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Carol Seaver Sibling Rivalry (Tracey Gold)

Carol Seaver Sibling Rivalry (Tracey Gold)

Carol Seaver and her brother Mike always had a bit of a rivalry. He was always calling her fat and nerdy and she was always calling him stupid. Of course, there was nothing fat or ugly about Carol. She was very attractive and had an incredible body. He just would say things to her because he knew that it wound her up. The two loved to tease each other and play jokes. When a show came on the air about sibling rivalry with messy consequences, the two jumped at the chance. Each wanted the opportunity to totally embarrass the other on national television. It would be a huge bragging point and feather in the cap of the person who would claim victory.

Carol vs. Mike would prove an epic battle on the show. A huge key would be what type of games were being played on the day. If the games were mental games then Carole would have the advantage. If the games were physical then it would be to Mike’s advantage. Unfortunately for Carol, the games that were played were all to Mike’s advantage. Carol did not have very good coordination. It all went in Mike’s favour. It was best of five and Carol lost the first three. After the second game was lost, Carol knew that she was in deep trouble and that her brother was going to get the better of her. She would have tried to cheat, but there was no way to.

When Carol lost the third game she looked dejected. She looked over and saw Mike grinning from ear to ear. He was going to get to humiliate his sister on national television. Carol blushed. Her mouth fell open and she bit her lip, looking totally embarrassed. Carol knew that her whole family and everyone that she knew was going to be watching this and would see what was about to occur. Carol really had no idea what she was about to face. Mike was already loving every minute of this. Carol was wearing a pair of brown tweed trousers and a pink sweater. It was a very 80’s looking outfit. Carol did not realize it but the trousers that she was wearing were showing off her amazing backside to no end.

Carol was now lead over to the area where the mess would happen. She did not have much time to react. Carol was hurried over to the other side of the studio. She did not know what she was looking at or what lay ahead. “Ok,” the host said,” We have some special devices set up for Carol today. Some of them are brand new. They are never before seen exclusives. So, you should feel very special indeed Carol,” he said. “Oh yeah, I am overjoyed,” she replied sarcastically,” I am so lucky,” she said.

“First, Carol will be walking the plank,” the host explained. What was revealed was a long plank of wood attached to a crank. The plank extended across what looked like a deep messy pool. The pool was at least waist deep on most people and was quite long across as well. It was deeper than the get your own back tank but not quite as wide. It was filled with thick blue and green gunge. Carol caught a glimpse of the whole thing. She covered her face in her hands in shock. She shook her head, not believing what she was seeing. Mike laughed and shook his hands in the air, even doing a little celebration dance. “Ok, Carol, time to walk the plank,” the host said. Mike was lead over to the crank. The crank controlled the plank. As it was cranked, the plank would become more and more vertical. There would come a point where it was entirely vertical. Carol would be doing all she could to try and hold on and avoid plunging into the blue and green gunge that lay below her.

Carol was reluctant but was encouraged, almost pushed out onto the plank. Carol put her feet on the edge of the plank and looked out ahead of her. She took a deep breath. The plank looked very precarious. Plus, she was not the most coordinated person at the best of times. She was nudged by the host and made to walk forward on the plank. She wobbled as she tiptoed forward. She stretched her arms out in an attempt to try and steady herself. Her hips wobbled and she almost fell a couple of times as she was made to walk further and further across the plank. The plank was strong enough to hold her body weight and she was able to steady herself as she reached the end of the plank. She looked downwards and cringed as she saw the gigantic tank of slimy gunge that awaited her below. If she played her cards right she could keep her balance, but Mike was about to start to crank his sister downwards.

