Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that tehre hasn't been as many posts lately. I have been having some issues around work. I just also wanted to tell everyone that I am going on holiday for a few weeks at the end of the week, so I may not have computer access for a bit.

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torta na cara

More lovely pies. The women in these clips are very hot.

tons of pies

Hi Everyone,
Here is a load of pies I found on yourtube. I don't know if they are new,but they are the first time I have seen them.
Enjoy, JRG

Friday, 2 November 2012

Nicola Roberts the last to fall

Nicola Roberts the last to fall

Nicola Roberts was the last member of Girls Aloud to have avoided getting messy. She was the most shy and most down to earth member of the group. However, no one thought that it was fair that she should continue to avoid getting messy. They decided that she should enjoy the same fait as they had. They decided to set her up. They all loved the idea of seeing Nicola get messed up. She was quite reserved and serious compared to the other members of the Girls Aloud. They knew that she would absolutely hate the idea of getting messed up. They loved how awkward she would find it. They wanted to see what her reaction would be like. They knew that she would be very embarrassed. She always saw herself as unattractive, although she was very good looking. She considered herself something of a geek.

Nicola’s fellow bandmates arranged for her to be on a normal prime time talk show. She was lead to believe that she would be appearing to perform another of her unsuccessful solo singles. Nicola was optimistic about the show. She was happy to be still getting airtime, despite poor record sales of most of her solo material. She was allowed to perform her song. She wore a pair of black hotpants, some tall boots, a low cut pink halter top and a red and white chequered blouse. She danced and shook her body as she sang her song. The presenters of the show did not look very impressed. She swung her ginger hair around as she danced. She pouted and did her best to look sexy.

Nicola had no clue what was going to be coming her way when her music stopped. She was about to get trashed. The tension built throughout the song as everyone knew what was going to happen except Nicola. Even the viewers at home had lettering across their screen telling them the Nicola was about to get nailed. She blissfully sung her song, not knowing What was about to happen.

She danced her choreographed routine. She closed her eyes as she sang the final note of the song. The instant the song ended, Sarah Harding came out of seemingly nowhere and pushed a huge pie into Nicola’s face. Nicola never knew what hit her. The pie exploded in her face and flew in every direction as it exploded on Nicola’s face. Everyone cheered and whistled. The pie made a loud thud in in her face as it hit. Nicola bent her knees and stuck her neck out in disbelief her, face covered in pie. Her mouth fell wide open, her faced was plastered in creamy pie. Sarah pointed at her and laughed, bent over in hilarity.

Nicola turned in the opposite direction, her face and vision obscured with pie. Just as she turned in the other direction, Kimberly Walsh ran towards her and planted a second pie straight into her face. She licked her lips. Kimberly teed off on her. She thrust the pie in her bandmate’s face with all of her power. Pie flew through the air in every directions as it hit her in the face. Nicola twirled around and did a mini pirouette as she was plastered with the pie. It was all happening so fast that she barely had any time to react as she was getting nailed. Kimberly stood back and crossed her arms, taking in the vision of creamed Nicola. She clapped her hands and pointed at Nicola, laughing loudly. Pie dripped off of Nicola’s nose. The camera came close to her face. It showed her mouth agape, pie all over her face.

While she was still recovering from the pies, Nadine Coyle came out carrying a large bucket of red gunge. She rushed at Nicola and tossed the gunge on her. Nadine laughed uproariously as she flung the gunge. It landed on Nicola. It splashed all over her legs and clothes. Nicola stretched her hands out in front of her and screamed in horror. Gunge dripped down from the front of her face. She wiggled her fingers, dripping in gunge. Her red hair was dripping with even deeper red gunge. Nadine laughed at her. “Looking good, Nicola,” she teased. Nicola staggered blindly across the stage, her vision obstructed by the mess that covered her face.

Finally everyone cheered as Cheryl Cole entered the room. While Cheryl entered a trough filled with pig slop was wheeled out to the other side of the stage. Cheryl gave a knowing, smug smirk as she was cheered. Nicola was doubled over in embarrassment, not realizing what was happening on either end of her. Cheryl smuggly walked over to Nicole. She took both hands and grabbed her by the top of the shirt and by the top of the shorts. She took control of her band mate and ran her across the stage. Nicola screamed as Cheryl pushed her along. She then threw Nicola forward and into the trough. She landed face first in the trough. Slop splashed in all directions. Nicola was up to her neck in slop. She turned over onto her backside. She now sat waste deep in slop.

Everyone cheered. The members of Girls Aloud pointed and laughed at their bandmate. They high fived and shook hands. They were loving what they had just done to Nicola. The girls then grabbed the ends of the trough. They then rolled the trough quickly out of the studio with Nicola still in it. “Guys, wait. What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Please, don’t do this,” she pleaded.

They wheeled her out into the street. Her legs hanging out of the trough, kicking wildly in the air. She was wheeled out into the street. Dozens of people gathered round. Nicola hung her head in shame. She was humiliated beyond belief. Everyone pointed and laughed at her including her bandmates. They then walked off and left her there to fend for herself. She sulked as the others walked off into the background. They had all gotten messy in the past. This was her time to taste the mess.