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Kerry Katona pie in the face, sort of

Kerry Katona got pied yesterday, well sort of.Holly Willoughby's aim was just not very good at all. She kept missing. What a missed opportunity. At least Kerry agreed to take part, that is one good thing. It means she is at least a bit receptive to some mess. There is a link below with the video. Also, see my story about Kerry Katona. It is on teh story archive, it is much naughtier.


Lilith Fair part 3: Sheryl Crow

Lilith Fair part 3: Sheryl Crow

Everyone who had come to the show that day had gotten a special one of a kind treat, seeing some of their favourite singers getting messed before their very eyes. Fiona Apple and Jewel had been messed pretty good previously. The evening was getting on now and the night had fallen. There were not many acts left to perform, so everyone knew that the third messing would be coming very shortly. The acts who still had not performed were getting more and more nervous, as the possibility that it might be them getting messy increased as the show went further and further along. Some of the bigger, headline acts had yet to perform. They had always been most likely targets from the beginning. People like Alanis Morrisette and the organiser, Sarah Mcglaughlin still had their sets to come. Next up was Sheryl Crow. She stood at the stage entrance, holding her guitar, waiting to hear her fait. She was hoping against hope that she would be spared. All she could do was wait and see.

Finally, the announcer came on the loudspeaker. “Next up to perform is the one and only Sheryl Crow. More than that though, the question on everyone’s lips is whether or not she is one of our top three vote getters today. I can now reveal our results.” He paused. The tension grew. Sheryl closed her eyes and crossed her fingers. “Is Sheryl in the top three? I can now reveal that the answer is.. An emphatic…yes. Yes she is.” The audience cheered it’s approval. Sheryl bit her lip and gave a fake pout. She reluctantly walked on stage with her guitar to the applause of the crowd. She approached the microphone. “Was that for me or for the mess?,” she joked. Everyone was very intrigued to see what was going to happen to Sheryl Crow. They knew that it was going to be good. Sheryl was visibly nervous. Sheryl wore a brown vest with no sleeves and a black skirt with brown boots. Her tanned brown skin showing in all of the right places. Her skin shone in the lights of the night. She was beginning to perspire from a combination of embarrassment and heat from the warm evening, She could feels the beads of sweat forming on her hot tanned skin. Her hair, as usual was gorgeous. Even her hair was sexy. She felt very exposed by the situation. Hundreds of people were about to witness an incredibly embarrassing moment for her. “I feel like I’m naked up here,” she joked. Evidently, she had been very popular with the audience, because she had garnered the most votes. She could not believe that this was really going to happen to her. She instinctively would have liked to find a way out of this, but she knew that there was no way for her to escape this.

Sheryl was not too sure how she felt about getting humiliated in front of a stadium full of people. One thing was for sure, the people had voted to see Sheryl Crow getting covered in mess and that was exactly what they were about to witness. She was about to have god knows what poured on her head while the entire audience watched and laughed at her. “Well you all voted for me, because you wanted to see me get messy. Thanks a lot, I think,” Sheryl said sarcastically. She was given a stools that she sat down onto. She adjusted her skirt when she sat down, trying her best to not allow anyone to be able to see up her skirt as she sat down. She had not been told anything about what might be planned for her, so whatever was coming was going to come as a complete surprise to her. Of course, she had seen what had become of Fiona and Jewel earlier in the evening, so had a bit of an inkling about what might be in store for her. Sheryl had tried very hard to build a reputation as a credible recording artist. This was going to do nothing for that image. Little did Sheryl know that the leftover food from the food stands and the contents of the festival’s many overflowing trash cans were already being prepared just for her. This was going to prove a fantastic way to dispose of all of the spoiled food and waste that the concert goers had produced. Sheryl was going to be turned into a sort of human compost heap, so to speak.

“Is everybody ready?,” the voice on the loudspeaker boomed. The crowd cheered its approval. Sheryl shook her head and sheepishly said no. Ignoring what Sheryl had said, the voice kept on,” In that case it is trash time.” The audience began to chant the word trash. Sheryl began to squirm in her seat. She smiled nervously, still quite unaware of what was planned for her. She nervously adjusted her skirt and looked around behind her to see if anything was coming.

