of the foods together all along her lips and tongue as I kissed her. She wrapped her naked messy body around me. I did not care that my clothes were getting messy one bit. “Time for your clothes to come off next,” she whispered,” Then we can have even more fun.“

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Coach Katie pied

I don't think this clip has been seen before. Coach Katie gets pied eight times. She takes it really well. She gets totally covered in pie.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Stwnsh Sadwrn episode 31

I have posted the pics from episode 31 of Stwnsh. Lois's shirt falls down agin and goes see through. She gets nailed pretty good. Her reactions are pretty hillarious as well. I enjoyed it a lot. The link is below.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

episode 30 of Stwnsh Sadwrn

I have posted the pics for episode 30 of Stwnsh Sadwrn on Tellygunge. Episode 31 is coming to. This one is quite a good one. I don't know if anyone else notcied, but Lois' top almost falls completly off. She has to struggle to keep it up. The link is below.

Thoughts on Mickie James

Hi everyone,

I have just posted a story about Mickie James. I mentioned in it the Piggie James storyline in WWE. It is important that I make a point about that. That storyline was one of the most disgusting things that I have ever seen. I was highly offended by it. I even wrote a letter complaining about it, which I never do. The way Mickie was bullied was beyond disgusting. She was made fun of because of her weight. She was not even fat. Even if she was as big as Bertha Faye or Awseome Kong, it still would have been wrong. I had a problem with it because the core audience is children. The whole thing would have been terrible for children to see. There are issues in the world around body image. If teh message that they were sending was that Mickie was too fat or something, that is a pretty disgusting statement to make. Seeing as a lot of teh women in that federation are now stick thin blondes with fake breasts.

I am a big fan of Mickie James. I would post the video clips, but I do not want to promote something that I find so disgusting. WAM stories are not about real humilation in any sort of way. The clips are on youtube, I am sure if anyone is interested. Anyway, Mickie James is a pretty good role model and she seems like a really nice person as well.

Best regards---JRG

Mickie James: Hardcore Messy

Mickie James: Hardcore Messy

Mickie James has been through some pretty degrading and embarrassing moments in her wrestling career. Who could ever forget the shameful Piggie James angle from a few years back. Some of the things that she had been forced to do had been disgusting at best. At one point her employers even, not so subtly, made fun of her wait. Despite the fact that she was not heavy by anyone’s standards. Even if she had been overweight, no one deserves to be treated the way Mickie was. On this occasion, Mickie was involved in another embarrassing moment, that would be very memorable as well.

Mickie was involved in a match against Gail Kim. The two were pretty much equals. If anything, Mickie would have been the favourite to win this match. However, Gail had brought a few of her friends with her to the ring including Madison Rayne. For some reason, Gail brought several other of the Knockouts to the ring with her. Mickie came to the ring looking as amazing as she always does. She wore cowboy boots and a pair of cut off jean shorts. She wore a flannel shirt tied at the waist to show her stomach. Her incredible tanned brown skin shown through all over. She was short with a compact, muscular body. Her hair was beautifully done like always. Her theme song, Hardcore Country played as she made her entrance. She looked over at the group of knockouts that gathered around the ring but said nothing. She climbed to the top rope and saluted her fans. The others jawed at her, pointing and yelling at her. She pretended that she did not notice.

Mickie started off the match as any other. Gail told Mickie all about how she was going to beat her and embarrass her. Mickie just glared at her. The match started and Mickie was dominating, for the most part. As the match wore on, Gail became progressively more and more frustrated. Mickie seemed to be one step ahead at every turn. Gail was now resorting to screaming and pointing at Mickie. Mickie just calmly smiled at her and went about her business. Finally, the match built to a resolution. Gail seemed to realize that there was no way she was going to win this match. She seemed to look over in the direction of her friends who had gathered on the outside of the ring. She seemed to give them a single. At this point, Mickie whipped Gail into the ropes and went to the other side to bounce off of the opposite ropes. When she hit the ropes, however, her feet were yanked out from under her by Madison Rayne. Madison and the other knockouts then entered the ring and beat down Mickie James. They each took turns kicking Mickie in the back as she lay helpless to defend herself, face down on the canvas. They stomped away on her. They then pulled her to her feet and held her arms. Gail then pointed and shouted in her face. She then reached back and slapped Mickie across the face.

Gail then barked out some orders to her fellow knockouts. Two of them dragged Mickie over to the ropes and tied her arms into them, so she could not fight back. They tied her in securely. Mickie tried to fight back, kicking her legs wildly in the air, to no avail. She tried to struggle to get free, but the knockouts just punched her whenever she tried to escape. Her face full of venom and anger. She screamed, but it was all futile. In the meantime, one of the other divas had gone outside of the ring and had fetched something from underneath the ring. That something proved to be several large buckets of soon to be identified messy substances. She pulled the buckets out from underneath the ring and placed them on the ring apron, sliding them into the ring. Of course, it was clear now that these had been planted there and that this had been planned all along by Mickie’s rivals.

