Sunday, 28 February 2016

Emily Blunt Short Story

Emily Blunt Short Story

Emily Blunt took a citizenship test and successfully passed it, becoming an official US citizen. Her friends and family were very happy for her. They decided to plan a special celebration commemorating this joyful occasion. They decided to welcome her to the country by introducing her to some American foods, first hand. They were going to be covering her in some American foods.

After she had passed the test, she returned home to find that her friends and family were throwing her a party in celebration of her success. The house was decorated with banners and other US themed decorations. It was a warm day, so there was a whole setup of tables and food in the garden. Everyone congratulated her as she walked in. She wore dark blue dress with aqua shoulders. 

Everyone then joined her in the garden. Her partner then began to speak,” Well, congratulations Emily. You are now a full-fledged American citizen. We are so happy to have you. We have thrown this party in your honour, formally welcoming you to the country.” At this point, a massive sheet cake with the American flag drawn on it in icing along with the words,” Congratulations Emily,” written across it in large lettering. Emily looked genuinely touched as she looked down at the massive cake. “So Emily, this cake is all for you. We want to welcome you in style.” Everyone grinned as Emily looked at him, beginning to wonder what was up. With that, he thrust the cake upwards into her face, splattering the cake all over her face and body. She laughed as the entire cake collapsed all over her. Her mouth fell as the marble cake and all of the frosting covering it fell all over her, sticking to her face and dress. Her friends and family laughed. They all shouted,” Welcome to America”. 

“Yes, you are as American as apple pie now,” her partner said. Before she could react, he had an apple and cream pie in his hand. In an instant he plopped it down onto her head. The casing stayed in place on top of her head as the crumbly apple mess ran down the sides of her face. Emily’s guests then began to squirt her with condiments from the buffet. They began to squirt her with barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Someone else dumped a jar of pickles over her head.  She screamed and waived her hands as she was sprayed in , multi-coloured condiments all over her body. Her partner then dumped a bowl of salad over her head. She laughed and screeched. 

People then began to throw burger buns, hot dogs and even chicken wings at her. She began throwing things back, but she was the target. Her partner then dumped a plate of jello down her dress. Salads such as potato salad and coleslaw were then dumped over her. She crouched, covering her head. She was now almost completely covered in mess from head to toe. She laughed uncontrollably.

Her partner then lifted her up in his arms and carried her over to the swimming pool. She begged him not to do this, but he paid her no mind. He tossed her in the air and dumped her into the swimming pool fully dressed. The water cleared some of the mess off of her, but it also forced her dress upwards, revealing everything underneath to everyone in attendance. When her head popped out of the water, everyone was there to greet her. They all shouted,” Congratulations, Emily.”

They then all dumped what was left on the buffet tables over into the pool and all over Emily. “Is it too late to change my mind?,” she joked.

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