Sarah Mcglaughlin then came out on stage to the applause of the crowd. “Hi everyone,” she said,” As everyone knows, we at Lilith Fair are always fighting for the planet. We always try to keep green as much as possible. We would encourage everyone out there to reduce, reuse and recycle. With that in mind, our proceedings today are keeping very much in theme with that. You see, we have a lot of unsold food and stuff that would just be thrown away normally, as the tour is coming to an end. There is a lot of it that is spoiled so is no longer suitable for consumption. All of that would normally get thrown away. We at Lilith Fair will not allow of that food to be thrown out and to go to waste like that. Conveniently, we have found another, very good use for all of the expired and spoiled food. Isn’t that fantastic Sheryl?,” she asked. “Oh yeah, that’s marvellous,” Sheryl replied, smiling and rolling her eyes. “Do you know what we are going to do with all of that food Sheryl?” “I can have a pretty good guess,” Sheryl replied sarcastically. “Well, I can tell you. We are going to pour it all over Sheryl’s head.” The crowd erupted in a flurry laughter and applause. Sheryl screwed up her mouth, giving a worried look. She blushed and smiled. “What’s the matter Sheryl? You support recycling don’t you,” Sarah asked. “I do, but just not on my head,” Sheryl said, laughing. “Seriously though, I am begging you please don’t do this,” she pleaded. “Sorry, Sheryl, those are the rules,” Sarah said. “We want to treat you to a very special lunch courtesy of all of the fine food stalls that we have here at Lilith Fair. It will be a taste sensation for you, I am sure,” she teased. Sheryl looked up at her. She laughed and shook her head.

The buckets were already being brought into position. “As I have said, the contents of these buckets is all of the food that was going to be thrown away at the end of the festival. It is all spoiled. We would never waste perfectly good edible food here. It will be a veritable feast for Sheryl here. I hope that you are hungry,” she teased. The first bucket was brought out by one of the other acts. She stood next to Sheryl and showed her the bucket. Sheryl looked down and saw what was in the bucket. What she saw was a conglomeration of spoiled food. Baked beans, bits of hotdog, ketchup and mustard all slopped together in one bucket. It smelled atrocious. The hot sun did not do anything for the already spoiled food. Sheryl closed her eyes and gave a disgusted look. “That smells gross!!,” she expounded. Of course all this did was illicit laughs and whistles from the audience. “Ok, everyone, its lunch time,” Sarah shouted. Sheryl was about to have some of the most disgusting stuff she had ever seen in her life poured on her head. Sheryl begged the woman holding the bucket not to do this to her, but it was to little avail.

Sheryl put her hands together in front of her. She closed her eyes and scrunched up her face. The woman stood behind Sheryl and lifted the bucket up into the air. Sheryl’s face in a pained expression, every muscle in her body was contracting in anticipation. The woman tipped the bucket slightly. The leftover food began to roll out over the edge of the bucket downwards. Some of the larger lumps of food that were floating at the top of the bucket fell first. Bits of hot dog, beans and even bits of hot dog buns fell from the bucket and landed on Sheryl’s head. All covered in a mixture of disgusting substances. Large chunks of the food rolled down her face. Bits of hot dog and bun landed on her chest and on her lap. Sheryl then felt the sloppy splat as the speed of the mess increased. The disgusting saucy mixture of spoiled food splatted down onto her face. In an instant Sheryl felt the mess pouring down over her face. Sheryl’s could be seen laughing, shaking her head and talking to herself as the mixture of mess poured down over her tanned facial features. The sauce and beans poured straight down onto her face. Her nose, eyes and mouth were entirely covered in it. The woman pouring the mess was thoroughly enjoying the experience. She confidently poured the mess all over Sheryl Crow. The mess now made its way down Sheryl’s bare arms and over her chest. Her sexy, golden tanned skin now dripped in redish orange slop. Her upper arms were totally covered. The mess dripped down to her wrists. Her vest was stained with a tinge of the mess. Her breasts were totally coated. Her beautiful harm stayed relatively clean first, but soon was stuck with beans and hotdog bits, hanging from everywhere. She could now feel the mess pouring over her lap and all over her legs. The woman doing the pouring seemed to not want to leave any part of Sheryl clean. The messy mixture now poured down all over Sheryl’s thin, but muscular tanned legs. The red saucy mess soon covered her thighs and poured down over Sheryl’s famously sexy knees. Mess rolled down her calves and all over her boots. Everyone watching this was loving what they were witnessing. When the bucket was finally empty, the performer smacked her hand on the bottom to allow that bits that were stuck at the bottom, congealed in filth to fall onto her Sheryl. She then placed the bucket on Sheryl’s head. Sheryl sat there dripping in the spoiled mess from head to toe. She stomped her feet up and down. Her sexy legs jiggled in the mess that covered them. The bucket over hr head, so she could still see nothing. She felt like a fool. This was very embarrassing for her. Eventually Sarah re-emerged and lifted the bucket from Sheryl’s head. Sheryl gave a little scream. She screwed up her face and laughed. She shook her arms and hands, letting some of the mess roll down her fingers. Then ends of her hair still looked normal. Individual bits of mess fell everywhere from her body. She took her hand and wiped some of the mess from her nose. “It stinks!,” she shouted. She laughed. Her face soaked in the sloppy mess. She could feel the mess all over her body. She could feel it beneath her butt and legs on the seat. It was all over her body.

