Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hetti Bywater fake gunge

This is a fake of Hetti Bywater getting gunged. It looks great on her.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Nikki Bella 2 KCA

Nikki Bella 2 KCA

Nikki Bella was very excited that her partner, John Cena would be hosting the kid’s choice awards. She loved the idea of being featured on the show and “extending the Bella brand,” as she liked to put it. Because, he was hosting, she got to appear. From the second that this was announced, there was only one thought that sprung to people’s minds,” What if Nikki Bella was slimed?” This would be perfect. Slime is something that would suit Nikki perfectly. It would look great on her and she certainly deserved to be slimed. No one would really deny that. Everyone was imagining it but Nikki. 

Even John thought about it. He had not been able to make this happen the previous year when he hosted the event, but the thought of it happening this year was too much for him to resist. The couple would always compete at things and Nikki would always lose, but there was never any consequences. John was a bit annoyed that he was forced to finally propose to Nikki on a pay per view. He had resisted this for years, but was finally forced to do it. All of this plus the desire to see her get slimed was too much to resist. John approached the producers of the show and they were all too happy to accommodate. He decided to make it a surprise. He thought the idea of her getting a surprise sliming was hilarious to say the least. 

Ironically, Nikki was really looking forward to this evening because she wanted to show off. She would be the centre of attention, but in a way that she could not have possibly imagined. She was scheduled to hand announce something. She thought it was odd that her twin sister was not going to be up there with her, but she did not care because she would have the spotlight all to herself. She came out wearing a very short, tight fitting dress, showing tons of leg and cleavage. She was looking her absolute best. “I am so excited that my man, John Cena is hosting the show tonight,” she said in her best, put on, Kim Kardashian like voice. “This will be a night that I will never forget.” She was a total poser. She loved this sort of thing. She loved to show off. It would be a night she would never forget, but for all of the wrong reasons. 

John hosted the show in his own sort of forced and awkward manner. He made lots of jokes that just didn’t connect, though Nikki pretended that they were hilarious. She sent dozens of selfies across social media the entire night. Those around her began to get more and more annoyed with her posing and preening. Finally, it was her turn to come up and present an award. She was welcomed on the stage and joined John at the podium. 

She began to talk in her over rehearsed and laboured manner that she always did when she was on television. “I am so happy to be here to announce this award and to support my wonderful fiancĂ©,” she said. “It has been an incredible night, I must say. It has been a night to remember.” “Oh yes, Nikki,” John said,” It had been just that. The Kid’s Choice Awards are always a night to remember. They are very different from those other stuffy boring award shows. It is so chilled and fun. And there is one other thing that makes it so special.” Nikki looked at him. She looked as though she did not know what he was talking about. In reality, this was part of the script that she had not been told about. “What makes it so special is that we get to see celebrities from all walks of life not taking themselves too seriously. On top of that, there is one moment that everyone looks forward to.” “Yes that’s right, this special award that I am presenting.” “Actually, yes that is very special, but I was thinking of something else. I was thinking of, well, slime.” 

Nikki looked at him seriously. She looked confused. Her eyes looked like she was pleading with him in confusion. “That’s right, slime.” With that, a torrent of classic green slime poured down on Nikki from above. John stepped away. It poured down over her head and down her dark hair and then over her face. She closed her eyes as it poured down her face and then down her body. It poured down her chest and over her dress. It continued pouring over her sexy, curvy, athletic, tanned body. Slime never suited anyone so much as it did her. Everyone cheered and laughed. John and Nikki’s sister Brie were seen laughing and taking pictures that they instantly posted on social media, tagging Nikki. Nikki screamed and slammed her hands down on the podium, squirting slime all over. She then stomped off. John shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “It was so worth it,” he said. “Let’s hear it for my fiancĂ©, Nikki Bella.”

