Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sam Faiers no escape

Sam Faiers no escape

Sam Faiers agreed to appear on a new game show that involved crazy games and stunts as well as various celebrities. She would do just about anything to make money and to get publicity for herself. She knew that the show might be a little bit embarrassing, but it did not sound as though it would be too bad for her. The game that she would be involved in would be played by one of the contestants.
Sam came out wearing a black bikini. It showed off her tanned, toned shapely body. She looked incredible. She must have known how amazing she looked. She smiled anxiously as she came on stage. She met the contestant that she would be playing with. She shook their hand. It was a twenty something young man. He looked very pleased that Sam was going to be his partner for this game. His heart beat quickly as she shook his hand. He had never really seen a woman looking that attractive in person.

The host then explained the game that they would be playing. The game was going to involve a lunch making machine. The machine would be sending items of food forward. The contestant was going to have try to catch them using a tray. Below the machine was a moving conveyer belt that Sam would be strapped to and laying on. If the contestant was unable to catch the falling foods effectively, it would end up all over Sam’s body. Sam laughed and pointed at him. “You’d better do a good job,” she joked. “Ahh, I’m going to get messy,” she squealed.

 The host helped Sam climb aboard the ramp. She lay down on her back, facing the ceiling. She let out a little squeal. There were little plastic straps. They were situated at her ankles and wrists. The host secured her wrists and ankles in the straps. She was now in place. The contestant was given the tray and the game was set to begin. Sam wiggled her toes. She gave a nervous look. The machine began to work. Sam’s body began to move back and forth on the conveyer belt.

First, the machine began to dispense soft serve ice cream, as if it was an ice cream machine. It went downwards and made a criss crossing pattern, back and forth over itself as if it was making the top of a vienetta or something. It fell downwards, the contestant tried to get there in time, but he could not. The ice cream began dispersing back and forth across Sam’s face. Sam closed her eyes and laughed as the ice cream fell onto her face. She wiggled her nose and chin a bit, but was helpless to intervene. Her body kept moving back and forth. The contestant was able to catch some of the ice cream on the tray, but by this time, the machine was already dispensing chocolate and strawberry sauce onto Sam’s lower legs.

“It’s covering my legs,” she cried out with a bit of a giggle. He ran over and began to do his best to catch as much of the sauce as he could on the tray. By this time, Sam was slathered in red and brown desert toppings up to her knees. “Oh my god,” she said. Meanwhile, two massive globs of tuna salad flew from the top of the machine and landed on her face and right on her toned abs. A close up was shown of it splattering all over her perfectly toned midsection. By this time, it was quite clear, that it would prove quite difficult for the contestant to save Sam from much of the mess that the machine was sending in her direction. He still tried his best.

As Her body passed through the middle of the machine, a tidal wave of rotten eggs fell down upon her. She stuck her tongue out with a nauseated looking face. She cringed. The eggs smelled atrocious and were soaked all over her. “How was he meant to catch that?,” she said. Sam was already half way covered in mess and the time was not even halfway through yet. Sam took a deep breath. At that point, thick brown gravy began to pour down onto her chest, all over her breasts and neck. She squealed as the thick brown mess soaked her bikini top and flesh.

Next, fruit salad spurted out onto Sam’s midsection. It piled onto her bikini bottoms, onto her stomach and down her thighs. It was sweet and sloppy. It was filled with grapes, cherries, peaches and pears. She winced as it slopped down onto her. The contestant tried hard to catch it, but only managed to catch the last vestiges of it as it fell through the air onto Sam.

Now the machine began to go into overdrive sending mess out in all directions.  Beef stew fell from one direction, mashed potato popped out and fell onto Sam’s  tummy.  Chicken korma poured on her face and salad dressing sprayed up and down her body, all, almost simultaneously. Salad fell on her from above. It was shredded lettuce, carrots, tomato and cucumber. It fell onto her body, producing a whole new layer of mess on top of her body.  Sam was now dripping in sloppy mess from head to toe. Finally, the machine and the conveyer belt all came to a halt. Sam wanted to say something, but she was totally covered in mess.

The host came over and undid the clasps at Sam’s ankles and wrists. Sam sat up and turned sideways, brushing off some of the mess. She held her hands in front of her. She shook her head and giggled in embarrassment. “I can’t believe this,” she said, shaking her head, “ I am a mess here. I must look hilarious,” she joked,” I am so embarrassed.”  She laughed, picking lettuce off of her face and hair. “He did the best he could, but let’s face it, that was crap.” 

It was a very embarrassing moment for Sam. She knew that everyone back in Essex would be watching this and getting a lot of amusement out of her misfortune.


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