Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wrestletalk Tv gets messy

Wrestletalk Tv gets messy

Francesca Wood and Katherine Miller were co-hosts on Wrestletalk Tv. They were big wrestling fans, but were not female wrestlers. They did agree to take part in a very special segment for the show, however. The two would be taking on some female wrestlers for the segment. It would not be a real match, it would be a comedic segment, playing on the fact that their opponents were real wrestlers and the presenters were not. This would produce a lot of laughs. It was going to be very funny as well. It would be a brilliant segment. It was a late night segment so would contain messiness and sexiness. It would have it all. The segment would mean a high level of embarrassment for the two presenters. 

The girls were clad in blue and black, Wrestletalk TV wrestling attire. Their opponents put several moves on them. It was done in a sort of comedic fashion, showing the presenters getting their butts kicked. Of course it was all prearranged and choreographed to the highest degree. The girls made silly comments while they were being thrown around the ring and had moves done on them. They were then pinned in tandem. They lay on the mat on their backs looking upwards. The two wrestlers disappeared from their sight for a second but returned shortly, carrying something with them. The ladies were sat on their backsides in the ring as the wrestlers approached. They stopped just behind them. The presenters looked up and back to see what was happening, as they did, the wrestlers began to tip buckets of gunge over the two sexy ladies. They screamed as thick green gunge began to pour down on them.

The two began to cuddle and hug one another and laugh as green sloppy gunge poured down onto both of them at the same time. They wrapped their bodies around each other. Their sexy thick legs wrapped around each other as the women poured gunge over them. The gunge poured onto their hair, faces and bodies as they laughed and squealed. It seemed to pour for ages. When the gunge stopped, the women wrestlers put their hands on the girls’ heads and rubbed the gunge around on their hair and faces. They waived their hands and laughed wildly.

The women wrestlers threw the buckets out of the ring and then grabbed the two presenters by their tops. They began to wildly pull and rip at their clothes. The presenters were no match for them as they began to forcibly rip their tops off of them. They then pulled their bottoms down to the ground as well. They literally tore their Wrestletalk attire to shreds. They pulled it from their bodies and held them up in the air. They twirled them around in the air and then tossed them out into the bleachers. The two sexy women were left stark naked in the ring. They scrambled to cover themselves with their hands. They huddled closely together. They held their naked bodies closely together trying to conceal each other’s modesty. The result was that their naked bodies were wrapped around one another, producing something that was entirely more sexual than they had ever intended. Their thick bodies were intertwined, already covered in some gunge.

As the girls struggled, cuddling together to cover their nudity, the female wrestlers produced more buckets. This time they contained pig slop. The same sort of pig slop that was used in wrestling storylines in the past. They walked over to them. The presenters did not really even realize what was happening, as they were still struggling to cover their modesty. Before they knew what hit them, the wrestlers began to pour the pig slop over the two naked presenters. The slop was thick and yellow. It smelled revolting. It was filled with thick chunks of food matter and god knows what else. There were bits of green and orange in it.

The thick sloppy mess began to pour over the two naked women’s bodies. The two continued to do their best to cover up as the slop began to dump all over them. They spoke to one another as it was happening, saying things like, “I can’t believe this”, “This is so embarrassing”, “My god, it stinks”. The thick, yellow, smelly mess heaped over them as the wrestlers wildly spread layers of slop all over the presenter’s naked bodies. The wrestlers generously spread the slop all over the sexy bodies of the presenters. They grimaced as they felt slop directly on their bare naked flesh. The two fell over onto each other and grabbed a hold, rolling around in the slop. They continued to grasp at one another’s naked bodies, now slippery with gunge, sweat and slop, dripping off their large breasts and legs. The two could do nothing but uncontrollably about the situation that they were in.

The female wrestlers then finished the presenters off with another container of thick, sloppy gunge. This time, it was sloppy orange gunge. The two took a massive container together and tipped it over the two nude presenters. Orange gunge poured with a flurry down onto the two women. The wrestlers moved the container back and forth over the women over and over again, layering the sloppy gunge all over them. The two were now thoroughly splattered in slop and gunge.

They now had had to turn back to the camera and do the link that threw the show back to the studio. Afterwards, the male presenters teased them about what they had just witnessed. The ladies promised that they would be next.

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