Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Katarina Johnson Thompson not a winner

Katarina Johnson Thompson not a winner

Katarina Johnson Thompson is an up and coming Olympian. She is well on her way to the top of the sport that she competes in and wants to be a big star. The problem is that she is overconfident to the point of cockiness. She feels that it is her time and resents that some of the older, more established athletes take up so much of the spotlight. Her attitude rubbed a lot of the other athletes the wrong way. So much so, that they decided to teach her a lesson. They were going to teach her some respect and put her into her place. She was just way too arrogant for her own good.

Jessica Ennis was one of the major stars in the sport. She was the main one who had taken issue with Katarina’s attitude. She had been messy herself in the past. She felt like Katarina really needed for something like that to happen to her. She wanted to really humiliate her rival as much as she possibly could. She decided to set her up at the conclusion of one of the smaller UK athletics events. It was televised. Jess was not competing in a particular event, so she decided to set Katarina up for end of one of her events. She would be out of breath and would be taken completely by surprise. 

Katarina ran her race. She had no idea that Jessica and some of her peers would be waiting for her at the finish line. She was focused entirely on the race. She won the race. As she crossed the finish line, Jessica and some of the other athletes converged upon her. She was out of breath and very sweaty. They carried something that looked similar to the classic Gatorade cooler used to dump Gatorade on winning coaches. Unfortunately for Katarina, this time it was not filled with Gatorade and this was not going to be a celebration for her. 

The cooler was filled with custard this time. The women ran up from behind her. They quickly lifted it into the air and dumped the custard over Katarina. She let out a scream that made everyone in the stadium turn their heads. At first, she had no idea what was happening. She looked down at herself to discover that was covered in sloppy custard from head to toe. It stuck to her frizzy hair and plopped down her face and body. It rolled down her sweaty, glistening body. She screamed and then yelled,” What the hell are you doing?”

The women then grabbed her by her arms. Jessica took a scissors and proceeded to cut her tight outfit off of her body. She taunted her. “This is exactly what you deserve. You are a disrespectful little brat.” She happily snipped away at her tiny red, white and blue top and then at her tiny shorts. She took her time. She didn’t just cut the strappy bits away at first, she cut holes and lines in the clothing at first, revealing more and more skin, slowly torturing her. They mocked her,” Everyone is going to get to see what you have to offer,” they mockingly said. Eventually, so much was cut away from her outfit that the tattered shreds of it just fell away off of her body down to the track floor. Of course, she had nothing on underneath. She was left with nothing left but a tight black band around her neck. “You can’t do this to me. This is obscene. Everybody is going to see my shit.” There she stood completely naked in front of her peers and the fans. The women spread her legs apart showing the world a great view of what she had in between her legs. They pointed at her crotch and mocked her. A thousand photos were taken.

Jess then took a sloppy cream pie. She grabbed Katarina by one of her pigtails and then slammed the pie straight into her face. Everyone cheered. Katarina’s mouth fell wide open and she screamed. Jess jammed the pie squarely into her face. She twisted it around with great fury and fervour. Katarina was left completely pie faced.  The women again pointed and laughed at her humiliation. 

Jess then took several small buckets and started to fling mess at Katarina. First came thick oatmeal. She swung the bucket and allowed the oatmeal to fly through the air, landing all over the embarrassed athlete. She then took a container of cottage cheese. She pushed the container down onto the top of her head. The cottage cheese oozed out down her hair and face. The container was left on the top of her head like some kind of ridiculous hat. The feeling of humiliation surged through her body. She continued kicking and screaming like a child throwing a temper tantrum. She screamed over and over again. “You can’t do this to me. You won’t get away with this.”

The women then bent her over one of their knees while the others held her in place. Her bare bottom was raised into the air. Jessica was handed a gigantic chocolate and cherry cream cake. She leaned over and focused on her rear end. She then leaned back and used the cake to spank her bottom. She spanked her over and over again, right against her bare bottom. The cake breaking apart and splattering each time all over her behind. She kicked her legs comically. 

Jess then dumped pasta sauce all over Katarina’s naked body. In an instant, they let her go and ran off in opposite directions. She was left stood fully naked in the middle of the stadium covered in mess. She also had a bit of a sore backside at this point. She stomped her feet and screamed. She whinged and moaned. She closed her eyes and screamed. No one came to her assistance. She was left to plod off to the locker room in the state that she was currently in.


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    1. That's ok. Glad you enjoyed it.

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