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Lucy Alexander under the gunge

Lucy Alexander under the  gunge

Lucy Alexander was one of the co-hosts of Homes under the Hammer. Martin Roberts was her co-host. The two were inspired by all of the buckets challenges and charity events that had taken place in the past year. The two decided to make a bet on the show. The bet was on several properties that were up for auction. They came up with an agreed list of properties to choose from. Each would choose one. The one that went for the highest amount of money would win. The loser would have to do forfeit of the winner’s choice.

The two tried to come up with forfeits, but did not tell one another what they would be. This added to the intrigue. They had worked together for years. Winning the bet would mean getting to do something to their colleague that they had always wanted to do to them and would give them bragging rights for years to come. The two looked through the choice of properties. All had the same guide prices so it was even ground to start out with. They each chose one to represent themselves. Lucy chose one in Birmingham, Martin one in Sheffield. They were similar, but both truly believed that theirs would earn more.

Finally, it was auction day. Everyone was a bit nervous. It was arranged so that the properties were up for auction right after one another. Lucy’s was first. It started slowly but rose to a rather high £250,000. This was more than it was anticipated to earn. Martin began to get slightly nervous, because he never imagined it would do this well. Lucy was excited. Both were interviewed at this point. “Well, that went really well. I am really pleased with that,” Lucy said,” It will all come down to how Martin’s does. Hopefully it doesn’t do more. It did well though. It will be a hard one to beat.” Martin was then interviewed. “ Well, how about that, I never thought that it would fetch that much. It went a bit high. I am confident in my property, but you can never tell on the day. Anything can happen on the day. We will just have to see what happens.”

It was then Martin’s turn. The property’s price came right in at £150,000. It began to rise after that. Lucy and Martin were shown watching nervously together. Martin encouraging the price upwards. Lucy crossing her fingers. It went onwards, £160, £170, £180, £200, £220, £240. Lucy shook her head wanting the bidding to stop. It didn’t however. £245, £250, £255, £260. The property rose and rose and didn’t stop until it reached £290,000. “Going once, going twice, sold,” the auctioneer won. Martin smiled. Lucy looked very nervous, knowing she had lost. Martin had won. They were interviewed again.

“Well, I was always confident, but you just never know on the day, anything can happen on the day. I am so pleased that Ii won. Now Lucy has to do her forfeit. I am going to enjoy it. I think everyone will. Lucy may not though.” “Oh, oh no. How about that. I can not believe it. He really beat me badly. I am a bit nervous now. I wonder what forfeit he has chosen. This could get embarrassing,” she said. She crossed her fingers, looking very nervous.

The show then turned to the forfeit. The two were shown together. “Lucy, it’s now time to discover what your forfeit will be,” Martin said. The two walked outside of the auction house to the back parking lot. “I can now reveal that the forfeit is right out back here.” Lucy looked around. “Oh god , no, not that.” She said, burying her face in her hands, blushing and laughing in embarrassment. “Yes it is. That’s right, it is a gunge tank. A gunge tank that you will be sitting in.” “Don’t make me go in there, please. I can’t. I will do anything. I don’t want to be gunged. My whole family and all my friends are watching this,” Lucy begged.

“This is so embarrassing. Please, I can’t, ahhh, ugh.” “Sorry, Lucy, the gunge is all for you,” he said. “I would have never done this to you,” she said,” Please, I will do anything,” she whispered, wiggling her eyelashes suggestively. “Sorry, but I have wanted to do this for so long. I am going to enjoy every second of this. “ “Oh, crap,” she said. He took her by the arm and lead her towards the gunge tank. She looked very squeamish. “Oh god, no, please, you can’t do this to me. No, no,” she continued. She dragged her feet as he lead her towards the tank. He opened the door as she reluctantly entered the tank and took the hot seat. He closed the door on her with a smile. She banged her hands on the door. She shook her head and scrunched up her nose. She looked up, noticing the gunge that was currently hovering, suspended over her head. She knew that very shortly that gunge would be all over her. She knew that her friends and family always watched the show. Everyone was going to see this happen to her. 

