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Rachel Weisz Dawn gets revenge

Rachel Weisz Dawn gets revenge

Rachel Weisz was married to actor Daniel Craig. She was appearing on the Graham Norton Show. Also appearing on the same episode was Dawn French. The topic of Rachel’s husband came up in the interviewing. Dawn began to tease about how he should have married her and that he was stolen away. It started as a bit of banter, but it then escalated slightly.  “Actually,” Dawn joked,” I am really upset. I think that I should be allowed to get some revenge on this skinny bitch,” she joked. This was all done in a joking matter. “Who thinks that I should be allowed to get my revenge on this little Trollip?,” she said. The audience cheered their approval. Rachel roared in laughter, saying,” No,” half-heartedly. “Who thinks that I should gunge her?,” Dawn shouted. Everyone cheered. Rachel’s mouth fell open and she shook her pretty head, her curled hair bouncing. She was looking incredibly sexy, wearing a black dress that showed a lot of leg and neckline. She looked in perfect form to take a messing.

Dawn stomped off for a brief instant before stomping back in, carrying a bucket. “This is for stealing away the love of my life, you filthy slut,” Dawn said. Rachel laughed as Dawn tipped the bucket over her head. What emerged forth was a sloppy mess of thick brown gunge. Rachel’s mouth fell open as the tick, lumpy, brown mess descended over her head and down her face. It poured down her front and all over her body. She was being bathed in brown gunge. Her hands crossed across her chest. She laughed as the brown mess slowly plopped all over her. The brown mess splashed everywhere. The other guests cleared away as Rachel got dumped upon. Everyone, including Rachel was laughing at what was happening to her. Rachel was a very dignified woman, or at least she liked to think of herself as such. She was now being embarrassed on national television. Brown gunge slowly rolled over her face and body. She cringed. “I wonder what your husband is thinking now,” Dawn teased.

Although Dawn was joking around, part of her was relishing embarrassing her thinner rival. This was one for all of the bigger women. Rachel had been nominated for Oscars, but was now getting covered in gunge. The gunge seemed to pour for ages. Rachel Weisz was slowly getting covered in mess. She was blushing with embarrassment and sweating. She could feel the sloppy mess all over her body. Her face was almost completely covered in the mess. She could feel it rolling down her face. Her lovely brown hair was soaked in the sloppy mess. Her dress was overwhelmed with gunge. It covered her legs as well. The gunge covered her bare legs, dripping to the floor. Puddles of gunge pooled at her feet and all over the couch. Rachel shook her head. “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing,” she said as she wiped some of the mess from her eyes and shaking her head. 

“How are you doing there, Rachel?,” Graham Norton asked. “Fabulous,” she replied, giving a thumbs up. She stuck her tongue out comically. “What is Daniel going to think when he sees this?,” Graham asked. “My God are you kidding? He is going to be over the moon. He probably has wanted to do something like this to me for years. I am so glad that everyone can derive such amusement at my expense.” ”That will teach you for stealing my man,” Dawn joked.

Dawn stomped off again and returned with some trays from catering. They were decorative trays filled with various luncheon items. The first one was covered with a decorative display of tuna fish. She came in front and threw the whole thing straight at Rachel. It hit her chest and rolled down her body, covering her in mounds of sloppy tuna fish. The next one contained ham salad in large balls. Dawn took the silver plastic tray and pushed it into Rachel’s head. She bent it down the middle, sandwiching Rachel’s head in between, covering her face in ham salad. It was pink and disgusting. It stuck all over Rachel. She raised her leg in the air and laughed. The tray stuck to her head. It, eventually fell to the floor.

She then took a tray filled with slices of various sandwiches. She threw the entire thing at Rachel, covering her in dozens of sandwiches. They stuck all over her body. She then emptied a large bowl of salad over Rachel’s head. The salad rained down on top of Rachel. She laughed as it covered her body. 

Dawn finished her off with a tray heaving with macaroni and egg salad. The tray was covered in mountains of the stuck. One side was red, the other yellow. Dawn slammed the tray into Rachel’s face. She bent it over so it collided with both her face and the top of her head. Rachel fell backwards as it was pushed into her face. When Dawn pulled away, the sloppy salads covered Rachel’s face and hair and fell down her neck and down her chest. It fell from Rachel’s mouth and face. It looked revolting all over her.

“Well, I think she definitely deserved that,” Dawn teased. Everyone cheered. Rachel looked filthy. She was covered from head to toe.  She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. Her beautiful face decorated in egg salad. “I must look ridiculous,” she thought to herself. The general public enjoyed to no end seeing this dignified actress get decimated by disgusting mess.

Dawn smiled and laughed, pointing at a dishevelled Rachel. “I think that she needs to freshen up,” she teased.

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