Friday, 25 July 2014

Fiona Phillips and Emma Crosby Good morning gunge

Fiona Phillips and Emma Crosby Good morning gunge

Emma Crosby and Fiona Phillips began presenting a new breakfast time chat show together. They were both veterans of doing breakfast show presenting and were ready for anything that came their way, or so they thought. It was the first week of the show. It was week-long celebration of the beginning of the show. There were special guests and features all week that had to do with the start of the new show. 

One of the features on the show was about some of the shows that had been on the channel in the past.  The feature talked a bit about some older children’s shows such as Get Your own back and Tiswas. Part of the feature then turned towards gunge.  The show then turned back to the studio. 

Fiona and Emma were interviewing some of the people who used to host these sort of shows. The subject of the interview turned to gunge itself. “What do you think the attraction of the whole thing is?,” Emma asked. “Well, there is lots of reasons. There is the fact that it is just fun. A lot of people find it quite funny. Other people feel that it is naughty,” the gameshow host said. “I think that what you realize, is that, although people don’t admit it and feel a bit embarrassed, everyone loves it really,” Fiona said. “Especially, seeing it happen to someone they know, for sure,” Emma said. “It is something that really has to be experienced first-hand,” the gameshow host said. “Today, we thought that we would let you to experience it first-hand yourselves,” he said. The two ladies looked at each other. They laughed nervously, looking one another. “Well what can we say? I don’t suppose that we can refuse. You were nice enough to bring some along with you,” Emma said.

They two ladies were in grey skirt suits. It was very warm outside on this particular day. Getting something cool poured on them was not the worst thing that they could imagine on a day like this. It might actually feel quite good on this occasion. The gameshow host then revealed that a classic gunge tank had been brought with him and set up at the back of the set. It was big enough for both ladies to get into together. They might just have to scrunch together a little bit. This was not a bad thing. The two ladies reluctantly made their way over to the tank. They stepped inside and sat down together side by side. They crossed their legs as they sat down. The door was closed behind them, sealing the two presenters into the tank together. They looked at each other and smiled nervously. They really were getting close to one another at this point.

The gameshow host then went over to the lever. He asked the audience for a countdown. Everyone in the studio began to count down together. “Three…two…one.” He pulled the lever. The ladies waived their hands about and then clutched each other tightly. They closed their eyes in anticipation of what was about to happen to them. They let out a high pitched scream as the gunge hit them both from above. Viscous looking pink gunge began to pour down over them both.

The audience cheered wildly as the two presenters slowly got totally covered in the sloppy gunge. The gunge poured down from above. At first it came down slowly. It hit between the women first in a single stream and then separated, pouring down on each of their faces. Gunge poured down the centres of their heads and dripped down their faces. They shrieked and attempted to lower their heads, but the pace of the gunge began to quicken. Because every inch of the tank was packed with their bodies, there was no way that they could avoid the gunge. If they tried to move to avoid gunge on one part of themselves, it would simply pour somewhere else on them. They attempted to lift their bottoms, but the gunge was still pouring everywhere.

They could feel it now down the backs of their necks and then down their backs. They could feel it getting inside of their clothes. They then cuddled even closer as the gunge poured and poured down onto them both. By now the colour of the gunge had changed to purple. It was just as thick and sloppy. It seemed to pour for ages. It covered their heads and began to get onto their faces more and more. Their expensive suits were completely splattered in sloppy gunge. The stains would probably never come out. The man pulling the lever smiled and clapped his hands as he continued to pull down as hard as he could on the lever. The two women tried to wipe some of the sloppy gunge away. They put their hands through their hair and over their faces, pushing away some of the collected gunge.
The gunge continued to fall. It had now changed to red gunge that was pouring on top of the ladies. 

They continued to try to avoid it. Their bodies were pressed closely together. They hugged and lowered their heads, but the space that they were in was so confined that the gunge still managed to cover everything within the tank. Even when it missed, it still bounced off the walls and splattered back onto the ladies in some fashion. The three colours of gunge began to mix all over the ladies bodies like some sort of tie dye experiment.

Eventually, the gunge slowed to a halt. Everyone gave the ladies a big round of applause. The door was opened and the women were allowed out. Fiona stepped out first. She was covered in splattered gunge. She held her hands out in front of her and let out a squeal. Emma then got out. She shook her hands and ran her fingers over the ends of her messy hair. She shook her head and gave a funny look. The two women looked at each other then at the gameshow host. “Don’t take this the wrong way. It’s nothing personal, but you are never going to be asked to be on the show again,” Fiona joked. Everyone laughed.

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