“So, Lucy lost the bet. It is Homes Under the Hammer. We are about to have Lucy under the gunge.” The camera zoomed in on Lucy. She was still shaking her head. She clenched her hands to her chest. She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes as tightly as she could. Martin pulled the cord on the tank, releasing the gunge onto her. The gunge was bright blue. A very embarrassed Lucy’s bottom clenched as the gunge began to slowly release downwards onto her. It poured straight down on top of her head, over her hair and then down the front of her face. 

She could hear people hooting and hollering as the gunge poured down over her. It poured down the front of her face. It poured down her nose and lips and then down on her cheeks and hair. It poured over her shoulders. She laughed uncontrollably with embarrassment. She held her hands in front of her as the gunge continued. She then put her hands on her face, trying to clear away some of the gunge from her face and eyes. It was no use though because the gunge kept coming and coming. It continued to pour on her face. All she could do was look up and roll her eyes as if to say there was no point in trying to counteract the gunge. It poured down her neck and down her body.

Gunge poured onto her shirt and jeans. The gunge tank was designed to thoroughly cover the person sat in the tank as much as possible. Lucy could not believe the amount of embarrassment that rushed over her entire being at this moment. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It was as if humiliation was literally being poured down all over her. She was almost totally covered in the thick sloppy gunge. Finally the gunge slowed to a halt. She lifted her arms, splashing them in the gunge. She shouted, “ Noooo!” She looked ridiculous, covered in gunge. 

Martin then open the gunge tank door with one hand behind his back. He leaned forward and thrust a gigantic cream pie straight into his co-host’s face. It landed with a splat, covering her face in creamy pie. Lucy gave a deep breath, puffing out her cheeks and allowing pie to fly from her face. Lucy peeled the pie tin off of her face. She stood up and was allowed to exit the gunge tank.
She was covered in gunge. She looked utterly embarrassed “I can’t believe this. I am going to burn the footage,” she joked. “It’s too late, the whole world will see this.” She laughed and shook her head in embarrassment. She peeled some pie from her fringe. She put her other hand on her hip and shook her head. She licked her lips. The camera was right in her face as well. She gave a funny face to the camera.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lacey Turner is an annoying sister

Lacey Turner is an annoying sister

Daisy Turner was the sister of Lacey Turner, the famous Eastenders actress. She looked up to and cared about her elder sister, but she also envied her a bit and also found her extremely annoying at times. A lot of people felt that way about Lacey, to be honest. Daisy, unbeknownst to Lacey, nominated her for the dubious honour of most annoying sister. Shockingly, when Lacey heard, she was almost proud of this. She looked at it as a badge of honour. In her way of thinking, as an older sister, it was sort of her duty to annoy her younger sister from time to time. She would not have been so pleased if she had realised what the reward was going to be for winning this award. It was going to be a chance for Daisy to get her own back on her big sister in a major way. Before the big night, Lacey was actually excited about it. Little did she know how the evening would turn out for her.

She wore a strapless black dress to the awards ceremony. She was going to have fun with this. She thought the whole thing was pretty funny on the whole. The two teased back and forth before the ceremony, Lacey, blissfully unaware of what was about to occur. The two sat in the audience and waited for the award to be announced. There were others in the audience as well who had been nominated for awards, mainly minor celebrities, as this show would be televised. Finally, the time arrived and the nominees for the most annoying sister were read out. Lacey opened her mouth, making a silly face and waved to the camera when she was shown. They played a recording of Daisy explaining how annoying Lacey was and all the things that she had done to her over the years. There were also clips of her colleagues making similar comments about Lacey. Lacey was shown again. She shrugged her shoulders and could be seen mouthing the words,” Oh well.”  The presenter then read out the results. “And the winner is, for the most annoying sister in Britain award… Lacey Turner from Eastenders.” Lacey and Daisy both celebrated. Lacey gave a fist pump and laughed. She then made her way up on stage. She shook the presenter’s hand, taking the award in her hand.

“Well, this is truly an honour, I have to say. Many people would be ashamed or annoyed, but let me tell you, I am so proud. I take great pride in annoying my sister. Hey, that’s what sisters are for, isn’t it? I promise now that I will continue to be as annoying as possible to my sister. It is my duty. I love it,” she exclaimed laughing. The presenter then chimed in. “Lacey, what you don’t know is that the award is not all that you get for being the most annoying sister.” “Ok,” she said with an inquisitive look. “We also are going to give your sister here the opportunity to get some measure of revenge on you. It is only fair.” Lacey began to look slightly worried at this point. Her eyes widened slightly. Daisy looked at her and chuckled. “Lacey, come with me, we are going to go for a little walk,” the presenter said. Lacey complied, following him along. She was lead to a chair.

