Sunday, 17 September 2017

New 90210 Annie and mother

New 90210 Annie and mother

Annie was a character on the newer version of Beverly Hills 90210. Her mother was played by Lori Laughlin. Each of them was equally sexy in their own right. They were like opposite sides of the same sexy coin. They looked as though they really could have been mother and daughter. Though, that would have been a whole lot of sexiness in one family. They both were adults in real life and were both beyond gorgeous with tanned bodies and long dark hair. They were, arguably the two most attractive women on the show. Rob Estes played the husband and father to these two. It was at the same time an enviable and frustrating position that he was in on this show. He was spending most of his time with two of the most attractive women that one could hope to be around, but he could not really do anything if he wanted to. It was quite sexually frustrating. He spent most of his days trying to conceal hard on that he was sporting from the close proximity he always was in with these two.  They were also extremely whiny and annoying, especially the younger one. He had to listen to them moan all day every day. 

At one stage, when things got to be a bit much, he had a word with the producers. He asked them if it was possible for them to work a scene in where he got to dump mess on the two. It wasn’t that farfetched. There was one scene where a girl got onto stage in public naked and asked to be pelted with food on the show, so this was not that outlandish. He had quite a good relationship with a few of the producers, so was able to convince them. Also, they knew that this would be hot. The scene was set up so it would in a talk show type of setting, a sort of Jerry Springer Show type of thing. The family went on there to discuss their many dramas and issues. In the scene, the two women were complaining about one another and bickering about trivial nonsense. The husband tried to mediate, but could not get a word in edgewise because of these two. 

They continued to bicker until the host said,” Actually, who thinks that both are wrong?” The audience cheered. “Who thinks that they both deserve to be punished?” Everyone cheered their approval for this. “I think that it is clear that these two are both at fault and this poor man deserves to get revenge on these two. What do you think audience?” They cheered their approval. The husband clapped his hands and nodded his agreement. The two ladies were both dressed in short, but dressy skirts. “That sounds like a yes,” the host exclaimed. The two women were taken by their arms by two of the security guards from the show and lead over to a large chair that looked a bit like a throne. 

The two were told to have a seat. It was a tight fit and they were asked to sit together. They had to sit on one another’s laps on the chair. They were forced to wrap their arms and legs around each other, cuddling close together. Their bodies wrapped around each other. It was then explained that the man was going to get to have his revenge, by slopping both his wife and daughter. (His television wife and daughter of course) The two women looked at each other shocked. Annie’s mouth fell open in shocked. The two women cuddled each other even tighter. Estes was then handed a medium sized silver bucket. It looked like a farm bucket. He was told that he could let them have it. The host shook his hand and said, “My sympathies, you definitely deserve to do this.” He was spurred on by the crowd.

He smiled as he looked down at the two sexy women. He was going to enjoy doing this to them. He aimed the bucket and began to tip it over them both. The ladies were unaware of what the bucket contained. They were hoping it was just water or something like that. It was not, unfortunately for them. They closed their eyes as he began to dump the mess over them. The bucket was filled mainly with baked beans. 

He smiled as he carefully dumped baked beans all over the huddled women. Beans splashed down from above onto them. They fell all over their bodies. The sound that was made by the beans was a disgusting splattering sound. Beans poured onto their heads and then down their bodies. Beans splattered their hair and splashed all over their bare legs. They could be heard shrieking as the beans splashed all over them both. “Oh my gosh, this is disgusting,” Annie could be heard saying. Bean juice and tons of beans continued pouring all over them both. This was embarrassing as it could be. Orange bean sauce soaked their clothes and dripped from their hair.  Estes followed with a second bucket of baked beans. He spread them liberally over his sexy co-stars.

He was then given a bucket filled with spaghetti hoops. He did not hesitate to dump this over the two brunettes either. He happily tipped the bucket over their heads. In an instant a ton of circular spaghetti hoops in a sloppy sauce descended heavily upon the cowering ladies. Spaghetti hoops soon covered their hair and poured down their necks and shoulders. As hard as they tried, they could not completely avoid the deluge of spaghetti hoops that soon covered them. They could feel the hoops and the sauce all over their bodies. More and more fell all over them. 

Next to come was spoiled coleslaw. It was in a similar silver bucket. It was thick and creamy. It smelled terrible. Estes smirked as he looked down first at the bucket contents and then at the two ladies. He then turned it over and allowed the coleslaw to fall from the bucket all over the two women. It fell out, splattering all over them both. The women could feel the sloppy mess all over their bodies. 

When it was finished, they stood up and allowed the mess to fall from their bodies. Coleslaw stuck to their hair. The two looked at each other, dishevelled and covered in sloppy mess. They looked completely humiliated. Later it was revealed to be a dream sequence.