A second bucket was now produced. “Well, Sheryl will be pleased to know that our second bucket comes from an old down home style stall. The bucket is filled with mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, peas, corn and some lovely chicken fried steak. All mashed together to make a delicious combination. How does that sound Sheryl?,” Sarah asked. Sheryl looked at her in disbelief. “Sounds just yummy,” Sheryl said sarcastically as she pulled a big of hot dog from her hair. “Mind you, it has been sitting backstage in the hot sun for the last few hours, so it probably has started to get a bit funky, but never mind, it is just perfect for what we are going to use it for. Bon appetite, Sheryl Crow.” Another one of Sheryl’s fellow artists took the bucket and got into position. She gave a massive smile to the fans. The fans cheered enthusiastically as she raised the bucket full of someone’s dinner. As she lifted it up, Sheryl lowered her head slightly and shut her eyes tightly. The singer began to pour the contents of the bucket down onto Sheryl. As the food began to make its way from the bucket, it made a disgusting plopping sound. Gravy ran out from the bucket first, hitting Sheryl in the face. Gravy ran down her face over her nose and between her eyes. It poured down her mouth. Sheryl was treated to the hideous taste of the thick rich brown gravy as it began to cover her face and arms. Bits of vegetables and meat now began to fall from the bucket and fall over Sheryl. All of it congealed in the sloppy, thick gravy. She closed her eyes so could only guess what she could feel falling down her face and chest. She could feel bits of the meat and vegetables rolling their way down her body. Some of the bits settled in various places on her body as they went. She could feel some of the larger bits collecting on her lap and in her cleavage. Finally, gigantic lumps of mashed potato fell from the bucket, soaked and congealed in thick gravy, everything tinged with brown. The mash fell in large blobs, landing on various parts of Sheryl’s body. When they hit her body the smushed apart. The mashed potatoes felt cold and starchy, unnatural against Sheryl’s incredibly sexy skin. Mash stuck all over Sheryl’s boots. She stomped her feet and wiggled her legs about. She rubbed her hands on her thighs and calves, smearing the sloppy mashed potatoes and gravy on her legs and boots. When the bucket was finally empty, she was left dripping in brown mess all over her body, distinguished only by the larger lumps of food that stuck onto various areas of her body. Sheryl looked up and laughed, soaked in gravy. She tried to flick some of the mess at the artist who had done the pouring. Instead, the woman walked away, smiling from ear to ear. She took a bow as she left the stage.

Sarah re-emerged. “Now, I know Sheryl here loves Italian food. So, our next bucket comes from the Italian stall. In it we have spaghetti, meatballs, cheese, sauce, pasta, I even think the salad is in there somewhere. All put together in such a nice package.” The bucket was brought out. When Sarah got a whiff of it, she shook her hand in front of her face and held her nose. “That really does stink,” she admitted. Everyone including Sheryl laughed. “Thanks for that,” Sheryl said sarcastically. She gave two thumbs up. She knew what was about to be coming her way. Another one of the performers was now took a hold of the bucket and got ready to let Sheryl have it. Sheryl took a deep breath in anticipation. “Get ready for some spaghetti,” Sarah shouted. Sheryl applauded and gave a fake laugh. “Very funny,” she mouthed. Sheryl barely had time to even get that out. By the time she was half way through the sentence, the bucket of Italian food was already being poured onto her. The disgusting slop fell from the bucket with a sloppy thud, landing on top of Sheryl’s head. What emerged was a revolting tangled mess of various types of pasta and spaghetti with meatballs, cheese and sauce. There was spiral pasta, rigatoni, ziti and even some ravioli mixed in. The smell was indeed nauseating and went off through the night air. The disgusting mess landed on top of Sheryl’s head first. A pile of the disgusting Italian food waste piled on top of Sheryl’s head and toppled down her face. The top of her head and half of her face was covered in amass of tangled pasta in disgusting sauce. More poured down over her face. She nearly gagged from the stench of the rancid spaghetti sauce. She grimaced as the mess poured over her face. More rolled down her body. Her shoulders and breasts were soon tangled in mess of sloppy Italian food. More rolled down her from and poured over her skirt and onto her legs. She could feel pasta and meatballs on her lap and between her legs. She could here people in the audience remarking about how disgusting that the spaghetti mess looked. It all felt cold and slimy. It was all sort of red and orange from the sauce all over the meatballs and pasta. Her face and body were smeared with pasta sauce. Sheryl was half covered in every type of pasta imaginable and twisted together in a putrid pile of mess. She opened her legs and allowed the pasta to fall in between before taking her hands and pushing some of the larger bits away. All she could do was give an embarrassed smile and laugh. She knew how she must look by this point. “It’s so gross,” she shouted.

