Thursday, 16 July 2015

Natalie Anderson broadcasted

Natalie Anderson broadcasted

Natalie Anderson acted on Emmerdale for many years. She looked, on the surface like a dark haired, tanned chav. She looked like she could be absolutely filthy in the correct situation. She had a penchant for wearing short, tight fitting skirts as well. She was absolutely luscious. She oozed sexuality from every pore of her sexy body.

She was offered the chance to appear on one of the panel shows that appeared on the network that her show appeared on. It was a comedic and slightly adult version of one of the shows that aired after 21:00 PM. She wore a tight fitting skirt and top combination with loud patterns and colours. She knew that the show was humorous and that, at times, there were messy elements to it, but it was hit and miss on that sort of thing.

Throughout the show, different games were played. Natalie was on a team with other minor television celebrities, similar to herself, from soaps and other things. It was all very enjoyable and witty. About halfway through the show, a game was introduced that Natalie was chosen to take part in. She stood up nervously and made her way over to the area of the stage where the game was going to take place.
Natalie was placed in a cubicle. The game was that she would be answering a series of questions. It would be multiple choice. The answer that she gave would determine which of a series of balloons would be placed above her and popped. If she got the answer correct, the balloon would be empty, if she guessed incorrectly, the balloon would be filled with mess that come plummeting down onto her from above. She laughed as the rules of the game were explained. Her mouth fell open in a shocked expression. She took a deep breath and got ready to answer the questions. 

She was asked the first question. She was not entirely sure of the answer, so had to make an educated guess. The corresponding balloon was chosen and was placed above her head. She looked very nervous. She held her hands in front of her nose. She closed her eyes tightly and braced herself. There was a countdown from three. Everyone counted,” Three…two…one” the balloon was popped. It exploded but all that was in it was air. Natalie clapped with a relieved look on her face. Everyone applauded. She had managed to get the first question correct. Unfortunately for her, there were more questions to come.

No time was wasted before it was time to ask the second question. Again, Natalie was not sure of the answer. She guessed her answer. The corresponding balloon was a large red one. It was placed in position above her. She put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. Again, there was a countdown. “Three…two…one.” The balloon was popped. This time, when it was popped, a mountain of pink gunge exploded from it splattered directly onto Natalie’s head. She screamed as she was instantly covered in thick pink gunge. The top of her head was totally covered as was most of her face. It dripped down her face and down her neck. It covered her breasts as well. It was thick and sloppy. She laughed and rolled her eyes, looking up. She was instantly completely gunged. The gunge dripped down her legs as well. She ran her hands over her face and hair, pushing some of the gunge off. 

The next question was asked was asked. Natalie did not know the answer. She admitted that she would have to guess the answer. The corresponding balloon was selected and placed about her head. “ I know I’m wrong. I know I am wrong,” she said anxiously. She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tightly. She grimaced as the balloon was popped. The balloon exploded and a mass of thick green gunge fell downwards, along with the remains of the balloons. The mess oozed down Natalie’s face. The green mess slopped its way across her head and face and down her chest and top. She wiggled her mouth around as gunge continued to pour.

After the first two balloons dispersed of their gunge, a steady barrage of balloons began to be popped one after another, after another. The next one contained thick brown gravy. The audience let out a sigh of revulsion as they watched Natalie get covered in gravy. It poured down the curves and contours of her face. It hung from her gaudy chav like earrings. Her face now bathed in gravy. Natalie was overwhelmed with messy embarrassment. She shook her head and licked her lips.

The next balloon brought a pile of baked beans onto Natalie’s head. The balloon popped, bringing the baked beans to fall onto her head and down her face. The beans were a disgusting pile of mess. A pile of them collected on the top of her head. They poured down over her face and all over her ample chest. She grimaced as the beans poured down onto her body. They dripped everywhere. They were all over her loud clothing and all over her legs. Everyone was treated to a great view of one of the more attractive women on television covered in baked beans. She could feel them all over her luscious body. The beans were everywhere. She again ran her hands through her raven black hair, pushing back the baked beans. 

At this point, everything began to break down. The person popping the balloons stopped worrying about the questions and began popping the remaining balloons over Natalie, one after another, after another. Mess after mess poured down onto Natalie. Rotten eggs, pink gunge, bowtie pasta and macaroni and cheese dumped onto Natalie. She screamed and kicked her legs as the barrage of messes emptied onto her one after another. By this point, she was covered from head to toe in sloppy mess. Everyone was laughing and clapping.

When it was finally over, she looked into the camera and gave a funny look. She stuck her tongue out and shook her head comically. The show then went to commercial. When the show returned, a dishevelled Natalie had to finish the show in the state that she was in. She had only the aid of a small towel to assist her to clean herself. Throughout, shots of her wiping mess from her body were shown.


  1. awesome story JRG and thanks for doing one of my requests

  2. That's ok. I am glad you enjoyed it.