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Flog it the three Katherines

Flog it the three Katherines

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is” is a television show similar to many others that air involving buying and selling antiques. Featured on these shows are many experts in the field. Some of these experts became moderate celebrities in their own rights. Three of them were Kate Bliss, Katherine Higgins and Katherine Bateman. Although not Hollywood beauties, there were those who watched the shows that they appeared on who would consider them to be quite attractive.

In order to spice the show up a little bit, it was decided that there would be a few special episodes, where the loser would end up with a messy punishment. The three Kate’s were chosen to appear on three episodes of the show that week. These women considered themselves sophisticated. They were intelligent business women.  The last thing they wanted was to be humiliated on national television. None of them particularly wanted to be getting messed up either.

The ladies were pitted against male counterparts on their particular programs. Everyone in this world knew one another very well, so the men they were competing against were colleagues that they knew well and worked with on a regular basis. Each of them was hoping that they would win and get to avoid the consequences of losing. Losing would mean total humiliation on national television and in front of their colleagues.

First up was Katherine Higgins. She was a tall, pale, quite posh looking, thin gangly red haired woman. She was dressed in a red blouse and grey tweed slacks. She was a very repressed, stuffy sort of person. She definitely would be the person who would have been the most humiliated had she lost. The idea of seeing Katherine Higgins get covered in mess was one that most people found hilarious, because they could picture how she might react. Katherine had a lot of rich friends. This usually helped her win the show, because she could always find a friend to spend a lot of money on items she had bought. She was a bit over confidant and that would prove to be her undoing. She was sure that she had done more than enough to win. She knew she had made a huge profit on the items she bought and sold. She was very confident that she would have won. She really believed that she would be the one doing the humiliating. This time she was up against Phillip Serrell. She had beaten him many times in the past. He was a heavy set man who wore glasses. He had more than one fantasies about Katherine Higgins in the past. She found him repulsive but humoured him on the show. She would not even speak to him in real life. She would usually look down her nose at those she felt in some way superior to.

At the end of the show, when it came time to open their brief cases and reveal how much they had made, Katherine Higgins was in for a real surprise. Her and her opponent opened their cases. When she saw the results her jaw dropped. Both had made large profits, but her opponent had beaten her by a poultry three pounds. He smiled. Katherine began to sweat and panic. She stammered over her words. She could not believe it. Before Katherine could protest, she was taken by the arm and lead over to a stool. Everything was set up in park, outdoors. A hand was put on her shoulder and she was pushed into the seat. She crossed her long pale legs. She flicked her man of long red hair back. “Oh my gosh,” she said in her posh accent.

At this point, she noticed that Phillip was picking up a bucket. “Um, no please, Phillip, don’t do this,” she asked in a panic. The voice over came on and explained that Katherine had lost and was about to pay the consequences for it. Katherine squirmed in her seat. She knew that her expensive clothes were about to be ruined as well. Phillip raised the bucket. Katherine closed her eyes and attempted to cover her face with her hands. He then began to pour. The bucket was filled with eggplant parmesan in a thick tomato sauce. The eggplant was disgusting  black and purple and covered in cheese and spaghetti sauce. A big hunk fell out of the bucket first. It landed in between Katherine’s hands. She screamed as she it landed between her hands. She quickly removed her hands to toss away the lump of sloppy eggplant, as she did, her face instantly became covered in sloppy left over spaghetti sauce. Seeds and skin from the eggplant smushed from her hands across her neck as well. More fell over her. Her face stained with sauce. Eggplant fell down her face and down her neck, into her shirt. It rolled straight down over her face as she closed her eyes.

Phillip then provided a side of spaghetti for Katherine to enjoy. He raised the bucket and began to pour the spaghetti onto Katherine’s head. Katherine cringed as the sloppy leftover spaghetti contacted her head and face. She was greeted by the unmistakable aroma of old spaghetti. She nearly gagged at the stench. The entire front of her face was soon completely covered in spaghetti. The only thing that was visible were her enormously large teeth. Spaghetti hung from her forehead and hair. It looked almost as though she was wearing a spaghetti wig. She laughed in as slightly exasperated tone. The spaghetti poured onto her neck, down her body and all over her trousers. Her long legs were covered in spaghetti. The thin fabric of her trousers was all that stood between the two.

