Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Kaley Cuoco. The pleasure was all mine

***Warning*** The following contains nudity and sexual situations**

Kaley Cuoco. The pleasure was all mine

Kaley Cuoco was a pretty liberal and sensual person. She enjoyed her body as well as her sexuality. Secretly she loved the idea of getting messy in the bedroom. She had fantasised about the idea for a very long time.  She finally took the brave step of trying it out. One day she was out drinking with some friends and somehow the topic was breached. One of her friends mentioned how he would love to see it happen to her. Much to his surprise she said ok and said that it could happen straight away. Of course, he could not say no to this. They went out straight away and purchased everything that they needed. They then headed back to her apartment. He could not believe his luck. She had been drinking a ton so her judgement was a little bit impaired.

When they got inside, they threw down the products that they had purchased on her bed. “You can not tell anyone about this,” she told him. He promised. With that, she pulled down the one piece black outfit that she was wearing. This revealed that she wore nothing at all underneath it. He was greeted to a view of her sweetly sun kissed skin. Her hair was in its new cropped hairstyle, which looked very sexy on her. She was already in a state of sexual frenzy. She was highly aroused by the thought of what was about to happen to her.

The first thing that she started with was a container of bright pink slime. “Oh yeah, baby, slime me,” she said,” I love to be slimed,” she said. She sat on her bed on her knees. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, awaiting the feeling of slime as it began to descend down onto her awaiting head. She handed him the container and told him to let her have it. He slowly tipped the container over her. Thick viscous pink slimed slowly poured out from the container and poured down onto Kaley’s head. It slowly coated her cropped blonde hair and began to make its way down the right half of her face. She let out a moan of almost orgasmic pleasure. “MMMM, oh yeah. Oh God, yes,” she said. One of her hands was on her breasts, the other was between her thighs. She began to fondle herself and to massage the sloppy pink slime onto her body as it slowly poured down her sexy curvy body. Most of her face was covered. She made all sorts of contorted faces as the cold slime poured down onto her face and body. She could feel it everywhere. She would later say that it was as good as sex.

Kaley then asked the guy to get out the rocky road ice cream. He did as he was instructed, getting out the tub of ice cream as well as an ice cream scoop. She motioned to him where to put it. The first two scoops went underneath each armpit. She grimaced and shivered as she felt the ice cold touch of the ice cream on her arm pits. She lifted each arm, allowing him to place the ice cream underneath. The scoops got squashed when her arms were lowered, smushing the brown ice cream on her body. She wiggled her fingers. Two scoops were placed on top of her head. They began to melt instantly, sending streams of brown cream down her forehead and face. Even as they melted, because it was rocky road, lumps of brown mess still remained in place upon her. Next she turned over on her back. 

She motioned for him to place two scoops on the backs of her knees. He did as he was told. She then moved her legs back and forth, squashing the ice cream on her legs. He then placed some more on her rear end. He smushed another into her ass crack. She wiggled her ass cheeks. She then turned over again. More were placed inside of her elbows and then between her breasts. He then place one on each of her nipples. He had to push them against her so that they would stick onto her flesh. He then placed two more right between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the rocky road touching her luscious, now very moist pussy lips. As he placed the ice cream on her labia he could smell the sweet aroma of her juicy female parts. Much to his surprise, Kaley pulled out her iphone. She turned it on and began to speak. “Hi I am Kaley Cuoco and I have rocky road on my crotch.” She made a funny face and then lowered the phone to get a shot of her chocolate covered vagina. She thought that this was hilarious. Finally, the last scoop of ice cream was placed in her mouth. She looked like a hog with an apple in its mouth getting ready to be roasted. 

