Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mickie James: Hardcore Messy

Mickie James: Hardcore Messy

Mickie James has been through some pretty degrading and embarrassing moments in her wrestling career. Who could ever forget the shameful Piggie James angle from a few years back. Some of the things that she had been forced to do had been disgusting at best. At one point her employers even, not so subtly, made fun of her wait. Despite the fact that she was not heavy by anyone’s standards. Even if she had been overweight, no one deserves to be treated the way Mickie was. On this occasion, Mickie was involved in another embarrassing moment, that would be very memorable as well.

Mickie was involved in a match against Gail Kim. The two were pretty much equals. If anything, Mickie would have been the favourite to win this match. However, Gail had brought a few of her friends with her to the ring including Madison Rayne. For some reason, Gail brought several other of the Knockouts to the ring with her. Mickie came to the ring looking as amazing as she always does. She wore cowboy boots and a pair of cut off jean shorts. She wore a flannel shirt tied at the waist to show her stomach. Her incredible tanned brown skin shown through all over. She was short with a compact, muscular body. Her hair was beautifully done like always. Her theme song, Hardcore Country played as she made her entrance. She looked over at the group of knockouts that gathered around the ring but said nothing. She climbed to the top rope and saluted her fans. The others jawed at her, pointing and yelling at her. She pretended that she did not notice.

Mickie started off the match as any other. Gail told Mickie all about how she was going to beat her and embarrass her. Mickie just glared at her. The match started and Mickie was dominating, for the most part. As the match wore on, Gail became progressively more and more frustrated. Mickie seemed to be one step ahead at every turn. Gail was now resorting to screaming and pointing at Mickie. Mickie just calmly smiled at her and went about her business. Finally, the match built to a resolution. Gail seemed to realize that there was no way she was going to win this match. She seemed to look over in the direction of her friends who had gathered on the outside of the ring. She seemed to give them a single. At this point, Mickie whipped Gail into the ropes and went to the other side to bounce off of the opposite ropes. When she hit the ropes, however, her feet were yanked out from under her by Madison Rayne. Madison and the other knockouts then entered the ring and beat down Mickie James. They each took turns kicking Mickie in the back as she lay helpless to defend herself, face down on the canvas. They stomped away on her. They then pulled her to her feet and held her arms. Gail then pointed and shouted in her face. She then reached back and slapped Mickie across the face.

Gail then barked out some orders to her fellow knockouts. Two of them dragged Mickie over to the ropes and tied her arms into them, so she could not fight back. They tied her in securely. Mickie tried to fight back, kicking her legs wildly in the air, to no avail. She tried to struggle to get free, but the knockouts just punched her whenever she tried to escape. Her face full of venom and anger. She screamed, but it was all futile. In the meantime, one of the other divas had gone outside of the ring and had fetched something from underneath the ring. That something proved to be several large buckets of soon to be identified messy substances. She pulled the buckets out from underneath the ring and placed them on the ring apron, sliding them into the ring. Of course, it was clear now that these had been planted there and that this had been planned all along by Mickie’s rivals.

Gail then took the microphone,” Ooh, Mickie James, hardcore country. Well, we are about to get really hardcore. We are going to find out just how hardcore country you really are,” Gail told her. The others pointed to her and teased her. Mickie could only kick her legs and feverishly attempt to free her arms from the ropes. This was futile though because the other knockouts would only grab her immediately, if she somehow managed to free herself from the ropes. Mickie did not know what was in the buckets at this point, but she could guess that it would substances that she did not want any part of. She could guess what they were going to do with them as well. The buckets were hardcore country indeed. They contained substances that all fit in with a country, farm theme. “You should love this stuff,” Gail said,” It is all trash from the country just like you are.” Mickie blushed. These girls were really going to get one over on her. The other knockouts mocked her and her music. “Hardcore country”, they sarcastically sang in her face. They pointed and laughed at her. The crowd booed, even though a lot of them really did want to see Mickie James get covered in farm rubbish.

