Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hollyoaks, Maddie, Ruby and Sinead payback time

This story is based on a real episode of Hollyoaks. It is how I would like to have seen it happen rather than how it really did. In the episode the clothes were stolen, but the girls had to wear clothes from the charity bin. This didn’t seem like a good punishment because Esther was seen in her underwear. They at least could have had to come out in their towels or underwear. Wearing old unfashionable clothes is not really that embarrassing at all I wouldn’t have thought.

Hollyoaks, Maddie, Ruby and Sinead payback time

Maddie, Sinead and Ruby were feeling pretty happy with themselves after humiliating Esther the way that they had in front of the entire school. They laughed and joked about what they had done after their aerobics class. When the class was over they all popped into their own separate shower stalls in the school shower room. The congratulated themselves as they showered, making joked about the fact that everyone had seen Esther in her underwear. Little did these bullies know that they were about to get a taste of their own medicine, and they were not going to like it one bit.

Because of their arrogance and cruelty, they were too busy enjoying the humiliation of poor Esther to realize that someone was sneaking into the room and one by one taking their towels. Also the noise of their showers and the steam from them covered any noise and visual clues that they would have had. They were so self involved that they were almost oblivious to what was going on around them anyway. The ladies were having a right old laugh, never knowing that someone was in the room removing their towels as they showered.

Finally they were done cleaning themselves. Sinead reached for her towel only to find that there was nothing there. She then moved her hands around the top of the shower, desperately groping, trying to grab her towel, but finding nothing was there. She began to get nervous. She bent over looking to see if her towel had fallen on the floor. She now began to panic. In the meantime Ruby reached for her towel, only to find thin air. “Where the hell is my towel?,” Sinead shouted. “Mine’s gone too!,” Ruby screamed. Their eyes widened. Maddie was now finding that her towel was gone too. “What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of joke,” she shouted. “What the hell are we going to do now?,” Sinead said. They looked at each other from their stalls. They all realized at the same moment that they were only going to have one option. They would have to cover up and make their way to the changing room the way that they were. There was no other choice. They just had to pray that their clothes had not suffered the same fait as their towels or they would be in serious trouble.

They each leaned over and tried their best to cover their modesty with their hands. They slowly creeped from the showers and tiptoed their way to the dressing room. This wasn’t that embarrassing because the girls always got changed in there and there was a fair bit of nudity. Still, they did not want anyone to be there at this time to see them. Maddie quietly slid the door open and poked her head around it to see if there was anyone else around. To their relief, the room was empty. “It’s ok,” she whispered. “No one’s there.” She opened the door and tiptoed through, the two other ladies followed behind. They then quickly walked over to the place where they had left their clothes.

Maddie, Ruby and Sinead ran over to see if their clothes were where they had left them. When they got there, much to their obvious chagrin, they found that their clothes were no longer there where they had left them. “Our clothes, they are not here,” Maddie shouted. “What he hell are we going to do?,” Sinead shouted. “Is there anything around we can wear,” Ruby asked. They looked around but could see nothing. There was nothing to even cover up with. Even the charity clothes were gone. Now they knew that they were in deep trouble. They could not stay in there forever. Eventually, they would have to leave the room. “Who the hell did this,” Maddie shouted. “What are we going to do?” Ruby panicked. “We can’t go out like this. Where are our clothes?,” Sinead said. “I bet that little witch stole them. Trying to get revenge. That cow. She will pay for this,” Maddie shouted. “Nevermind her for now, we have more pressing issues to worry about, don’t you think,” Sinead said.

The girls knew that there could only be one outcome. They had no choice but to leave the changing room as they were and pray that there wasn’t anyone around to see. It was broad daylight though. They would be careful, but they had no choice. They slowly peeped their heads around the corner. Maddie slowly plucked up her courage and pushed the door open. “We can’t do this. They will see me arse,” Sinead said. “I don’t like it either,” said Maddie,” But what other choice do we have?” They all reluctantly agreed. There was no other way out of this. Maddie peeped her head around the corner. The coast appeared to be clear. She motioned to the others and they began their walk of shame.

They crept out the door, Maddie first, followed by Ruby and then Sinead. They did their best to keep their knees together. They held their hands across their breasts and across their vaginas. Their asses were left uncovered, although they tried to keep close together to cover these. Sinead bringing up the rear. They kept as silent as they could as they made their way outside into the bright mid afternoon sunshine. They desperately clutched their naughty bits as they penguin walked across the open area. There were no cars or trees or anything to hide behind in this area. All they could do was walk as quickly but as quietly as they possibly could. They had been fortunate so far, no one was around in this area to see their shame. However, they would have to turn the corner in a minute. They did not bother to take it slow this time, they just wanted to get where they were going to get something to cover themselves up with.