“Now, hopefully this exercise will demonstrate the amount of food that we waste everyday in this country,” Sarah said, making her way back out to the stage. “We just waste so much food. So much just goes in the trash in this country. It is disgusting. With so many people in the world starving because there is not enough to eat. We will demonstrate this clearly now. Can the Dixie Chicks please comes out here,” she asked. The Dixie Chicks emerged with a large garbage can. “In this can that they are holding in nothing but food that people have thrown away today at the show. It all would normally go the dump. Now it will be dumped on Sheryl Crow as a symbol of the message that we are trying to get across.” “It’s a nice thought, but couldn’t you have thought of a better way to do this than to pour it over my head?,” Sheryl asked. “Nah, not really,” Sarah replied with a laugh. She then spurred the crowd on with the chant of “Trash, trash, trash.” The Dixie Chicks lifted the garbage can in the air and began to dump its contents onto Sheryl Crow. In the bucket was very manner of food waste imaginable. There was bits of half eaten hamburgers, squashed French fries, bits of fish and mouldy half eaten slices of pizza among other things. All of it was other people’s half eaten food. It was about to be poured all over Sheryl Crow. The Dixie Chicks lifted the trash can together and began to pour. Sheryl was hit by an avalanche of discarded, half eaten food. It rained down on her from above. She quickly wrapped her arms around herself as the mouldy food poured down onto her. For a minute, she could not even be seen under the mountain of food waste that was pouring down onto her. Bits of pizza crust, the remains of a hotdog with its bun, cotton candy and French fries were just some of the items that stuck to her body. The remains of a half eaten ice cream cone stuck to her head. Some of it was already thick with mould and slop. The stuff that covered her was so disgusting that it did not even do with thinking about. It covered her from head to toe.

Sarah walked back on stage. “Finally, we are going to urge everyone to recycle. Right now, we are going to be taking some of the trash that has been discarded today at the show and reusing it by pouring it over Sheryl here. It is all for a good cause.” “Yeah, everyone, so if you are walking down the street and you have a bit of garbage, don’t put it in the trash can, pour it over my head instead. Why not?,” Sheryl joked. “I won’t mind. Why not?,” she joked. Now all of the other artists, apart from Jewel and Fiona Apple emerged carrying a gigantic garbage can. Sarah then shouted,” Ladies, take out the trash.” The women raised the bucket over Sheryl. The audience gave a huge ovation. They all tipped the garbage can over Sheryl. Garbage began to pour from the bucket onto Sheryl. Sheryl could now testify the garbage was one hundred percent authentic. The stench was horrendous. The garbage had been sitting outside in the sun all day. There were even flies circling the garbage can. It wasn’t just food that was in the bucket, but every other kind of waste that you could think of. Some of it was rotting and only half recognisable. It was soaked in garbage water. The trash now poured onto Sheryl Crow. It was a fine demonstration of how much is thrown away and wasted all over the world. “From your trash cans to Sheryl’s head,” Sarah said. When the dust settled, Sheryl’s face emerged from the pile of trash. She wiped some of the trash from her face. She gave a pout like frown. She could feel garbage inside her clothes. She was soaked in garbage water. She stayed seated in her place. “Lets give her a round of applause. She was such a good sport. Sheryl Crow everyone,” Everyone gave her a huge round of applause.

As the remaining acts performed later in the evening, Sheryl was left to clean herself off backstage. The facilities were less than desirable. She spent the next few hours cleaning leftover food and garbage off of herself. She felt as though she smelt like the rubbish for a few weeks after that day. The smell and the feel of all of that discarded food and trash was something that would prove impossible to forget.

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Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 6

Another great week on Stwnsh ar y ffordd. the female teacher got messy again. It was close, but the result went the right way. She got it pretty good as well.


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Sarah Millican a discovery

Sarah Millican a discovery

Sarah Millican is a very funny person. She has started to become very successful and more and more well known. She is a very funny person and has quite a self deprecating sense of humour at times. She is willing to go out on a limb and to do some crazy things to get laughs if the situation called for it. She was not afraid to look silly in order to get people to laugh. She genuinely enjoyed seeing people get messy. She always thought of it as being quite funny. There was something about it that really intrigued her, but she was not sure what. She had never really heard of WAM as a fetish. She never thought of herself as that kind of person. She was completely unaware that she really was a closet wammer at heart. She did not realize this though. All she knew was that she thought it would be hilarious for her to get messed on television as part of one of the comedy shows she was asked to do. She thought to herself that this would be a great opportunity to try it out. Or a great excuse to try it out, depending on your point of view. During the writing and planning of the show, Sarah suggested including some mess in one of the episodes and everyone thought that it would be a good idea. She knew that she was not going to mind what was going to happen. She could not imagine how much she was going to actually enjoy what was going to happen.