“Oh yeah, Mickie,” Gail said,” This should make you feel right at home. I am going to treat you like the pig that you are.” She grabbed Mickie’s face and yelled at her. She then slapped her across her face again. Gail then grabbed Mickie’s shirt with both hands, she pulled it open revealing Mickie’s bra. The buttons flew from her shirt. Mickie tried kicking at Gail with her legs, but it really was no use. Gail then grabbed the first bucket of messiness for Mickie. The bucket was filled with rotten eggs. Gail lifted the bucket and also grabbed a gigantic wooden spoon. He put the spoon into the rotten eggs and stirred them around. They smelled atrocious. When they said that they were rotten they were not kidding. Mickie could smell the eggs from halfway across the ring. She grimaced and begged Gail to stop. “PU, get a whiff of that. Rotten eggs for you Mickie. I know that you are very familiar with similar smells, because your locker room is not very far from mine.” The look of anger on Mickie’s face was a picture. She mumbled under her breath. Her face was bright red with embarrassment and rage. She was dripping in sweat from a combination of the match that she had just wrestled and anticipation and embarrassment that she was feeling. Mickie knew that these witches were just jealous of her skill in the ring and her popularity, but there was nothing that she could do to escape what was about to come her way. Gail now ran across the ring carrying the bucket of rancid eggs. She stopped a foot or two away from Mickie and tossed the contents straight at Mickie. Mickie closed her eyes. In an instant, Mickie was covered in thick yellow rotten eggs. They coated her, dripping down her body. Her face and hair were coated in the yellow eggs. She could feel gravity take the eggs into and onto every crevice of her body. Her shorts and bra were instantly stained in a coating of thick yellow egg. The smell was atrocious. Mickie openly gagged from the stench of the eggs. She stuck her tongue out, almost choking on the rotten eggs. She looked as if she was going to be sick as she gagged again. The egg ran down her body, her legs, her cowboy boots. Although the eggs were not the thickest of substances, they were messy enough. They were also freezing cold. Mickie shivered as the freezing cold eggs dripped from her. She began to get goosebumps. Egg yolk dripped from her hair and chin. The knockouts holding her, mocked and teased her.

Gail quickly grabbed the second bucket. This one was much heavier. The contents were much thicker. “This bucket contains some lovely fresh manure. I can not think of anything better suited to Mickie James than a big bucket of horse shit. It is going to go all over you Mickie. You need to have a good old roll in the muck if you ask me.” She approached Mickie with the bucket. Mickie just stared at her with her eyes wide open. This was about as embarrassing as it could get. Mickie tried to not give Gail the satisfaction of showing too much emotion, but inside she wanted to beg Gail to let her go. Gail came up close to Mickie with the bucket. This time, instead of just pouring the manure over Mickie as everyone expected, she started by sticking her hand into the bucket. She grabbed the back of Mickie’s head with the other hand. She grabbed her by the hair. She then took the handful of manure and pushed it straight into Mickie’s face. Gail really wanted to embarrass Mickie as much as she could. She wanted to rub her face in it, this time literally. Gail took the handful of manure and pushed it straight into Mickie’s face. Mickie closed her eyes as her face came face to face with a pile of manure. Gail twisted the thick mass of manure into Mickie’s face with some force. Mickie choked and gagged as she received a face full of manure. Gail rubbed it all on Mickie’s face. Her nose, mouth and eyes. When Gail finally removed her hands from Mickie’s face, Mickie gasped for breath. Her face was covered in clumpy, thick brown manure. Her mouth sprung open. Even her tongue was caked in manure. She coughed and spit out some of the manure from her face.

