Monday, 28 August 2017

Camila Cabello break up

Camila Cabello break up

Camila Cabello had been one of the main members of Fifth Harmony, but she made the choice to abandon the group and go solo. This, of course, annoyed the other members of the group, because it put all of their careers in jeopardy. The band was just getting to be really famous at that time. They were just getting to be really well known. The other girls saw her leaving the group as a selfish move and an ill-advised one as it was quite premature. They felt that she had done this because she had gotten a big head and felt that she was the big star in the group and did not need the others. They were also a little bit jealous of her, if the truth be known. She was quite selfish though, always wanting the spotlight just for herself. 

The group decided that they wanted to get their own back on the girl that decided to walk out on them all and to leave them high and dry. She would not be so lucky. They decided to set her up on the last day of their final tour together. It was all set up to happen out on stage in front of the love audience.
It came to the end of the performance, right before the last song. All the members of the group were gathered at the front of the stage. It was time to say their final farewell. One of them piped in, “As some of you may already know, this will be Camila’s last night as a member of Fifth Harmony. We wanted to say goodbye in style so we prepared a little going away present for her. Get her guys.” The members of the group grabbed her by her arms and pushed her down into a barber’s chair. They held her arms. She protested. “Guys, no. What are you doing to me?” They whispered into her ear. “You want to leave us and take all the glory? We are going to give you something to remember us by. You deserve this,” they told her. 

As they held her down, the members of the group took turns grabbing creamy pies and smashing them all over their soon to be ex-band mate. They drilled her with pies all over her body. She wore a sleeveless white top and red skirt. Pies were shoved into her face, chest, legs and skirt, smashing creamy pie all over the smug songstress. She kicked and struggled in vain to try and free herself, but she was outnumbered. She screamed as pie after pie was smashed all over her body.
They then began to spray her with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. She laughed and wiggled as she was doused in the sweet substances. Her bandmates rejoiced in covering her in the stuff from head to toe. The messy substances oozed down her dark, silky hair and all over her tanned, tight body. She could feel it oozing up and down her body as it went. The others mercilessly dumped more and more all over her. 

They then took tubs of rice pudding and strawberry ice cream and dumped them over her. They tipped tubs over her. They were catering size and style tubs made mainly of cardboard in a cylinder sort of shape. The final tub they pushed down onto her head. She screamed and kicked her legs as her head disappeared into the ice cream tub. The others laughed at her predicament.

They then dumped custard all over her. At this point, they all let her go and stood back and watched. They watched as the custard rolled all over her body. She screamed as they pointed and laughed. “Bye, bye,” they told her. They then began to dance and sing the final song. Camila got up and tried her best to dance and sing while covered in mess. She staggered and nearly fell over many times. The tub of ice cream still on top of her head. She looked very silly. Everyone laughed at her. She finally fell over onto her bottom as the song and her time with the group came to an end.

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