Sunday, 1 March 2015

Charli XCX, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea and slime

Charli XCX, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea and slime

Charli XCX, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande were all up and coming artists who were very hot at the time. They had done songs together, separately and with other artists. They were up and coming artists, but became famous very quickly. They were all considered quite attractive by many. As a result of their new found fame and their popularity with young people, especially teenagers, they were asked to appear at the kid’s choice awards. Of course, they agreed, award shows were an easy way to get free publicity for doing very little.

Green slime was always a feature of this particular award show. It was always a surprise to the audience who would be the celebrities to get slimed. It was not a surprise, of course to the celebrities, because everything was prearranged beforehand. This year the three boisterous singers were selected to be among the celebrities who would be getting slimed. It was arranged that the three would be doing a medley of their songs on stage together. The slime would be coming as a part of their performance. 

The three started singing their songs. They all had their parts. They danced and did their usual routines as they mimed the actions of their lyrics as they went. They tried to not let on that they knew what was coming as much as possible. At this point Ariana was at the centre of the stage and the others were either side of her. She sang some of her lyric. When it reached its end, she looked up. As she did, a torrent of green slime poured down on her from above. It dumped down her lovely dark brown hair, down her face, all over her cat suit and down her body.

Before the others could even begin to laugh, slime poured down onto Iggy. She gave a funny face and a hand gesture, trying to look tough, but was being soaked in gallons of green slime. It poured down on her. Then an explosion of green slime exploded upwards all over Charli. It flew up into her face and splashed all over her body. Her natural reaction was to put her hands in front of her face to try to deflect the slime, but doing that only managed to push the slime even higher. It came splashing down onto her dark, curly hair. She coughed and spurted as the slime sprayed into her face. 

The slime continued to pour from all directions on the three. At this point, they were a bit regretful that they had worn the unfeasibly high shoes that they had chosen to wore, because they all were losing their footing at this point. All three began to topple over onto one another. They tripped and fell over in heaps onto the floor. Iggy still attempted to look cool. She stuck her tongue out, making faces. She rubbed her hands on her chest as well. Ariana posed in the slime as if she was modelling. She arched her back and stuck her hand to one side. She puckered her lips. Charli kicked her legs back and forth, now sat on her backside in the slimy mess. 

The three took each other by the hand and stood up together, holding each other’s hands for support. They then, continued with the act, covered in green slime. Everyone was very surprised. Intermittently, slime continued to pour on them throughout the act in small bursts. They managed to incorporate the slime into their act, however. They danced suggestively, covered in slime. They wiggled their hips and grinded as normal, but played with the gunge as they were doing so.

When the act was over, they stood together on the stage and bowed. At that moment, another tidal wave of slime exploded from the stage directly in front of them, covering them in yet another layer of messy slime. They posed in it and smiled, making faces as well. Afterwards, they did their interviews still covered in slime. They explained that they did not mind at all. They had seen this since they were little girls so they had always wanted to be a part of it. They were thrilled at how the act had played out. They had been slimed better than anyone had been at the award show for many years.

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