Mickie did not really realize that she had only just received the thick manure that was sitting at the top of the bucket. The soft, mucky manure that filled ninety percent of the bucket still was to come for her. Gail now lifted the heavy bucket up and brought it close to Mickie’s head. “Time to get hardcore country Mickie James,” Gail said sarcastically. She lifted the bucket and slowly tipped the disgusting horse dropping over Mickie. The manure first fell down onto Mickie’s face. She closed her eyes as the thick smushy manure flowed down over her face. Gail generously let the manure engulf Mickie’s face and then let it glop down onto her beautiful brown hair. Her hair was now cascading in manure. Her beautiful layered brown hair was now being mixed with a layer of disgusting brown manure. Gail then decided to lower the trajectory of the bucket and to aim the manure at the rest of Mickie’s beautiful body. She took aim at the biggest sexiest target which were Mickie’s legs. Mickie was now sat on her bottom, with her legs, stretched out in front of her and her knees bent. They made a huge target. Her shorts were now riding up quite high. From the opposite view, one could almost see totally up Mickie’s shorts. Her legs were very tanned and muscular. Gail now lowered her aim. The manure was now going to be headed straight for Mickie’s legs. The bucket was tipped and the thick mass of sludge like brown manure oozed out, straight down onto Mickie’s outstretched legs. The glop fell from the bucket and landed on Mickie’s amazing bare legs. It fell in all of its thick gloppiness onto her bent knees and then all over her thighs and down her calves. The thick brown mess felt soft and wet against her bare smooth flesh. Soon most of her legs were engulfed in brown manure. All she could really do was move her legs in and out as more manure was poured. Her shorts were now almost totally covered in manure as well. Gail then happily took aim and poured more manure over the rest of Mickie’s body. It coated her boots as she stomped her feet in the mess. Gail generously moved the bucket back and forth over Mickie’s body. The feeling of having her rivals totally in control of her was not one that Mickie enjoyed. She was completely having to submit to their will. When the dust settled and the bucket was empty, Mickie sat covered from head to toe in manure. She looked like she had rolled around in a mud puddle. The manure smelled even worse than the eggs did. She sat in a pile of the manure. Her clothes were covered in it. “I think she had an accident,” Gail said.

Gail then grabbed the last bucket. She raised it high in the air. “Pig slop,” she shouted. “Let’s slop this pig,” she said. The bucket was then raised. Again, what lay inside stunk to high heaven. The slop was disgusting. No one could recall seeing anything quite like it before in their lives. Even pigs would not touch something that was this revolting. It was about to be poured all over Mickie James. Gail lifted the slop bucket. She approached Mickie, mercilessly teasing her. She told Mickie that she knew that she wanted this slop bad. The other knockouts cheered her on. They clapped and stomped and pumped their fists encouraging the slopping to commence. Gail took the bucket over to Mickie, moving it around in her hands as she got ready to pour. It was a very heavy bucket, but Gail managed to hoist it up in the air and to tip it slightly. The thick, yellowy slop began to pour down onto Mickie. Mickie quickly reacted, shutting her eyes and scrunching up her face. Just as she did the first layer of slop fell down onto her. Mickie squealed as the pig slop streaked down over one part of her face and then the other side. More poured onto the top of Mickie’s head. Gail then moved the bucket up and down Mickie’s body. Mickie could feel and smell the slop roll down her breasts and stomach and down onto her jean shorts. Mickie then recoiled as the slop was poured all over her legs. She then pushed her legs together. She could feel the sloppy weight of the messy slop all over her sweaty, already messy legs. She could feel it all the way down to the back of her shorts. Gail poured the rest of the slop onto Mickie. She moved the bucket around in figure eights and crosses, making sure to give Mickie a thorough Slopping. When she was finished, Mickie was left tied up, dripping in foul smelling slop, the slop , eggs and manure had collected everywhere. Mickie was surrounded by puddles and piles of mess.

For a minute they left Mickie tied in the ropes, while everyone got a good look at what they had just done to her. Mickie looked up, her face covered in slop. The knockouts stood in front of her, pointed and laughed. They smiled and shook hands. They then walked up to Mickie, released her from the ropes and threw her down to the ground in the centre of the ring. They then stomped on her a few times. Gail then placed her foot onto the prone Mickie, as she lay motionless in the ring. She posed over her fallen, slopped up opponent. “Hardcore Messy”, Gail shouted. Gail and her friends then left the arena, leaving Mickie James swimming in an ocean of messy slop in the ring.

Mickie would beat Gail and the others many times in the future. This incident only served to piss Mickie off. She would have her revenge. This incident would never be forgotten though. It was always something that people would talk about for years to come.


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