Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lana a short story

Lana a short story

Lana is known as the ravishing Russian. She accompanies Rusev to the ring in the WWE. The two have the act of regularly insulting America in order to garner heat from the crowds. This was their gimmick and it worked well for them. They made a name for themselves in the WWE over time. As a culmination of one of their storylines, it was arranged that one of their rivals would get revenge upon them. Upon Lana, specifically.

It was arranged that in an in ring segment, Lana would be spouting off about how great Russia and Rusev were when she would get a little surprise. Lana went to the ring in one of her famous skirt suits, showing off plenty of leg. This one was a white one. She climbed into the ring and began to go off about how stupid the fans were and about how great Russia and Rusev were. She began to badmouth Rusev’s latest opponent. She said how they were weak and not the man that her man was, the usual thing that was said during wrestling feuds.

As she was spouting off, the opponent’s music hit. Lana screamed vehemently about being interrupted. The music kept playing, but strangely, the wrestler did not emerge. Lana looked around puzzled, trying to see where he was. She scratched her head and yelled,” Where are you? I demand you show yourself.” With that a noise came from above. Lana looked upwards towards the ceiling to see what the noise was. 

As she looked up, she screamed when she realized what was happening. Three separate streams of gunge poured down onto her from above. They were in the colours of red, white and blue. They poured from above. She had just enough to shake her head in disbelief before the gunge hit her. The entire arena erupted in laughter and applause as the gunge hit the sexy Russian. The mess hit her perfectly in her face.

Her head thrust forward. The multi-coloured gunge poured down onto her, slowly covering her tied black, platinum blonde hair. She comically waived her arms about as the gunge poured over her. It covered her in lines of coloured mess. It poured over her head, then her shoulders and down her body, down her front and back. She scowled and let out a high pitched bellow as the gunge continued to pour, streaking down her sexy body. It poured down her suit, down her skirt and down her perfect tanned legs. The thick mess glop slowly dripped down the curves of Lana’s sexy body. The texture of the mess looked amazing on her smooth tanned skin.

Lana slipped and fell to her knees. She slapped her hands on the ground. She comically slipped and slid around in the gunge as it continued to pour down on her. She shook her head in rage and screamed, slammed her hands down in the mess. She frowned and cohered in the pool of sloppy mess that was gathered all around her in the middle of the ring. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life. The crowd was loving every minute of it. They cheered and tried to snap photos.
The wrestler then came out. “Hey Lana, you look great. I just thought I would give you a little welcome American style,” he quipped. She shouted at him. He saluted her and then, his music hit again. He laughed and walked off. Lana sat in the ring, covered from head to toe in gunge. She kicked her sexy legs about and shouted. “This is an outrage!,” she shouted.

She then exited the ring and stomped back to the dressing room angrily. In the storyline, this enraged Rusev even more. He cut a promo later on saying how he would get revenge for what his opponent had done to Lana.

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