Mike began to turn the crank. The plank began to move. The side that Carol was on began to tip towards the gunge below. Carol nearly lost her balance and fell in immediately, but was able to steady herself. Mike turned the crank slowly. It was prolonging the agony, delaying the inevitable. Carol wobbled, holding her arms out wide, trying to steady her body weight. The plank continued to move. Carol began to slide. She tried to reposition herself as best she could, still hoping that she may be able to hold on somehow. She fell backwards and slid as she was cranked further and further. She fell but managed to grab a hold of the plank. She ended up with her arms and legs wrapped around the plank. Hugging it, gripping it as tightly as she could. Her body clutching at the plank, but it was still moving. It was getting to the point where it was almost vertical. It was now obvious that Carol would not be able to hold on much longer, as hard as she tried. Mike cranked again. She could not fight gravity. She could no longer hold on. Her body slide down the plank. She fell downwards and plunged into the gunge pool with a thud and a large splash, her body displacing some of the gunge. She disappeared completely underneath the gunge. Mike ran over to get a better look. Carol stayed underneath for a moment before her head emerged from the pool. She coughed and sputtered, quickly clearing her eyes. Her curly hair covered in gunge stuck to her head. Her face dripping in gunge. Her clothes were totally covered in the sloppy slimy substance. Mike just smiled and laughed. Carol frowned and glared at him. “Well, wasn’t that amazing. Join us after the break when we see more mess for our loser. See you after the break,” the host said.

During the break, Carol was helped out of the gunge and set up for the next punishment. What was to come next was the wheel of torture. Carol was told to lie down on her back on the large spinning wheel. Her ankles and wrists were strapped in. She was now spread eagle staring up at the ceiling. Mike bent over and said,” Comfy there, Sis?,” with a chuckle. Carol shook her head angrily, swearing at him under her breath. She was totally helpless at her brother’s hands. Her clothes and hair already soaked with gunge. She already had pulled a handful of gunge out of her panties. Several medium sized buckets were now produced. The host gave the wheel a spin. Carol held her breath and closed her eyes. Her body began to spin around on the wheel. Mike picked up the first bucket and tossed it at his sister. He aimed it at her face. He learned now that he had to aim in front of something on the wheel in order for it to hit, as it was moving at a decent clip. The bucket had light blue gunge in it. It spurted across Carol’s face and went across the wheel.

He then picked up a second bucket. This one had slurry in it. It was a redish brown. He aimed and poured it. It landed right across Carol’s thighs and up what could only be described as her camel toe. All over her brown trousers. He grabbed the next bucket and dumped it across her chest, over her top and across her neck and chin. It was filled with yellow gunge. The mess splattered as it hit the moving wheel. It began to make a sort of tie dye effect across the wheel and the woman who lay across it. The next bucket had what appeared to be bean dip in it. Mike tossed it on his sister. It landed across the length of one leg and off the other hip. It was thick and almost purple. Mike then tossed the contents of the final bucket onto his sister. It was bright pink gunge this time. Again it was directed into Carol’s face. This time it was more on target, splattering Carol in the face. The wheel then came to a gradual stop. Mike smiled and looked down at his trashed sister. Carol was kept in place for the time being. Eventually, Carol was unstrapped. She sat up, bending her knee. She wiped some of the mess from her face and let some of it drip from her body. Mike could not stop laughing at what he had done to his sister and there was more to come. The show went to another commercial break.

The next event was set up for Carol during the break. The host welcomed everyone back to the show. “What we have next is something we called the pie cycle.” The camera cut away and showed what the pie cycle was. It was not a real bike, but one that would be straddled by the person and the bike would be switched on and move the person through a special path with surprises along the way. Carol was told to take a seat. The seat was quite high and she was quite slippery with the mess that was already on her. She had trouble getting in place. When she climbed on it, she realized that she could not sit on it like a normal bike. This was how it was designed. Carol’s face and arms stretched in front, hands on the handle bars. Her backside was high in the air and her back was arched. It was not exactly the most comfortable position in the world to be in. Carol looked ahead. She could guess what was in store for her. She was on the bike, it was about time that she received the pies. Once again, it would be her brother Mike who would be having the control. Mike was position at a podium with a sort of joystick on it. He would be able to control when the pies came and from which direction they came from. It was almost like a videogame. He was able to target Carol as he chose.

