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Meghan Trainor All about that mess

Meghan Trainor All about that mess

Meghan Trainor became famous with her single promoting positive body images for women. This was a very admirable achievement. She was a slightly chubby woman. She found, much to her surprise, that there were many out there who found this very attractive. As a slightly larger woman, food was, undeniably, one of her main loves in life. She loved food as much as singing, sex, or anything else in life. At one point in her life, she discovered a website that would change things for her forever. She was looking up one of her favorite singers on a search engine. She put her name into the search engine and a website came up where there was a story about the singer. Meghan opened the link and she could not believe what she saw and was reading. What she saw was a story about the singer getting totally trashed. She kept reading the story and she became more and more intrigued as she read on. By the end of the story, she was more than just intrigued, she was downright excited. 

This was one of the sexiest things that Meghan had ever seen. She looked in the story archive and read more. She imagined that the details of the story were happening to her. She loved what she had read and she really wanted this to happen to her. She wanted to try it. She wanted it bad.

Meghan decided to contact the person who created the stories that she had read. She sent them an email. She stated how much she loved the stories and went into detail about the fantasies that they spurred within her. She asked what his feelings were about chubby women. He stated that he was very attracted to chubby women. After awhile, she admitted who she was. Sufficed to say, he was very surprised that one of the hottest pop singers in the world had, not only contacted him, but also wanted to get messed by him. This was a dream come true. He had never imagined that something like this would ever happen. At first, he did not really believe that it was Meghan Trainor, but he thought to himself, even if it is sexy female and she wants to be messed, it would still be amazing.

Meghan asked that he write a story about her describing what he would do to her. He did this and she read it. As she read it, she was in absolute ecstasy. It was everything that she had ever imagined. After she read it, she contacted him again, asking him if they could live it out for real. Of course, he wholeheartedly agreed. The two made arrangements to meet up. They were going to be living out fantasies that they had imagined for years. This was really going to happen. It was going to be incredible.

The two met. The writer, did not really expect Meghan to actually be there. Much to his surprise, when he showed up, it was Meghan Trainor, the pop singer in the flesh, right there. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw her. She gave him a massive smile. Meghan looked even better in person than she did on television and in her videos. Her voluptuous body was much more shapely in person than it appeared on television. She looked incredible. Her legs, butt and breasts were very large and very sexy. She liked the look of him as well. They were ready to get naughty for sure. Meghan took him by the hand. The two went straight to Meghan’s hotel room. She whispered to him, “I’m all about that gunge,” and laughed sexily. Their hearts both fluttered in anticipation.

They went upstairs and into the room. In the room was a plethora of various foods. Meghan fluttered her eyelashes. “ Mmmm Yummy,” she said, “ It’s going to get sloppy,” she said. She wore a patterned white button down shirt with multi-colored hearts on it as well as a red pleaded skirt. She walked over and sat her large shapely backside on the bed. She picked up a large sloppy banana cream pie in her tender hands. She wiggled her nose and giggled as she did it. “ I want to get totally creamed,” she said. She handed the pie to the writer, gently placing it into his hands. She smiled and closed her eyes, awaiting the pie to arrive. He leaned backwards with the pie in hand. He then, with both hands pushed the pie straight into Meghan’s face.  It landed with a smush in her face. Her face was instantly covered in layers of yellow and white creamy pie. It covered her cheeks. It stuck all over her wavy dirty blonde hair. Her fringe was instantly plastered in pie. When the pie plate was removed, Meghan widened her eyes. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Pie dripped from her big nose. She made no attempt to wipe any of the thick pie from her face. She licked her lips. She put her hand on her hip and posed. “ How cute do I look?,” she joked.  The two giggled together.

Meghan then handed him a chocolate cream pie. She stood up and turned around. She bent over and lifted her skirt, revealing her underwear. She wiggled her large bottom, becoming him to give it a sloppy pieing. He put his hand on her back. He pulled back his arm and took aim at Meghan’s rear end. He pushed the pie as hard as he possibly could squarely into her sexy backside. The pie smashed into her butt. He rubbed the pie around on her bottom. She let out a sigh of pleasure as she felt the pie collide with her backside. She could feel the pie all over her panties and the backs of her thighs as well as inside of her underwear. Her rear end was covered in thick chocolate pie filling and sloppy white whipped cream. She could feel the weight of it seeping through onto her behind and onto her private parts as well. “ Mmmm sloppy pie,” she purred,” How does it look on my ass?,” she said. “Amazing,” he replied. 

She then grabbed a different sort of pie, a fisherman’s pie. It was filled with seafood in  a thick, creamy, white sauce, covered in mashed potato. She handed it to the write. She pointed to her underwear with her index finger. He pulled open her underwear and tipped the fish pie inside. It slid out of the pan and into her underwear. He then closed her underwear, smushing the fishy sloppy mess up against her large rear end. It oozed out of the top and the bottom of her panties. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as she enjoyed the feeling of the fishy mess inside or her underwear. 

Meghan now produced a container of pickled relish. She sat back on the bed and closed her eyes. She knew that at this point, she need not even tell him what to do, as at this point he knew what to do. He unscrewed the lid and tossed it aside. He took the jar and turned it upside down over her head. At first, nothing even came out of it. He had to jiggle it around in order to loosen the thick substance a bit. The shaking dislodged the relish a bit and it began to pour out onto Meghan’s thick hair. The first clump fell out and landed on Meghan’s head. It fell down her head, down her fringe and over her face. It was thick, green and extremely lumpy. She made a funny face as the slow moving mess made its way down her face, down her nose and cheeks. She gently rubbed some of it on her cheeks. More plopped down onto her chest and lap. Piles of the green mess collected on her shoulders and around her cleavage. She laughed. “I love it,” she said sincerely. 

