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Fresh Prince and Carlton get the girls

Fresh Prince and Carlton get the girls

It was a classic gameshow. This show pitted the male members of a family against the female members of that family. On one episode, pitted against one another were the Banks family of Beverly Hills. Representing the men were Will and Carlton. Their opponents were Ashley and Hillary. Ashley was the youngest, she was 22 at this stage. It was a straight up game where the losing team was going to be messed by the winning team. Hillary and Ashley did not want to lose this game. Hillary was a haughty snob. She would not want to get messy. She would find it extremely humiliating. Ashley did not want to end up on the receiving end as well. This was the type of show where the guys always seemed to end up getting messy. Carlton and Will were quite humorous characters. Because of all of this, everyone assumed that the guys would be on the losing end on this occasion. It was what everyone was expecting to happen. The problem was the gameshow was based around knowledge. Carlton was basically a genius and Will had a lot of knowledge as well. On the other hand, the only thing that Hillary really knew about was fashion. Ashley was bright, but not quite as bright as either of the guys. The ladies were in deep trouble. 

Hillary had been very reluctant to appear on the show once she found out what was entailed. There was one thing that she was excited about in regards to this. This was the reason why she agreed to appear at all. It was the fact that she was going to get to be on television and be in the spotlight. Unfortunately for her, the results of the evening would be something that she would not want anyone to see ever again. 

The whole show was quite entertaining to watch. To begin with, everyone was dressed down, in case they were unfortunate enough to end up messy. Everyone that is except for Hillary. She wore a black skirt suit with white trim that looked like it cost a fortune and one of her trademark hats with some kind of fake flower or bow on one side. Although she knew that she may end up covered in mess, she still felt that looking her best and dressing up as much as possible was very important. It was the most important thing to her above all else, actually.

The game was a simple quiz where questions would be asked and team members could buzz in when they thought they knew the correct answer. Unfortunately for the ladies team, Hillary began to buzz in before Ashley could. There were many questions that Ashley actually knew the correct answer to, but because Hillary buzzed in first, she was forced to answer the question without any assistance from her sister. Of course, she got the majority of the answers wrong. She got them spectacularly wrong as well. It was quite funny, because she answered quite simple questions incorrectly with answers from the world of fashion or modelling. For example, saying that Naomi Campbell was the first female Prime Minister. Carlton and Will answered numerous questions correctly. Ashley began to get a bit frustrated with Hillary. She told her that she should not buzz in again unless she was absolutely sure of the answer. At this point, Ashley was able to buzz in and answer several questions correctly. Unfortunately, by this point, the ladies were so far behind that they did not have enough time to catch up and were beaten. Ashley shook her head and glared at Hillary. “Hillary!,” she shrieked. Hillary looked very annoyed.

This time, the guys had won and they were going to have the pleasure of dumping mess all over their family members. Ashley and Hillary were lead out to two seats that were set up for them in the middle of the stage. They kept their eyes on the floor. Will and Carlton celebrated boisterously. Will joked that the two women were about to get very dirty indeed. Ashley blushed. She looked very embarrassed. Some of the guys that she fancied would be watching this. Hillary was fuming. The idea of her getting disgusting mess poured on her was not appealing. She kept saying that they could not do this to them, to her specifically. 

The guys were given buckets. They laughed and gloated. They were very over the top with their motions and actions. This was going to be a moment of pure embarrassment for the two ladies at the hands relatives. Will got to mess his cousin Ashley. Carlton got to dump over his haughty sister Hillary. The guys had won and now were going to experience the absolute pleasure of doing this to the two young women.

Hillary grimaced. Ashley closed one eye and looked up as they began to pour. The buckets, everyone soon found out were filled with baked beans. “Oh these two are about to get it,” Will said. The two men aimed and began to pour. The beans poured down onto Hillary’s curly, frizzy hair and then down her cheeks and large pointy nose. They poured down Ashley’s thick black hair and down her forehead and face. Her neck and shoulders contracted as the beans poured down her tightly squeezed face. The beans dumped all over Hillary’s expensive clothing, laying waste to the finely made fabric of them. Beans stuck to her hair and fell down her face. Beans poured all over Ashley’s face. Carlton and Will did not move the buckets at all, allowing the beans to cover their female relatives. Ashley laughed in embarrassment. Hillary pouted.

The beans were followed by alphabet spaghetti. It was not in the shape of the letters of the alphabet though. It was in the shape of dinosaurs. This just added to the humiliation factor of what was happening to these two. “These two are about to take a trip back to Jurassic Park,” Will joked. Ashley looked up and laughed, shaking her head. Hillary just clutched her arms to her chest. The guys began to dispatch of the dinosaur spaghetti all over the heads of Ashley and Hillary. The sloppy saucy spaghetti poured down their faces and soaked their hair. A stream of dinosaurs rolled down their faces. Some of them stuck to their faces. Seeing these two very rich young women from Beverly Hills with dinosaurs stuck all over their faces and bodies was a very funny site to behold. Hillary flipped her soaked hair back and complained about her hair and makeup.

The guys then finished then off with Kraft macaroni and cheese. It was the sort of macaroni and cheese made with glorified cheese whiz. It was bright yellow. The macaroni was small and tube shaped. The men quipped that it was the cheesiest around before liberally dumping it on the women. It rolled down their bodies and down their legs to the floor below. It stuck to their faces and hair. They looked ridiculous. Hillary stood up and shouted as she was laughed at,” You know what? Laugh all you want. I still look damn good in this.” Ashley laughed and rolled her eyes.

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