“Lacey, please have a seat,” the presenter asked. Lacey did as she was told She was beginning to get an idea of what may lay in her future at this point. He then asked Lacey to place her hands on the hand rests of the chair. Straps were attached to them and they were pulled around her wrists, strapping her into place, so she was unable to resist or struggle very much. “Now, Lacey, I am sure that you are wondering what we meant by saying Daisy would be allowed to get revenge.” “ Yeah, you could say that,” she replied in a witty tone. “ Well, now that you are in the hot seat, you long suffering sister is going to be afforded with the opportunity to pour some sloppy mess all over you.” Lacey’s mouth dropped. She shook her head and laughed. “This is what you get. You really do deserve this.” “Yeah, I know,” she said, laughing. Daisy pointed and laughed at her sister’s predicament. “Revenge is going to be so sweet,” she said. Lacey shrugged her shoulders and laughed at her own situation.

Daisy was handed a gigantic black round plastic bowl. She looked down and laughed and then looked at her sister. Lacey shook her head. “No, please, don’t stop. I’m your big sister,” she said. Daisy did not listen to her pleas. She approached with the bowl and began to tip it onto her big sister.  “That’s it let her have. This one is for everyone out there with annoying older siblings,” the presenter exclaimed. Daisy began to carefully pour the contents of the bowl onto her big sister. The bowl was filled with thick green gunge. Lacey squinted as her sister slowly poured the sloppy gunge over her head. It poured down her dark hair and shoulders first and then down her chest and back, down her dress. The green glop coated her hair, shoulders and arms. Daisy diligently continued pouring the mess over her sister. The final bit, pouring down her face. Daisy took her hand and rubbed the gunge around on Lacey’s face, shaking her head a bit as she did it. Lacey grimaced as her face was covered in gunge. It dripped down her nose and chin. She gave her sister a funny look. Daisy pointed at her slimed sibling and laughed.

Next, Lacey was going to be treated to a curry. The presenter handed Daisy a contained filled to the brim with chicken korma that was to be served up all over Lacey Turner. Daisy looked down at the curry then up at her sister. She grinned and lifted the container. Lacey scrunched up her face as the thick, creamy, yellow korma began to pour over her head. It coated the sides of her hair and then poured on her face. It was thick and luscious, filled with yoghurt and coconut milk. It poured down over Lacey. Daisy took her time, slowly covering her sister in the curry. Lacey tried to move her head and neck about, but she was strapped in, so was powerless to move out of the way of the korma. It covered her hair and face and slopped its way down her black dress, down to her lap. “We hope that you like curry, Lacey,” the presenter said. “Yeah, well, not like this,” Lacey exclaimed as korma dripped from her hair. 

Next to come for Lacey was some mashed potatoes and gravy. Daisy produced a large pot filled with the stuff as well as a wooden spoon. She stuck the spoon inside and plopped out a portion, flinging it out onto Lacey. The mash and gravy splattered upon her face and down her front. Daisy repeated this. She then took a large spoonful and plopped it down on top of her sister’s head, smushing it downwards. She continued to do this. She then spooned the rest of mash and gravy down into Lacey’s dress. She pulled open  her cleavage and pushed the spoon inwards, smushing mash all over Lacey’s breasts. Stoggy mashed potatoes filled her dress and stuck to her hair. Daisy then shovelled the last spoonful into her sister’s mouth. Lacey gagged as the mash fell from her mouth, down her chin to her chest. It tasted awful.

Next too come for Lacey was some lovely tartar sauce. “We heard that Lacey has a lot of tartar build up anyway so we thought that this would be appropriate,” the presenter joked. The tartar sauce was in a massive tub. Daisy unscrewed the lid and turned it upside down onto Lacey’s head. The jar was so large that Lacey’s entire head nearly fit inside of it. It was thick and creamy with little green bits inside. Lacey usually used this on her fish and chips, but now was getting more than her share. It began to pour out, covering her face and head and flowing down her body. Daisy pushed and jostled the tub, loosening the tartar sauce all over Lacey. She then pushed down, Lacey’s head now completely in the plastic tub, covered in tartar sauce. Daisy left it on for a moment, laughing as her sister struggled with no free hands, before removing the tub  her.