The whipped cream was then brought out, both Kaley and her male friend grabbed canisters of squirty cream. They flipped the lids off and shook them up. The guy began to spray the whipped cream onto her hair and face. She pointed hers squarely downwards, spraying her moistened pussy lips with whipped cream and then pulling it upward, covering her stomach and chest. He went the other direction, spraying her back and her ass with it. She was soon almost totally covered in the stuff. She squeezed her breasts, massaging the whipped cream all over them. She then placed one hand between her legs, rubbing her clitoris in the thick whipped cream. She closed her eyes and moaned, now highly aroused. She then looked at the guy who was with her. She thought to herself for a moment. “You know what, come her, this is your lucky day,” she said. He came over and she grabbed him by his jeans. She unzipped his zipper and then pulled his already erect penis out of his jeans with her sloppy hand. She then took the squirty cream and liberally sprayed it back and forth all over his throbbing member. She then dropped to her knees and shoved his penis into her mouth. She began to suck the whipped cream from his penis while simultaneously performing oral sex on him. She loved the taste. Kaley’s tongue lapped up the sloppy cream of his private parts. She licked it as though it was a lollipop. She hungrily sucked his cock. She sucked it like an expert. When he was about to cum, she pulled it out of her mouth and aimed it into her own face. His penis then exploded in orgasm into her face. Thick, white, warm, sloppy cum began to squirt onto her face. It plastered her short hair and dripped down her forehead. It mixed with the mess that already was all over her face and body. It dripped down her nose and slathered her cheeks. It formed a bit of a moustache and dripped down her chin. She licked her lips, tasting his cum. It was also all over her teeth. “This is our little secret now,” she said to him.

Next came some banana pudding. It was a lovely custard like colour and was filled with banana slices as well. It was smooth, thick and cool. It was the perfect messy substance. This time Kaley laid on her back. She looked up as the man slowly poured the pudding up and down the length of her luscious body. He started at her ankles and poured it up her legs, onto her crotch, up her stomach, over her chest and then right over her face. He then poured it going in the other direction, making a second layer. Kaley smiled. She rolled over a few times. She then bent her knees and lifted her legs. She unashamedly stuck her hand between her legs and grabbed a handful of mess. She then put her hand into her mouth, licking the mess from her fingers. “What can I say, I am a dirty bitch,” she said in joking way to her wamming partner.

Next to come was strawberry yogurt. Kaley got up onto all fours. “I know, get my ass,” she said. The young mean looked down at Kaley Cuoco’s naked upturned bottom. She stuck it out even further, providing a very fetching target to aim at. He began to pour the substance all over her bare bottom. It started to coat her bulbous ass cheeks. It then oozed down her crack. She could feel it all over her ass and the back of her vagina. It oozed down the backs of her legs. It poured over her smooth tanned skin, coating it nicely. She reached back and spanked her own rear end as she would if she was dancing or something. He laughed to herself. This felt amazing.

Next she took five creamy black forest cakes and placed them onto the bed. She then jumped down and did a belly flop downwards onto them, crushing them all over her beautiful body. She then rolled around on them numerous times, causing them to splatter all over her. They were mounds of chocolate cake, cherry pie filling, whipped cream and chocolate garnish and they were now all over her body. The bits of cake that did not splatter on their own, she grabbed with both hands. There were portions of the cake that did not splatter. She took these in her hands and began to rub them all over her sexy body, mainly on her chest and crotch. She looked as though she was scrubbing herself in the shower. She thrust her hips as she covered herself in the chocolaty cherry mess. She rubbed her breasts. The cake disintegrated as she rubbed it all over her body. She wiggled her hips in pleasure. She bit her lip as she grinded.

The final bucket was filled with strawberry puree. Kaley motioned for him to come over with it. He obliged. She held his hand and tipped it all over her chest and head. She spread it all over her body with her hands. She took another handful and rubbed it on her vagina. She leaned back and stuck her fingers inside. In that instant she exploded with a massive orgasm. Her muscles spasmed in pleasure. She thrust her hips and held her breast. Her pussy exploded with its juices, squirting everywhere. She bit her lip in pleasure. Her moans and squeals echoed. She then fell back in exhaustion and pleasure as she had never done before.

“That was fucking amazing,” she said.


  1. hi another amazing story

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    next 30 mins locked the stocks where she is pied and tarred and feathered
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