The bike started off. Carol did not fully know what to expect. This time the pies that would be coming were of different varieties; banana, chocolate , cherry, apple cream etc. The bike started off. Carol looked forward, gripping the handle bars. It moved forward. A boink noise rang out and pie flew forwards straight into Carol’s head. It stuck in place and then another flew hitting her halfway between her shoulder and her face, knocking the first pie plate away. She moved forward as another pie hit her on the side of the head. Another then flew upwards, exploding between her crotch and chest. Another fell from above, landing on top of her head. The next smashed into her arched back. Each pie leaving a trail of cream and pie filling. Trails of pie shaped blotches covered her. The next hit the back of Carol’s thighs. The next one flew with great force straight into her backside. It landed with a thud. This elicited great laughter from everyone watching. The next pie hit in the same place followed by two more in succession. Pie plates sticking to Carol’s posterior. Next her body was peppered with pies. They came from above and below. The final two pies smashed into Carol’s face. The bike finally stopped. An extreme close up was shown of the pie plate stuck on Carol’s backside. That was a view that many guys who knew her would likely have wanted to see for a while.

She was allowed to step off the bike. She was covered from head to toe in multicoloured creamy mess. She was speechless. She was totally humbled. Mike just pointed and laughed at her. “Looking good, Sis,” he mocked. A full shot was shown of Carol covered in the mess. The shot started at her feet and panned upwards, showing her entire body. She was then made to turn around and the same shot was done again.

“So, Mike was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Carol paid the consequences. That is what happens with sibling rivalry. Join us again next time to see much more. See you soon,” the host said.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ani from Stwnsh pied

Here are two lovely pictures of Ani from stwnsh getting pied. The look on her face before and after are very nice indeed. She should get more mess.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Karren Brady it’s nothing personal

Karren Brady it’s nothing personal

Karren Brady had rubbed some of the contestants the wrong way during her time on the Apprentice. She also had to hold her own with a lot of opinionated men. She was a strong woman and always was and equal to anyone in the boardroom. A lot of people saw her as abrasive and a bit of a bitch. She was also attractive. A lot of the men she worked with secretly spent a lot of time mentally undressing her and having all sorts of fantasies about her. She was always incredibly serious, stern and businesslike. All of this made her the perfect candidate for a gunging. There were a lot of people who would have loved to see it happen to her. A lot of people wanted to see Karren Brady get her comeuppance. Seeing the stoic, serious businesswoman covered in mess seemed like a perfect scenario. Karren’s reaction would be something that lots of people would be interested in seeing.

One day, it was decided , by everyone else on the Apprentice that the next time the team Karren was representing lost a challenge, she would be facing a consequence. However, no one informed her of this. Basically, she was being completely set up by everyone else on the show. She had nothing to do with how the team performed. Her role was to observe and feedback what she saw. She had no impact on the task, but she was going to get the punishment.

Inevitably, Karren’s team lost the challenge the next week. Lord Sugar then surprised everyone by saying, “Karren you were with the team who lost. Unbeknownst to you, this will result in a punishment. Members of the teams are always fired , but this time Karren, we have a punishment set up for you.” “Um, excuse, me what/,”Karren asked, not even really fully taking in what Lord Sugar had said. “Karren, you are going to be the guest of honour today in a very special gunge tank.” Karren tried to collect her thoughts. “Gunge tank? Um, can we talk about this? What do you mean gunge tank?,” she said calmly, but starting to panic. “I meant what I said. You are going to go to the gunge tank Karren now its time to depart,” he said. Before she knew what was happening, Karren was being led out of the boardroom and downstairs to the foyer where a gunge tank was set up. Karren knew that Lord Sugar was the boss and she would have to follow his orders or else he might fire her as well. She could not believe that this was happening. The phrase, “Gunge tank” ran through her mind over and over again.

