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Gillian Kearney/ Emma on Emmerdale

Gillian Kearney/ Emma on Emmerdale

Emma Barton was on Emmerdale was played by Gillian Kearney. She was an evil character, but was very sexy at the same time. Gilliam had been on a number of other shows in the past and had always looked really good in a down to earth kind of way. Her character was a nasty one on Emmerdale for sure and deserved so comeuppance. There were times on Emmerdale when people argued and one party got their own back upon another. Emma certainly deserved to be on the receiving end. 

One day, there was a scene where it finally happened. It was a typical Emmerdale scene like this. Gillian’s character Emma was arguing with another female about something ferociously. She was being a bit of a bitch towards the other woman. The argument was mainly over a man, but the two women really just didn’t like one another. There was a jealousy and mutual loathing between the two. In this situation, Gillian’s character was lying to the person’s face and they knew it. It was also a case of the more upset the other woman became, the calmer and more condescending Gillian’s character became. This, of course, only served to annoy her further. 

The other women called her a liar and she responded with the words,” I beg your pardon.” She may as well have said, ”How very dare you?” The woman looked around quickly. She was very annoyed. This argument was taking place in a café in the village. She grabbed the first thing that she could find, out of pure impulse. It just so happened that the first thing to hand was a sloppy custard pie. She picked it up and slammed it in Emma’s face. Everyone in the café was aghast. They could not believe what they had just seen. Emma’s mouth fell wide open as the pie plate fell from her face. Her face and fringe were dripping with custard and cream. Her face was plastered with creamy pied. “How dare you,” she shouted. She was in shock.

The other woman was still very angry. Emma looked super embarrassed. The woman reached over to another table and picked up a few plates that contained fry ups, complete with eggs and baked beans. She took one plate and pushed it into Emma’s chest, causing the food to pour onto and down into her blouse, some of it going inside. This included bits of half eaten bacon, sausages and black pudding. The second, she tipped over Emma’s head, causing the disgusting mess to fall over her face and her hair. Bits of meat dangled from her hair. Baked beans dumped over her face and soaked her dark hair. “This is disgusting,” she screamed. 

The lady was undeterred. She wanted to embarrass Emma as much as she possibly could in front of everyone. Emma was frozen in shock. The woman then grabbed a massive tray of coleslaw that was behind the counter. She grabbed it and, with all of her might, tossed it all over Emma. The coleslaw rolled down her face and the front of her body. It rolled down her legs as well. She screamed and stomped her feet.

“You deserve that, you absolute witch,” the woman said before stomping off in anger. Emma stomped her feet and threw a mini hissy fit.

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