Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Swipe TV Ms. Gilmore

This clip is better than average for Swipe TV. It could have been a lot better though. It would have been slightly better if the other teacher had been the one getting gunged, but Ms. Gilmore was attractive enough. Is it just me, or did they both look way better in the schools than they did in the studio for some reason? The gunging was good, but again, the gunge splashed on the tank, so the view was obstructed. The lighting and camera angles were very poor. There was no aftershot. She was not shown coming out of the tank or giving a reaction. It is interesting because at the bottom of the screen someone sent in a text saying that they should show the teacher coming out of the gunge tank, so I am not alone. I don't understand it, because the show is taped in advance. I used to think maybe it was live, so they couldn't really edit it, but they tape it in advance, so they could easily edit it to show more. Again, what is the point of gunging a person, if you don't show them? Also, I was making the stills as I watched it the first time, not knowing who would get the gunge so there are lots of pictures of both teachers. The full gallery is at:


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