The concept of the scene was quite simple. Sarah was going to stand on the stage and read a monologue telling jokes to the audience, as she had on her other television programmes. It would be just as normal, with one small exception. At key times during the monologue, she would have various messy things thrown at her. She would continue talking and telling jokes as though nothing had happened. It was going to be quite hilarious. This was going to be one of the very few times where a celebrity initiated getting messy off their own back. The whole concept was Sarah’s alone. Sarah knew that this was going to get loads of laughs. At the end of the day, that was what she was most interested in. She was also intending to stay covered in the mess for the remainder of the show and was going to act as though nothing was amiss. There was some minor concern from the producers of the show, but Sarah kept on reassuring them. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. It is going to be really funny,” she kept telling them, in her distinctive accent.

Sarah walked on stage in the studio. She was only slightly nervous. After all, in her profession, getting laughed at was considered quite a good thing. In fact, it was the goal. She wore a black button down blouse with a flower like pattern on it and a pair of stretch pants. Of course, she wore her trade mark glasses and looked as adorable as ever. She took her position and waited for her cue to come. She took a deep breath. She was more nervous about the reception that she would get than the actual mess. Her worst fear was complete silence. She just hoped that people would laugh. It would have been pretty disastrous to be on stage covered in mess, as a comedian and have no one laughing.

Sarah stood on stage and she was announced. The audience cheered for her. She bowed, smiled and waived, thanking them for their applause. “Oh god, I hope this works out ok,” she thought to herself. The opening music stopped and the applause died down. “Hello, everyone and welcome to my show. The show is all about tv. We all love tv don’t we. Today we will be talking about one of my favourite types of program, children’s television shows. I know I am a grown up, but I still love watching a lot of show meant for children. Maybe that is just me though. Maybe, I’m the only one.” Some of the members of the audience cheered. “Come on now, some shows that are meant for children are really fun for everyone to watch. I think the best kid’s show are ones that people of all ages can enjoy.”

“I suppose that some of the children’s shows are kind of a guilty pleasure for us adults. I bet all of you have sat at home watching cartoons. You are all just too embarrassed to admit it. Of course there is one thing on the telly that everyone loves to see, but no one wants to admit it. Of course, I am talking about tv game shows. Game shows where the losers get gunged. No one wants to admit it, but when something like that is on the telly, no one can change the channel. I mean how embarrassing, getting covered in gunge on national television with all of your friends and family watching. Can you imagine that.”

Sarah smiled and looked forward. At that moment a gigantic deluge of green gunge exploded from the ceiling above her. In an instant it fell from the air and landed on her head. It rained down over her face. Green gunge splashed straight down on her head. It hit her perfectly. She had figured out the prefect spot to stand on to ensure that the gunge hit her perfectly. It poured down onto her head. It splashed onto her nose and all over her glasses. Her glasses did not fall off of her nose, despite the shower of gunge that poured down on her. She looked blankly ahead as the gunge continued to pour down on her. It saturated her short blonde bob haircut. Gunge dripped from her chin and from her lips. It poured down her shoulders and soaked her blouse. Gunge poured down her front, covering her long shirt and down her back. Her clothes becoming quickly covered in sloppy green gunge. She maintained a serious look throughout because she felt that would be more funny. Her face was half covered in the sloppy gunge. As the gunge came to a stop. Sarah had gotten her wish, the audience had roared with laughter as they watched her getting covered in gunge. Now, as the flow of the gunge stopped, they gave her a round of applause. She gave a little smile. “So yeah, it must be so embarrassing,” she joked. “Hi to all my friends and family watching at home. They must be so proud.” She laughed She wiped some of the gunge from her glasses. The audience roared with laughter. She then removed her glasses and used one of the clean areas left on her blouse to clean the gunge from them. She then placed them back on her face. She was still totally covered in gunge. Gunge was dripping everywhere from her body. A puddle of gunge was collecting beneath her feet.

She then went on with what she was saying, still dripping in slimy gunge. “And you know, it is not just gunge, sometimes people get a pie in the face as well. I can’t begin to imagine what that must feel like. To have a pie smashed in your face by total stranger on national television like that. It’s shocking, isn’t it.” At this point someone walked from the side of stage carrying a creamy pie. They smiled and waived cheekily at the audience. They gave a cheer. Sarah stood in place, trying not to react very much. The youngish woman walked across the stage and up to Sarah. Sarah looked up at the audience and rolled her eyes. She then gave a muted smile. The woman leaned back and then thrust her hand forward, smashing the pie in Sarah’s face with a thud. She rubbed it round and round in Sarah’s face as the audience laughed hysterically. She pushed it into Sarah’s face with some force and speed, smushing it everywhere. When she was done, she just walked away in the opposite direction, leaving the pie tin stuck to Sarah’s face. The crowd applauded. Sarah stood there in place covered in pie for a minute while the audience applauded. When the time was right she sighed and shrugged her shoulders. This caused the pie tin to fall from her face land with a splat on the floor. She gave a smile and licked her lips. Her face and glasses were encased in pie. A blob of the pie stuck to her nose. Her glasses were covered in vestiges of pie. Her hair was coated in places with whipped cream from the pie. Her beautiful blonde bob looked even better half covered in pie. She remained with the serious look on her face for a bit more. She then looked up with a smile and laughed. “I can confirm. It feels, bloody brilliant. I recommend it to anyone really. You have no idea,” she joked. The audience joined her in laughter. She cleared some of the pie off of the top of her blouse. “I think it quite suits me really,” she joked.

