Monday, 7 May 2018

Megan Fox is the winner

Megan Fox is the winner

Megan Fox was not the greatest actress in the world. She had appeared in a lot of not so good films. Many of these films involving director Michael Bay. She was not exactly a Shakespearean actress. She was so bad in so many roles that she was going to be receiving an honorary award at a Razzy type of awards ceremony for the worst actress of the decade. With this came a special prize. It was not really a prize but a punishment. That punishment would be a humiliating messing all over her incredible body. She was considered one of the most attractive women in the world. Her body was near perfect. She had flawless hair, skin and a flawless face. She always looked incredible, even if her acting skills may not have been the best.

Megan was going to accept the award, because it was likely to be the only one that she would ever win. She wore a very small and tight fitting red dress. It showed off all of her lovely curves. She looked fantastic as always. She had a good sense of humour about herself. She did not think that she was great actress, but did enjoy what she did. She knew that she was many men’s fantasy woman and she enjoyed that immensely. Also, it made her famous and also made her a great deal of money in the process. She was not embarrassed of who she was or what she did in the least. It had served her well.
She had a good time at the awards ceremony. It was a good laugh. They had a good natured laugh at all of the terrible films that Hollywood had been putting out including some of the CG filled garbage and assembly line action films that were being churned out. It was light hearted, but also scathing in the accuracy in which it described what was happening in the industry. Finally it was Megan’s turn.

The award was presented by a comedian. He gave an introduction. “This award goes to an actress who has contributed so much to modern cinema. Her work really stands out amongst the greats. She is really at the top of her craft. Or should we say crap,” he joked. A package was then shown of Megan’s acting. He then said, “This award goes to the beautiful and… well, the beautiful anyway, Megan Fox.” Megan stood up and approached the stage. She smiled as she made her way down the aisle and up onto stage.  She took the award and shook the presenter’s hand.

She then leaned in to begin to speak. Before she could udder a single word, however, a tidal wave of green slime poured down upon her from above. She could do nothing other than close her eyes as a wave of sloppy slime dumped down upon her from above. It poured down onto her silky brown hair and down her face and shoulders. Everyone erupted in laughter as they watched slime pour on her massive breasts and down her curvy figure. Slime poured and splashed all over her.

The green then changed to pink as another wave of slime poured down onto the actress. Her colleagues felt that she deserved this because they felt that she cheapened their profession with the awful schlocky films that she was involved in. Also, many felt that she used her body and sexuality to get where she was in the business. She was now being soaked in a shower of sloppy slime. She leaned back and let this slime wash over her face and body. She let it roll its way all the way down her sexy body. She was behaving as she had in films where she had scenes washing cars provocatively for seemingly no reason.  The slimy mess slathered her. It oozed over her incredible, though, most likely, enhanced body. She was soon covered in slimy mess which dripped everywhere. 

At this point, pies began to fling upwards at her. She raised her hands in protection as pie after pie flew through the air and splattered all over her body. One after another landed on target. As each one hit and momentarily stuck to her body, another would land, causing the other to fall away from where it was stuck due to the impact. She fumbled about as the barrage of pies covered her. She was soon covered in creamy pie from head to toe.

She then was hit by the spray of foamy mess from gunge cannons. They hit her from below, splashing foamy mess up against her legs and up her dress. The force from the spray nearly blew the bottom of her dress up completely. She splashed about as her lower body was covered in the mess. It flew in all directions in the air, up to the ceiling, covering everything in its path.

When the parade of mess ended, she was left on stage soaked in sloppy mess. She had to recover for a moment, but then recovered. She began to pose and to blow kisses while still covered in mess. She was certainly the master of making the best out of the worst possible situations. She wound u using this as a way to get free publicity for herself .

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