Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Paige vs. the lockerroom

Paige vs. the lockerroom

The instant Paige came to the WWE she was successful. She was very young but she was already miles ahead of the other divas in WWE. Unsurprisingly, her colleagues were both resentful and jealous of her. They felt that they had been there longer and that she did not deserve her place. What they did not see is that they were not good at all and barely deserved the places that they had in the first place. If they were better, then there would not have been the opportunity for Paige to come in and do what she did. AJ Lee was the only one in the company that was any good at all and she was much better as a manager. As a manager, she was one of the most interesting people in the WWE, as Diva’s champion, she was just beating people that no one cared about. Paige was light years ahead of everyone and in their hearts they knew it. Jealousy can be an ugly thing especially when it was coming from some overly bitchy females in a group. Their anger was turned towards Paige. They were brutally vicious towards her. She was subjected to awful treatment by the other divas, but she took it in her stride.

The other divas decided to teach her a lesson once and for all. It all took place after a tv taping one night. Paige was taking a shower in the lock room all alone. She was soaping her body, not thinking that anything out of the ordinary could happen. Little did she know that she was in for the embarrassment of a lifetime that evening. While she was happily washing herself, the other divas were setting up one of the most humiliating pranks that would ever be played on a diva. When she was done, she turned off the shower and exited, as she had done every other night since joining the WWE.

Still with water in her eyes, she opened the shower door and reached out for her towel where she had left it. She tried to grasp it, but much to her surprise, there was nothing there to grab a hold of. She moved her hand around trying to find the towel, but there was nothing there. A sharp sensation of panic pierced her to her core. She desperately reached out trying to find the towel or her clothes or anything, but she found that there was nothing there. She wiped her eyes and looked out. Everything was gone. Someone must have taken it. She thought that maybe the cleaners or laundry people had taken her things by mistake somehow. She did not know what to do now. She had no clothes and no way of covering herself. She slowly moved away from the shower and tiptoed to the door. She took a deep breath and opened the door. 

As soon as the door open, she was met with a shock. All of the other divas, led by AJ Lee were standing there, their arms crossed. They all stared at Paige with smug smiles on their faces. AJ held her clothes in her hands and twirled them around on her index finger. Paige’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Looking for these, honey?,” AJ asked sarcastically. Paige let out a high pitched screech and then attempted to go back into the shower. “Come on girls, let’s get her,” AJ instructed. The divas went at Paige and grabbed her from behind. They grabbed her by her arms and turned her around to face them. She continued to scream and tried to kick her legs as well. She had a crazed look in her eyes. She was covered in sweat. She tried to struggle and fight, but there was just too many of them.

“Well, well, well, don’t you look cute,” AJ said. “Nice pussy you got there, nice to see you waxed for us.” Paige did not have any body hair whatsoever, she was completely cleanly shaven. However, it did not work in her favour in this circumstance because every fold of her fanny was completely visible to her tormenters. Her skin was pale white and smooth all over. AJ then got into her face. 

“Look, you are not like us. You don’t belong here. We all hate you. You don’t fit in. You need to earn things and you will start tonight, you little bitch. We are going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget.” Paige knew that there was no use in arguing with this lot. They were crazy. They were not reasonable. She knew that everyone in the real world knew that she was everything that these women were not. She more than deserved to be champion. “You little British whore. I bet opening those legs has not hurt in getting you your spot has it? We are all sick of hearing how young and talented you are.” Paige knew that these women were irrational. She knew that the reasons that they were not bigger stars was down to their lack of charisma and the underdevelopment of their characters. Sometimes in wrestling things were political, but when it came to these women, it simply was not the case. They were given opportunity after opportunity and failed to do anything that would get anyone interested. Paige had generated more interest in the women’s division in her first month than most of these women had done in their entire careers combined. At the moment, Paige was the target for all of their frustration. They would do everything they could to humiliate her and to try to break her confidence. 

“Come on ladies, bring that slop out here for this dirty British slut,” AJ said. Paige wondered what she meant. Her body was getting exhausted. She could barely keep up the struggle. AJ was first handed a pie. She gingerly took the pie in one hand. She looked at it and gave her famous innocent, coy look. She then skipped over to Paige. She gave an innocent look. She put her finger into the pie and took a bit of cream. She then licked it off of her finger. She gave an innocent look and shrugged her shoulders. She then pushed the pie as hard as she possibly could into Paige’s face. She viciously twisted the pie around in Paige’s face. The feeling that AJ felt at this moment was exhilarating. She had total power over her rival. The action of pieing her in the face was literally like covering her opponent in humiliation. The pie meant instant humiliation on a grand scale for Paige. AJ had no mercy on her, wanting to pie her as completely as she possibly could. When she finally pulled away, Paige’s face was completely covered in creamy pie. Her jet black hair and makeup were tinged with lashings of sloppy white cream. 

AJ then took a second pie and this time pushed it directly into Paige’s crotch. The other women pulled her legs apart, revealing some Paige’s pink. AJ took the second pie and pushed it as hard as she could directly into Paige’s waxed mound. Paige let out a muffled shriek as she felt the pie pushed against her juicy private parts. She could feel pie on her clitoris, all over the folds of her pussy and on her ass as well. The motion of the pieing, produced by AJ’s hand was a feeling very similar to a sexual experience. The parallels were apparent, although, in this case, no one mentioned them. The feeling of another woman pushing a pie into her private parts was one that Paige would not soon forget. Paige wondered what they had in store for her next. The other women continued making nasty comments, mocking her as the whole thing continued.

