Sunday, 26 July 2015

Kylie Minogue slopping around

Kylie Minogue slopping around

Kylie Minogue was in the middle of her Spinning Around phase. It was a time of career revival, due partially to her sexy new image. She cavorted in the video for the song displaying more skin than anyone ever imagined that she would. The strategy definitely worked because the song went to number one and Kylie was bigger than she had been since the late 80’s. The gold lame hot pants that she wore in the video became legendary. The video heavily featured close ups of her pert behind and legs. What made it even sexier, in a way, was that, at this point in her career, she was just a little bit more mature and knowing in the whole thing. At this point, there was some calculation behind the whole thing. Exploiting her sex appeal was a business decision and it paid off for her handsomely.

She was doing everything she could promotion wise, so appearing on a TV chat show seemed a natural fit. The show was one that was aimed at adolescents, however. The humour on it was quite sophomoric. She was scheduled to do a “special performance” of the song. She would be dressed the same as was in the video, featuring those infamous hot pants that, by this time, had become legendary. She would be doing what she had done in the video, dancing and writhing around in her hot pants while singing. There would be one difference, however, she would be greeted with a barrage of messiness at a certain point in her performance. It would be unclear whether she knew that this was coming or not. 

Kylie was introduced and began to perform her single. She danced and wiggled. The camera getting lots of good shot of her backside and legs in the process.  She gyrated and shook, slapping her own rear end a few times in the process. Truth be told, it was just a little bit embarrassing because she was not a teenager any more. She was a mature adult woman. She had no qualms about doing this however. 

She continued dancing and shaking. She then got up on a table on the set and stretched her legs out in front of her, bending her knees, as she had done in the video. When she did this, out of nowhere, a barrage of sloppy brown gunge exploded downward from the ceiling onto her. It poured down, hitting her right on the knees, pouring with force. It splashed all over her legs, covering them in a splattering of gunge. The gunge slithered and dripped its way over the cracks and crevices of her toned legs. The gunge poured between her legs and all over her famous hot pants. It continued to pour over her top, dousing her breasts and then spraying upwards into her face. She screamed and franticly waived her hands about as her face and hair were splattered in gunge. Laughter filled the studio. Kylie squirmed as she sat there being inundated with an ocean of brown gunge. 

When it finally stopped, she fell over onto her back. She tried to sit up and turn around, but as she did, orange gunge began to pour onto her. It hit her backside square on and then poured down the backs of her legs and then onto her back. Hilariously, the background track continued playing. As a result, the gunge seemed to be pouring in line with the music. This made it even funnier to those watching. Kylie was heard to be saying,” What the fuck?”, under her breath but it could not be heard behind the music and the sound of the splashing gunge. Kylie’s clothes and hair were, by this time, soaked in gunge. Luckily the gold lame material could be easily cleaned. She fell down onto her stomach, comically struggling and fumbling in the gunge. She tried to continue singing and dancing as best she could because the backing track kept playing.

She turned over onto her back and tried to do the part of the routine where she looked up at the ceiling and tried to look sexy. As she did this, blue gunge poured down onto her. It poured back and forth over her body from head to toe, splashing everywhere. She closed her eyes as her face was covered. She then sat up again, bending her knees. She wiped the gunge from her face with both hands. She attempted to clear her eyes.

As she was doing this, red gunge exploded from below her between her legs. Kylie let out a muffled gasp as the gunge exploded all over her legs and up into her behind and crotch. When she opened her legs, the gunge shot upwards into her face. The sexuality of gunge could not be denied at this moment. The events that were occurring at this moment clearly had a parallel to sexual acts being performed. A turret of gunge continued to explode into Kylie’s face that was emanating between her legs. She attempted to bend her knees inwards, but when she did that, the gunge built in pressure and exploded straight into her crotch and ass.

Famously, Kylie was a very small woman, so the gunge was able to cover her many times over. At this point, gunge began to fire at her from all directions. It was mainly coming from above and below. She put her hands on her face to try to divert some of the gunge, but there was way too much for this to be effective. As soon as she pushed one layer upwards, another layer would instantly replace it. She was covered from head to toe. Her skimpy get up did little to shield her either. She could feel the gunge inside of her clothing against her most intimate regions.

Eventually the gunge halted and Kylie stood up. She frowned into the camera as she pushed gunge from her face and body. They did not get her to comment. The host just said,” Kylie Minogue, everybody.”

After the show, unbeknownst to the singer, footage of her cleaning herself was recorded. Just off stage there was a small shower head. Kylie was told that she would have to clean up before going to get changed. She was forced to clean the gunge from her body, using only the small stream of warm water and her hands. She was forced to scrub her body, allowing the warm water to wash the gunge down her sexy body.

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