Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shona McGarty in gunge court

Shona McGarty in gunge court

Shona McGarty was an actress on Eastenders. She was someone whom the cast and crew found very annoying. She would do little things all the time that were selfish and inconsiderate of others. As a result of her actions, her co-star, Jacqueline Jossa decided to take her to gunge court for her crimes. Everyone knew how gunge court worked. The rest of the cast and crew were invited to attend to witness the trial, the sentencing and the punishment. Miss Jossa represented the prosecution and Shona represented herself in defence.

Miss Jossa presented her case, and it was a very strong one indeed. She was charged with lack of respect for cast and crew. She was charged with being late for filming on one occasion which had cost the show fifteen thousand pounds in fines and she had also routinely been rude to members of the cast and crew. The proof of the fines was presented and witnesses were called to explain Shona’s attitude and her treatment of others. Shona’s defence was much weaker. All she really said was that she never meant to offend anyone and that she may have been a bit thoughtless, but she not done any of this on purpose so it was not really her fault. Miss Jossa countered by saying that this was a big part of the issue. Shona was a spoiled, self-obsessed chav who never gave a second thought about other people. She was only interested in what she needed and wanted. Shona tried to interject but the judge slammed down his gavel and said that he did not hear anymore. He was ready to make his verdict.

“Shona McGarty, on the charges of being selfish, rude and costing the show money in fines, I find you, guilty as charged of all of the above.” Shona rolled her eyes. She shook her head and swore a bit to herself under her breath. “For your sentence, seeing as this is the worst case I have ever had the displeasure of presiding over in gunge court, I hereby sentence you to three consecutive punishments. You will be covered in chocolate. You then will be locked in the stocks where you will be pied and then tarred and feathered. Following that, you will have to be placed in the gunge tank. Court adjourned,” he said, banging the gavel. Shona tried to interject, but it was too late. Miss Jossa and the entire cast and crew celebrated. Miss Jossa took a bow. Shona shook her head, steaming with anger. The bailiffs approached. They each took one of her arms and then led her to the front of the court room.

Shona wore a black skirt, a white button down shirt that was open at the neck and appeared to be slightly too small for her and a black suit jacket. They looked totally out of place on her, but she did look better than she had ever done before. The outfit really suited her because it showed off her figure and was quite a contrast from her chav like appearance. It was a really good look for her.

Everyone clapped and cheered as she stood in front of all of them, glaring back at them for this. The bailiffs then each were given two bottles of chocolate syrup. They took one in each of their hands. As they were much larger and taller than Shona, they were easily able to reach over and start pouring the chocolate sauce onto her. She pouted and swore under her breath. She was powerless to do anything to stop what was happening as they began to squeeze their chocolate mess down onto her. It poured over the top of her head at first, before dripping down her forehead and then down the back of her hair. It then poured down her nose and cheeks. It poured onto the centre and sides of her face first before slowly covering her entire face. More poured down her neck and down her white shit. Staining it with brown marks that would ruin it forever. It rolling down her chest and back and then down the rest of her body. It dripped down from her bangs and nose, down onto the floor. It poured down her somewhat chubby pale body. She looked out with her big eyes as the courtroom celebrated her humiliation. She wiggled her arms and rubbed the sides of her jacket with her hands. This was only the beginning though.

Next, the previously mentioned stocks were wheeled out. They were set up in front of the court room. Shona was brought to them by the bailiffs. One raised the top while the other helped her into place. Her neck and wrists were put into place and then the top was lowered and the side locked, securing the young woman in place in the pillory. She was bent over and facing the court room. Her colleagues and crew members were now allowed to come forward. To the side, a massive table covered with pies was revealed. It was a veritable, pie firing squad.

All of the actors she worked with would be throwing pies at her now. This included people that played her surrogate mother and grandmother, brothers and sisters, friends and partners. The idea that they were going to be doing this to her made her skin crawl. It was so embarrassing. The bailiffs gave their signal and then, all the members of the cast of Eastenders began to launch pie after pie at Shona McGarty. All of them laughing, making comments, mocking her.  She as dripping with sweat now. The first pie came courtesy of Miss Jossa. It flew through the air and smashed directly into her face. It popped off, leaving her face instantly covered in pie. Before she could even blink, three more pies flew her way, smashing against the stocks and her face and body. She was then peppered with pies. Pie after pie after pie hit her. She could not react, so was hit over and over again.

Then the actors who played her family got the chance to go up close and pie her up close and personal. They smushed one pie straight into her face and another right into her backside. The pie slid down the back of her skirt and all over her legs. She could not get over the feeling of having her colleagues humiliate her in such a personal way. They were really rubbing her face in it. Her clothes were totally destroyed already. The members of the crew were then allowed to throw pies at her. She was, once again, hit with a barrage of pies, one after another. 

The tar and feathering were to come net. As a further indignity, a member of the crew who was slightly overweight and older that Shona had sort of picked on in the past was going to get to do the honours as an act of revenge. She thought he was unattractive and gross. The thought of him doing anything to her made her feel sick. He was given honey rather than tar to use on her. He poured it down onto her clothes and body, over her back, initially. He then yanked her already bulging skirt down and ripped her shirt open. Unfortunately for her, she had made the choice not wear any underwear on this occasion. Everyone gasped as they saw that she was now, basically nude, apart from the heels that she wore and her tattered clothes. He continued to pour the honey down over her large back and down her legs. He now got a nice view of her bare bottom. He slowly poured more honey all over her. She groaned as she felt it on her. It felt sticky and gross. He then got a bag of feathers and liberally dumped them up and down her body. They were strewn everywhere, sticking to the honey. She looked ridiculous. The only bright side was that the feathers covered her modesty. She also realised at this point that she had not brought a change of clothes because she never believed that this would happen. She was going to have to somehow get home in the state that she was. She only hoped they would allow her to clean off at least.

Next the stocks were opened and Shona was lead to the gunge tank which also served as the witness box. The bailiffs sat her in it and closed the door. Miss Jossa pulled down on the gavel, which was the release mechanism and released gallons of bright pink gunge onto the slightly chubby actress. Shona closed her eyes as the gunge rained down on her. She lowered her head in shame and disgust as the gunge slowly covered her from head to toe. It poured over her face and all over her now naked and feather laden body. She held her hands out as it poured, while everyone cheered in joy at what they were witnessing. 

When the flow of gunge finally ceased, the court room was adjourned and everyone began to file out. Shona was shown to the back where there was a shower. She was allowed to clean herself off a bit, to some extent. They did not provided clothing, however, or even a towel for her. She was going to have to get home in the state she was currently in. Anyone who was in East London that evening were treated to the sight of a stark naked Eastenders actress, trying desperately to cover her private parts with her hands, running and hopping across the roads to get home.


  1. What a deserving WAM target. I love your tales that end so humiliatingly.

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  3. It would be great if Shona could get some revenge on Jacqueline Jossa as she's fit too.

  4. Thanks, glad you liked it.