Sunday, 25 February 2018

Marion Cotillard X rated

This story contains nudity and adult situations. There is also nude photos below. Please do not read or view if you are underage or easily offended.*****

Marion Cotillard X rated

I could tell that Marion Cotillard fancied me, but I had no idea how much. She somehow managed to make her way into my hotel room without me knowing. When I arrived, I was greeted by the welcome sight of her completely naked. There she stood, everything hanging out on show. She gave a wave and then walked over silently. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we began to kiss. Initially, she had on a little bathrobe or towel, but that was instantly dropped. She whispered in my ear that she knew exactly what I liked and she was going to give it to me. 

She led me by the hand to the kitchen where she showed me some items that were meant to be used on her. We grabbed them and went into the bedroom. She stretched her naked body out on the bed. I then cuffed her ankles and wrists so she was laid out spread eagle. She bit her lip in anticipation of what was to come. I took out some chocolate syrup and held it over her naked form. I began to squeeze, releasing warm brown, sticky chocolate up and down her body. I started on her thighs and went down her calves. I then poured more up her stomach and onto her chest. I then leaned over and began to lick and suck the chocolate mess from her breasts, down her body and then onto her private parts. The brown sauce looked tremendous on her olive toned smooth skin.  I licked some from her soft and moist vagina lips. 

I then added some custard. I took a rectangular shaped box that had been cut at the top side and held it over her sexy body. I squeezed causing it to plop out all over her stomach and vagina. She moaned in absolute pleasure. It oozed its way down her naked body, making a satisfying plopping noise as it landed and squished down onto her. It looked delicious. She looked delectable as well as she squirmed and writhed. I stuck a single finger down into the custard and scooped some up. I then put my finger to her mouth and let her lap it off. She gave a satisfied, sensuous moan. 

I then took out some whipped cream and sprayed it all over her body. I then unzipped my trousers and pulled my already hardened penis out. I then sprayed whipped cream over that as well. I brought my penis up to her mouth and she opened wide. She then began to lick and suck the whipped cream from my penis while simultaneously sucking my cock. Her lips cupping around the head of my shaft as the sloppy penis pushed in and out of her mouth. She hungrily licked my penis as though it was a lollipop. I moaned as she went down upon me with great pleasure. 

I then took out some squeeze bottles of honey and slowly squeezed the sticky and sweet mess all over her naked body. It oozed all over her body, sticking as it went. I then took a bucket of corn flakes and dumped them up and down her body. The honey causing them to stick all over body. She moaned and writhed louder as she felt this happening to her. She begged me to fuck her. I undid the restraints and had her stand up and bend over the bed. I then pushed my penis into her vagina from behind. We then began to hump. She squeezed her breasts as she pumped her hips. We humped harder and harder until we both exploded in orgasm.  I looked down as the muscles in her naked body spasmed in absolute ecstasy. She was exhausted and left covered in sloppy mess, cum and sweat. 

She had been true to her word she did not disappoint.

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