He then finally took a bucket filled with spoiled salad and goat’s cheese and turned it over on Katherine Higgins’ head. The rotten lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables fell onto her head. The majority of it stuck in place on the top of her head and the top half of her face. Katherine looked up with a bemused expression on her face.  Phillip smiled.

Next on the slate was Katherine Bateman vs. David Barby. Katherine was one of the newest and youngest experts. A lot of people would probably consider her the best looking as well. She was thin with brown hair. She wore a brown suede jacket, blue jeans and a purple polo shirt. David was a slightly nerdy posh with glasses as well. Katherine had been the subject of more than one male fantasy in the antiques circuit. She saw what happened to Katherine Higgins and did not want a repeat.

Of course, it was all really out of her hands. All she could do was her best and hope that it would be enough. She knew that if she lost, she was going to hear about it for a long time. She did all her buying and selling. When it came time to open the briefcases, she was very nervous. The look on her face when it was revealed that she had lost by over £300 was hilarious. “I can’t believe that,” she said,” What can I say. You well and truly kicked my ass this time,” she exclaimed. “I guess that I will be the one getting messy now.” She reluctantly walked over to her seat and took her place.

David got ready with a large bucket filled with gravy. He aimed it at Katherine Bateman’s face. The brown mess poured straight down on her face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, holding her hands beside her. Thick brown gravy streaked down her pale face. She shrugged her shoulders. She continued to get gravy poured over her. David was lapping up doing this to such an attractive woman. She sat as the gravy poured down on top of her. When it stopped, She wiggled her lips and slowly looked around. Her face covered in gravy and her hair and clothes soaked with it. “I’ve been totally gravied,” she said, laughing a bit.

David then took another bucket. This one contained baked beans. He lifted it and began to pour it over Katherine Bateman. A deluge of baked beans emerged, falling all over Katherine. Beans poured over her nose and chin and then down her neck. She could feel them running over her face. They seemed to pour for minutes on end. Katherine was faced with more baked beans than she could possibly deal with. She tried to brush some away, but they just seemed to keep coming and coming. She could feel them all over her whole body. They were all over her jeans, all over her legs. They seemed to be everywhere.

Finally, he took a tray of cottage pie and turned it inside out over Katherine’s head. He placed it onto the top of her head. This sent beef, gravy, carrots, peas, mash and cheese downwards across her forehead and then down her face. Bits of it stuck to her face. She opened one eye and stuck her tongue out playfully. She laughed a bit. The camera giving a very nice close up of her face.

So, Katherine Higgins and Katherine Bateman had already fallen. The third episode would feature, probably the most well known of the three, Kate Bliss. She was very experienced and was hoping to salvage something for the women. Kate would be facing James Lewis. James was a very large, very hairy gentleman. He was a very nice guy, but Kate found him incredibly unappealing. She really did not like the idea of him getting to mess her up at all. The thought of him doing anything to her made her flesh crawl. She tried not to let that show too much.

The show went as normal. Kate usually did really well on these shows. A lot of the outcome was down to luck on the day. Kate was quite nervous, but felt that she would win in the long run. Kate wore a floral blouse, a brown skirt and brown suede boots. “Well, I can only hope and pray that I have done enough not to lose today,” Kate said,” If not, I am in deep trouble,” she said to the camera. The time finally came for the two to reveal how much they made. They opened their briefcases and had a look. “Oh no,” Kate said. “Oh yes,” James said. He jumped up and down laughing. Kate had been beaten by £50. She put her hands to her face, looking quite shocked. She put her hands on her hips and licked her lips in embarrassment as James Lewis pointed and laughed at her. “Well done ,” she said. “Why thank you,” he replied, taking a bow. “I am in for it now,” Kate said. She laughed, trying to mask how annoyed she really was.