“Of course, sometimes on game shows, it is not just gunge or pies that people are hit with. Oh no, sometimes they are even hot with various types of food believe it or not,” she said. The audience held their breath, wondering what might be thrown Sarah’s way next. “ Yeah, sometimes they throw all sorts of stuff on people don’t they. All sorts of food and stuff. You just wonder what it would feel like. For example, as you may all know, I really love beans on toast. Sometimes, I wonder what the toast feels like, being covered with all them beans you know. It would be quite interesting to..” At that moment, the crowd winced. Sarah looked up in the air. As she looked up, tons of baked beans began to rain down on her from the ceiling above. They started off slowly, pouring down almost one by one, hitting her in the face. The first wave of beans fell down and hit her down the front of the face. Beans poured down onto her glasses, nose and her mouth. Then the flow increased in its speed. Beans splashed down on her forehead. She closed her eyes and mouth and looked up. A gigantic amount of beans poured forth, landing with a splat on her face. Sarah’s whole face was instantly covered in inches of thick baked beans, much to the crowds approval. They roared with laughter. Sarah’s reaction to the mess was just as funny as the mess itself. She leaned forward and allowed the beans to continue to fall from her face. Beans poured down her head and stuck to her hair. The beans did not just pour on her head, they now poured onto other parts of her body and her clothing as well. Beans poured down over her bum as well her breasts and her stomach. She could feel them pouring down her neck and down her back. Baked beans in their orange sauce made their way down Sarah’s body. She dripped in baked beans from head to toe. The puddle that had been accumulating below her was now gigantic in circumference. Eventually, the beans slowed and finally came to a stop with the last few remaining beans left dripping down onto Sarah’s head. Beans stuck all over her face and her glasses now. The audience could not help but laugh at her.

She looked down at feet and then forward. She tried to hold a serious look, despite the beans that were stuck all over her face, clothes and body. She could feel baked beans inside her clothes now. They soaked her clothing as well as her underwear now. She wiggled her arms and legs, shaking of some of the excess baked beans that covered her. She stuck her index finger up in the air. “Well,” she said knowingly. “I now know what a piece of toast feels like in beans on toast,” the audience laughed. “ It feels, well, soggy,” she laughed. “It’s not bad actually. I don’t know quite how to describe it, moving on,” she said.

“What else?,” she asked herself out loud, tapping her index finger against her chin. “Well, custard. Custard is quite popular isn’t it? I’ve seen a lot of custard poured over people in the past. I think that looks the most fun don’t you? It looks like it might feel quite nice. It’s quite smooth and soft and silky. It seems like it might be quite nice. Again, I think I am probably the only one,” she said. Everyone laughed. She shrugged her shoulders. She looked downward. At that moment, a splattering sound was heard from above. Sarah shook her head and smiled. At that moment, a wave of lovely custard fell from the ceiling above and was also tossed at Sarah from below. This time she just closed her eyes and took in the moment. The custard fell from the sky until it hit Sarah. It hit her on the top of the head and splattered in all directions off of her body. It poured down the front of her face. Soon, the whole top of Sarah’s head was consumed by custard. She stood there in that one spot and barely moved a muscle, apart from shuffling her feet a bit. The custard made its way down her body, almost completely covering her shoulders and breasts. Her blouse was overcome by thick yellowy custard. It flowed down the front and the back of her slacks, pouring down her. It was just as smooth and silky as she had described. When it had finally ceased eighty percent of Sarah was totally covered in custard. The audience roared in laughter and applause. When it finally stopped, Sarah took her hands and flicked away some of the custard from her fringe. She budged a smile and looked at the audience making a semi sexy face. “Was it as good for you as it was for me,” she said, but started laughing. Everyone applauded.

Sarah gave a bow. She wiped off some of the custard, but then continued on with the rest of the show as if she was not covered in mess. She sat at the couch and called out a guest. Her guests tried to keep a straight face. She kept telling them to just ignore the custard. Like a trooper she did the rest of the show in that state. Later, she had to admit to herself that she had really enjoyed what had just happened to her. She never even knew it could be possible, but she had enjoyed that evening more than she could have ever imagined.

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 5

It was another really good week on Stwnsh ar y ffordd. The female teacher got the stwnsh again. She was pretty attractive. The way everyone was lovingit was really enjoyable as well. Some of the shots were really good as well. They weren't off target like they sometimes can be. Below is th elink to the full gallery.