Unfortunately, when they rounded the corner, they discovered half of their classmates gathered in a round semi circle blocking their path. Instantly they were at the centre. Everyone cheered. The ladies tried as they could to cover themselves. Their mouths fell open. A wave of shock and embarrassment fell over them. Where they had been walking at a good pace and stopped suddenly, they fell into one another, they’re hands falling from their positions. They nearly fell over. The three naked women tried their very best to cover themselves. The girls looked at one another angrily. “What’s the matter guys. It’s only a joke. No one will remember in a few days,” Pheobe said, mocking Maddie especially. “You bitch,” Maddie shouted. “Youtube, here you come,” Esther said. “I think I have a new screensaver,” someone said. “You can all go to hell,” Maddie screamed,” This isn’t funny. Everyone had cameras as they had done earlier for Esther’s embarrassment. “Nice ass,” someone shouted. “Shut up,” Maddie screamed. Sinead and Ruby were getting pretty annoyed with Maddie by this point. She was the ringleader. All of this was her idea. They just went along with things and now they were all paying a heavy price for their actions.

“You deserve this,” Pheobe said,” This is payback for everything that you have done. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. This is what we think of bullies.” Maddie shook her head in anger. She was fuming. The others were just blushing bright red with embarrassment. “I suppose you guys want something to cover up with huh?,” Pheobe said. “Yes, that would be nice,” Maddie said angrily. “Should we let them have it, guys?,” Pehobe asked. “Yes let us have it,” Maddie said. “What was that, I didn’t quite hear that. You will have to speak up,” Pheobe teased. “I said let us have it,” Maddie shouted. “Ok then, whatever you say,” Pheobe said.

At Pheobe’s command, all of the students pulled their hands forward revealing rotten fruit and vegetables. In an instant they all began to fire away at the three naked ladies in the centre of them. The rotten produce flew from the air at all angles in the direction of the naked women. Most of it hit its mark, bouncing off the girl’s bodies. The three screamed and shrieked. When the produce hit them it caused them to raise their hand, revealing all. They used their hands to cover their faces, thus leaving their private parts totally exposed for viewing. They covered their faced and cowered as they were bombarded with rotten fruit and vegetables. They fell all over each other as they were peppered with the produce. In an instant they were covered with an array of pulp, seeds, leaves and crushed fleshy veg. Ruby’s frizzy hair was matted with the stuff. They tried to wipe some of the stuff off themselves, but by that time Pheobe and Esther were already armed with buckets.

The two swung the buckets in the direction of the three bullies. The buckets were filled with bright blue and red gunge. They swung the buckets at the ladies, sending the gunge flying through the air and splashing all over the three in every direction. They screamed as the three of them were instantly dripping in red and blue gunge. The cuddled together and fell over one another as the gunge splashed all over them. The gunge dripped down their naked bodies. Their mouths wide open in shock and anger. All of their classmates laughed and applauded. Everyone was happy to see the three bitches getting what was coming to them. Everyone felt that they deserved this. Some of the guys wolf whistled at them. “Looking good, Maddie,” someone screamed. Ruby and Sinead whimpered like puppy dogs. They wiggled their hands and looked at each other in utter disbelief at what was occurring.

Finally, Pheobe and Esther grabbed two last buckets. These were filled with food waste from the school canteen. The buckets were larger than the last two were. They were filled with plate scrapings from the school lunch over the past couple of days. “Bon appetite,” Pheobe said mockingly. They walked over to the ladies and slowly tipped the buckets over all three of them in unison. The girls seemed to be frozen to the spot in shock. Esther and Pheobe slowly poured the revolting contents of the buckets over the girls as everyone laughed uproariously. The leftover food poured down on them. The leftovers looked like slop. It had bits of every type of food mixed together in one disgusting conglomeration. It was now all over the heads of Maddie, Ruby and Sinead. Sweet corn, tuna fish, macaroni, sauce, cauliflower, cheese, mash and beans were just some of the many disgusting delights that fell onto the three pompous young women.

Suddenly something awoken in Maddie. She grabbed the others by the arms and pulled them with her and she stomped off. “Out of the way,” she screamed. She pushed her way forward and the crowd parted letting them through. They heard everyone clapping and cheering as they marched away in disgust.

The footage and pictures were spread quickly all over the school and all over the internet just as the ones of Esther were. Maddie was very angry with Pheobe and Esther. Sinead and Ruby were also angry with Maddie. She was the ringleader and the reason that they had been put in the position that they were. They blamed her for what had happened. It did make them think more about their actions and the consequences of what they had done. They learned to consider the feelings of others and were more reluctant to go along with the crowd now.


  1. Thank for this. Been hoping to see Ruby get it for some time. She has a great mixture of both spitefulness and vulnerability about her.

    You're right, having to wear charity shop clothes made no sense as a humiliation - not sure that complete nudity quite works for a Hollyoaks setting either though!

  2. I was hoping that you would like it. Sometimes they have scenes with nudity on Hollyoaks, it is just that it is shot so you can't see anything, but you would have at least thought they would have had them in their towels or underwear as that is what happened to the other girl.I know they are supposed to be vein, but wearing charity shop clothes would not even really be embarassing I don't think.