Gail then took the microphone,” Ooh, Mickie James, hardcore country. Well, we are about to get really hardcore. We are going to find out just how hardcore country you really are,” Gail told her. The others pointed to her and teased her. Mickie could only kick her legs and feverishly attempt to free her arms from the ropes. This was futile though because the other knockouts would only grab her immediately, if she somehow managed to free herself from the ropes. Mickie did not know what was in the buckets at this point, but she could guess that it would substances that she did not want any part of. She could guess what they were going to do with them as well. The buckets were hardcore country indeed. They contained substances that all fit in with a country, farm theme. “You should love this stuff,” Gail said,” It is all trash from the country just like you are.” Mickie blushed. These girls were really going to get one over on her. The other knockouts mocked her and her music. “Hardcore country”, they sarcastically sang in her face. They pointed and laughed at her. The crowd booed, even though a lot of them really did want to see Mickie James get covered in farm rubbish.

“Oh yeah, Mickie,” Gail said,” This should make you feel right at home. I am going to treat you like the pig that you are.” She grabbed Mickie’s face and yelled at her. She then slapped her across her face again. Gail then grabbed Mickie’s shirt with both hands, she pulled it open revealing Mickie’s bra. The buttons flew from her shirt. Mickie tried kicking at Gail with her legs, but it really was no use. Gail then grabbed the first bucket of messiness for Mickie. The bucket was filled with rotten eggs. Gail lifted the bucket and also grabbed a gigantic wooden spoon. He put the spoon into the rotten eggs and stirred them around. They smelled atrocious. When they said that they were rotten they were not kidding. Mickie could smell the eggs from halfway across the ring. She grimaced and begged Gail to stop. “PU, get a whiff of that. Rotten eggs for you Mickie. I know that you are very familiar with similar smells, because your locker room is not very far from mine.” The look of anger on Mickie’s face was a picture. She mumbled under her breath. Her face was bright red with embarrassment and rage. She was dripping in sweat from a combination of the match that she had just wrestled and anticipation and embarrassment that she was feeling. Mickie knew that these witches were just jealous of her skill in the ring and her popularity, but there was nothing that she could do to escape what was about to come her way. Gail now ran across the ring carrying the bucket of rancid eggs. She stopped a foot or two away from Mickie and tossed the contents straight at Mickie. Mickie closed her eyes. In an instant, Mickie was covered in thick yellow rotten eggs. They coated her, dripping down her body. Her face and hair were coated in the yellow eggs. She could feel gravity take the eggs into and onto every crevice of her body. Her shorts and bra were instantly stained in a coating of thick yellow egg. The smell was atrocious. Mickie openly gagged from the stench of the eggs. She stuck her tongue out, almost choking on the rotten eggs. She looked as if she was going to be sick as she gagged again. The egg ran down her body, her legs, her cowboy boots. Although the eggs were not the thickest of substances, they were messy enough. They were also freezing cold. Mickie shivered as the freezing cold eggs dripped from her. She began to get goosebumps. Egg yolk dripped from her hair and chin. The knockouts holding her, mocked and teased her.

Gail quickly grabbed the second bucket. This one was much heavier. The contents were much thicker. “This bucket contains some lovely fresh manure. I can not think of anything better suited to Mickie James than a big bucket of horse shit. It is going to go all over you Mickie. You need to have a good old roll in the muck if you ask me.” She approached Mickie with the bucket. Mickie just stared at her with her eyes wide open. This was about as embarrassing as it could get. Mickie tried to not give Gail the satisfaction of showing too much emotion, but inside she wanted to beg Gail to let her go. Gail came up close to Mickie with the bucket. This time, instead of just pouring the manure over Mickie as everyone expected, she started by sticking her hand into the bucket. She grabbed the back of Mickie’s head with the other hand. She grabbed her by the hair. She then took the handful of manure and pushed it straight into Mickie’s face. Gail really wanted to embarrass Mickie as much as she could. She wanted to rub her face in it, this time literally. Gail took the handful of manure and pushed it straight into Mickie’s face. Mickie closed her eyes as her face came face to face with a pile of manure. Gail twisted the thick mass of manure into Mickie’s face with some force. Mickie choked and gagged as she received a face full of manure. Gail rubbed it all on Mickie’s face. Her nose, mouth and eyes. When Gail finally removed her hands from Mickie’s face, Mickie gasped for breath. Her face was covered in clumpy, thick brown manure. Her mouth sprung open. Even her tongue was caked in manure. She coughed and spit out some of the manure from her face.