“Now, Lacey, you will be happy to know that we will be removing those straps for the final part. Unfortunately, you will not be happy to discover the reason for this. You see we can reveal that what lays just feet in front of you is a gunge pool. The chair you are in is attached to a lever. When the lever is pulled, the chair will be launched forward and into the lake of gunge ahead. “ Lacey just looked at him and rolled her eyes. The pool was then revealed. It was a deep gunge pool not unlike get your own back or den of doom had. “Now, Daisy, please come over to the lever. When ready, launch your sister and complete your revenge.” Lacey looked over at her sister, desperately. Daisy waived to her.

She yanked down on the lever. Lacey grimaced, scrunching up her face as the chair rolled forward at a decent clip. She screamed as the chair launched forward towards the pool and hurdled her through the air, tossing her face first into the gunge that lay below and ahead. The look on her face was hilarious as she was sent flying forward into the gunge. She disappeared beneath the gunge for what seemed like ages, before popping her head out. She was covered from head to toe in gunge now. She had to clutch at her chest to prevent her dress from falling away. She was laughing uncontrollably. Her hair stuck to her face. She looked like she had just come out of a gunge shower. Her hair was soaked in gunge. She was soaked from head to toe.

“So Lacey, are you going to stop annoying your sister now,” the presenter asked. “Are you kidding me. I am going to be so much worse now,” she replied with a laugh. “She is going to pay for this one big time. In all seriousness. I am just an annoying person. Everyone says so. I can’t really help it. I guess I deserved this,” Lacey stated. She was totally right about this. Everyone who had worked with her in her acting career tuned in and enjoyed what they witnessed. She was an extremely annoying person. Her sister got her revenge. Lacey Turner got what was coming to her on this day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Let Fleur East have it

Let Fleur East have it

Fleur East was the final female contestant left on the X Factor. She and her fellow finalists were asked to appear on Let Her Have It as way of promoting the final. The other two finalists were males. It was obvious how the show would end for Fleur. She was good sport so agreed to take part, knowing, generally what her fate was going to be before the evening was over. She knew that she was in for a night of mess and embarrassment. She was up for a laugh, plus, she kind of had the hots for Mr. G. as well. She had always, sort of had a crush on him, so she was looking forward to meeting him.

She wore an incredibly sexy outfit on this day. She wore black hotpants and boots. She also wore a multi-coloured tank top that showed off her abs as well. A lot of skin was showing for her tonight. She looked very good. She had her hair in the normal way, in a large afro hairstyle. She looked incredible overall. She knew that she would be getting very dirty tonight, one way or another.
The show started and Fleur and the other finalists were welcomed to the show. It was Fleur, Andrea and Ben.  Mr. G. interviewed them. He spoke to them in the normal manner that was common place on talk shows, asking them about the show, the competition and the final. They all said how amazing the show was. They said how excited they were to be in the finals and how great it would be to win the show. The conversation then turned to more interesting things. “Well, as riveting as this has been, it’s time to get down to business,” Mr. G. said,” This is not your average talk show. You all know what we have to move on to.” Everyone laughed, especially Fleur.

“Well someone is going to be getting messy in a few moments from now. Earlier today we had a little vote. It’s a different one from the X Factor vote so don’t worry, but I can now reveal the results. It was a landslide. I guess it is no surprise that the person who received the most votes was in fact Fleur here.” He reached out and massaged her shoulder. She laughed. “No, me , really, it couldn’t be,” she joked. “It looks like I am the people’s choice,” she joked,” What an honour.” “Yes Fleur, it appears everyone wants to see you get messy,” Mr. G. said. “Oh well,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. "Ok, Fleur, can you please follow me,” Mr. G. said. “Of course, I would follow you anywhere,” Fleur flirted. She sat up and followed him over to a gunge tank.