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Lilith Fair part 2: Jewel

Lilith Fair part 2: Jewel

The first messing of the night was shocking but very enjoyable for the Lilith Fair audience. They wondered who would be the next in the firing line and what would happen to them. A few more acts played and it was revealed that they would not be the ones getting messed. Now, it was Jewel’s turn to perform. The Alaskan born singer was very nervous now. She was nowhere near as confident or as kinky as Fiona Apple. She really hoped that she had not garnered enough votes. The PA announcer started to speak. “Our next act is the fabulous Jewel.” The crowd cheered for her. “ More importantly, the question is, is she going to be one of our acts that is going to be getting messy. Your votes will have decided that. I can now reveal that Jewel…,” he paused for dramatic effect. The anticipation built. Jewel stood at the corner of the stage biting her lip in anticipation, her face all scrunched up. The tension built even more. ”Jewel… is in the top three which means she will be getting the mess.” The crowd erupted in a flurry of applause and laughter. “Oh my gosh,” Jewel said, blushing and nervously giggling.

“Please welcome, Jewel,” the announcer said. Jewel wanted to run. She was bright red and was sweating profusely in embarrassment. She wanted to run away, but knew that she couldn’t. She reluctantly wanted onto stage. She wore a black shirt with several buttons undone. She had on a black skirt and a pair of black boots. The black contrasting with her soft, supple, smooth tanned skin. She mustered up a smile and waive as she walked on the stage. She walked out to the centre of the stage and stood there. She crossed her legs nervously, waiting for wait might happen to her. The audience fell silent and awaited what was about to happen. It was not going to be as elaborate as what had happened to Fiona Apple earlier, that was clear. Jewel brushed her hair back with her hand and gave a nervous smile. She was almost shaking she was so nervous about this. Her hands were at her side.

Everyone waited. It was a long time before anything happened. Then, when everyone least expected it, a pie flew up at an angle from somewhere at the front of the stage. No one, including Jewel saw it coming. The pie was launched through the air at quite a quick rate of speed t Jewel. She did not see it coming, so had no time or inclination to react to it. It was hurdled through the air and landed squarely on target. It hit her full force in the face with a crunching sound. The pie popped her in the face, exploding in all direction. Cream flew everywhere. The tin instantly flew off. In one instant Jewel’s beautiful, smooth, tanned face was covered in thick whipped cream. Her forehead and the areas around her eyes and mouth were covered in cream. The bridge of her nose was coated in it. It was thick sloppy and white. Parts of her face were still visible under the mask of pie. Remains of the pie remained around her neck and the top of her skirt. Her black silk shirt was speckled with bits of white whipped cream. The crowd had exploded in laughter upon the moment of impact. Jewel bent her knees and giggled. Pie dripped from her lips. She smiled, revealing her slightly misshapen, but incredibly sexy teeth. Her blond hair was also coated in some of the pie. At this point, her face wasn’t one hundred percent covered in pie but only mostly coated in the soft creamy mess. Jewel thought to herself how cool the soft mushy pie was against her hot sweaty tanned skin. It was a hot sweaty summer day, the feel of the cold pie on her red hot skin felt almost nice, almost sensual. Though, she would never tell anyone else that.

Jewel had been put aback by the first pie. She had no idea what was to happen next. A few seconds later, another pie was catapulted at her from a similar angle. Then another. Then another. Jewel was now being obliterated by a barrage of pies. One after another hit her body and face. She lifted her leg and put her hands in front of her. She was nearly knocked backwards a few times by the force of the pies that were hitting her. One by one the pies hit her. In her chest, on her stomach, on her skirt, on her thigh, on her calves and in her face. She waived her hands and laughed as a quick succession of pies splatted against her, one after another. She wiggled and squirmed as she was pelted with the pies. She could not help but laugh as the pies hit her one after another. Some of the tins stuck to her, some fell away. Some of the tins were knocked lose by ones that hit her afterwards. The flurry of pies seemed to go one forever. Eventually, the last pie hit, nailing Jewel in the face again. Jewel was left to catch her breath. The crowd let out a massive cheer. She held out her hands in front of her and left out a huge laugh of exasperation. “Look at me, I am covered in pie,” she seemed to say. She peeled one of the remaining pie tins away from her sexy leg and dropped it to the floor. Her black clothes and her tanned skin were now almost totally covered in soft white creamy pie from head to toe. She took her hand rubbed a gigantic glob of the pie from her neck. She licked her lips. Her face and hair were now totally covered in pie. She cleared some away from her forehead and her eyes. Although the pie was soft and light, there was so much of the stuff covering her that it was now feeling heavy on her body. She could feel pie down her shirt and on her knees. She bent her knees and arched her back laughing at her current situation.

Jewel was hoping that the pies would be the end of it, unfortunately for her they weren’t, not by a long shot, there was so much more to come. Jewel had only just steadied herself after the barrage of pies that she had been hit with. She then heard someone yell at her, “Hey, Jewel, look up.” She looked up as a reflex. She realized almost instantly that that was a bad move. When she looked up, someone must have pulled a cord or a lever, because from the ceiling above her fell a tidal wave of slime. It was the green slime like they used to use on Nickelodeon. As she looked up the slime was released from some sort of tank or box that was directly over her head. The slime plummeted down from the ceiling. It seemed to dangle in midair for one brief moment before finally reaching its target, which was Jewel’s face. When she looked up it poured straight down onto her face. Her mouth and eyes were splashed. She quickly shut them and pushed her head back forward. The slime did not cease though. It continued pouring down onto her head. She blew from lips releasing some of the slime from her mouth. It poured down on her for an extended period of time. Her hair was soaked in green slime. Her shoulders and neck were dripping in slime. The slime rolled down Jewel’s neck and down her body. Her black clothes dripped irregularly in the green slime. It was soft and smooth. Jewel just stood there looking down at her feet as she got slimed. She was soon fully coated in the stuff. It was slimy and cold. Green slime dripped down her tanned legs and boots. Her tanned skin dripping in the green slime. The crowd applauded loudly. When the slime stopped, Jewel threw her head back and gave a muted smile, flicking some of the slime away. Slime dripped down her body from head to toe. She rubbed her arms and shook her head. She waived to the crowd.

Little did she know that this wasn’t the end. She laughed and rolled her eyes sensually. She patted herself down and rubbed some of the slime off of her arms and legs. The slime almost shined on her shimmering tan skin. She bit her lip. Just as she steadied herself, still dripping in slime, buckets full of rice pudding were hurled at her. Thick, sloppy rice pudding flew through the air, from the same direction that the pies had come from earlier. It was thick and sloppy with an off white colour. It looked disgusting. Rice pudding flung through the air. It landed over Jewel with a splash. In an instant, she was dripping in the sloppy rice pudding. Bits of rice oozed down her face and body. It looked as though someone had been sick on her. Jewel made an Ugh noise. She now dripped in the rice pudding. The texture of it was nauseating. She gave a defeated pouty frown and wiggled her fingers around in the rice pudding. Then, in quick succession, three more buckets of rice pudding were thrown at her. They splashed her front, covering her clothes and body in rice pudding. It poured down her legs and boots. Her skirt now clung to her body. Her ample cleavage now heaving from her top coated in rice pudding. She ran her hands down her clothes in the sloppy rice pudding. A large puddle of mess collected around her feet. She squirmed in the mess. She turned around and was hit with another bucket of rice pudding. It flew through the air and landed on her backside, sending rice pudding flying in all directions. Her bottom was smeared in rice pudding. The backs of her legs dripped in rice pudding. She shuffled her legs and let the pudding fall down her thighs and calves and down her boots. She turned back around and flicked some of the rice pudding from the ends of her hair. She looked a bit like a drowned rat covered in the mess, soaking in rice pudding. She stomped her feet in the puddle of mess beneath them. She sighed. She could feel the rice pudding all over her, overwhelming her clothes. She could feel it running down her body, down her legs, all over her chest. She reached in and picked a handful of rice pudding from inside of her shirt and tossed it to the ground.

Jewel was totally trashed now. She hoped that this would be over soon. The mess that covered her was beginning to become heavy and quite cumbersome. She let out a deep sigh and closed her eyes. As soon as she opened her eyes she looked down and noticed that there were two hoses coming from where the pies had come from, pointing straight in her direction. She threw up her hands instinctively and contorted her body, raising one leg high in front of herself, in an attempt to deflect what was about to be coming her way. The hoses were switched on. Immediately, a rush of pink gunge came exploding from the hoses at Jewel. She screamed and squealed. Her body wiggled about as the pink gunge was sprayed all over her. She twisted and turned as the people directing the gunge sprayed it liberally all over her entire body. It was splashing everywhere now. She wiggled around and fell on her bottom, her legs bent in front of her. Her panties now visible to the crowd, also black. The gunge continued spraying her. It was sprayed all over her sexy legs and up her skirt. She screeched as her underwear was sprayed with a deluge of sloppy pink gunge. They sprayed her down as if they were washing a car. She tried placing her hands in front of her to stop the gunge, but it continued to come at her. She fell onto the stage floor and rolled around on the ground as the gunge continued spraying her. When the hoses finally stopped spraying her, Jewel was left sat on the stage dripping in slimy pink gunge. The crowd roared with laughter throughout. She wiped some of the gunge off of herself and stood up. She bowed to the crowd as they applauded her. She gave a muted smile. She then walked off stage and back to her dressing room.

Two of the stars of the show had been messed already, but who would the third be. The options were running low. Everyone had a feeling who it might be. They were going to be in for another enjoyable messing later in the show. Seeing Jewel getting drenched as she did, definitely pleased the crowd. She was pretty big star at the time and one of the major reasons a lot of people bought tickets. The messing was just a bonus.