Mickie did not really realize that she had only just received the thick manure that was sitting at the top of the bucket. The soft, mucky manure that filled ninety percent of the bucket still was to come for her. Gail now lifted the heavy bucket up and brought it close to Mickie’s head. “Time to get hardcore country Mickie James,” Gail said sarcastically. She lifted the bucket and slowly tipped the disgusting horse dropping over Mickie. The manure first fell down onto Mickie’s face. She closed her eyes as the thick smushy manure flowed down over her face. Gail generously let the manure engulf Mickie’s face and then let it glop down onto her beautiful brown hair. Her hair was now cascading in manure. Her beautiful layered brown hair was now being mixed with a layer of disgusting brown manure. Gail then decided to lower the trajectory of the bucket and to aim the manure at the rest of Mickie’s beautiful body. She took aim at the biggest sexiest target which were Mickie’s legs. Mickie was now sat on her bottom, with her legs, stretched out in front of her and her knees bent. They made a huge target. Her shorts were now riding up quite high. From the opposite view, one could almost see totally up Mickie’s shorts. Her legs were very tanned and muscular. Gail now lowered her aim. The manure was now going to be headed straight for Mickie’s legs. The bucket was tipped and the thick mass of sludge like brown manure oozed out, straight down onto Mickie’s outstretched legs. The glop fell from the bucket and landed on Mickie’s amazing bare legs. It fell in all of its thick gloppiness onto her bent knees and then all over her thighs and down her calves. The thick brown mess felt soft and wet against her bare smooth flesh. Soon most of her legs were engulfed in brown manure. All she could really do was move her legs in and out as more manure was poured. Her shorts were now almost totally covered in manure as well. Gail then happily took aim and poured more manure over the rest of Mickie’s body. It coated her boots as she stomped her feet in the mess. Gail generously moved the bucket back and forth over Mickie’s body. The feeling of having her rivals totally in control of her was not one that Mickie enjoyed. She was completely having to submit to their will. When the dust settled and the bucket was empty, Mickie sat covered from head to toe in manure. She looked like she had rolled around in a mud puddle. The manure smelled even worse than the eggs did. She sat in a pile of the manure. Her clothes were covered in it. “I think she had an accident,” Gail said.

Gail then grabbed the last bucket. She raised it high in the air. “Pig slop,” she shouted. “Let’s slop this pig,” she said. The bucket was then raised. Again, what lay inside stunk to high heaven. The slop was disgusting. No one could recall seeing anything quite like it before in their lives. Even pigs would not touch something that was this revolting. It was about to be poured all over Mickie James. Gail lifted the slop bucket. She approached Mickie, mercilessly teasing her. She told Mickie that she knew that she wanted this slop bad. The other knockouts cheered her on. They clapped and stomped and pumped their fists encouraging the slopping to commence. Gail took the bucket over to Mickie, moving it around in her hands as she got ready to pour. It was a very heavy bucket, but Gail managed to hoist it up in the air and to tip it slightly. The thick, yellowy slop began to pour down onto Mickie. Mickie quickly reacted, shutting her eyes and scrunching up her face. Just as she did the first layer of slop fell down onto her. Mickie squealed as the pig slop streaked down over one part of her face and then the other side. More poured onto the top of Mickie’s head. Gail then moved the bucket up and down Mickie’s body. Mickie could feel and smell the slop roll down her breasts and stomach and down onto her jean shorts. Mickie then recoiled as the slop was poured all over her legs. She then pushed her legs together. She could feel the sloppy weight of the messy slop all over her sweaty, already messy legs. She could feel it all the way down to the back of her shorts. Gail poured the rest of the slop onto Mickie. She moved the bucket around in figure eights and crosses, making sure to give Mickie a thorough Slopping. When she was finished, Mickie was left tied up, dripping in foul smelling slop, the slop , eggs and manure had collected everywhere. Mickie was surrounded by puddles and piles of mess.

For a minute they left Mickie tied in the ropes, while everyone got a good look at what they had just done to her. Mickie looked up, her face covered in slop. The knockouts stood in front of her, pointed and laughed. They smiled and shook hands. They then walked up to Mickie, released her from the ropes and threw her down to the ground in the centre of the ring. They then stomped on her a few times. Gail then placed her foot onto the prone Mickie, as she lay motionless in the ring. She posed over her fallen, slopped up opponent. “Hardcore Messy”, Gail shouted. Gail and her friends then left the arena, leaving Mickie James swimming in an ocean of messy slop in the ring.

Mickie would beat Gail and the others many times in the future. This incident only served to piss Mickie off. She would have her revenge. This incident would never be forgotten though. It was always something that people would talk about for years to come.

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Mrs. Matthews Stwnsh ar y ffordd

Hello, The images for Mrs. Matthews on Stwnsh are now up on Tellygunge. The link is below along with some preview images.