She then grabbed a container filled with lemon pudding. It was soft, smooth and sloppy. The writer reached into the large tin with his hand and pulled out a handful of the sloppy pie filling like substance. He pushed his hand into Meghan’s chest, plopping some of the smooth lemon pudding onto her chest. He massaged it in with his hands. He then repeated this, this time, pushing his hands onto her hair and face, rubbing the mess around on her hair. Meghan gave a pleased smile. He then repeated the action again, this time plopping the mess onto her thighs. He rubbed the lemon pudding around all over her legs down to her calves. He then placed more all over the front and then the back of her underwear. He then poured the remainder over Meghan’s head. The lemon mess felt divine all over her body. She licked her lips. She then took her pointer finger and pushed it into some of the pudding. She pulled out a finger full and then stuck her finger into her mouth, licking some of the pudding off of her own finger. She giggled. She said once again,” I’m all about that mess.” She smiled.

Next to come was some squeeze bottles filled with mustard. Meghan reached over and handed two of these to the writer. She placed one in each of his hands. She then laid out on the bed on her back She motioned for him to come over and to treat her body as though it was a canvas. He moved over, crouching over her and tipped the mustard bottles over, aiming them at her body. He began to squeeze the mustard over her calves, up her thighs, the on to her stomach and chest, and finally all over her head. He made curly shapes everywhere, up and down her entire body. Meghan’s prone body wiggled about as she felt the mustard dispersing all over her.

He then grabbed a container filled with baked beans. The container was a massive one, heavy with sloppy baked beans. Meghan sat up. She held her arms across her chest. She closed her eyes as he lifted the container over her. He slowly tipped it and allowed the contents to flow forth from the container, downwards all over her head and face. It splashed all over her body and all over the bed as well, soaking the sheets She rolled laughed as the beans continued pouring and pouring over her head. She then turned over onto her back and began to roll around in the sloppy sheets. She pushed her hands towards the writer and pulled him down on top of her and the mess that covered both her and the bed. The two passionately kissed in the mess. He squeezed her scrumptious behind.

He then  grabbed a container of gravy and began to pour that onto her voluptuous rear end.  She bent over and lowered her panties. He slowly poured the sloppy brown gravy all over her backside. She shook her bottom as the gravy descended onto her cheeks and down over her crack. It poured down the backs of her thighs. She could feel it everywhere. She rubbed her tasty vagina as well with the dirty gravy.

The two then pulled out some tiramisu. “I love to eat as well,” she said. The two pushed their hands into the dessert and pulled out some each. Each one then pushed their fingers sensuously into one another’s mouths, feeding one another the coffee flavored creamy dessert. They then kissed as they ate, sharing the dessert in their kiss. They placed pieces of the substance on one another’s bodies and both began to lick the dessert off of one another’s bodies. The combination of eating the delicious dessert as well as feeding and tasting one another was a feeling of absolute pleasure on the highest scale. The two placed the dessert all over one another’s bodies, between their legs, on their bottoms, on their legs, on her breasts. Each moaned in pleasure. 

The two finished off with strawberry ice cream topping. They each took a bottle and began to tip it onto one another’s body. As they did so, they simultaneously began to lick the sticky red mess from one another. They poured some into one another’s mouths as well, feeding one another again. They began to kiss again as they did this. The two combined the pleasure of eating with the pleasure of sensuality as few could have ever dreamt of. Two of Meghan’s favorite things in the world combined into something that was so much better than either had ever been. The two continued on and on with the sticky mess, eating and licking at the same time. The two continued the night of pleasure well into the early hours of the morning. It was a day that neither would ever forget.


  1. Welcome back JRG it's been a while liked the story again and hope for some more in the future hopefully some of my requests to ;) and we don't have to wait as long for the next story glad to see you back

  2. Never heard of her but she is, indeed, scrumptious.

  3. Great story! Usually I am much more of a fan of humiliation stories, but in this case the story was so well written I couldn't help but get sucked in :)

    Like BB I had never heard of Meghan Trainor until this story either, but she looks lovely and you did a great job in the story of making her very likeable. I loved that she enjoyed getting messy; rare for me in WAM fiction. The parts with her and the writer were very hot!

    If I may offer one small bit of advice: I thought the part where she read the story could have used just a little more detail: all it mentions is that the story is about her getting 'trashed' ; while I am under no illusions as to what this means in the context of a story on 'Messy Celebrity Polls', I think a little bit more description would have been good here. 'Trashed' on it's own with no other context here is a bit vague if you know what I mean. (When I read it my thinking was that it would have been nice to call back to elements of the fantasy messing during the actual messing later, though that's just a thought. That level of detail certainly isn't required.)

    Thanks for a sharing such a great story!

  4. Thanks for that. You are probably right about that part of the story. I will do my best to write more, if I can, I just have had a hard time lately with getting free time and stuff. Hopefully, I can do more. Many thanks for the positive feedback. Meghan is a new singer. That first song was a big hit and stuff, but very recently.