One of the backstage presenters tried to interview her, but she screamed at them to leave her alone. She then threw a tantrum. She wanted to run away, or at least get cleaned off, but was forced to answer press questions. She had to put on a brave face and choke out the words implying that getting slimed was fine and that she was happy. It reality, she was furious. John and Brie would go on tease her about this for years. “You got slimed,” John would tell her at every opportunity. Brie would send her messages referencing slime all the time after this. She found the whole experience humiliating.

Catherine Southon fake by request

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Gal Gadot WW comedy sketch

Gal Gadot WW comedy sketch

Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman in the new film about the titular superhero. She played the role really well and it was the sort of thing that would make someone into a big star. She had smouldering eyes and a sexy smile. She was a very likely candidate to take a messing. She would look amazing dripping in sloppy mess. The outfit that she wore was pretty attractive too. There was a decent amount of skin on show in the film. A sexy sliming was definitely something that I think everyone could agree on would be something that should definitely happen. She seemed to play everything very seriously. Perhaps too seriously for the source material. 

During the promotion of the film, she was asked to appear on a good many television and radio shows of different types to promote the film. One of the shows that she was asked to appear on was a very cheesy Saturday night sketch comedy show. The sort that was funny when it began, but became more and more cringe worthy over the passing years. It was quite the accolade to be asked to appear on this show. The special guest on this show would also take part in comedy sketches poking fun at themselves and others. 

Some of the sketches that Ga was asked to play in were ones where she portrayed Wonder Woman, but for comedic effect rather than the overly serious nature of the film.  The character was not being made fun of, but was being used for good natured humour. There were a few different sketches that she acted in during the course of the program. One had Wonder Woman capturing an actor who was dressed as the president as well as an actress dressed like the prime minister. She had discovered that they were pure evil and needed to be brought down and punished for their evil deeds and crimes against their countries and citizens. As with all good comedy, there was more than a little truth in it, to be sure. She tied them up with the golden lasso and they were forced to be honest about their evil deeds. It was actually quite hilarious. It was topical and done in a way that was actually pretty clever. The final joke in it was that the world really could use actual super heroes at the moment because of the state of the world and everything that is going on. 

The next sketch followed on from this. At this point, the evil doers had managed to escape and were able to tie Wonder Woman up. She was wearing her sexy outfit. She was stood and tied up. The villains laughed and bragged about how powerful their evil powers were and that she would never be able to escape. She struggled to escape. Her hands and legs were tied into place. She looked incredibly sexy in this position. They told her that they were the most powerful people in the world and that they were going to punish her. 

They then produced a few small containers filled with sloppy slime. They cackled and laughed in an overly exaggerated manner, telling her that they were going to cover her in disgusting glop, all over her body. She closed her eyes and struggled. She did not say anything. She just grunted and moaned. They approached her. “We are going to teach you a lesson,” they threatened her. She closed her eyes tightly as they began to pour the sloppy goo over her. The mess was yellow and orange. They were quite bright colours. 

Each of them began to dump the slime all over her. It poured over the top of her head. The brightly coloured slime poured straight down over her dark hair. She moaned as mess poured down over face and shoulders. It poured over her shoulders and chest. Slime poured over her sexy outfit. More poured all over her incredible legs. Her body was athletic, but slim. As in the film, there were some lovely shots taken from between her legs. The slime overwhelmed her skimpy outfit. Her outfit’s material was very thin and was soon overwhelmed by layers of sloppy slime. Yellow and orange gunge oozed all over her sexy body. The whole thing was played for laughs. Slime was shown dripping all over her body. 

The bad guys laughed and told her that they hoped she had learned her lesson. They were the ultimate power in the universe. There was one more sketch where she ended up getting herself free. In this scene, she was shown fighting off the bad guys while still covered in slime. Whenever she kicked a legs or made a motion with her arm, slime would fly and flick all over the place in that direction. Everything got splattered in comedic fashion. In the end, she managed to triumph, but was still covered in slime. She ended the sketch by saying,” Slime doesn’t stop me. It makes me stronger.”

