Saturday, 1 July 2017

WWE embarrasses Bayley

WWE embarrasses Bayley

For some reason. The WWE loved to humiliate Bayley. They had done similar to Paige and Sasha Banks before her. It was probably because they resented anyone that the audience genuinely liked. Also, the people doing the booking and writing only seemed to like having weak, cheating heels as champions, especially in the women’s division. Bayley had been super over in NXT and when she was moved to the main roster, but, her character had been sabotaged. They ran a few angles where she was made to look silly or humiliated. It was a very odd choice, but something they seemed to enjoy doing. They decided that they would take the humiliation for her even further. 

She was facing Alexa Bliss again in another kendo stick on a pole match. The match played out much as the first one did, with Alexa getting the upper hand and getting the stick. She began to hit Bayley with it across her back. Bayley screamed in agony as she was whipped with it over and over again. She fell onto her knees and across the ropes. Alexa straddled her and used the stick across her back and behind. Alexa then leaned over and, much to everyone’s surprise, she tore Bayley’s top off, revealing her bare chest. She then draped the stick across her neck. She taunted her that no guy had ever wanted to see her like this before. She then reached down and dropped Bayley’s trousers to her ankles, revealing her naked behind. Alexa then took the stick and spanked Bayley’s bare behind with it. The sight of this sexy woman straddling and spanking a near naked Bayley was quite sexy. She continued to mock and taunt her as she wore her out with the stick. She then tossed that aside. She then took one of her Bayley t-shirts and used it to whip her bare behind. 

The crowd could not believe what they were seeing because, it was meant to be the face who got revenge on the heel. That was the way wrestling worked. Having the heel humiliate the faces all the time was not something that was going to get people to watch. It showed a basic lack of understanding of psychology and the build to a satisfying payoff. It was very odd, but it continued to happen. 

Alexa now stepped away and climbed under the ring. She grabbed a bucket that she found beneath the ring apron. She slid it into the ring. She stood over the half-naked Bayley and dumped the contents of the bucket straight over her. The bucket was filled with what looked like oatmeal. Alexa calmly dumped the disgusting substance onto Bayley’s almost nude body. It plopped down on her tanned skin. This really may have been the first time anyone had seen this much of her. She was very shy. Now Alexa dumped the sloppy substance all over. Bayley choked and gagged as Alexa took great pleasure in mocking her relentlessly. 

She then went out and grabbed a few pies. She took one into each of her hands. The first, she flung down as hard as she possibly could onto Bayley. She then lifted Bayley’s head up and thrust the second pie straight into her face. She gasped and kicked her feet as Alexa crammed the pie into her face. Bayley looked overwhelmed. It was unclear if this had been scripted or not, but she looked surprised by what was happening to her. 

Alexa then dragged out two large trash cans. She tossed them into the ring. She made a dig at Bayley saying that she was garbage before dumping the first can of rubbish all over Bayley. Discarded rubbish fell down all over the messy wrestler. Alexa laughed as she the trash rained down over Bayley. She then pushed Bayley butt first into the other trash can. She was dripping in trash now. She then pushed her into a dumpster that had been brought to ringside, can and all. She then slammed the lid down and told some stage hands to take it away. 

No one was cheering. What this achieved was anyone’s guess, apart from trying to ruin Bayley’s character. It seemed quite dumb, as they were actually costing themselves money, in the long run, but there were those in power in the company who had a very juvenile sense of humour and found this sort of thing quite amusing.

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