AJ then took a third pie, this one a chocolate cream pie, into her hand. She grabbed Paige by her main of long black hair. She then laughed and said,” In your face. You are my bitch.” She then wildly smashed the third pie into Paige’s face. The crust crumbled and fell down the front of Paige’s pale body. AJ twisted the pie in her face. She wanted Paige to feel that she owned her at this particular moment. She pushed as hard as she could, causing the pie to explode all over Paige. When she pulled away, she left mounds of white, light and dark brown mess all over Paige’s face. It was all over her nose, chin and cheeks. It plastered the front of her hair. Her eyes and mouth shone out from beneath the irregular mask of creamy pie filling that covered most of her face. It was soft and smooth. Some fell down her chest and stomach.

Paige had no hope of mercy from these women. They were vicious and they did not like her one bit. They were out to humiliate her as much as they possibly could.  Some of them began to get containers of whatever they could to pour over her.  Natalya got a tray of leftover eggplant parmesan. It was truly disgusting. It was filled with sloppy black and purple eggplant, covered in  cheese and sauce. It was all mixed together in a disgusting conglomerate. It smelled atrocious and looked as though it had been sitting out for days. Natalya came forward and pushed the tray straight into Paige’s face, causing the thick sloppy mess to collide with her face and fall down her luscious naked body. It stuck to her hair, face and body. Globs of sloppy eggplant stuck to her. Natalya pushed it into her face, giving Paige a huge face full of the sloppy Italian meal. It looked almost unidentifiable. 

Next, one of the Bella twins found a giant pot of cream of mushroom soup. She made a comment about how the bland, pale colour matched Paige’s pure chalky white skin. She gave a snide look and then poured the pot of soup on the young woman’s head. Paige screamed as the sloppy white soup poured down onto her. It coated her black hair and poured down her face. It went down her neck and coated her shoulders. It made its way down the front of her body, down her chest and stomach and all over her crotch. It seemed to poured for ages. It dripped down the front of Paige’s face and covered her hair, almost appearing as a second layer of hair. The other divas roared with laughter at the site of their rival dripping in mushroom soup.

Alicia Fox was going to be next. She was one of the ones who hated Paige the most. She grabbed a container of cold baked beans and approached her rival. She grabbed Paige by the face and looked her in the eyes. She did not say anything, but gave a look that clearly showed that she hated her and wanted her gone. The beans were about as disgusting as you could get. They would make anyone gag. Alicia pulled Paige by the hair and poured the beans straight into her face, causing her to gag and chokes a bit. The beans poured down onto her face and then down her body. Alicia slowly and deliberately poured more beans up and down Paige’s pale body. She poured them all over her legs, on her breasts, down her back and on her backside. Everyone else watched with pleasure as they witnessed baked beans all over Paige’s naked body. Alicia made a special effort to pour the last bit of beans straight onto Paige’s heaving bald vagina. Paige let out an audible gasp as she felt the cold sloppiness of the baked beans directly on her womanhood. 

Alicia then grabbed a tin of spam. She held it up for all to see. Everyone laughed and applauded. She stuck her hand into the tin and pulled out all of the spam. She then thrust her hand straight into Paige’s face, rubbing the disgusting substance around in her face. Paige again gagged. She stuck her tongue out as spam fell from her mouth and down her chin. Alicia then grabbed more spam and rubbed it all over Paige’s breasts, stomach and vagina. Paige thought to herself, “ What a situation. I have spam all over my body.”

“Well, Paige, we have another surprise for you,” AJ said,” A special yummy treat all the way from England. We thought we would make you feel right at home. It is a kind of welcoming gift,” she said sarcastically. “Oh god, what could this be,” Paige thought to herself. “ Jellied eels. That is what you like to eat over there isn’t it you little bitch?,” she said. Paige’s eyes widened again. Alicia produced a container filled with disgusting jellied eels. “I think they didn’t do well in the  trip over,” AJ teased. She then reached in and grabbed some of the jellied eels. She took the first one in her hand. She then went behind Paige. She then swung the jellied eel in the air. It collided with Paige’s backside. Paige gritted her teeth as she felt the eel spank her rear end. AJ then did it again. She began to do it harder and harder. She spanked Paige’s rear end with the eel until it broke in half. She then took another one and shoved it into Paige’s mouth. She pushed another one between her legs. She draped some more over her shoulders. She then placed one on top of Paige’s head. It was the largest one. She pointed and laughed, mocking the divas champion. She then poured the rest of the eels, the jelly and the brine over Paige. She coughed and gagged. Her body was exhausted.

They finally let go of her, she fell to the floor in a messy heap. AJ then shouted at her,” Let this be a lesson. You need to pack your shit and fuck off forever. See you around,” she said. They all walked off laughing at what they had down to the young woman. Paige lay naked and covered in mess on the floor. She had never felt humiliation like this before in her life. She lay there wallowing in the filth for ages and ages. 

However, Paige did not go away. She did not allow them to beat her or to get her down. She kept winning matches and championships. They hated her because they knew that she was amazing and were jealous. She threw it all back in their faces. She succeeded despite of them and it drove them nuts. She was not going to let a little mess stop her. In fact, later on she actually embraced it. There was a time when she told the world that she actually loved to get down and dirty and would do it anytime. She said to bring it on. Of course, the audience may not have known, but the other divas knew what she was referring to. She even managed to turn that around. She was a brilliant role model, standing up against bullies.


  1. I do love your wrestling scenarios. They are ripe for this sort of public humiliation.

  2. It does seem a natural fit.