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Julia Roberts fake

This is a fake of Julia Roberts. I think she is one of the most attractive women ever.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Stephanie Davis fake gunge

Hi This is a fake of Stephanie Davis, Sinead from Hollyoaks. She is ginged. It looks pretty good all over her.

Mummy 2017 mess

Mummy 2017 mess

The Mummy was not the best movie ever made. It was a remake of a remake of a remake. The plot was not great, but what it did have was two incredible attractive female actresses. Anabelle Wallis played the very sexy Jenny Halsey. She was an archaeologist, as absurd as that was. She was incredibly gorgeous. The other main actress was Sofia Boutella who played the mummy. Despite being 5,000 years old, she was still very attractive. The film really leant itself to messiness and silliness. It was an absurd film over all. There were a few scenarios that lent themselves to messiness quite well. 

Jenny was spending a portion of the movie running around trying to sort things out with Nick, Tom Cruise’s character. There were all sorts of issues going on. In the meantime, the mummy was tied up in Dr. Jeckyl’s office in what appeared to be the Natural History Museum in London. She was being doused in mercury to neutralize her powers. Hoses were pumping this into her body. He was on all fours at the time. Her sexy body contorted. She began to use her powers to try and counteract everything that was happening. She was proving too powerful for the constraints that were put upon her. The flow of the mercury began to reverse. The hoses began to rupture and break. The liquid began to spurt forth. It began to spurt in all directions. The liquid then began to change colour to a more green and brown sort of colour. It was a much brighter colour. It began to spray all over her. She closed her eyes and laughed. 

At this point some of the guards came in carrying more hoses. They aimed the hoses at her and began to fire multi-coloured goo at her. Her body writhed and twisted as they sprayed her from head to toe in what amounted to gunge. She was basically naked. She had lettering all over her body that was strangely attractive looking. It was unclear if she was meant to be sexy, but she was anyway. Her body wriggled as they covered her in slimy mess. It did not seem to be harming her at all though. She seemed to be gaining strength if anything. She was getting completely covered in the mess from head to toe now. At this point, she was able to break free. She attacked and sucked the life out of the men. She was almost naked and dripping in messy liquid. She then jumped out of the office and took off looking for Nick and Jenny.

It was not long at all before she was able to find the two of them. She managed to find them in an underground, tomb/ sewer area. She jumped in front of both of them. She smiled and laughed. She looked at Jenny first.  She opened her mouth and brightly coloured gunge began to explode from her mouth all over Jenny. She closed her eyes as she was sprayed from head to toe in mess. The force blew her hair back. It poured all over her face, neck and sexy body. She screamed. She was not harmed, but covered in sloppy slimy mess. She fell over onto her behind, over into a file of brown mess that was piled on the ground. It stained her sexy trousers. She was soaked in mess from the Mummy. Jenny rolled over in the muck and over into the water of the sewer. The mummy then approached Jenny. She was about to finish her off. 

At this moment, thick dirty mess fell from the ceiling all over her. She screamed as thick black mess and some bugs fell down over onto her. She fell over as the mess from above dumped down upon her. This poured down upon her for what seemed like ages. She ended up all but submerged in a pile of sloppy mess. She was all but buried in it. She appeared finished. She went silent beneath the mess. After a awhile, her head and hand emerged. She was covered in sloppy mud like mess. She wiped her eyes. She then jumped out of the mess, sending it flying. She was covered from head to toe in mess.

At this point, a loud rushing noise could be heard coming from far away and getting louder and louder. The two women laid down and held on tightly to what they could as the entire tunnel filled with a gushing river on pink liquid. They closed their eyes as it rushed forth and covered everything in its path in goo. The two women had to swim to the surface. They were soaked in it. The two popped out at ground level, soaked in mess. Jenny was completely messed no. The almost nude Mummy was also covered from head to toe. This did not really stop her at all. Nick now came out and confronted her. Jenny sat by trying to wipe mess from her clothes and body.