Karren knew straight away that she was in for some humiliation. This was not going to be fun for Karren. She was used to bossing people around and having the upper hand. She entered the lobby and caught her first glimpse at the gunge tank. “Oh…my…god,” she said, putting her hands over her mouth. She wore a dark grey skirt suit. She was quickly marched across the lobby towards the gunge tank. Her jaw dropped when she caught sight of the tank. She couldn’t say much though, as she walked towards it. The door on the bottom was opened and she walked in. She looked downwards and lowered herself into the seat. The door was closed on Karren. Karren looked forward. The candidates and others from the show came down to witness this. Karren looked mortified with embarrassment. She was not going to be looking very dignified for very much longer.

“Karren, your team lost, now you have to pay the price,” Lord Sugar said. Karren responded with a muted,” Thank you, Lord Sugar.” She was truthfully bricking it at this point. She looked very embarrassed. She was trying to appear cool and calm, but was blushing and sweating much more than she was letting on. “Karren, there is consequences to losing at all times. No one is exempt. Let this be a warning to you,” Lord Sugar said. Karren was in a state of shock almost. Nick was going to get to do the honours. He was savouring getting a chance to do this to the much younger, very attractive Karren. Karren quietly shook her head. She licked her lips. She kept her eyes ahead of her and on the ground. “Nick you may let her have it,” Lord Sugar said.

Nick went over and stood to the side. He pulled on a cord. In an instant, bright hot pink gunge began to pour down on Karren’s head from above. Karren focussed on what was straight ahead of her as she felt the gunge tipping down over her. The gunge was thick and smooth. It made contact with Karren’s head slightly off centre to one side. There was an audible gasp when the gunge finally landed initially on Karren’s head. It poured down her nose and down one side of her face. It dripped down her face, covering three quarters of one side of her face. It then began to cover the other side of her face. She could feel the messy gunge pouring down on her body. Karren was now having to deal with the reality of gallons of gunge pouring down on her. Karren was someone who always acted serious and wanted to be respected in the business world. This would never be the same again after today. This was something that no one was ever going to forget. The candidates for the show watched and did their best not to laugh at Karren’s humiliation. She kept a serious, straight face, which just seemed to make the whole thing that much more hilarious. Part of Karren’s face was still visible around the gunge. Her expression could still be seen. She wiggled her arms, gunge dripping down the length of her body.

Orange gunge now began to pour down onto Karren. It dumped from above down onto Karren’s head and over her face. She could feel it down on her breasts and over her thick thighs. It dripped down her skirt and all over her legs, down her calves. Karren squirmed in her seat. She could feel the gunge collecting underneath her backside on the seat below. She could feel the gunge covering her clothes and body. She could not believe how much gunge was covering her. She moved her legs and body around in the mess that was poured. She was completely saturated in gunge everywhere by this point. It was cold and damp. Karren rang her hands over her face, trying to clear some of the gunge away, but more continued to pour over her, overwhelming her. For a minute the gunge stopped. Karren struggled to wipe some of the gunge away.

Karren hoped that it was all over. But unfortunately for her, this was only the beginning. Now the gunge had stopped but what was to come was far worse than any gunge could have ever been. In a minute she would be wishing that it had been only gunge that she was covered in. Karren looked up because she thought that the mess had now ceased. This was a bit of a mistake because as she looked up, she was greeted by a torrent of egg salad. It smelled disgusting, like rotten eggs. It fell in huge sloppy yellow lumps. The first bit that fell was enormous. It was wider than Karren’s head. It fell from above and landed straight in Karren’s mouth. When it hit, Karren was treated to a disgusting rotten egg salad taste. As soon as it hit, she flung her head forward. The enormous blob of egg salad flew from her mouth as her head jerked forward. Karren gagged, but the egg salad did not stop pouring. As she struggled to get the disgusting taste out of her mouth, more of it was pouring down onto her from above. All of it was covered in some kind of slimy yellow substance. The disgusting substance poured down Karren’s face and collected on top of her head. Karren squirmed and struggled in the mess. She shook her arms and hands.

