Sunday, 12 November 2017

Claire Williams Hamilton challenge

Claire Williams Hamilton challenge

Claire Williams was a pretty powerful and sexy woman. She sometimes took herself very seriously. She was someone who truly deserved an embarrassing messing. She always looked very sexy, especially when wearing skirts. She was involved in F1 and the Williams team a lot. On one broadcast of an F1 television program, there was a section where Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver was involved in a gunge tank challenge. Some of the presenters were sat in gunge tanks and ended up covered in gunge when they were unable to answer enough questions correctly in an allocated period of time. Afterwards, Hamilton was asked who he would like to see put in one of those tanks from the world of F1. One of his first choices turned out to be Claire Williams. The producers listened to what he said and thought that it was actually not a bad idea. They asked Hamilton to come back and managed to get Claire Williams to come and sit in one of the tanks. 

She wore a dark blue skirt and a white polo type shirt with blue and grey emblems and insignias all over it. She was very involved in F1, so was very confident that she would be able to answer the questions and correctly and thus avoid the gunge that hovered above her head. She looked quite nervous to be sitting there anyway. Her legs were crossed. She was showing looking very embarrassed. There was a voiceover describing that Claire Williams was in the gunge tank and at risk of getting covered in the gunge that was above her. She appeared to be begging and laughing as she sat in harm’s way beneath the sloppy gunge. Hamilton just looked over at her and smiled. “It should be you in here,” she said, pointing at him. 

The questions were timed as well, which caused a lot of added pressure to the proceedings. It was explained that Claire had to answer at least five questions correct in one minute. The results would not be revealed until her minute was up. She would be penalised for any incorrect answers. If answered less than five correct, she would lose and be gunged. She was still pretty confident that she could get five correct. She was something of an expert on the topic. However, the questions were very difficult and the pressure was very high. This made things very difficult for her. As the time went on, she appeared more and more nervous, which, in turn, caused her to lose her train of thought more and more. It became more and more apparent that she was not going to be able to get five correct answers. Soon the time ran out on her. She was meant to wait to hear how many answers she got, but she knew she did not get five correct already. She did not need to have this confirmed. It was confirmed that she only managed to get three correct answers, which meant the gunge would be dispersed upon her person. Lewis pointed at her and laughed. He remarked that he had always wanted to do this to her. 

Without hesitation the release was pulled. Claire stuck her hands out. She looked up briefly then looked forward and laughed. At this moment, pink gunge began to pour down over her from above. The gunge poured straight onto her dark hair and then down the front and sides of her face. Hamilton laughed loudly as he watched the thick gunge dump over Claire’s head and then her body. Sher nose crinkled up as gunge poured down her face. She raised her shoulders as gunge began to pour down onto her top and all over her body. Gunge then poured all over her skirt and down the length of her legs. She could feel how thick the gunge was all over her body. She closed her eyes as the gunge completely covered her. It only lasted a little while, but seemed like an eternity. Her whole body was covered in sloppy gunge from head to toe. She could feel it dripping down her legs and on top of her clothes. 

When the gunge stopped, Claire could do nothing but shake her head and laugh in embarrassment. The gunge that covered her was too much to fight. It was everywhere. She shook her head. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. The camera did a panning shot up her body from her toes up to her head. She looked blushed underneath it all. Lewis Hamilton shook hands with the presenter as they made jokes about Claire’s gunging.


  1. Awesome story again JRG and another deserving victim of the gunge, thanks for doing another of my requests, also hope you haven’t forgot the rest that i made before this one, I know you have others to do as well, but can’t wait to see them

    1. Seriously, stop bombarding him with requests and passive aggressive reminders

    2. And who are you to tell me what to do