This tank was solid. It had no door. It was a seat built into what appeared to be a wall that formed around her sides and above her head. The mess in the tank that was above, could not be seen. It all appeared to be solid. Fleur stepped in and took her seat. She laughed as looked up and gave a nervous look. Her X Factor competitors joined Mr. G. at the cord. “So, Fleur, you have the privilege and honour to take your place in the mess. Do you have any last words for us?,” Mr. G. asked. She took a deep breath, laughed and said, “Just let me have it, I guess.”

“Ok, here we go,” Mr. G. said Fleur laughed. “I will let Ben and Andrea do the honours,” he said “Actually, would it be possible for you do it?,” Fleur said,” I have always liked the idea of you letting me have,” she said suggestively. “Well, ok, sure. Of course, we can make that happen,” he said. She laughed as he took the cord in hand. “Let me have it baby,” she said with a huge giggle. “Ok, here we go, it’s time for Fleur East to take the mess. Let’s count her down everyone.” Everyone began to count down Fleur’s fate together. “Three….Two…..One.” He then pulled down on the cord. Fleur laughed and closed her eyes. She crossed her arms across her chest.

Everyone let out an audible gasp as white gunge began to pour down onto Fleur. She smiled and closed her eyes as the gunge fell from above and landed on one side of her head. It began to soak her afro, crushing it and weighing it down. The gunge was slightly off centre at this point though and the result was that it only covered half of her afro. The bit on the other side of her head was still sticking up like normal, as the other side was squashed with white gunge. It poured down one side of her face and then down her chest and stomach and all over her leg. She was soon covered in white gunge on one side of her body, while the other side was relatively clean.

When the colour of the gunge changed it became obvious that the direction of the gunge was no accident. It was calibrated to do what it had, as the second portion of gunge, which was blue green began to fall on the other side of Fleur. It poured down onto her. It slopped up her clothes, covering it in slimy mess. It poured onto her hair. The afro stayed in place for a moment before succumbing to the weight of the gunge the soon covered it. It poured over her face. Fleur closed her eyes and shook her head as the gunge totally covered her face. At this point she looked very silly, half of her body covered in different colours of gunge.

After that, the mess changed. Now salad fell onto her from above.  Bits of lettuce, tomato and cucumber fell onto her and most of it got stuck in her frizzy, now gunge covered hair. It was followed by creamy Italian and French salad dressing. These came down at the same time, again on different sides of Fleur. It dumped onto her face hair and body. The colours were pale pink and white. She placed her hands on her knees and twisted her neck around as the salad dressing poured on top of her. Next came a torrent of sardines in brine. The fell with a crash from above all over the sexy singer. Sardines got tangled and entwined in her hair and stuck to her body, collecting in various areas as well of her body. The smell was not exactly pleasant at this point. Fleur continued to laugh throughout all of this.

Next to come was spaghetti hoops. They began falling from above. Fleur stuck out her hands as she was slowly covered in a mountain of the sloppy spaghetti hoops. The hoops were in a thick red sloppy sauce. Fleur grimaced as the covered the top of her head and poured over her face. They soon covered her abs as well as her thighs. She was soon plastered in the stuff all over her body. She could feel them all over her body. She rubbed her hands around on her messy stomach. Her sexy abs now covered in layer after layer of sloppy mess. Her whole world at the moment was mess. She was thinking about Mr. G. and the fact that he was the one doing this to her and that got her quite excited in a way.

After the spaghetti hoops, the mess changed again to a combination of rice pudding and custard. The two came out individually, but simultaneously and began to mix as they began to splatter the sexy singer. She breathed out as the hit her and rice pudding flew from her nostrils and mouth. They poured down onto her. This mess was thick and heavy. It soon covered her lap and splattered down her legs to her ankles. Her stomach and breasts were also covered in the thick sloppy mess. Fleur rubbed her breasts and stomach. She mimicked her sexy dance moves, rubbing the delicious sloppy mess around on her sexy toned body. She then suggestively stuck her tongue out and flicked it around sensuously. She then laughed.

When the mess had stopped, she stood up and walked over to Mr. G.. She motioned to him with her finger, beckoning him closer. She then ran towards him, thrusting her mess covered body at him. She wrapped her messy body around him and then leaned over, kissing him. “I have news for you, you are going to be the one scrubbing this off me later. You can join me in the shower,” she said, “I think that I can use one right now. Don’t you?”