Sunday, 22 November 2015

Short Story Sarah Hyland instant pizza

Short Story Sarah Hyland instant pizza

Sarah Hyland had been employed to appear in Dominos pizza commercials. The commercials that she was in were mainly about ordering pizza via personal technology. Her part was talking about the ease of ordering pizza on a mobile. After that commercial, there was to be a second.

Sarah was sitting on the couch, as she had been in the first. It began exactly the same. "It is so easy to order Dominos on your phone. In fact, the only way that it would be easier is if arrived immediately. Imagine having the great taste of Dominos any time you want it. That fresh pizza dough." When she said this, a massive bit of pizza dough fell down from above her. It landed on her head and exploded into pieces all over her. Flour filled the air that had been covering the dough. Part of it landed in Sarah’s hands. She pushed them apart, tearing the dough apart as it stretched all over her.

“Dominoes takes that fresh dough and covers it with fresh pizza sauce, made with fresh tomatoes.”  When she said this, gallons of pizza sauce fell onto her from above. She looked up and closed her eyes as she was splattered in pizza sauce. She tried not to smile or laugh as she was hit with a tidal wave of sloppy pizza sauce. When it stopped pouring, she calmly wiped some of it away from her eyes using her index fingers.

“They then cover their pizzas using only the very best dairy cheeses.” With that, cheese fell onto her. It was a mixture of shredded cheese and melted cheese that plopped down onto her. It fell onto her head and rolled down her body, leaving yellowish white mess as it went along her body. Her face and hair were splattered. 

“They also add your choice of premium toppings,” she said. With that, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers and pineapple fell down on her. It rained from above in mixture, landing all over her body, sticking to the sauce and cheese that she was already covered in.

“So there you have it. Talk about instant pizzas. This will revolutionise the pizza delivery business. They just have to work out a few of the bugs yet. It can get a bit messy,” she whispered, with her hand by one side of her mouth.

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