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Jodie Whittaker Split Screen

Jodie Whittaker Split Screen

Jodie Whittaker was cast as the first female Dr. Who, but she had done some things in her past that were not exactly kid friendly. These included nude scenes and other things in her early career that she wished that people would forget. There was plenty in her past that she found quite embarrassing and would not have wanted anyone to know about. Another such incident took place in her early career when she appeared as a presenter on a children’s Saturday morning television show. She hoped that all of the copies of this show had been burned. Unfortunately for her, they hadn’t and when she got the role on Dr. Who, the clips and pictures of this came to light and were shown for the whole world to see. It took place around the time when she was in a film called Venus where she played a chavy sort of character. 

The clip in question was a scene where she was placed in throne and covered in sloppy mess. It was incredibly embarrassing for her. Whether this or the nude scene was more embarrassing was debateable. Both were mortifying for sure. The fact that anyone from anywhere in the world had free access to see her get covered in mess or completely naked at the press of a button was pretty embarrassing to be sure. She would have to answer questions about it, but did all she could to ignore it. 

The clip was aired right before an interview that she was doing on a late night talk show. She was told that they had found some very rare, very special footage that was surely one of her proudest moments. They stated that they were sure that she would be very pleased to see this footage again. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She was not sure what it would be, but she knew that it would be nothing that she would like to see. 

She looked up at the screen as they rolled the footage. She looked on as she viewed her younger self sat in a throne on a brightly coloured set. Her wrists were secured to the arms of the throne. One of the other presenters from the show stated that it was time to crown Jodie. Jodie was wearing jeans and a pink halter top. Her hair was back in a ponytail. She grimaced and closed her eyes. Above her head was a crown shaped bit of metal. She laughed and looked up.

At that moment, what appeared to be revolting gruel began to dump down through the crown shape. It was both lumpy and runny. It was a whitish yellow colour, but parts of it had a definite greenish tint. It poured down all over her, dumping straight over her head. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as the revolting mess dumped down over her head. It covered the top of her head and poured down the sides and then the front of her face. It poured down her nose and splattered down her shoulders and chest. She stomped her feet as the mess poured down onto her legs, down to her feet. Everyone could be heard laughing as she was drenched in sloppy mess.

Jodie was shown in split screen, shaking her head and blushing, watching her younger self get nailed with mess. She wore a black strappy blouse and grey trousers. Her hair was shorter now. She looked much more grown up and sophisticated. She shook her head in embarrassment as she watched.
Just as the clip ended, a noise was heard from above her. As she looked up, the host said that the clip was fantastic and everyone could see that she thoroughly enjoyed that. They said that they knew that she would love to relive that magic moment all over again. Her eyes widened and she shouted no. She looked up as a barrage of red gunge dumped down upon her from above. 

It poured down over her and splattered all over the couch and floor. She closed her eyes as the gunge poured over her. She shook her head as the gunge poured and poured down over her. She was soaked from head to toe. She splashed her hands around in the gunge and crossed her arms in annoyance.

The host said that some things never changed. The scenes were shown in split screen, ending with side by shots of her covered in mess on both occasions.

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