Thursday, 12 February 2015

Renee Young, Gene’s dream

Renee Young, Gene’s dream

Renee Young hosted many WWE shows on their programming with Gene Okerlund. Of course, Mean Jean was many years her senior. He saw her as quite an attractive young lady, although he was old enough to be her father. She was not a wrestler, she was more of a girl next door type. She was quite attractive in her own sort of way. The shows that the two presented could be quite light hearted and humorous at times. Gene, of course, jumped at the chance to do a segment where Renee would end up covered in mess. The basic format would be that Gene and Renee would make a bet on a match. The loser would get messy at the hands of the winner. Everyone assumed that Gene would lose , because that is how these things usually went. Renee certainly was among those who expected that to happen. She was to get a bit of a shock when the moment actually arrived.

On their show, the match was shown, followed by the reaction. Renee’s jaw dropped and she buried her face in her hands. She shook her head. Gene pumped his fist and celebrated, saying, ”Yes, yes, yes.” Renee now realized that she was about to get totally messed up by a man old enough to be her father. Gene was certainly going to be enjoying himself.  Renee was quickly sat on a chair. She continued to shake her head and to repeat the words,” I can not believe this.” She looked very embarrassed. “You better be nice,” she said, pointing towards Gene. “Sorry, young lady,, you are going to get just what you deserve,” Gene joked. “Darn it,” Renee said, taking it all with good humour.

Renee was asked to lay down on a high table, on her back, facing the ceiling. She did as she was instructed. She sat her bottom on the table and turned, laying on her back. She was looking very nervous as she looked upwards at the ceiling. This also impaired her view of what was happening around her. She nervously giggled. She wore a tight fitting, shimmering silver dress. “Please be gentle with me,” she pleaded. Her body wiggling slightly in anticipation. Gene was already getting ready with the substances he was going to use on the young woman.

He began with bottles of chocolate syrup. He took one in each of his hands. He held them over the prone young woman. Many, Gene included, had imagined seeing Renee in a position such as this one for a long time. He held the bottles over her and began to squeeze them onto her. He aimed at her legs first. He started at her ankles and worked his way up her bare calves, around her knees and then onto her thighs. He directed the chocolate syrup down onto her body in a squiggly pattern. The sloppy, dark brown mess, slowly dripping down onto her slightly tanned legs. She closed her eyes as she felt the chocolate dripping seductively down onto her. Gene tried to not let on just how titillating the situation was. He squeezed more chocolate sauce up the length of her dress and over her arms, before pouring more all over her face. The brown mess, poured onto her face, dousing her facial features. She shut her eyes tightly as her body squirmed. More chocolate sauce saturated her platinum blonde hair. “Gene!,” she shouted.

Gene followed up with some whipped cream. He followed the same path that he had with the chocolate syrup, starting at her ankles and working his way all the way up her lovely, understated body. The whipped cream was much lighter than the sloppy chocolate had been. Gene was able to aim his nozzles and direct the mess up and down Renee’s body as he saw fit. Renee bit her lip. She could not admit that the feeling of the whipped cream slowly covering her body felt incredibly sensual. The whipped cream slowly built up, up her legs and onto her body, followed by her face. It instantly began to melt and lose shape because of her body heat. The final bit of whipped cream was dispersed all over her face, covering her hair and face in a mask of sloppy cream. Her face almost disappearing underneath a mountain of whipped cream. She let out an audible sigh.

Gene then took hold of a cord that was adjacent to the table. He looked around and gave a satisfied smirk to the camera. He pulled the cord. The cord released gallons of green slime from above the table. It exploded from above and splashed downwards onto the table in a virtual tidal wave of messiness. It poured from above, covering Renee from head to toe in layer upon layer of slimy mess. She let out a muffled scream, but very little could be heard over the sound that the slime made as it continued to pour over her for what seemed like ages. When it finally trickled to a stop, Renee was left covered in layers of the sloppy slime. It covered her from head to toe. Her dress and hair were saturated in the slime. 

Renee, finally, sat up. “Well, that is all we have time for today, we will see you next time,” she said, into the camera. Just then, Gene tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned, he slammed a cream pie into her face. She almost fell backwards from the force. Her face left covered in creamy pie. “We will see you next time,” Gene said in the camera. The camera then moved to a pied Renee. “See you then,” she said, fluttering her eyelashes. She then began to laugh with her hands out in front of her. Gene helped her stay on her feet. “Sorry, honey,” he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. “Ahh, don’t mention it. Just a part of the job,” she replied. She picked some of the pie from around her eyes and licked it. “It actually tastes really good,” she said, jokingly.