James first emerged carrying a large pie in one hand. “It’s time to face the consequences Miss Bliss,” he said.. “I know,” she said coolly. “We have a lovely cream pie for you here to start with,” he said. “Oh great. Aren’t I lucky,” Kate replied. “Please place your hands behind your back,” he instructed. Kate did as she told, placing both of her arms behind her back. She snickered as she looked at the pie that he carried. “Unfortunately for Kate, it is pie time,” James Lewis said. He lifted the pie with both of his hands. Kate closed her eyes giving a pained expression of anticipation and dread. He lifted the pie slowly, bringing it even with Kate’s face. He then pushed the creamy pie straight into Kate’s face. It hit with a muffled thud.  He rotated it slightly in both directions, holding it in place in her face for a moment. He then removed the pie plate. Kate’s face was covered in a layer of cool whip like cream. Echoes of laughter could be heard from the crew and passers by. Kate stood with her hands still behind her back. She did not attempt to clean off any of the pie. She gave a serious looking expression which could just be seen beneath the blobs of cool whip that hung all over her face. She moved her face around in a sarcastic sort of manner.

James next took out a bucket of strawberry angel delight. As he was so much taller than Kate, there was no need for her to be seated. He walked behind her and tipped the bucket over her head. She stood in place as he began to gunge her with the fluffy, creamy pink substance. It poured over her head and down her already pie covered face. It poured down one side of her face first. The entire right side of her head was soon covered  in pink mess. Roars of laughter came from the crew as angel delight poured down Kate’s face. It poured down her nose. Angel delight poured down her body. It covered the top of her shirt and dripped down her waist. She opened one eyes and blew with her mouth. She still kept her hands behind her back.

Finally, James took a massive jug of rice pudding. He gently opened Kate’s collar slightly and slowly poured some of it down the front and then the back of her shirt. She let out a slight moan as she felt it inside of her shirt, all over her plain bra and down on her stomach. He let go when her shirt was filled and nearly bursting with rice pudding. He then lightly pulled back the back of her skirt and tipped more down into it. It poured down her body. She could feel it inside of her underwear. On the bottom, slightly warmer rice pudding splurged out the bottom of her skirt and down her legs and boots. She could feel some emerging from the bottom of her underwear and inside of her boots. The rest of the rice pudding, he poured over Kate’s head. Kate shook her head in disbelief. “Well, what can I say,” Kate said,” I am speechless.”

So, each of the three Kate’s lost and paid the consequences. At the end of the show, stills of the three of them messed up were shown again.

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Bianca makes a deal Patsy Palmer Eastenders

This story contains nudity, sexual content and adult situations. If you are underage or are offended  by such things please do not read. *****

Bianca makes a deal Patsy Palmer Eastenders

Bianca just could not seem to keep herself out of trouble. As hard as she tried, she kept making mistakes and doing things that were against the law. She was still on probation. She was trying to do the right thing for her children, but she continually failed. A lot of people considered her a chav or a loser. She also had an extremely big mouth which always seemed to get her into trouble. She really did not know when to keep her mouth shut.

On this occasion, she had been selling stolen goods on her market stall. She had been caught by the market inspector. He took her into a building behind the street. It was a dark dingy sort of warehouse. “Listen, please I am so sorry. This will never happen again, I promise. Please don’t tell the police. I am on probation. I will go back inside if they find out. I have kids. Please I will do anything.” “Anything?, I don’t think you really mean that do you?,” he asked. She reached out and earnestly took his hand. “Listen, I mean it, Anything,” she said, looking deeply into his eyes. He could tell that she really was serious. She was also fully aware of what she could be letting herself in for. No matter how unpleasant this would be, she was going to have to go through with it. She was willing to do whatever he requested of her in order to avoid any more trouble. “You may live to regret this Bianca,” he said. She could see the wheels in his head turning evilly thinking of what he would do.

“Ok,” he said, “If you are sure about this, then please remove your top.” Bianca glared at him with a disgusted look on her face. He was a very large and unattractive man. Although, she was disgusted, she had been expecting this. She took a deep breath and reached down. She slowly pulled her pink t-shirt up over her head. She pulled it off and shook her head. Beneath her shirt was her black bra. She reached over and handed the inspector her shirt. “Ok, now your trousers,” he said excitedly. She sighed. She reached down and undid the button on her black trousers. She slowly began to unzip her trousers. She then reached inside the waist band of the trousers and pulled them down her hips, past her black panties and down her pale freckled legs. She pulled them past her knees and down her calves to her feet. She raised a leg and pulled her trousers off and then repeated with the other leg. She then placed her trousers in the corner where her t-shirt now lay, bending over. She now stood in her bra and panties. She shivered. Standing half naked, her middle aged body half revealed already much to the inspector’s delight. Her breasts now proving to be much larger than one would have originally thought.

She was then ordered to remove her bra. She reached back and unhooked her deceptively massive bra. She pulled it past her arms and off of her body. Her breasts wiggled as the popped out of her bra. She added the bra to her pile of clothing. Her nipples were large and pink and stood out on her orange freckled body. She did not need to be told what to do next. She reached down and placed her hands on her hips. She then slowly pulled her knickers down her legs. She did her best to conceal the musky odour that they smelled of as well as the damp patch in the centre of them. The black panties rolled down her legs to her ankles. She stepped out of them and tossed them into the pile. She now stood wearing nothing. Her body had clearly seen a lot of action. She tried to hold her knees as closely together as she could. She tried to conceal the patch of  fluffy red pubic hair and the massive freckled pussy lips that lay between her legs. Her body was not perfectly shaped. She was middle aged and had been around the block a few times, but that just added to the sensuality of it. Her hair was still pulled back in her usual ponytail.

At his request, she turned around, letting the inspector get a long look at her rear end. She shuffled her feet and allowed her buttocks to shift. She bent over slightly and placed one hand on her backside, allowing him to see her crack in full. He could see her asshole and the tufts of fuzzy red pubic hair from behind. The inspector, of course, was enjoying what he was seeing immensely. Bianca’s legs and ass stretched. “Well, well, well,” he said, “It appears someone has had some experience with this sort of thing,” he mocked. All the while, he was using his phone to take humiliating photographs of Bianca in her present state. He then ordered her to turn around again and open her legs. She complied reluctantly. He then ordered her to open her pussy lips. She pulled her fingers down and opened them, spreading her lips, her fluffy ginger pubic hair parting to reveal the luscious pink betwixt it.

“Now, get down where you belong, down on your knees,” he ordered. Bianca rolled her eyes but did as she was instructed. She got down onto her knees on the cold concrete floor. She was a bit worried now as she looked up at the inspector. “It is time to prove that you are the whole that we all know that you are,” he said. The inspector unzipped his trousers and pulled his penis out. He did not even have to tell Bianca what he wanted her to do. She knew all too well. She took his penis , which was already quite erect between the two of her hands. Part of her was quite turned on by all of this. Despite the fact that she found the inspector physically repulsive. She now held his chubby cock in her hands. She looked down at it, took a deep breath and pushed it into her mouth. She gagged slightly at the course taste of his penis. She rubbed it back and forth with her hands and licked around the head of it with her tongue. “See, I could tell you were and expert at this,” he said. She then began to feverishly munch on his penis.

As she was sucking, he grabbed something in one hand. He then took it in both hands. Her eyes were closed. She was doing her best to imagine it was someone else. What he was holding was a bottle of chocolate syrup. He popped the cap open and turned it upside down, aiming it at Bianca’s face. He began to squeeze. Thick sloppy brown chocolate dripped down from the nozzle down across Bianca’s face. He slowly squeezed lines of it up and down across her face. Over her cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead. Then down onto her mouth. On her lips and over his own penis. She continued to suck as he squeezed it over the entire area. She was now tasting a combination of penis and chocolate. Bianca feverishly licked his now chocolaty penis. It became very clear that she was thoroughly enjoying the taste now.

He then took a small bowl of strawberry sundae topping and pushed it down onto Bianca’s face. It was the kind with chunks of real strawberry. He turned it over and allowed the red saucy mix to fall onto her face. It naturally oozed down, making its way down her face naturally, making a trail of strawberry mess as it went down over her face and neck. He then pulled out some strawberry ice cream. He took a scooper and began to scoop out scoops into his hand. He then placed them all over Bianca. The first, he pushed down onto her forehead. He allowed it to begin melting down her face. The pink ice cream instantly began to melt down Bianca’s face. The next one he placed between her mouth and the end of his penis. He squeezed it onto the end of his penis. He pushed the ice cream and the erect penis into her mouth. Bianca made a sort of gargling, humming noise as the whole thing was pushed in and out of her mouth. Ice cream dribbled down her chin and down her chest.

She continued to this. While this was happening, the inspector was placing ice cream on various other parts of Bianca’s freckled body. He placed one between her massive tits. He then squeezed then together with his hands, fondling her large breasts. He then put one scoop under each of her armpits. The coldness caused her to wriggle and shake, much to his amusement. She continued to moan and squeal. He then took his hand and took the last of the ice cream out.  With the palm of his hand, he reached down and mashed it between Bianca’s legs. Her entire body jolted upwards as she felt the ice cream smushed all over her pussy lips and fluffy pubic hair. As much as she may deny it. He could feel that she was already soaking wet between her legs at this point. She continued to moan and suck.

Next, he took out a banana cream pie. He held it above Bianca’s head. He turned it upside down. He held it above her for a moment and then pushed it downwards as hard as he could. It exploded downwards all over her face and over her chest, covering part of his penis in the process. He then pulled out and smushed the pie all over her large breasts. He rubbed the pie around in circles all over her breasts. He then took his penis and brought it back. At that moment he began to cum, shooting thick warm cum straight across Bianca’s face and all over her breasts. He rubbed his penis up and down between her breasts. Cum dripped and squirted down all over her. She licked her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth allowing as much cum as possible to squirt into her mouth. As humiliating as it was, she absolutely loved the taste of cum.

Instinctively, she rolled over onto all fours with her backside in the air. Her legs spread apart.  The inspector picked up a ketchup bottle. “Let’s play connect the dots,” he said. He started using the ketchup to play connect the dots with Bianca’s freckles. They were all over her body. He used the ketchup to make pictures and write words on her body. These included a penis, people having sex, the words, “Whore”, “Slag” and “Chav”. He even drew all over her face. Bianca looked up humiliated. Her face and body covered in interweaving lines of red ketchup. She wiggled her lips, but was not allowed to clean any of it off. She had to leave everything as it was, though she was itching to wipe at least some of the mess that covered her away.

The inspector now picked up a large bucket of pasta salad.  It was a very heavy bucket filled with the stuff. He lifted it and began to dump it over her body, starting at her backside and moving it all the way up her body, all the way to her head. The pasta salad was a disgusting  orange tinge. It was cold and sloppy. It landed on her ass and up her back and then all over her head. He then dropped the bucket and placed his hand on her waist. He then thrust is throbbing member up Bianca’s gaping vagina from behind. She let out a loud guttural gasp when she felt it deep inside her. She could pretend that she did not like it, but it was clear that she was secretly loving it.

He humped back and forth. Bianca screeched, “Oh yeah, yeah. Oh god yeah.” As he humped her, he began pouring a bucket of tuna salad all over her. He took his hands and rubbed it all over her breasts and backside. Soon they both built to orgasm. Bianca squealed and screeched in pleasure as he humped away on her. She closed her eyes and felt the sloppy tuna salad pour onto her back and head as she allowed herself to be fucked. He humped her back and forth like an animal. Eventually, she exploded in a flurry of orgasm.

He pulled off of her and rolled himself to the side.  He cleaned himself off. “That is enough,” he said, “Time for you to go home.” “Like this?,” she interjected, ”but..” She knew it was futile to try and protest. “Time to go. See you on the market,” he mocked her. He pushed her rudely out of the door. She scampered home covered in a combination of mess, sweat and sexual liquids. She waddled home, covering her breasts and vagina as best she possibly could. Luckily for her, no one was home. Much to her shame, the first thing that she did was go to the shower and play with herself as she cleaned herself up. She kept thinking to herself, “I am a cheap dirty bitch and I love it.” The inspector kept his promise and never said anything.

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Amy Studt it has really happened

Amy Studt it has really happened

Amy Studt had had a crush on Mr. G. for along time. She had been in a situation where she managed to escape the mess before. She now desperately wanted a chance to get back on the show again. The thing was, her star was fading quite a bit. She had not had a hit of any kind in several years. Some people would not even consider her to be a celebrity any longer. Amy had dreamt of returning to the show and getting messed. She had even gotten messy in one of her music videos. She decided that she would make the move and contact the show herself to see if there was any interest in having her appear. Much to her surprise, she was offered an appearance on the show straight away. Amy was very excited. She did not consider herself to be attractive in any way. She was a very normal, down to earth person. She did not really consider herself to be a celebrity.

Amy arrived at the show dressed in her usual style. She wore a multicoloured flowered dress and a pair of black boots. Amy knew that she was going to get filthy. She loved the idea. She was a highly kinky woman in her personal life and liked thinking of herself as filthy. It turned her on. She was going to enjoy every minute of this.

She was a bit nervous, the moment before she stepped out on stage. Not about the mess, but about being on television again. She had dreamed about this for a long time. Mr. G. came out and introduced her. She came out on stage, looking incredibly beautiful. Her eyes sparkles as she gave a massive smile. “Well, Amy, welcome to the show,” Mr. G. said. “The pleasure is all mine,” Amy said,” I am so excited to be here. I have really wanted to come on for a long time,” she said, “ It is amazing to finally be here.” “So, I take it that you are a fan,” Mr. G. said. “Oh yeah, you can say that,” she replied. “Well, what would you say you like best about the show?,” he asked. “ Well, two things mainly. The mess and you.” Amy looked over at Mr. G. with her most seductive eyes. They both laughed. She bit her lip as there was a bit of an awkward silence for a minute. The audience laughed as well. “This is pretty embarrassing,” she said,” But, I always have imagined getting messy, and, well, I have always imagined you being the one to do it to me,” she said. They both laughed again. She reached out and touched his hand. “Well, that can certainly be arranged,” Mr. g. replied. “I was sort of counting on it,” Amy replied with a laugh. “It is sort of a fantasy that I have had for quite some time now. Really, I am putty in your hands, I am all yours. Do your worst,” she said. “Not the best thing to say sometimes,” Mr. G. replied,” You may regret saying that. “Oh, I don’t think so,” Amy replied, licking her lips seductively. “I just love everything about it. I want to get dirty Mr. G.. Make me filthy,” she said. “Well, far be it from me to disappoint you Amy. I think something can definitely be arranged,” he joked. “ Well, I am all yours,” she replied.

“Ok then, if you will please stand up and join me Amy,” Mr. G. said. Mr. G. and Amy walked a short distance to an open area on the stage.  “Now, can we bring out that lovely pie?,” Mr. G. asked. One of the stage assistants emerged carrying a massive creamy pie. He handed it to Mr. G. as the audience applauded. “Mmmmm, that looks delicious,” Amy said. “Well, you are about to find out,” Mr. G. said. They both laughed. They stood across from one another. Mr. G. displayed the pie in his hand for everyone, including Amy to see. She looked across at him and smiled seductively. “Mmmmm, I want that sloppy pie. Don‘t be gentle with me either, just let me have it good,” she said in a naughty voice. “Well, I am about to Studt, Amy,” Mr. G. said. “ I think that comes after the show,” she joked. Amy closed her eyes and smiled. “Alright everyone, lets count down,” Mr. G. said. Everyone then counted. “Three…two…one.” Mr. G. and Amy looked at one another. Mr. G. reached back and then thrust his hand forward, pushing the pie into Amy’s face. It landed with a smushing sound square in her face. He pushed the pie around in the beautiful singer’s face. Amy closed her eyes and fully experienced the moment of getting pied. The moment of impact was a moment of huge release for the both of them in their own way. The pie was sensually rubbed in her face. Eventually, he let go, letting the pie plate drop. As it fell, Amy was revealed. Amy’s wavy red hair surrounded her pie covered face. Her eyes and mouth emerged from a mask of creamy white pie. She held her hands in front of her. Her mouth was wide open. She stuck her tongue out. Her face was covered in creamy pie. She made no attempt to clear any of it away. She just licked her lips, enjoying how the pie felt all over her face. All she could think of at this moment was, “I’m pied.” She took some pie from the side of her head with her hands and then tasted it. She took a handful of the pie and let Mr. G. have a taste as well. “Pie really suits you. You look great,” Mr. G. said. “I’m glad you like my new look,” Amy replied. The pie really did suit Amy well.  She looked amazing in it.

