Sunday, 28 January 2018

Demi Rose naked messing

Demi Rose naked messing

Demi Rose was a very attractive young lady. She had quite ample assets to say the least. She had a massive curvy behind. Her ex-boyfriend was a mildly famous rapper. He had dated her because of her body and not a lot else, to be honest. She was a model and used her body a lot. During their time together, the two had made a bet. The winner would get to have the other as their slave for a full evening and do anything they chose to them. Demi wound up losing and had to do whatever he said for the entire evening. He also got to film the entire thing on his phone. After they broke up, the footage somehow became public on the internet. 

He started by ordering her to stand up and strip for him. She was very reluctant and mildly protested, but did as he asked. He sat on the couch and watched as she slowly slid off each article of clothing, though she was not wearing very much as it was anyway. She soon stood before him completely naked. She shook her hips and wiggled her body around, grinding her crotch against his leg. She turned around and shook her bare bottom. He leaned back and gave her a few cheeky spanks on her naked posterior.

He then took her over to the bed. He had her lay out on her back, facing up. He then proceeded to cuff her ankles and wrists to the bed posts. She was now spread eagle and butt naked for his pleasure. She kept saying that this was so embarrassing and asking what he was going to do to her. She was also very turned on by the whole situation, which she would not have admitted to him. Her body trembled, waiting to see what he would be doing to her next.

Much to her surprise, he entered the room carrying two massive creamy pies. He approached her as she squealed and begged for him not to do this. He had her sit up a bit. He then jammed one pie into her face and the other into her massive backside and crotch. He smeared them both around with each hand, sandwiching her with the pies, leaving cream all over her face, ass and crotch. The cream smeared on her dark hair and olive coloured skin. He leaned over and took some photos. Her meaty vagina lips were also smearing in creamy goo. She gave out a muffled coo of pleasure. 

He then took a huge bucket of thick, bright pink gunge and began to slowly dump it over his partner’s bare naked body. He started at her ankles and poured it up her calves and then her thighs. He poured it onto her stomach and chest and then up over her face and hair. He then poured more between her legs and made sure to pour the last and most sloppy bit all over her backside, as much as he could. She lay facing up, eyes closed, dripping in sloppy pink gunge.

He then added a bucket over bright purple gunge as well, pouring it back and forth over every clean surface that remained on her body. It was all over the sheets and underneath her body. He then took two more pies and flung them at her, splattering pie all over her breasts and thighs. He then leaned over and cleared her eyes for her. 

He then let her lose and allowed her to clean herself in the shower. She had enjoyed every minute of it, but would not enjoy when the whole world saw most of it after going viral.

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