Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jennifer Lawerence How clumsy

Jennifer Lawerence How clumsy 

Jennifer Lawernce is a very witty and humorous person. She is also known for making social miss steps and getting herself into embarrassing situations. These included tripping, falling, tearing her dress, getting drunk, throwing up and just generally falling over. She had a good sense of humour about it. She always saw the funny side, no matter how embarrassing the situation might be. She was always someone who could laugh at herself.

Jennifer was approached to do a skit on a comedy show. It was similar to Saturday Night Live or something of that nature. It was going to be a scene playing on her clumsiness. She thought that this sounded hilarious and she agreed to do it. She was an amazing actress, but was good at comedy as well. She was a naturally funny person so doing comedy was something that came easily for her. The show would take place shortly after the Oscar ceremonies took place. It was the time of year when Jennifer was known to make her most famous accidents.

The scene took place at an after party after the ceremony. Jennifer wore her low cut white designer dress that she had worn at the ceremony. She walked in holding it at the waist. There were actors seated around that looked like more famous actors who would have been at the Oscars. Jennifer entered. She stumbled in and waived at someone who was made to look like Jack Nicholson. “Hi Jack,” she said,” How are ya?,” she said, winking and pointing at him.

As she pointed, she tripped and fell over into a table. She landed face first into a bowl filled with fruit punch. It tipped and fell over on her face and body, soaking her hair and dress in dark red. There were also bits of cut up fruit in it, that stuck to her face. When she attempted to stand up, she slipped again and fell into a bowl filled with pink ambrosia. Her entire head was submerged in the bowl. When she lifted her head out, her face was coated in a layer of creamy, fluffy pink mess. She comedicly gave a wave. She caught her breath.

She stood up and turned around. As she turned around, she ran right into a waiter carrying a tray full of desserts including chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, cream puffs, rice pudding and cheese cake. When the two collided, the waiter accidentally tipped the entire tray of desserts over Jennifer. They fell down onto her and rolled down her body, bits sticking everywhere along the way. Her mouth was agape. She held her arms out in front of her. She looked into the camera and put her tongue to the side of her mouth, making a funny face. “Now that was embarrassing,” she said in an exaggerated, comedic voice. “I am so sorry madam,” the waiter said in a sort of French accent. “Don’t mention it. 

It was my fault anyway she said.  She chuckled to herself. She turned around and began to walk again. There were napkins on one of the other tables. She went to walk over and get one of them.
As she picked one up, some of the napkins fell onto the floor. She leaned over to pick one up but slipped upon one of them as if she had slipped on a banana peel.  She flew forwards and landed on the table. The table was filled with pate, sandwiches and prawn cocktail. The top of her body and her face fell straight into the food that sat on the table. The table then flipped over, sending Jennifer onto the floor and causing the nibbles to slide off of the table and fall all over her. She sat on the floor covered in the food items that had been on the table, they stuck all over her body and to her expensive gown. She looked up into the camera and gave a funny look, licking her lips. “How, clumsy of me,” she said, “I am such a clutz.”

As she looked up, a waitress came over carrying a tray of drinks. As soon as she turned, she accidentally hit the waitress, causing the entire tray of drinks to fall over and topple onto her. Most of it was red wine and champagne. She was instantly soaked. Her dress was now permanently stained with deep red marks. She looked again into the camera as wine dripped down her nose and chin. “I am just not having any luck today, am I?,” she said. She then laughed. She then managed to get to her feet. She stood up and began to walk in the opposite direction, as she did a food cart came along going in the opposite direction.

Somehow, the bottom of her dress got caught on the edge of the trolley. The waitress pushing it did not noticed. She carried on walking at a brisk pace, not noticing, that as she did, Jennifer’s dress was pulling. It began to tear away from itself, ripping the bottom off of and tearing upwards. It caused Jennifer to be spun around towards the cart. She spun quickly, the dress ripping more and more as she did. She then fell over onto the trolley, face first into the food that was in it. The trolley then spun into the wall. Jennifer’s feet went up in the air as she fell over in it. She wound up face down in the cart as it hit the wall. She eventually pulled her head out. Her face was covered in pate and caviar. When she stood up, most of her dress did not come with her. When she went to pull it, it came apart completely. She ended up standing in just a strapless, bustier type of undergarment with no shoulders or legs. She comically attempted to cover herself. Her hands darted around her body. Even though she was fully covered, she played this to the hilt.

When she turned around again she fell backwards into a large trash can. Her bottom fell downwards until only her head and her legs up to her knees were emerging from the can. She kicked her legs wildly in a comical fashion. She tried to lift herself up and out of the trash can but there was no use, she was totally stuck. No one was rushing over to help her either. All she could try to do was push. When she did this, after some seconds of effort, the can fell over onto the floor, taking Jennifer with it. She pulled herself out, but as she did, the contents of the bin dumped all over her. It was filled with things like banana peels, fish remains, sandwich crusts and egg shells. She was soon covered in this rubbish. 

She then stood up as if nothing had happened. She walked calmly over to a table where Anne Hathaway was sitting. She crossed her arms, looked at Anne and said, without a hint of sarcasm,” How has your night been?” The Anne Hathaway clone then grabbed a chocolate and cherry cake and drove it into Jennifer’s face. She pushed it in as hard as she could. Jennifer let the excess cake fall from her face. She then looked up and said, face covered in cake. “I take it that it has been better than mine,” she joked.  


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    and a naked story of Mollie King and Pixie Lott but seperate ones

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    1. I'd like Sarah Stirk added to both Sky Sports News stories thanks

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  3. lol don't worry. You're not. It's fine. I will do my best.