Sunday, 1 October 2017

Kate Moss I just don’t know what to do with this mess

Kate Moss I just don’t know what to do with this mess

Kate Moss was featured in the video, I just don’t know what to do with myself. In the video, she was dancing provocatively in her underwear, on and around a pole and on a box in black and white. It really could not have been simpler or sexier. It was one of the sexiest music videos ever created. The focus was entirely on her half naked body writhing around for two and a half minutes. Already it was one of the sexiest videos ever. There, of course, was only one way for this to be made even sexier. That would be to add some slop to the mix. Kate had no problem with this. She knew how sexy it would look. The idea was for Florissant coloured mess to be dumped on her in black and white. Only the mess being in colour. It would make for a striking visual. 

The video would be reshot, shot for shot a second time, this time adding the messiness to it. She began to dance again, just as she had done in the previous video. Suggestively moving her body to the music. Her body was tight, tanned and toned. She had never looked any better. She was on the box on her knees. She leaned back all the way, arching her back and bending her knees. At that moment, a tidal wave of bright pink mess fell down onto her body from the ceiling. It poured all over her body as she continued to dance. Her hips continued to writhe as the mess poured down onto her from above. It poured all over her perfectly sculpted stomach and thighs. She began to run her hands back and forth all over her body. She rubbed the sloppy mess around on her sexy body. She then got up and danced some more.

This time, sloppy yellow slop was thrown on her sideways right into her body from the front. It splashed all over her stomach, chest, legs and face. It was thick and lumpy. It looked like pig slop being thrown all over her. It knocker her aback slightly, but she continued dancing on. She began to thrust her messy crotch towards the camera. The mess was similar to slop. She spun around and then played with her hair and body which was now dripping in sloppy mess from head to toe. 

Kate’s body was shown in close up and full body covered in the mess. She then went to the pole and began to dance around it. She shook her body and dropped to the ground. Just then, bright orange gunge poured down onto her body. She embraced it, leaning back and letting the mess dump all over her body. The sloppy mess splashed all over her. It dripped from head to toe all over her sexy body. She showed how languid and flexible she was, dancing and moving suggestively. She pole danced covered in gunge. She looked just like a stripper would only covered in mess. 

Kate’s sexy half naked, perfect body was shown in all its glory covered in mess. The mess rolling over every curve and muscle in her sexy body. Her body was made to be covered in sloppy mess. The entire video was pure sexiness on show for the world to see. She was actually quite proud of this.


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