“Ok, Amy Studt, we have much more in store for you,” Mr. G. said. “That is great,” she replied,” I’m ready when you are.” “Next, I think we have some mushy peas,” he said. “Oh, just fantastic,” she replied, in a partially sarcastic tone of voice. Amy decided to get down on her knees, assisted by Mr. G.. He leant her a hand and she got down on her knees. He then went behind her and raised the bucket above her head. He slowly tipped it and the mushy green peas began to descend downwards over Amy’s head. Amy smiled and looked straight ahead as the peas poured over her head. She raised one eyebrow and looked up slightly making a silly sort of face. She held her hands out before her as she felt t he soft green mess plopping onto her. It poured onto her nose, onto her shoulders and down the front of her dress and body. Her dress instantly started to become weighed down by the weight of the thick mushy peas. She used one finger and brushed her sloppy bangs away as the mushy peas continued to pour over her face. She bit her lip and let out a bit of a moan. The feeling of the peas pouring on her was instantly very pleasurable for her. She let our an audible gasp of pleasure, as she allowed the green glop to be poured all over her.

When the bucket was empty, Mr. G. took a second bucket, this one was filled with spaghetti hoops. Amy now playfully got down onto all fours. She rearranged her dress as he began to pour. The orange and red substance poured down over her head. He then poured it backwards, over Amy’s back and down her body, over her backside, legs and boots. She wiggled her calves and heels as she felt the spaghetti hoops on her body. Mr. G. generously poured the sloppy mess up and down Amy’s body. He moved the bucket back and forth over her, leaving layers of spaghetti hoops on her as he moved it to and fro. He then moved the bucket again over her head and poured the remainder of it over the top of her head.

He then grabbed a bucket of pig slop. As he began to pour, Amy rolled over onto her back. She moved her legs apart and allowed him to pour the slop up and down the length of her body. The slop was whitish yellow with many orange and green chunks in it. Amy held her hands up as she caught some of it as it fell. It splattered all over her body. She then began to roll around on the ground in the puddle of mess that had collected. She rubbed her hands up and down her dress and boots. She wiggled in the mess. She laughed and smiled, enjoying the feeling of the messy substances all over her body. She was relishing the idea that Mr. G. was the one doing this to her. She was becoming quite aroused by the entire situation that she found herself in. She resisted the temptation to allow her hand to stray to the nether regions between her legs. She reached up to Mr. G. and grabbed him by the hand. She pulled him down into the puddle of muck with her. She pulled him down on top of her messy body. She rolled up on top of him and did her best to pin his arms to the ground. They both laughed and squealed.

The show went off the air at this point as the two frolicked and tumbled about in the mess on the stage floor. This was shown during the credits. Fans of the show could only speculate about what would happen behind the scenes after the curtain had been drawn on that occasion. One thing was for certain, Amy was completely satisfied with her experience. It was all that she had hoped for and more.

AJ Lee gets caked

AJ Lee gets hit by a cake by Dolph Ziggler at a house show on his birthday. It looks pretty good.