Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Pamela Uddin and Ella Jade Bitton are eliminated

Pamela Uddin and Ella Jade Bitton are eliminated

Pamela and Ella Jade were both eliminated from the Apprentice. They were both unceremoniously kicked to the curb. Unfortunately for them, earlier in the process, they agreed to take part in a forfeit if they were eliminated in the first half of the process. They made this bet with some of the more cocky male contestants, all of whom somehow survived in the process longer than the two ladies did. The girls could not believe this happened because the guys that they made the bet with on the show were total clowns, but somehow the ladies were eliminated first. Now they would have to pay the price. The consequences for this were going to prove very high. 

Only the boys they made the bet with knew what the consequences would be. All of the remaining contestants, however, gathered outdoors to witness the punishment for the two ladies. They all gathered together and waited for the girls to be revealed. Daniel, was given the honours of doing the announcing. “Well, Pamela and Ella Jade made a little bet with us about who would last in the process longer and, unfortunately, for them, the ladies did not win. Now they have to pay up on the bet that we made. Let’s welcome the ladies. Pamela and Ella Jade, please reveal yourself, ladies,” he said. The girls were very hesitant to emerge. “Come on guys, let’s give them a big welcome.” 

Everyone cheered and clapped. Audible gasps and laughs were let out as the two shapely women slowly emerged from the building. When they came out it was instantly revealed that both women were stark naked from head to toe. Whistles and the words oh my god were uttered. The two women emerged clutching their private parts with their hands. They desperately attempted to cover as much as they could with their hands. This did not really do that much though because both women had quite ample frames. Also, they did not have enough hands to cover their breasts, vaginas and asses at the same time. These two ladies both possessed incredibly shaped massive backsides as well. The two were sweating and beet red. They both frowned. They told everyone to shut up as they were walked out in front of everyone. They gave sarcastic laughs as they stood in front of everyone.

“Now,” James said,” Our two losers here will now be placed in the stocks for all to see.” The stocks were revealed. There were two pillories set up side by side.  The two women’s eyes widened. They looked at each other in disbelief. Everyone else applauded. “They are all going to see our arses,” Pamela said Ella Jade. The ladies shook their heads as the guys raises the tops of the pillories. They motioned for the girls to come over. They reluctantly agreed. They glared at the guys in anger. They both leaned over, placing their hands into the stocks and then their heads, bending over, getting into place. The guys then lowered the tops of the stocks, ensuring the girls’ wrists and necks were safely in place. They then locked the sides, locking the two naked women into place. The two women were naked butt naked, bent over and trapped in the stocks. The glorious sunshine beamed down. The two women naked in the broad daylight outdoors. From behind, everyone was afforded an amazing view of the girls’ bare asses. There was now no way to conceal any body part. Their faces emerging from the stocks to everyone’s amusement. Daniel and James took the opportunity to give a few light spanks to the girls’ naked arses. The girls yelped and winced as the guys’ hands spanked their exposed posteriors. Their large breasts dangled below them.

Unfortunately for the girls, it would not end there. The guys each now took a pie each in each of their hands and carried them over to the ladies. Daniel took Pamela and James took Ella Jade. They smiled at one another as they took positions. The girls pleaded with them. “I am fecking fuming,” Pamela said,” Do not do this. You can do this,” she said. Ella Jade kept repeating. “No don’t please.” The guys just snickered at them. They held the pies in front of the girls’ faces for a minute so they could see them. The girls pleaded and begged, but the guys thrust the pies straight into their faces. They took no mercy on the women as they twisted the pies in their faces. They then, with their other hands, thrust their other pies straight into the girls’ sizeable arses. They pied their faces and arses at the same time. They twisted the pies around on both ends of the nude women. The women were helpless to do anything as they were sandwiched with pies. When they finally relinquished the girls’ sloppily pied faces were revealed. Pie covered their faces and dark hair. Pie was also smeared all over their backsides, vaginas and the backs of their legs. The girls wiggled their bodies and screamed. The two were businesswomen who hoped to be taken seriously, but now were suffering unimaginable humiliation.

The first pies and been simple whipped cream pies. The guys now took several different flavour pies in their hands. These included; strawberry, coconut cream, banana cream and chocolate silk pies. As, before, they took one pie in each hand and approached the naked women. They laughed wickedly as they looked down at the gorgeous naked women below them. They then, mercilessly repeated their previous actions, pushing pies into the women’s asses and faces. They enjoyed smearing the sloppy pies all over the girls. Pie dropped down their dangling breasts and legs. The guys then took yet more pies and thrust them into the girls’ bodies. This time they rubbed the pies all over them. Using their hands to smear all over them. This time it was cherry, apple cream, pumpkin and black forest. They rubbed the pies all over their backs, stomachs, breasts, legs and even between their legs. The girls could feel the men’s hands rubbing the pies all over their bodies, covering them in layers of sloppy pie. The crusts were left rolling down their bodies.

Next the guys were given industrial sized bags of soups to pour onto the girls. For Ella Jade there was chunky tomato and vegetable and clam chowder soups for Pamela there was split pea and potato and leak. The guys pierced the heavy bags and began to pour the contents all over the two naked girls. They shrieked as they felt the thick soap pour onto them. They slowly dumped the flow of the messy soup up and down the length of the girls’ nude bodies. They went back and forth layering the sloppy cold mess over the women. Soon Ella Jade was dripping in red tomato soup. It clumped on her head and dripped from her chin and breasts and covered her back. Pamela was soon slathered in green slop. It dripped from her dark hair. It covered her legs and ass almost completely. The boys then served up round two. Ella Jade experienced thick clam chowder first hand. While Pamela was coated in the white creamy potato and leek. They could feel and smell the nuances of the individual soups and it was pretty revolting. They stuck their tongues out, almost gagging.

Finally the guys got out the final mess that they had in store for the ladies on this bright and sunny day. For Ella Jade chicken bhuna and sweet and sour chicken were on the menu. While Pamela was served up potato salad and shepherd’s pie The men smiled at one another as they grabbed their dishes in hand. They were piled with heaping portions of the meals that they were about to serve the girls. The other contestants cheered. The girls grimaced and closed their eyes as the guys tipped the food over them. They squealed as the sloppy messes contacted their naked flesh. Potato salad poured over Pamela’s face. She stuck her tongue out in disgust.  Sweet and sour chicken, complete with pineapple and egg fried rice poured down Ella Jade’s back and down her breasts. Shepherd’s pie soon covered Pamela’s ass cheeks while chicken bhuna slowly poured onto Ella Jade’s hair and then covered her faces. The men leaned back and admired their work.

The two women were livid. They shook their heads as the sloppy mess continued rolling over them, dripping from their faces, legs and breasts. Instead of setting them free, straight away, the guys left the two women in the stocks. The rest of the contestants enjoyed a posh lunch with champagne. Ella Jade and Pamela were left in the stocks to watch them enjoy their lunch.


  1. hi i was just wondering if you have any story's coming up with the lovely Pixie Lott or Frankie Sandford thanks

  2. hi can you please do a story with charli xcx and Iggy azalea where they on a tv show and take part in a quiz in which the winner picks what happens the loser Iggy wins and choose to give charli a very messy make over

    1. Great idea, Charli deffinetly needs a story about her!

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    1. Thanks! Look forward to it!