Now baked beans began to pour down from above. They were the cheapest of the cheap. It was ironic that this rich business woman, who clearly looked down on common people as well as people whom she felt were “not as successful” as she was, was now getting totally trashed with disgusting cheap food. She probably would act as if she was too good to even eat food like this normally. A close up was shown of Karren closing her eyes as the baked beans poured over her from above. Because, Karren’s head was quite large, it made a very good target. Karren closed her eyes as she felt cold sloppy baked beans pouring down her face from above. She could feel the beans against her skin and clothes. The beans poured down her breasts and over her chunky bare legs. The candidates wanted to cheer and laugh, but they had to restrain themselves. Nick peered over stoically as he pulled the cord, releasing the mess onto Karren Brady. Hundreds of beans in their disgusting bean sauce poured down onto Karren as she cringed. When they finally stopped, she placed her hands on her face and ran her fingers upwards through her hair, pushing some away. The beans really matched her red hair. More still fell down her face and breasts. The vision of Karren Brady’s distinctive face dripping in baked beans would not be easily forgotten.

Next Karren was treated to something a bit more up market. It was a sort of salmon fish pate. It was a bit liked tuna fish. It was a greyish pink colour. It seemed to be salmon mixed with mayonnaise and other ingredients. It looked as though a whole tray of it was dumped from above onto Karren at once. A huge slab of the stuff, about two feet wide fell from the sky, landing on Karren’s head. It hit her head and sort of folded over on either side. It stuck to the top of her head and folded over either side of her face. Instead of falling away, the vast majority of the mess stayed in place on Karren’s face. She used her fingers and pulled some of it away. This caused chunks of it to fall down her body, landing on her stomach and legs. It all then collapsed, sending more mess down her face and chest. A huge bit still stuck to the top of her head, like some bizarre Mohawk hairstyle.

Finally, Karren was treated to a full meal. It all began to pour down on her head in sequence. First there were starters. Broccoli and stilton soup poured down on her followed by prawn cocktail. Before she had time to think, she was being treated to the main course. From above fell bits of roast beef in gravy, carrots, stuffing, bits of Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato, mashed carrot and suede, peas, cauliflower and parsnips. It was a whole roast dinner pouring on her at once. Everything was mixed together in thick brown gravy. It seemed to pour down on her for ages. Karren getting covered in the sloppy dinner from head to toe. It was soon followed by pudding. Apple crumble with custard fell from above on her. If she did not like that, she was also offered the option of sticky toffee pudding, which also plummeted down onto her shortly afterward. Karren was smeared from head to toe in three courses of dinner. Her whole body was covered in the food. She looked up silently. She tried to show no expression, but the humiliation that she was feeling was clear on her face.

“Ok everyone the show is over. You may leave. May this be a lesson to all of you,” Lord Sugar said. “Thank you, Lord Sugar,” they all responded as they left. Karren was left sitting on her own in the booth silently. She eventually brushed herself down and left to go have a long shower and clean herself off. Nick and Lord Sugar would watch the tape back many times for their own personal enjoyment as would a lot of people who worked with Karren in the business world. There were many who would have imagined something like that happening to her for some time and would take great amusement from seeing it happen. No one really dared to mention it to Karren afterwards. She had very little sense of humour regarding this. She would do her best to try to forget that it ever happened at all.

stwnsh sadwrn 8/6/13 mum gets messed, blonde woman gunged

Yesterday was one of the best days ever on Stwnsh Sadwrn. There were two absolutely amazing messy moments on the show. On it the blonde woman who answers the phones, who always wears the pink ts hirt was a part of a sort of gunge bingo game. She poured four buckets of gunge on herself. they were real gunge as well, not thin or clear. She looked amazing just in the tub clean. The other part of teh show was a series of games between family members. The mother lost and was gunged weith food by her partner, children and kids from the neighbourhood. She was incredibly attractive. I loved the shorts that she was wearing. Her body was very sexy as well. It was almost perfect. She did wear goggles and some of the mess missed, but overall, it is much better than we are used to for sure.

the full gallery is on: